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Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD)
Label: Instinct Records - ex.330.2,Instinct Records - ex330.2,Instinct Records - EX.330 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient

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Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Gordon Biggar Houston, Texas. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 3. Previous Next. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? I will run through your other suggestions, which hopefully will help. Dez strode quickly from the security office, down the long aisleway, and toward the red-framed sliding doors.

Joyce Gray followed her part of the way, but looked back to the office and made the decision to keep an eye on the kid she already had. When Dez glanced over her shoulder, she saw the blonde-haired detective disappear through the office doorway far away at the end of the hall. When the tall cop passed through the sliding doors into the cold winter air, Pace and Rinaldi were standing in the chill air on either side of a white Ford Explorer parked in the Handicapped slot closest to the front door.

With the front windows rolled down and the back doors open, the cops stood talking to the occupants. Pace was shaking his head as the dark-haired cop joined them. Without warning, the kid in the baseball cap stepped to the side and took off across the parking lot. Her long legs tore up the turf. He stumbled and nearly fell, but she held him up, grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him, then slapped on cuffs.

She turned him around and pushed him back the way they had come. She smiled. She took a deep breath of air and felt her heart rate return to normal, then looked up at the thick clouds and smelled dampness in the air. More snow is on the way. The air smelled so fresh, and for just a moment, there was no sound of traffic coming from the street, and all she could hear were footsteps and the beating of her own heart, slow and steady. Ryan would have loved giving a ticket like that.

That Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD) so totally Ryan! She and the sullen boy reached the Explorer, and she handed him over to Rinaldi. He jerked his head toward the store.

Good job, Reilly. As Pace stuck his leg in the vehicle and slid into the front seat, she was struck by how much the blond-haired officer looked like Ryan from behind. It was exactly the tone he would have taken, the words he would have used, and she could almost see that mischievous smirk of his and those baby blues winking at her. Instead, she felt a strange surge of bittersweet happiness when the tears rushed to her eyes.

Happiness that she had known him. Happiness that he had been in her life. Sadness that he was forever gone. She paused a moment to compose herself, still thinking about her old partner, then nodded a bit to herself.

With that thought in her mind, she squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and headed back toward the entrance of the store. The next couple of days moved quickly for the rookie. She went to physical therapy and learned some exercises and stretches to use on her hand, and she found out that in a few days she would be healed up with a strong enough hand to return to patrol. They would pack them up and store them at the duplex until spring when Luella planned to have a big sale.

The kitchen was roomy, with new appliances; the living room, spacious. The carpeting had been replaced just five years earlier, and the bathrooms on both floors had been modernized.

Vanita told them that the reigning color schemes had once been olive green and gold, but she had remodeled in The interior of the house was now off-white and warm peach colors, contrasting delightfully with all the gorgeous oak woodwork and trim.

With the exception of the downstairs bedroom needing a coat of paint, the main floor was in excellent shape. The upstairs was a different story. Other than those cosmetic changes, though, the house was solid and clean. After work, the two women put on their painting clothes and headed over to the house in the truck.

Snow swirled in the air and blew across the roadway. Jaylynn could see very clearly how breezy it was. The bare branches of the maple trees along the route bent and swayed in the wind. She tumbled out of the truck and slogged through the light, fluffy snow up the front walk, climbed the stairs, and for the first time, inserted her key in the lock to let them in.

The tall cop slipped off her boots in the hallway and set them on a piece of thick carpeting under the coat rack. She opened a paper bag she was carrying and took out two pairs of old tennis shoes, handing one pair to Jaylynn and then putting hers on.

When they were tied, she went to the thermostat and turned it up. They headed upstairs. Jaylynn went first into the front bedroom that they had just painted the night before. She turned on the overhead light, then clicked on the two worklights which cast a strong halogen glow. Dez, this looks great. Should this be our room? I was thinking that, too. Dez took her hands out of her pockets and moved across the room to put her arms around the blonde. The room is plenty big enough for that.

