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Asian Americans are rapidly gaining access to the American mainstream. Recently, young Asian American comedians and filmmakers have also found an outlet on YouTube and the Internet, allowing them to gain a strong and loyal fanbase. These entertainers have gained notable followings, mainly with young Asian American students, through solo and collaborative videos, short films and tours.

Additionally, other Asian American artists have broken out into mainstream audiences beyond the Asian American community. Chang and Eng Bunker had a stable career in entertainment. They were born in in a village sixty miles from Bangkok. Cheng and Eng were conjoined at the chest at birth, thus starting their career as a human spectacle.

They were gawked at in their own country before coming to America at age eighteen. Touring city to city, they were well received, giving performances that featured their unique physiognomy and also highlighted their distinctive wit and innate intelligence.

After ten years, at the age of twenty-eight, Chang and Eng retired and decided to settle down in Wilkes County in western North Carolina where they also adopted the surname "Bunker. The former Siamese Twins from the countryside outside of Bangkok became the wealthiest men in the county and the patriarchs of two large families between the two, there were twenty-one children.

When need be, they returned to touring in order to accumulate more funds. Inboth Chang and Eng died at age sixty-two. The playwright sets the stage at the Dunhunag Magao Caves which was historically important for travelers along the Silk Road, especially Buddhist monks from India and central Asia while on their journey to Chang'an now Xi'an.

Among meditations, the caves were used to reference the monastery's texts and records. Anna May Wong was the first actor of Asian descent to be the leading star of an American television series when she starred on the television series The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong. InMorita starred on the first American sitcom centered on a person of Asian descent, Mr. T and Tina and went on to become widely known as the mentor Mr.

Miyagi in The Karate Kid movies of the s. Margaret Chostand-up comedian and actress, had a leading role in her own comedy series All-American Girl in the s.

Her character was a Korean-American as is Chowho struggled with her family and cultural issues in San Francisco. The series included other Asian American actors such as Amy Hill. Despite being groundbreaking in prime-time television, All American Girl was cancelled after one season due to low ratings. After its run, due to the way it was handled and the pressures that were forced on her to conform to vague mainstream expectations to try to make the series a success, Cho suffered a huge psychotic break and self-disappointment that led to her drug and alcohol addiction.

It would later be revealed that female stars of even successful sitcoms go through similar trials as related by Roseanne Barr in her story for New York Magazine in Amy Hill has since been a mainstay of U. Lucy Liu had a major role on the television series Ally McBeal from to where she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Like many other original cast members, Chen also had scene in the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me which was deleted and later released in among with other deleted scenes in Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces. Chen does not her role as Josie Packard in the limited event series in Daniel Dae Kim and Sendhil Ramamurthy have achieved some recognition as sex symbols for their respective roles on Lost and has since moved onto Hawaii Five-0 and Heroes.

Although not an actor, Jon Gosselin has received from the reality series Jon and Kate Plus 8 sex symbol status. Masi Oka starred on the cast of the television series Heroes is also the only lead actor on the series to be nominated for either an Emmy Award or Golden Globe Award.

BD Wongwho starred in the Broadway production of M. Kal Penn was formerly a regular on the medical television series House M. Asian American actress Charlyne Yi was also a regular on Houseand was with the series from until it ended. Maggie Qof Vietnamese, Polish and Irish descent, who first rose to fame in Hong Kong achieved international fame when she starred as the title role on the television series Nikita.

She also has a regular role on the television series Designated Survivor. Mindy Kaling has been a regular on the United States version of The Office since the beginning of the series in until and now is the series lead and creator of her own television series The Mindy Project which is also the very first U. Ansari portrays the lead on his own television series Master of None. Ansari made history by becoming the first Asian American actor to win a Golden Globe for acting in television.

She went on to star in other successful television series such as Stargate Universe and lent her voice to the protagonist in the animated film Mulan Neela Rasgotra for five seasons from to all the way until the end of the series. She recently was a part of the cast of The Blacklist during the series' first season. Reiko Aylesworth was part of the cast of the television Reboot - MadaM MonoM - LeveL II (File Sonja Sohn was a series regular on the entire run of the television series The Wire.

Both Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Jennie Kwan in the past were both popularly known to the teen and children audiences for their roles on television series Saved by the Bell and California Dreams respectively both aimed at youth in the s.

