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This just tells me that you have a very limited understanding of music and art in general; this conservatism is a big obstacle in art actually. FYI, art can be made many ways with many tools. When you look at futurist or a cubist painting or even better an abstract product I wonder what you would think. The problem is that you are missing the most important piece in art;subjectivity. Define me bad or good and find one person who will agree with you.

Good luck with that! And I wonder what makes you an expert in that. Since that is all subjective, there is no overall good or bad music or art. Art of course includes technique; that is a necessity. Now you claim that it is missing in techno or electronic music. First, grouping all electronic music into the techno sub-genre is a dead give-away as to how informed the columnist is.

Secondly, no, there is no secondly. Admittedly I once had the same opinion. I have been a musician my Techno Ate The Musicians life and once ridiculed the entire electronic music genre in the same way. Then I started to make it and realized it was not quite as easy as I had once imagined. It takes years and years of hard work and dedication with no certainty of success like any other musical application. I challenge you to write some electronic music. Good music is still out there.

Going to musical concerts is as much about watching talented musicians as it is about being part of something huge in a venue housing thousands intent on having a good time.

As a programmer for example I find this kind of music extremely helpful when trying to concentrate on a problem that requires flow of thoughts. Obviously this is the most biased article I think anyone has read. Grab yourself some of the tools of the trade and try to make a beat.

Also, no one is pretending to like the music, I have been on the techno train my whole life and for you to say something such as this is straight up offensive to me. Tuna fill me in on the history then kind sir. Also, you started liking the music when you were 16 and went to a bass nectar concert in Boston, rolled face and got disgustingly sweaty. Great article. It sucks. Great job bro. I have often thought of ways that people could make live shows more interesting but nobody is interested because the audience will just be dancing anyway.

So it does make electronic music inherently more active and less of a spectacle like live rock music is. By definition, both rap and techno qualify as music. Almost anyone can pick up a guitar and play it. With electronic music, there is an enormous amount of digital media to work with to create a song. There is certainly an art and skill, like playing an instrument, in combining sometimes disparate sounds into a product that is worth listening to.

The author and some others here truly do not wish to give electronic artists any credibility, yet will refrain from the challenge issued by myself others to try to make a song that we will want to listen to.

Unfortunately, after weeks of trying, Ryan has proven impervious to my seduction techniques and refuses to come on the show. A minor setback indeed, but we at Spaced Out Radio shall persevere in bringing you the finest quality house and techno even in the face of such adversity.

I respect your opinion. But your wrong. No one likes techno music anyway. We just pretend to because its fun watching you become upset. Your wrong not every one can pick up a mac and just let dance music just fall out of it! I think you should load up your pro tools and make this so easy to produce music and post your track link on this comment thread! I also want to know what you consider real music. Your definition of music is pretty messed up then.

Music is the art of sound. Computers can make sounds. Even the sounds of birds chirping and NYC car horns can become music if a person arranges them artistically. I kept waiting for the drop. Never came. Your definition of music is being applied to a genre a very diverse genre at that for which it is entirely inappropriate. Fuck, he just writes notes on a piece of paper! All the other people do the real work, right?!

Beethoven sucks. I basically got through the first few sentences, then I skimmed through the first few paragraphs and I was done.

All it takes is a Mac, a wifi connection and fingers. Any Joe Schmoe can make electronic music? Please… make a track and put it on youtube for us all to see. I am a multi-instrumentalist. I can play guitar, bass, trombone, recorder, and keyboards at a high level as well as having a moderate amount of skill on violin, piano, trumpet, bell lyre, drums and vocals.

I also happen to produce electronic music. Guess which out of that list is the most difficult to do? Producing electronic music is not simple. As a musician you are expected to be able to play the instrument you are playing well and thats all.

You may write some of the music, but in a traditional setting you are a single player, the recording, arrangement etc is not on your shoulders either solely or in other cases at all. When you are making electronic music you are expected to be able to play the instruments synths, samplers, drum machines etc. You are expected to have enough knowledge of said instruments to be able to change the parameters on them to make the sound you want. You are expected to have technical knowledge of the programs you use.

You are expected to be able to at the very least mix and balance your own work to a decent standard, if not master it as in mastering, not skill. You are expected to be able to decide what sounds are needed, what sounds work well together and how to make those sounds and know how to tweak or adjust any part of the piece to create a coherent and engaging arrangement.

You are basically expected to be able to make the instruments you use, play all of them, write all of the parts, record all of the parts, know how to use and effectively apply effects, use buses and aux sends, mix, produce and arrange the entire track.