Jaylynn gave the tall woman a squeeze. We ought to be able to get at least one of those other rooms finished in an hour or two tonight. Dez spent a couple minutes shaking up the paint can. Then they set to work opening cans, selecting brushes and rollers, and setting out newspaper and drop-cloths. The blonde poured a splash of paint into an empty plastic butter tub and dunked her paintbrush in.

She set the container down and flexed her left hand. The dark-haired woman finished arranging the ladder and turned toward her. She frowned. My right hand is fine. Dez looked skeptical. She started in the corner opposite from Jaylynn and rolled the first strip. The latex went on smoothly and adhered well. It took hours.

Using the ladder, she got up close to the edge of the ceiling and wall and rolled horizontally as close to the white ceiling as she could, knowing that would give Jaylynn less to have to trim.

She got down off the ladder, reloaded the roller, screwed an extender on the other end, and started spreading it on the wall again. The paint was going on nearly orange, but Jaylynn had assured her it would be a deep tan color when dried. She had tried to hold out for a bright blue, but the blonde had rolled her eyes and told her the room would feel and look arctic. She had gotten her way in the room next door, though, which would soon be a bright blue den.

She had that tone in her voice that meant she was going to ask some tricky question. The dark-haired woman stepped back and set the roller down in the paint tray. She thought about the question and about some of what had happened since she was suspended on the second of December.

She brought a big hand up to her long hair, which was tied back in a ponytail, and smoothed back a few stray strands. The blonde paused from her kneeling position where she was working along the floorboards. But before too long, it seemed to me that it was sort of up to me whether I went back or not.

I felt like I had to swallow my pride with the counseling and all. Why in the hell would you think that? Dez put the roller head back down into the paint tray and stood, one hand on her hip, the other holding on to the long extending handle. The rookie rose and looked at her right hand which was now stained with orangy-colored paint. She turned to face her partner who still stood in the same position. I had some moments of real weakness and doubt, but I can tell you for a fact that I really believed that if I could see you and talk to you, we could make things right.

Dez gave a nod, and neither woman spoke again. After a few seconds she picked up the roller again, and finished the wall she had been working on, then stood back to look for lines or globs in the paint. Jaylynn leaned down to set her paintbrush across the lip of the little container and surveyed the wall while stretching her arms and shoulders.

She swiveled the worklights a few inches on their stand and examined the wall more closely. Dez let out a snort. In a mock serious tone, Jaylynn said, "Listen, you hedonist, get back to work. No excuses. Her gaze was met by twinkling hazel eyes. Thursday was a day Jaylynn figured she would always remember. It was the day the Tivoli case, at long last, came together.

It had taken 72 hours, but the Chicago detectives finally called with bunches of information, and between their data and the facts gleaned from further interviews with Tong Vang, the picture was coming into focus. The rookie found it interesting that Tong had been interviewed every day this week by a high-level department investigator and a psychiatrist named Marie Montague.

A part of her wondered if perhaps she might not like a similar sort of job. But she put that out of her head as she worked on cataloguing the information that Chicago had provided. Their prime suspect was Tom Flanders, a year-old married man, father of two, who drove a silver Buick with a license plate number beginning with EGG.

The Chicago cops had Flanders under surveillance until further instructions came their way. Even before her mother died, Anna had spent considerable time at the nearby church, and her closest girlfriend, age 13, had actually been aware that Anna was pregnant. Jaylynn shook her head and felt the same anger surface that she had felt so many times concerning this murder case. First he gets her pregnant, then he kills her to cover that up? Just then Tsorro and Parkins came striding into the squad room.

The rookie pushed her paperwork aside. Tsorro came over and leaned against the edge of the desk behind Parkins. Parkins nodded. Two prosecutors were there as well as a Public Defender, and we showed him 15 photos total. No sweat. He nailed him in seconds. From what Tong heard, he brought the gun because he thought that Tivoli was an ex-con who might hurt him.

He sat down and settled his forearms on the chair back. He parks off to the side of the snack shack about the same moment that the Vang boy rides up on the path behind the shack. Flanders had probably waited there until there was a lull in the action and no customers were around. He gets out of the car, leaving it running, and slips around to the screen door. He goes in. Get out! Tivoli is a head taller than Flanders and outweighs him by fifty, sixty pounds. Flanders gets out the gun and tells Tivoli to get on his knees.