The late Thuy Trang is probably a familiar face to many children and young adults for her role as the original yellow ranger Trini Kwan on the children's television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangersand since Thuy there have been many Asian American actors who have succeeded her in the Power Rangers franchise. Ryan Potter first rose to prominence on the children's television series Supah Ninjas. Recently, the U. Olivia Munnfrom Oklahoma of Chinese descent on her mother's side, is an actress, model, and television personality best known as a correspondent on The Jon Stewart Show.

She co-hosted G4's Attack of the Show! Jamie Chung is a Korean-American actress and former reality television personality. She is regarded by many as the Real World alumna with the most successful media career.

Korean-American actress Yun Jin Kim and the Asian Canadian Sandra Oh of the ABC television series Lost and Grey's Anatomyrespectively, were during their series' runs the main two Asian American actors in lead roles on network television the latter is still on airalthough both part of large-ensemble casts, where minority characters are more likely to be found. Darren Criss is a half-Filipino actor who also recently gained fame through the viral hit A Very Potter Musical and now Broadway theatre.

Danny Pudi and Ken Jeong are series regular on the NBC comedy series Community and through the run of the series, Pudi's character became the series' breakout character mainly due to the character's personality, popular culture references, and style of meta comedy. She stars on Marvel's Agents of S. The first American sitcom, Fresh Off the Boatstarring an all Asian-American family since Margaret Cho 's All American Girl aired in Februarygaining overall critical acclaim among the television series community.

The sitcom Dr. Ken featured an Asian American family and aired from to Ali Wongstand-up comedian, actress, and writer, had a leading role in film Always Be My Maybe with Randall Parkwho is also an Asian American comedia, actress, and writer. Mindy Kalinga Dartmouth graduate, has been involved from the beginning in the production of the American series of The Officehaving originally been the only female writer on a staff of eight; since the show's eighth season she has been an executive producer.

She has since created her own show, The Mindy Project which she produces, writes, and stars in. James Wonga Hong Kong -born writer raised in the US, was a writer, co-executive producer and consulting producer of The X-Files in its first, second and fourth seasons — ; co-creator, producer and writer of the TV series Space: Above and Beyond — ; and writer, consulting producer and co-executive producer of Millennium in its first and second seasons — Wong later wrote, produced and directed horror and action films such as Final Destination and the Jet Li -starring The Oneand he was hired by 20th Century Fox to direct Dragonball Evolutionalthough like other producers and crew members on that production, complained of having little creative input as the studio made all the major decisions.

Anna May Wong was the first Asian American to have become an international acting star. During her career she sought roles that portrayed Chinese and Asian Americans in a positive light, but these films never became famous except for a select few such as the film Daughter of Shanghai Frustrated by being stereotyped and typecast during her career in the United States, she moved to Europe, where she appeared in many plays and films, the most notable of which was the British film Piccadilly She later returned to the United States in an ironic twist, at a time when American studios were searching Europe for fresh new talent, despite the fact that she is an American.

She returned with promises of leading roles, but these did not come about due to racism in the United States. She eventually stopped acting in professional films and turned to stage, cabaret, B moviesand anti-Japanese propaganda films such as Bombs Over Burma due to her being an advocacy against the Japanese aggression in China.

She was set to make her comeback with the film Flower Drum Song but was unable due to failing health. Despite a prolific career Wong's only film to have ever been a truly big success was Shanghai Express He became the first male sex symbol of Hollywood long before and the precursor to Rudolph Valentino. He became a film actor in a somewhat reluctant and accidental manner when the famous producer Thomas Ince saw his theatre play The Typhoon and wanted to turn it into a silent film and when it was released the film was an instant hit.

With rising stardom he was eventually offered film contract by Famous Players-Lasky now Paramount Pictures. He became a leading man of romance filmsconsidered a heartthrob and a sex symbol; many actresses wanted to work with him in films, in which he was often cast as the exotic male Asian lover that women desired. After years of being typecast as a villain and exotic Asian lover that white women could not have, he decided to start his own production company, where he eventually made 23 films; he produced, starred in, and directed them, and contributed to their design, writing and editing.

His films also influenced the way the United States viewed Asians. Hayakawa's collaboration with Sais ended with the film Bonds of Honor InHayakawa made what is generally considered one of his best films, The Dragon Painter. After some bad business, he left the United States and for the next 15 years he worked in Europe and Japan where he made many popular films and plays such as the films The Great Prince Chan and the play Samurai which he performed for the king and queen of the United Kingdom at that time King George V and Queen Mary and a stage play version of The Three Musketeers.