You are expected to be a one man band with a huge range of skills. Its taken me about 8 years to get to a point where I feel I am starting to make some decent music with electronica and to sweep all of that under the rug with this article is ridiculous.

Journal it or record it as you go so we can all see you struggle to learn the complexity of a modern DAW without any help. I look forward to it. Haha funny article, could use a lot more hyperbole. Sounds too earnest. Maybe a summer, have a hit, have an experience, get laid, tell a story….

You will find it to be one of the most challenging undertakings your have embarked on. All of them are, for the vast majority, electronic in nature. And all of them were not simply thrown together to give the club something to dance to.

None of them could have been put together by anyone less than very trained, artistic, and talented musicians. Music is not restrained to guitars, basses, drums and vocals.

You ought to broaden your horizons and put down your prejudice. I play three instruments trumpet, piano, guitarand I make a lot of electronic music. Just want you to know who this is coming from. You should do some research before trying to write articles. It takes a hell of a lot of work to make a track, and years of practice to become a quality big club level DJ. The artists and DJs that produce and play electronic music often do it for little money, until they start producing and playing a more commercial sound.

Obviously your experience with electronic music has tainted your view, but I invite you to download and listen to the latest CLR and Drumcode podcasts.

Between them these will give you are real taste of high quality Techno Ate The Musicians. In related news, I think everyone should stop pretending to like trolling. I mean, anyone can do it, just pick a popular subject, and make stupid comments about it just to piss off anyone who actually knows anything about the subject.

The art has really lost its merit with the availability of keyboards and the internet. Real trolling only takes place on obscure internet forums and youtube comment sections. Hell, Daft Punk even made a freakin film score. How do you compete with that? EDM is made with a lot of instruments with several synthetic sounds. EDM is like bringing back history in which we can express feelings wifh just sound instead of vocals.

Back then, the simplicity was just humans beating on drums and that was it. Get your research right. So any major bands that use digital amplification tech is not music in this case, considering they use a computer to replicate the sound of an amplifier?

So many holes in your argument. This here, what you have displayed, is an unparalleled level of ignorance. I love ALL kinds of music. I love music. The simple act of creating music is a beautiful gift that ALL human beings are blessed with. A popular and currently unavoidable trend on campuses nationwide is the rock music craze. Rock is a poor attempt to substitute groaning sounds for what was once actual instrumental and artistic human expression.

A guitar is not an instrument. Any Joe Schmo with a hundred dollars can go to Guitar Center and create rock and get his or her sounds out to the public.

This ease adds to the commodification of music — a trend already in action. When a bunch of inexperienced muscicians oversaturate listeneres with a bunch of bad music, music that was once considered laughable is suddenly considered decent; what was once considered average is then perceived as above average; what was once considered above average will be called great.

In turn, it becomes more challenging to find good music, and bad musicians will continue to sell out arenas worldwide, tightening their grip on listneres and further perpetuating this cycle. The concept of rock was doomed from the start, similar to how an oil painting can appear similar to a fresco painting, yet is worthless in the eyes of art buffs. Rock music made in a garage using synthetic sounds on an electric guitar is just as empty.

The catch is that this newly formed collage would look just as terrible as techno sounds because the stolen elements become mere illusions of their original selves. Worse still, the elements lose their intended artistic integrities and purposes, and this is bad because I said so.

What bothers me most about rock is how terrible the sound actually is. While real music spurs revolutions, subtlety reflects entire eras what? I too have been to a rock show and had a decent time.

Rock performers get on stage, move a string and watch crowds go wild, all the while collecting big checks from their premium ticket prices. I have this theory that rock performers are the ultimate masters of lip-syncing; a Milli Vanilli or Ashlee Simpson on steroids. Think about how easy it would be for these artists t give the sound man the CD, have him play that while, of course, mixing in a few air strums and jumps.

Or, we can just sit around while they dumb down or music and collect the checks. Best article I have ever read. Techno and dubstep is not real music. Real music is country, rock, original music. Not some trash mixed together. I put rap above this shitty music by far. You seemed to have forget about DJs, who in their own right are true musicians. The author is obviously uneducated about any sort of musical theory and what it takes to make music sound listenable in the first place, or essentially the topic he is writing on.

Any person with a computer and wifi actually cannot create electronic music that the masses will like. Any person with knowledge of musical theory, composition, and marketing can though, in other words a musician with a computer and wifi can do so. Anyone can make it. Trentemoller is my favorite. Carl Cox? Junior Vazquez? Masters at Work? Hell, have you ever even tried using a synthesizer before? Then you have to set up track sequences and all the post-production editing has to be done.

Mate you need an education on Techno, firstly the artists you have mentioned above are the pop stars of the dance industry. You have obviously never listened to any good techno or taken the time to appreciate it.