Parkins continued. He demanded to know where the girl was. From the way Tivoli fell and the fact that he was shot in the right side of the head, Flanders had to be standing with his back to the window of the snack shack. Anna Maria was sitting below the counter there, shielded partly from view by all those empty candy boxes.

From what Tong heard, we think the girl got up to run, and Flanders pulled the trigger. She could have jostled him. He could have just been trigger happy. But then he turned around and shot at her, hitting her in the back as she went through the screen door. At this point, Tong ducked under the snack shack in the shadows, behind the big tire. Little Anna fell down the stairs and tried to get away.

Flanders followed her and finished her off not ten feet from Tong. In fact, Tong has been terrified that he was observed. Tsorro said, "We think that when the gun went off, Tong was already off his bike and getting ready to walk around to the front window to buy candy.

As soon as he heard the shot, he dropped down and scooted behind the tire and beneath the undercarriage of the trailer. Just in time, too. It must have all happened so fast. We are so damn lucky that Flanders never noticed him or he might have gotten away with murder. Parkins let out a sigh. This Flanders guy just killed two people and likely screwed up one eight-year-old boy for life.

Jaylynn nodded slowly. So how did Tong get the phone card? Parkins frowned. He had some trouble putting things in sequence. The only thing Tsorro and I can figure is that Anna had dropped it earlier. When Tong first arrived, he saw it on the ground and picked it up. Could be that the few seconds in picking up and examining the card were just enough of a delay to keep him from being shot, too. The rookie shook her head. She looked up at Tsorro, then Parkins.

Do you guys go to Illinois and arrest him? Tsorro stood and tilted his head to one side. Take some DNA samples to link him to Anna for good measure. Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD) spun around and picked up the file folder he had come in with.

He opened it and pulled out an enlarged photo and handed it to her. She looked down at the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles color photo in amazement, first noting that Flanders weighed and was five feet, seven inches tall. But what she was struck most by was that the man was as beautiful as Kevin.

He had soft blond hair, blue eyes, and a beguiling smile. It was one of the nicest DMV photos she had ever seen. Somehow she always expected murderers to be ugly, unkempt, and scary-looking. This guy looked like a choir boy, and he certainly did not appear much older than Glancing up at the investigators, she let the photo drop to the desk. Soon as the lieutenant gets back from wherever the hell she is, we can update her and get the hell out of here for the night.

Me, too," Parkins said. You want to go a bit early, Savage? Tomorrow is my last day anyway, guys. Tsorro looked outraged. The rookie grinned. This is ridiculous. A little slip of a thing like you! Stick around here and work with us.

I have to have more than a good head on my shoulders to warrant a promotion to detective. Tsorro adjusted the cuff of his jacket. We need you here. Jaylynn heard the sound of footsteps clicking on the floor, and the two cops turned and watched as Lt.

Finn entered the area. As she headed for her office, Finn saw they were all looking her way, and she hesitated. She came their way, looking classy in a blue skirt, white blouse, and jacket. Parkins said, "The best. We put down the Tivoli case, mostly compliments of Savage here.

Finn gave them a big smile. That certainly is good news. So the phone card lead ended up paying off after all. Good work, Savage, and you two, as well. Tsorro cleared his throat. Savage needs to stay on here. Parkins chuckled. I like this job a lot, but really, I very much enjoy patrol. Tsorro looked like a big dog getting his hackles up. She could do our jobs. The brass is wasting a resource.

From her seat at the desk, Jaylynn nodded. When I started here, they were keeping track of things on three-by-five cards, Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD). She glanced up at the lieutenant, and all of a sudden she wondered how much of this Lt. Finn had orchestrated. Well, no matter. Tsorro followed Finn toward her office, still arguing, and Parkins dropped back into his desk chair. After a moment, he rose again. Have a good night, kiddo. You, too.

She still had some time left to kill. She put her elbow on the desk and her chin in her right palm and sat thinking. What an anticlimactic resolution to the Tivoli case. Now some woman and two children were likely finding out that their husband and father was a murderer, and unless the wheels of justice derailed badly, Tom Flanders was going to jail for a very long time.