His fame in France came from France's fascination with anything Asian. During the war, he tried to perform in Europe but eventually became trapped by the Germans and for years was not able to work as an actor until Humphrey Bogart tracked him and down and offered him a role in his film Tokyo Joe which became a hit and afterwards he did another successful film Three Came Home After the war his image in films this time was as the honorable villain which he became typecasted as and from it he starred in what is considered to be his most famous film of his entire career The Bridge on the River Kwai for which he was nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Merle Oberon an actress of Old Hollywood starred in many successful films, and was nominated for the Oscar for Best actress for the film The Dark Angel and is most renowned for her performance in the film version of Wuthering Heights Despite her success as an actress, Oberon hid her Indian heritage due to her history of discrimination growing up in India.

So much so she invented a fake story of the origin of her birth and early life. Bruce Lee abandoned Hollywood in the early s and achieved worldwide fame in Hong Kong. On another level, frustrated with the limited opportunities given to them, seven Asian American actors formed East West Players EWPa Los Angeles -based Asian American theater company, into produce their own shows, and the company continues today. Bruce Lee has made a substantial impact with martial arts and entertainment.

He claimed to not fit into the established martial arts scene in San Francisco when he arrived in Lee encountered a diverse group of martial artists within the bay area who held a similar philosophy. Towards the end ofLee was a major movie star in Asia. Sho Kosugi achieved stardom in the United States and internationally during the s.

After thrilling audiences as the third lead and villain in Enter the Ninjahe was given the solo lead starring role as the hero in the follow-up film Revenge of the Ninja And similar to the Bruceploitation phenomenon that followed Lee's death, many copy-cat ninja films were made following the worldwide popularity of Sho's early ninja films.

A number of films produced in Hong Kong and Taiwan even used Sho's image on their posters and home video covers, despite the fact that Mr. Kosugi was not involved in these productions. Sho's image as a ninja was used and continues to be used on unsanctioned T-shirts, posters, fans, collectibles, and even Video game covers like The Last Ninja.

He also received "special appearance" credit in the American films Aloha Summer and Blind Furyand was the third lead in the Japanese film Kyokuto Kuroshakai Along with his on-screen work, Sho also served as fight choreographer, ninja technical advisor, and stunt coordinator on many of his projects. He also directed two V-cinema movies in Japan starring his son Kane Kosugi. After 16 years off the silver screen, Sho returned as the lead villain in Ninja Assassin produced by Hollywood heavyweights the WachowskisJoel Silver and Grant Hilland directed by James McTeigue : "If you've ever watched any ninja films from the s, you know that Sho Kosugi is the ninja; he is the man," asserts McTeigue.

Nancy Kwan after the release of her film The World of Suzie Wongshe became a sex symbol in her film career in the s. In the legacy of Sessue Hayakawa, James Shigeta often in his early career in the late ss played romantic male lead roles even interracial ones, which as an actor of Asian descent during his time was almost non-existent. Penn, also starred in The Namesakeone of his favorite books, taught a course and seminar on images of Asian Americans in the media at the University of Pennsylvania.

She has won numerous awards for her acting and has also directed a film. South-Korean actor and superstar Lee Byung-hunhas already starred in numerous American production including Red 2G.

Joe: The Rise of CobraG. Joe: Retaliation and Terminator Genisys Indian superstar and actress Priyanka Chopra is beginning to work in American cinema and is currently filming the action comedy Baywatch Kumail Nanjiania Pakistani American actor, starred as the eponymous male lead in The Big Sicka film which he also co-wrote.

John Cho starred in Searching ; it is the first mainstream Hollywood thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor. In addition, his first two features, Pushing Hands and The Wedding Banquetboth set in the United States, deal primarily with Taiwanese and Chinese American characters and their attempts to navigate between the demands of their ancestral traditions and contemporary American culture.

Pushing Hands deals with an interracial marriage where the man, of Chinese ancestry, has brought his traditional-minded father to live with the family, which is a source of tension with his wife until they learn to appreciate one another's cultures. The Wedding Banquet is a comedy that deals with a young, prosperous Taiwanese-born gay man who lives and works in New York, and his attempts to conceal his sexual orientation from his visiting parents, who are pushing him to marry.

Director Justin Lin brought attention to the experiences of Asian Americans through his movie Better Luck Tomorrowwhich included an almost exclusively Asian American cast.