Before making such gross generalizations as above you need to make sure you know what you are talking about. Be calm folks: this is just one biased opinion from one man. Just FYI there are no facts or even any intelligent citation of artists, events, or anything within the frame of music history. There is only opinion and speculation that produces no constructive discourse or feedback on an incredibly diverse and deep rooted genre.

Ryan is entitled to his opinion of course, but why waste time publishing an article that provides nothing insightful or productive? The bias in this article is through the charts. I have liked house music since the nineties so….

Computers are tools just like any other instrument. Any entropic system which can be rearranged by a conscious being to express a inner activity have the potential to produce art. The higher the entropy, the higher the possible outputs. Consider a piano with only one key versus a grand piano. Of course constraints can induce in itself an artistic challenge but this is beside the point here. As an art concerned individual, you should embrace and prone diversity in such system as it allow artist to communicate a wider realm of human inner activity.

Do you think that Beethoven or Bach composed music pieces intended to be played by an orchestra only to preserve some kind of musical tradition, of course not. The essence of art is in the way we use, transform and associate different medium, not the medium themselves. From a technological stand point, there is absolutely no difference between a flute and a synthesizer. The are both products of human engineering producing air transmitted waves which have the potential to change the electro-psychological activities of the individual hit by them.

Their historical baggage of the instrument has no effect to the kind of change it produces in the mind of the recipient. This last statement could be argued but once again, this is beside the point. In the future there will be virtually no difference between the appearance of the first flute and the first synthesizer.

Electronic musician have a lot on their back as the nature of the medium allow them to have a total control over each step of the music production pipe.

Even before they can think about a musical ideal, they have to invent the instruments they wish to use. Synthesizers are tool capable of creating an instrument. Imagine a band that would have to create their own instrument for each tracks they want to produce. Often creating impossible rooms in which sound propagate itself like nowhere in the world or perhaps exactly like in the Sistine chapel for example. A lot of electronic music artists also record random sound or even parts of other songs and manipulate them in order give them another meaning.

This could be analyzed with the memetic theory if you consider each sound around you as a unit of culture which can evolve by going trough the mind of different artists. This alone have the poetic value to stand out by itself as a form of art. The technology helps artists explore the untapped universe of sounds that is simply unreachable by other instruments. The complexity of those composition makes it difficult to perform everything live.

It like if you would ask a conductor to perform all the instruments at once. There is an upside to this, the diversity of electronic sound is almost equal to the amount of way of performing them. This freedom can lead to performances ranging from awful to blissfully genius. Mass produced music often with pecuniary motives is an undeniable reality that hits and has hit every music genre and more broadly every form of art.

Every artistic value added to this world can and will be transposed to economic value by profit seeking individuals. Sadly, the process economic optimization to a market is incompatible with the art producing process.

Think about how the concept of profit can influence what was originally art. The production time restriction to increase profit, the need to reach bigger market force artist the dilute its art with broadly accepted trends. The business tradition installed by a legacy a show-business giants are some intangible barrier keeping the artist in a state where innovation must not endanger an already profitable product. Think about howgiven the same set of tools, different culture evolved different form of sound, rhythms and musical paradigms form a chaos of socio-political context and personal experiences colliding with each other.

The lost of this diversity would be a tragedy to our historical and art legacy. When listening to electronic music you cannot just use the set of ears you would use when listening to another genre.

You may be the most ignorant human being ive ever seen, Techno Ate The Musicians. You try to produce EDM electronic dance music which is actually what the genre as a whole is called, techno, dubstep, electro, house, glitch, ectectect are all subgenres of EDM, then tell me that its not music and it doesnt take talent and practice to be able to do.

We are waiting for your genius electro productions, if this is so easy. Anyone can makes electronic music, not everyone can make it well. Compression, EQ, these things are what separate bedroom wannabes from professionals.

You just have to look for the good ones. You need to have been on both sides before you can label DJs as talentless. It will save you from looking like a bigoted idiot. As if the act of producing enjoyable music is anything to do with the equipment utilized. Just because you have been to a few shows, you act as if the entire genre can be discounted. More than anything else, though, I feel the legitimacy can be measured by how it is accepted.

Pop music is real music, as is rap, and any other genre. Music is here for our entertainment, and in the examples you cite, mission certainly accomplished. It really is as simple as that. I think you need to learn how to state your opinion for what it is, rather than as fact. This is a mistake students make on a regular, infuriating basis. First off this entire thing is rediculous. Could you do me a favor Ryan? Before you write your next fluff piece, do some research.