Everybody involved in the case, right down to an eight-year-old witness, was scarred by the actions of one desperate, amoral man. In fact, perhaps she had had enough of it with just this one case she had worked intensively and the few others she had tangentially labored over. It was something to think about and puzzle over.

She turned back to her work and lost herself in it. The next time she looked up at the clock on the wall she was surprised to see it was eight minutes after six. She watched as Lt. Finn strode toward her with an odd look on her face, then called out, "Savage, we need to see you for a moment. Oh, my God. She rose, mechanically, her legs wobbly beneath her, and forced herself to take one step forward, then another. As she reached Lt.

Finn, the older woman turned and walked alongside her back to where the two men stood. Now Jaylynn was shaking. Then he introduced her to the other man, but she hardly heard his name. He, too, reached out and shook her hand.

Jaylynn took a deep breath and her head cleared a little. She looked at Malcolm and then Finn, and even a quick examination revealed that neither was upset or even nervous.

Uh oh, I think I just overreacted. A grim smile crossed her face, and the relief that blossomed through her body made her feel tingly and overly warm and damp. She knew she was blushing with embarrassment and that she only had a few steps to compose herself.

Taking another deep breath, she tensed her shoulders and arms, making fists, and then blew out the extra air she had been holding in. Then they were all passing into the small room to the side of the squad room, and she grabbed a chair and plunked down into it. Puzzled, she looked up at Finn as the dark-eyed officer seated herself. Malcolm said before Finn could answer. Still standing, he removed his overcoat and slung it over the back of his chair.

You remember Sergeant Slade? He was my favorite instructor when I went through the Academy. We also have a record number of women. Now Jaylynn was out-and-out curious. She looked at Malcolm Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD) then across at Vail. Like Slade, Vail was fairly young.

She put him at around thirty. A very handsome man, but he seemed unaware of it, almost shy. His forearms rested on the table, his fingers interlaced with one another, and the blonde could see the wide gold band he wore on his left hand. She met his eyes, and he smiled hesitantly. She got the distinct feeling that she would like him.

Finn went on. You can think it over for a few days if you like. Between the Tivoli case and the job arrangements, her mind was full. The momentary panic she had felt when she saw the lieutenants and the sergeant also surfaced, and she thought for a moment about how frightened she had been.

Is that what Dez has been going through? Before she left the station, she had made a quick call to the apartment to let Dez know she was running late, and the tall cop asked her to stop on the way home and buy milk, so she steered into the mini-mart and, as if in a daze, meandered back to the dairy case and picked up a gallon of milk. She was nearly to the counter when she looked down and saw the red cap on the milk, then tilted the plastic jug so that she could see the label: Homogenized Whole Milk.

She reversed course, grabbed a green topped skim milk, and headed back to the checkout stand. As she waited for the man in front of her to purchase cigarettes, she thought about the job offer. Quickly, she drove home, parked, and dashed up to the apartment. She set the jug of milk on the counter and tugged off her coat as she cut through the kitchen to the front room. Dez sat on the couch with the new Melissa Etheridge CD playing softly in the background and the libretto in her hands.

She looked up and smiled. Jaylynn kicked her shoes off and started to unbutton her blue uniform shirt. And another thing. New job? She took a deep breath and waited. Jaylynn stepped out of her slacks and grabbed a duffel bag up off the floor which she rooted around in until she found a clean t-shirt.

She pulled it over her head. They asked a couple other cops, but no one wanted to do that on a part-time basis. The rookie smiled broadly, then stepped into the sweat bottoms. A snort of laughter burst from the tall cop, and then she was laughing out loud in relief.

It was just like Jaylynn to be excited about a warm assignment. She hoped the blonde would take the job, even though she, herself, would go crazy with boredom if she were expected to wander the skyways in downtown St. The rookie, on the other hand, would get to know all of the restaurant, store, and business owners and be a positive presence. It would likely be an excellent post for her.

That was nice work, and we should whoop it up. Jaylynn sputtered and gave a half-laugh. I wanted to talk to you first. What if I decide against it?