He was very well known in the 90s for directing the hit Independent film Smoke and he has also had mainstream success with the films Anywhere but HereMaid in Manhattanand Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Gregg Araki is an influential American independent filmmaker of Japanese ancestry, who is especially noted for his often playful, punk-influenced work dealing with young, often gay, members of generation X trying to define themselves in the wake of the AIDS epidemic, rampant consumerism, and childhood trauma.

His films such as The Doom GenerationThe Living End and Nowhere were seen to exemplify the alienation and hedonistic abandon of their times, while his film Mysterious Skinfeaturing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a dramatic role, was highly acclaimed for a dark and realistic portrait of the effects of child sexual abuse. So Yong Kim is a Korean American independent filmmaker who was awarded the Special Jury Prize at Sundance for her debut feature, In Between Dayswhich was shot in Torontobut was loosely based on her own experiences growing up in Los Angeles as a newly arrived immigrant who felt alienated from the surrounding world.

In the film, the protagonist is a teenage Korean girl transplanted to North America who must take responsibility for her own life as her mother is not around much and her father is estranged from the family. A raw, largely improvised romance shot digitally with first-time actors, In Between Days received enough attention for Kim to make her next film, the childhood drama Treeless Mountainin her birth country of South Korea.

Her latest and third feature, For Ellenis set in the United States and stars Paul Dano as a man going through a divorce. Chufeatured several Asian American actors in prominent roles including Constance Wualongside other actors of Asian descent.

Wah Chang was the designer for many of the props on the Star Trek series as well as The Time Machinewhich received an Academy Award for special effects. The film denies a popular impression that being an Asian American also meant being a model minority. Early notable writers include "1.

Others have been created based on stories about Asian American communities. Kumail Nanjiania Pakistani American, co-wrote the romantic comedy The Big Sicka film in which he also starred as the eponymous male lead. Lin Yutang and his work "Chinatown Family" strays from the film representation of Asian Americans and attempts to depict the accurate representation of Asian Americans during the s.

Lin's works were considered Orientalist, seeing as they were a polar opposite to the style of most Asian American writers after Yet, Lin's works are still ignored when studying the history of Asian American genealogy and subjectivity. Throughout the s there was a growing amount of Asian American queer writings [35] and today the list of contributing writers is long.

Rodgers and Hammerstein adapted it into a musical produced on Broadway in and on film inand both starred a number of Asian American actors. They produced their own shows to allow Asian American actors the opportunity to perform a wide range of leading roles. As the need still exists, EWP continues today. Dozens of other Asian American theater companies have since formed in major cities throughout the USAproviding similar outlets elsewhere. Everyone knows which word I mean.

It's a tricky thing to include the "n-word," but if you're going to write about historical racism, it's best to look that racism in the face and present things as they were. I will say this: good job to the authors of including Ferdinand's superiority over Eulalie, because she was Haitian.

The relationship between light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks was often tangled and complicated historically. The next cliche of a character is the Countess. The Countess Lulu is a cliche of the irrationally jealous, shallow antagonist with a flock of dumb girls surrounding her.

This books is supposed to show prostitutes in a more sympathetic light, but characters like Poodle and the rest of her ilk are annoying and vapid. She's supposed to speak four or five languages and know all about art but that is never addressed how she came to be that way; she's supposed to be the daughter of a slave and a wealthy plantation owner; how did she become a prostitute? Countess Lulu's interaction with Mary is cliche-filled and groan-worthy: "You have no place here," Lulu said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Let me show you what I've got. Please, don't I deserve a chance? You choose to debauch yourself to anyone who'll throw a picayune your way. In a tiny voice she said, "It was never my choice. This dialogue could easily be put in any situation. And does Mary really think that she "deserves" a chance just to be a fancier prostitute? Oh, and Mary is then supposed to intimidate the Countess by just staring at her?

Because Mary just maintains eye contact with Lulu, she "flinches? And Mary is supposed to have gotten up on a piano and do a little strip-tease after having smoked opium, which, "she has never smoked in her life"?? Smoking opium is the equivalent of doing morphine or heroin. As much as it lowers inhibitions, which is how the authors try to show that Mary was brave enough to stand up to the Countess it would have knocked Mary on her ass for the rest of the evening.

The authors clumsily let the reader know that Lobrano is Mary's uncle: "You ingrates," hissed Lobrano. That whore who was my sister couldn't keep herself from gettin' indisposed.