Being critical of a whole genre because of only what you have heard within that genre is a natural, and as I assume you are aware, biased human response. It is weak inductive reasoning as it argues from the specific to the general. Techno Ate The Musicians have a right to your own opinion, but to tell an entire group of people that what they listen to is wrong and that we actually dont like this music we just like the environment?

Techno Ate The Musicians is not EDM. Obviously know nothing about music. To compare Bob Dylan to Deadmau5, is pure childish whimsy. To compare Bob Dylan to Tool is just as childish. Different, eras, different genres. People love EDM, the umbrella term for this type of music. I see value in any music that can move people on the dance floor; or get them banging their heads or truly feeling the music. Your generalizations about how it is made are mostly to completely false as well.

Also, a Bob Dylan concert would probably sound better today if Bob Dylan was not in attendance. It seems incredibly obvious you were writing this based on your own musical tastes, instead of educating the public with an informative news article. Techno is one of the many sub-genres of electronic music, and should never be used to define the entire spectrum…unless you believe John Mayer sounds just like Metallica. Even at that, Avicci is still immensely talented. It happens in every musical genre — look at rock, alternative bands like The Foo Fighters get real popular, so then The Jonas Brothers are born.

If you listen to hip-hop, people like Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and others cause it to become popular, so then Vanilla Ice is made. If you like that but want something more fast paced try drum and bass — Pendulum, Dirtyphonics, High Contrast. If you like rap judging from your article, you do then try some glitch hop — The Glitch Mob, some Bassnectar, or ill. Hey guys! Why ya gotta be like that? Kind of a good premise, poor attempt. Come come now. Creating music on a computer is easy; so is finding a guitar and learning chords.

Either way, someone without musical talent has no chance. Try again later. Are you kidding me? All music is GOOD music. It is all creative, inventive, and beautiful. I BEG you to make mashup, techno, dubstep, or electro music, just so you can realize how much effort people like myself go through to attain the final results. I have been playing piano since I was seven, and picked up guitar, drums, bass, accordion, and singing.

I teach drums and piano. I appreciate all music. By the way, ALL music has been played before. Ever heard of classical, romantic, etc eras. Everything you can imagine musically has been done. I bet you have no idea how even to create any GOOD sounds for techno, dubstep, electro, or trance.

Describe to me every one of those terms and how to apply. You somehow believe it is simply done. Yes, techno can be made simply, to get a shitty track. Feeling the bass drops at a festival, with that atmosphere is indescribable. Creating an entire work of music, all by yourself, brings a new definition to the one-man-band.

This is the technology age buddy, get used to it. Does your campus have a library? And as a girl who likes to sing her favorite songs out loud, it gets awkward. My body sways forward and my head bites into the bubble of space.

Music permeates most of our lives whether we realize it or not. If we're not playing it on our own from smartphones and stereos, then we hear music played on television shows, in films, in movie trailers, quietly playing in the background at cafes, while roaming department stores, etc.

Though the benefits of listening to music are variedthere are caveats to its purported utility — listening to music while performing certain everyday activities can occasionally have an adverse or at least unintended effect due to the limitations of our attention span or our overly receptive subconscious.

In a study titled " Effects of Background Music on Concentration of Workers ," authors Rong-Hwa Huang and Yi-Nuo Shih attempt to analyze how different types of background music and levels of noise including silence influence the listener's concentration during an exam. The kicker is that their method also included music the test subjects enjoyed. This variable better re-enacted the test subjects' fluctuations of reception and attention while performing tasks in a shared space e. In the same vein, including songs that the test subjects enjoyed, better reflected the common listening habits of playing music with earphones in order to drown out the world and help ease the inanity of a tedious task as opposed to exacerbating the boredom by listening to music one doesn't like.

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  2. With the rise of techno and hardcore, this sound quickly spread to the tracker scene too in the early 90s; long before speedcore really took its hold on vinyl, tracks that exceeded or bpm were released as modules. Most producers and crews were not “hardcore only” though, and did a variety of techno and electronic styles.
  3. liv (Livia Massei) é amante de techno a muitos anos, viveu em Berlin onde desenvolveu sua pesquisa em Dark Techno, Industrial, Noise e musica experimental, além disso suas mixagens podem ir pra outras vertentes sendo a sua busca por uma música contemporânea e ate mesmo atemporal, mas que visa novas sonoridades.
  4. Techno Ate The Musicians. Kathryn Tickell. From the Album Strange But True October 23, $ Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. $ to buy Listen Now Go Unlimited Start your day free trial.
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  8. Dance music has no excuse for being a boys' club. Though female DJs don't always get their due in a patriarchal industry, there's no shortage of women who can hold their own behind the turntables.

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