Dez shrugged. And besides, I just feel like celebrating. That and this. Jaylynn moved over to the couch, and knelt on the cushion right next to Dez, then curled up against her.

The tall cop set the papers and libretto down on the couch, put an arm around the blonde, and pulled her close. She pressed her face into the short hair and inhaled the soft fragrance of strawberries. When Crystal and Shayna went for a simple car loan one time, they ran them through the wringer. Took him weeks to get it straightened out.

Want to go get something to eat? I meant to cook something, but I just got carried away listening to this new CD. Jaylynn smiled. You mean like at the Cutting Board? You know, dress up. Dez laughed. Noodles equal lots of carbs.

Dez blushed and frowned. She started to speak, but Jaylynn interrupted. Dez elbowed her gently in the side. But I have to go over to the old place and get some clothes out of the closet.

I hear that Pazzaluna is hard to get into. By then an animated Jaylynn was talking to Kevin, and it certainly sounded like he was going to get them in. The blonde hung up the phone and turned to her, triumphant. Dez followed Under The Gun - Various - Em:t Explorer (CD) and stood leaning against the cabinet nearest the living room door.

Jaylynn zipped up her coat and said, "You go ahead and get beautified, all right? The tall cop shook her head slowly. Just go and get ready. Jaylynn stared blankly for a second, then got an amused look on her face. I was in such a hurry to tell you all the news. Dez grabbed the milk jug, and opened the refrigerator to put it in.

I never know what to expect from you. Black tapered pants and a lime green silk blouse were topped by a black toreador style jacket that accentuated her slim waist. In a pair of black leather zip-up boots with two-inch heels, she thought she looked tall. She came down the stairs and peeped out the window just as Dez drove up in her red truck.

The blonde grabbed her coat and pulled it on, picked up a pair of mittens, and tore out the door and down the walk. When she got to the truck and opened the door, she was surprised to see the tall cop dressed all in white. Standing on her tiptoes, she looked in the open door of the passenger side. Get out and let me get a look at that suit. And how the heck can you sit there in that suit without a coat on? Dez shook her head and pulled away from the curb. Sure hope no one confuses us with the salt and pepper shakers.

The dark-haired cop grinned. As she drove, it occurred to Dez that she was feeling nervous. She was glad her stomach was empty because it was churning. She wanted it to be a perfect night for her partner. Dez flipped open the armrest. After a second, the sounds of an accordion filled the truck cab. It had only been the last few weeks that she realized she even had cravings. Thank God for Marie. When she thought of all she had learned in the last couple months, it almost made her head spin.

From such violent and painful events came the dawning of the knowledge that she wanted to live, to be happy, that she wanted to feel again. And that it was okay to admit not just those desires, but also that she was in love and that she felt tremendously vulnerable, that she hurt at times, that she did indeed cry.

And even though she had no idea how exactly to proceed, she knew she wanted to keep sharing those things with Jaylynn. They pulled into the restaurant parking ramp as the song ended.

About more than one thing, she added to herself.


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  1. Comment: Cd/s come in jewel case with all booklets and/or cover arts. Cd/s are scratch and scuff free. Back cover art has a remainder mark. Jewel case may have minor wear or hairline cracks, anything more serious, we have replaced the case with a new one.5/5(1).
  2. em:t was born as a division of the t:me Recordings label in t:me released mostly vinyl records falling under the broad category of house music, and sought to create a new sublabel for more forward-thinking ambient material. Over the next four years, they released a series of eighteen albums and compilations, packaged as a collector's series.
  3. ( em:t ) cd 01 invade areas where nothing's definite 02 no more 03 for pierre 04 no jumping up and down / spooky action at a distance 05 there are 23 million.
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  5. Technically this game is supposed to be called Dungeon Explorer 3. The original Dungeon Explorer came out for TurboGrafx16 and Dungeon Explorer 2 came out for TurboGrafxCD (and I have them both covered in the TG16 section). Dungeon Explorer plays like Gauntlet.
  6. Aug 30,  · There is a yellow warning mark (!) under DVD/CD-ROM drives. Under the General tab for Properties, it reads: "A drive (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality (Code 32)." The DVD drive went out a .
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