Thank the Lord the next little brat didn't make it, but curse the Lord for taking my sister at the same time. And curse him for leaving me to deal with the both of yous! WHY did Peter go after him then?! Peter's death was so random. Historically, Lobrano did in fact kill Peter, and he claimed it was self-defense. But the authors don't even show Peter's death! They just stay with Mary until, oops, Lobrano killed Peter even though he stutters, "Mary Mary, I didn't mean That's all he says: "Mary Ok, fast forward some.

Tom Anderson has supposedly been watching Mary and thinks that she is a person with "an open mind and a high degree of intelligence. Finally, the ending was so unsatisfying.

The last time the reader sees Countess Lulu, a character who's supposed to have more depth than "just a whore" goes to Eulalie Echo's place to put a voodoo spell on Mary, so she wouldn't be the most successful Madame. But Eulalie basically says "No. And Lobrano, who has been drinking absinthe, which was traditionally up to proof alcohol, quits drinking cold turkey and is fine after a week?

Not buying it. And after he has firmly decided to commit suicide because of the guilt he feels for mistreating the family for so long? Ferdinand basically becomes "Jelly Roll Morton," although the authors imply throughout the novel that he takes this name because he's always munching on a roll covered in jelly, but "jelly roll" was actually African American vulgar slang for a woman's vulva.

Mary suggests that Ferdinand needs a stage name. As he is putting marmalade on a roll and taking a bite, he wonders what suits him. He cocked an eyebrow and gave a knowing smirk. Then it hit her. I didn't mean that! I'm speaking of the marmalade. So believable This is just a great example of how the book glosses over the gritty, the nasty, and the human elements of a story and just replaces it with couched, "nice" language.

So that's the end of Ferd. So, after all the drama, Mary ascends her position as Josie Arlington and takes her place as head Madame. Sure, the reader can guess that a life of materialism isn't fulfilling. But what about her dreams, so carefully outlined at the beginning? Did she ever go to the French Opera House? Did she ever ride a train? Or was the only thing accomplished on her list was that she got her picture taken? As "feminist" as this book is supposed to be, it's pretty damn sexist that her only dream that she achieved was to have her damn picture taken.

I give this book 2 stars and not 1, because at least it's trying to present a more balanced, feminist view of history, but the execution fell very, very short. Nov 19, Staceyj rated it really liked it. Thoroughly enjoyed this fun romp through Reboot - MadaM MonoM - LeveL II (File past. Feb 25, Myrt rated it it was amazing. The book ties in the creation of Storyville, intended by city alderman Sydney Story to separate the wicked women who tempt the fine upstanding men of the time by herding them into a designated area of the city where they would work at licensed brothels and not be allowed to work outside those limits.

Marie is one of the few women working in Venus Alley who realizes this back alley of shacks where she works will be torn down as soon as Storyville opens across town and there is no provision made for where these broken down women will go.

Under the dirt and malnutrition Marie is a smart and attractive young woman who is kept down by fate and circumstance but she is also determined and will not give up on trying to improve her life. Bellocq, the eccentric photographer who left the only pictorial legacy of the women of Storyville and cameos by Jelly Roll Morton and a young Louis Armstrong.

The book is an engrossing look at the time. The biased attitude between Creoles and Negros then. The political corruption that ran the city.

The importance of the incoming railroad and the placement of its station. The pulsing life as jazz was making its way into the culture. This is an amazing look into a changing time and one woman who made an impact in her time. This book is written with such respect for the women who were forced to sell the only thing they had; their bodies, and it gives an engrossing look into their world. The book and its characters are well written and well developed and it is very much a compelling read.

This is their debut novel and I look forward to reading Album) by these authors. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review. May 12, Melinda rated it liked it Shelves:arc. The world's oldest profession New Orleans, we travel the labyrinthine of the Underworld as we follow the story of one plucky, determined 'alley whore' metamorphosizing into the infamous madam of Storyville - the red light district.

All the intricacies are explored - the Voodoo and spirit world - Mary even procures a treatment for Gonorrhea via Voodoo, the ever pop The world's oldest profession New Orleans, we travel the labyrinthine of the Underworld as we follow the story of one plucky, determined 'alley whore' metamorphosizing into the infamous madam of Storyville - the red light district. All the intricacies are explored - the Voodoo and spirit world - Mary even procures a treatment for Gonorrhea via Voodoo, the ever popular music scene mentioning some of the greatest musicians of the time - Buddy Holden, Ferdinand LaMenthe, not to mention the very young Louis Armstrong, and of course the red light district.

Portrait photographer E. Bellocq also mentioned. Reading the sharp details of this city you feel the experience, Reboot - MadaM MonoM - LeveL II (File, the taste of beignets, the bitterness of coffee with chicory, the smell of jambalaya, the burn of the liquor. You hear the music and laughter in the air from the bordellos, you inhale the scent of cigar smoke and perfume. You are on a grand tour of days gone by in the Big Easy.

Josie Arlington was a woman falling into her line of work by default and desperation. She was determined to pave her own way and the underdog was victorious on her terms.

Despite her chosen career she plucks at the readers heartstrings, a woman with ghosts, lonely, attaining her goal, Josie was a victim turned survivor in the only way she knew how, using her intelligence as best she could on her harrowing journey. A wonderfully fun historical fiction of New Orleans and Arlington, you will want to add to your reading list. Great vintage photographs in the book add to the narrative and senses.

An array of characters including politicians fancy that huh? All around lively read. Penguin provided a copy in exchange for an honest review Mar 03, Mirella rated it it was amazing. She shares quarters and works shifts with another prostitute in Venus Alley, a run-down alley of shacks and crates where whores lay for the poorest dregs of society. She struggles to survive and keep her brother and his wife supported. When she learns the street where she works will be torn down, and a new red light district will open called Storyville, she works hard to re-establish herself there.

Meticulously researched, the book includes important personages of the times, and emits a strong flavour of turn of the century New Orleans. It deals with the political and social climate of the time including racial conflict between whites, blacks, ad Creoles, political corruption, and the modernization caused by the coming of the railroad.

Of course there is a strong sense of New Orleans culture with Jazz and food and vibrant life. From the harsh life on the lowest rungs of social ladder, to the opulence of the rich and wealthy, this novel is sure to entertain. Colorful characters, vivid descriptions, and a compelling storyline kept me turning the pages at a furious pace. And just because this book is about prostitution, in no way does this book disrespect women.

Rather, it makes one sympathetic to their plight. I hope to read more books by these authors! Madam: A Novel of New Orleans, is a wonderfully narrated tour of New Orleans' more sordid past; as seen through the eyes of some of its most note worthy and notorious citizens. This is a story of a New Orleans living in the shadow of Jim Crow, and nod the cusp of change.

The waning of the 's and the dawn of the 's brought many changes to New Orleans. While the Jazz culture was in its infancy, the long and storied history of the bawdy girl or "crib prostitute" was at an end.

What rose in h Madam: A Novel of New Orleans, is a wonderfully narrated tour of New Orleans' more sordid past; as seen through the eyes of some of its most note worthy and notorious citizens. What rose in her place was a "respectable whore" from a house in the "legal red light district of Storyville. Viewed by most as nothing but a worthless piece; Mary knows that she is destined for greater things.

What she doesn't know is how a combination of tragedy, intelligence, ingenuity, luck, and law will come together to make her one of the most famous and infamous madams of her time. Mary is someone whose success one is glad of given all that she had to go through in order to achieve it. This tale is so well crafted that it is hard to know what parts of it are fiction and what parts are fact. The colorful cast of heroes and villains that populate this tale really make this story all that much more real to the reader.

This is a tale of a person, a legend, a city, and a way of life. Jan 15, Stacy Cook rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. From the first page I felt as if I was transported back to New Orleans at the turn of the century. Back to Venus Alley where Mary Deubler turns tricks on her kip which she must carry back and forth from her humble home to the shack in the Alley. Mary tries to make the best of her situation, scrimping and saving money for something better for herself, her brother and his wife who is with child.

We are there for Mary's struggles as she goes to "work" everyday with hopes and dreams unrealistic of someone in her position. The book was very well written and as I said, transported me back. I felt as if I was on the streets with Mary. As the story progressed Mary gets her chance to change her fate. Did Voodoo help her or her prayers? My only disappointment in the story was that it ended when it did. I wish we could have seen the transformation that took place when Mary got her dream.

I was excited to have some pictures, expecially of Mary to go along with my reading journey. A true historical fiction novel. So grateful I was one of the Early Reviewers to get a copy. Apr 15, Sheilamarie rated it it was amazing. I saw this as an ad on Goodreads. Cari Lynn and Kelli Martin did such a fabulous job incorporating factual research into this novel, I really didn't want it to end.

It was just wonderfully put together and flowed well page by page. If you are looking for explicit sex, you won't find it here. Although it is a book about prostitution, Ms.

Lynn keeps the integrity intact and does not smut it up with unneeded raunchiness. I did learn a few things I thought it was a joke about prostitutes with "her mattress strapped to her back", nope, it's true and it's was called a "kip"! Good job on the book Ms. Dec 22, Jessica Quadrel rated it it was amazing. I opened this book, only looking to skim the first page, as I was currently in the middle of reading another book.

Well, the authors got me hooked on the very first paragraph. Before I knew it, the book was finished. This story, which is actually mostly non- fiction is about Mary Deubler, who works as a prostitute in New Orlean's "alley" to support her brother, sister-in-law, and soon to be niece.

This story brings the reader into Mary's world to New Orleans in the late 's. The story also fe I opened this book, only looking to skim the first page, as I was currently in the middle of reading another book.

The story also features a Creole piano player, and shares his experiences in an era filled with racism. I highly recommend this book, and I am so sad that it is over. It really takes you into another time, allowing you to see the world through different people's eyes. Jan 07, Maryann rated it it was amazing. I received this book as an Early Reviewer. I have a fascination with New Orleans and its amazing history. This book tells the mostly-true story of her rise from orphaned year-old to a queen of The District.

I wish it were longer, to be honest. I loved getting lost in the streets and traditions of the city- voodoo, political corruption, music, and letting t I received this book as an Early Reviewer. I loved getting lost in the streets and traditions of the city- voodoo, political corruption, music, and letting the good times roll. This is not a scandalous book in it's content- nothing salacious or offensive. It made me want to read more about the history of NOLA.

I finished the book in a matter of a few hours- very easily readable. Loved it! Oct 20, Ashley Garst rated it it was ok Shelves: random-stuff. The writing does well in evoking images of the French Quarter and other areas of New Orleans, but I have to wonder why the author chose to focus on this area of Mary Deubler's life.

We don't see her rise to power as much as Reboot - MadaM MonoM - LeveL II (File see her played as a pawn in other people's games that even in the long run aren't fulfilled plot-wise. It's just, here's this chick, she's dirt poor.

And then she's in the right place at the right time, gets noticed due to magic conjurings, and now she's the most illustr The writing does well in evoking images of the French Quarter and other areas of New Orleans, but I have to wonder why the author chose to focus on this area of Mary Deubler's life. And then she's in the right place at the right time, gets noticed due to magic conjurings, and now she's the most illustrious madam in all of New Orleans. And then the book cuts off -- we don't even get to see her reign.

All in all, the book is the start of an interesting idea, but definitely needed a lot more development. Mar 20, Shelby Harper rated it it was amazing. I read this book in four days and very much enjoyed it. I didn't want to put the book down because I was absorbed into the world of New Orleans and the story of Mary, a common prostitute who rises to become the Madame of the red light district.

I felt attached to the main character and enjoyed the entire cast of characters, and I especially enjoyed all the New Orleans voodoo. Feb 03, Michele rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. I enjoyed this book - so much, in fact, I would like to find more scholarly books about this period of New Orleans history. I think the authors did a fine job and I would definitely read more of their work.

View 2 comments. Sep 06, Alane rated it really liked it. It would take some work to make the history of Storyville dull. Having spent considerable time in NOLA, this was an enjoyable way to get the history and some of the ambience.

The perfect gift for the NOLA fan living far away. Apr 18, Kat rated it really liked it. A light, quick read. It encouraged me to seek out some meatier nonfiction about these characters to get more of the story.

Dec 10, Andrea Quigley Maynard rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I gave this 2 stars because it was just OK. Three chapters in and I was already annoyed by the writing but I decided to finish it only because it was short enough and easy enough to read to finish before the year was over.

The dialogue was cheesy in its efforts to be bawdy and in a way, like a caricature of what a teenage girl might think New Orleans people might talk like. Harsh, I know. The book spends a huge amount of time showing the reader different characters and their particular role I gave this 2 stars because it was just OK.

The book spends a huge amount of time showing the reader different characters and their particular role as Storyville began and then suddenly the story is over. The last sentence of the book description on the back cover says "Madam is a spirited romp through the Big Easy, and the irresistible tale of a real woman's rise to influence and infamy in a world ruled by men". While the beginning of the book shows the main character 10 years after Storyville began in a brief chapter, the book ends just as she's taking the reins as a Madam in Storyville.

We hardly get to see her life as a Madam even though we are exposed to the life through another character Countess Lulu or why she says she has "nothing" in that first chapter. There are so many other characters, some of whom feel like they were just added to the story as a wink to history and others where I'm not sure why they were even in the book.

Her uncle, Lobrano, at one point goes off to find some buried pirate treasure before he plans to kill himself and says he's going to give it to her. Much of the book just felt like unfinished business. I think this could be a fascinating subject but the execution of this particular book just fell flat for me. Mar 18, Brita Addams rated it did not like it.

Let me first say, I'm an author of historical fiction and lived in New Orleans most of my adult life. I've also done extensive research for my own book of fiction, set in Storyville. Madam was a disappointment in light of all the research I've done and all I learned about Josie and Storyville in the process.

Though touted as based on Mary Deubler's Josie Arlington's life, Madam is generally a book of fiction itself, populated by people who lived at the time and manipulated facts, too many skew Let me first say, I'm an author of historical fiction and lived in New Orleans most of my adult life. Though touted as based on Mary Deubler's Josie Arlington's life, Madam is generally a book of fiction itself, populated by people who lived at the time and manipulated facts, too many skewed for no apparent reason.

Madam starts with a letter from her niece, Anna Deubler Brady, supposedly written inin her 90th year. Anna was born inwhich would have made her years old at the time of writing. While I haven't found a definitive death date for Anna, we can assume she didn't live to years old. The letter indicates she's waiting for a storm to bring the Ponchartrain to her door, that being Basin Street, the site of the brothel run by Josie Arlington.

Two things there - The Ponchartrain is nowhere near Basin Street, and Basin Street, along with all the other brothels in Storyville, was destroyed in the s to make way for the Iberville Housing Project. Neither did Anna come from a long line of whores, as the letter indicates. Anna never learned how Josie had earned her money until shortly before Josie's death in Josie lived with John Thomas Brady for some time beforewhen she had her will drawn up, and until her death.

She was not alone, nor without blood relatives. She had two brothers, one died inleaving another and his sons and daughter, Anna, to whom Josie was devoted, declaring her the love of her life. In the s, Mary had a brothel on Custom House Street, before the formal dedication of boundaries for Storyville in That same year, she had the Arlington built. From an early age, she earned her living and that of her family, through whoring, yes, but she wasn't an "alley whore" in as the blurb indicates and I've never read anything that said she ever was.

Josie aspired to a grand life. Inwe're told it's Josie's 30th birthday. Josie was born inwhich would have made her After the fire ravaged a good deal of the Arlington at Basin Street, she had the place restored but she never again resided at the brothel. Instead, she took up residence in her Esplanade Ave. Upon completion of the repairs, Josie leased the Arlington to one of her prostitutes.

When Josie retired inmany of her assets were bought by Tom Anderson and not passed on to her niece. The niece and Josie's lover, J. Brady, who became Anna's eventual husband within days of Josie's death, got the Esplanade Avenue house, the courts said through the machinations of Josie. Since she could bequeath no more than ten percent of her wealth to Brady, Brady married Anna and as her husband, was co-owner of the house and other assets.

The Arlington was never in the possession of Anna Deubler, her niece. Josie became a recluse and died inat age 50, after battling dementia for some years. This was three years before the formal closure of Storyville in November Black professors piano players were common in all Storyville brothels, essential to the revenues engendered.

The lull between introduction and climbing the stairs to paradise was used to get the clients sauced. The client paid the professor to play and he'd dance with his "date" before they went upstairs for the finale. The general rule was the customers never left with the money they came in with. We're told that Josie was a rebel about about having a black professor in her establishment. All brothels had them, down to the smallest. Many photographs by E. Belloqc show these musicians in the parlors of the brothels.

Storyville came alive with ragtime, jazz, and the more earthy rhythm and blues. Jazz was born in Storyville.

Black men couldn't partake of the prostitutes charms, even in the octoroon palaces like Lulu White's, but black musicians were not an anomaly in Storyville. Quite the opposite. Despite the note saying the authors commandeered Countess from Willie Piazza and assigned it to Lulu White, there was no reason to do so. Makes no sense whatsoever. Lulu was a rough, ill-spoken uneducated scrabbler of a woman who had no head for business, though she ran one of the most successful brothels. She often trusted the wrong people and lost a fortune because of it.

I've never read of the rivalry between Lulu and Josie.


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