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Add to registry. Vinyl LP pressing. Since scoring a worldwide smash with her debut album Eye To The Telescope inwhich went on to sell over 5 million copies, KT Tunstall has remained at the forefront of UK singer-songwriter talent.

After a period of healing, soul-searching, and a change of scenery, hailed the arrival of No I.D. - Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl) first of a trilogy of albums, the critically acclaimed UK Top 10 album - KIN.

The trilogy evokes, separately and in sequence, spirit, body and mind. With KIN being her Phoenix-from-the-ashes 'spirit' album, marks the second offering of that trilogy - her sixth studio album, her 'body' album. About This Item. We aim to show you accurate product information.

Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Wax Vinyl. Customer Reviews. Ask a question Ask a question If you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact customer service directly. Your question required. Additional details. Send me an No I.D. - Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl) when my question is answered.

RIP: This is kind of awkward, doing an interview on the phone. AXL: You know one reason why I want to do it this way? Sometimes you and I say a lot heavier things on the phone than we do in person. So I thought this would be cool, especially because I'm trying to be private right now.

I can do this in my own space and just talk. RIP: I've got five minute tapes, so we can go till we burn. AXL: Alright. The last interview of any substance were Kim Neely's pieces in Rolling Stone, but you're still in every single magazine. I'll be reading something that has absolutely nothing to do with GN'R, and you'll be compared to Adolf Hitler or some other evil just to add fire to the writer's article. AXL: I think there's a great fear of the unknown, and my new thing is, "I am the unknown.

Why are you the unknown, and have you purposely made yourself that way? AXL: Partially, yeah, trying not to be overexposed. Negativity sells, and the media knows that. Now we're huge, and it seems the people who are most vocal are the ones who don't like us. They'll pick up any rock to throw at us. I'm not for David Duke. I don't know anything about the guy except that he was in the Klan, and that's f?! There's a lot of people who have chosen to use that song ["One in a million"].

However that song makes them feel, they think that must be what the song means. If they hate blacks, and they hear my lines and hate blacks even more, I'm sorry, but that's not how I meant it. Our songs affect people, and that scares a lot No I.D.

- Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl) people. I think that song, more than any other song in a long time, brought certain issues to the surface and brought up discussion as to how f!? But when I read somewhere that I said something last night before we performed "One in a million," it pisses me off.

We don't perform "One in a million. I didn't have enough energy to stay in contact with the media. Instead of dealing with the media, I was trying to grow in my own space. I've needed to do that for the last couple of years.

It took me years to rise above the success of Appetite and the people who liked it. I was like, "Why are they liking it? They see the No I.D. - Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl) in the music and the words, they see the reactions of people to our music, and the natural reaction is to lay everything on the people performing the music. I'm not necessarily responsible for the reaction. I write, and the band plays, from the heart.

In our songs we show instances that are really f!? I was watching this thing today about de-metalizing kids. All a parent knows is they see their kid listening to Ozzy Osbourne. The kid is doing acid and painting upside-down crosses on his wall, and they don't know what happened to him or her, so it's Ozzy's fault.

RIP: So you're to blame for the next generation of f!? AXL: According to parents or whoever. There's a lot of people who don't understand or know how to handle their children's rebellion.

RIP: Yeah. Taking responsibility for your own actions and, if you have a kid, responsibility for their actions, is really heavy.

AXL: Especially responsibility that a part of us never really wanted, but now have. RIP: Why does the world have this misconception about you, especially about you being a drug addict? How many cool people do you know who survived and lived during the '60s? GN'R got to the top of a mountain by using every pile of shit that ever happened to us. We were living that way, living our songs, and it started killing us. It was either die or change. Certain people who see that we're gotten control over ourselves, control over our physical shapes and our lives, write that we're sedate and predictable.

They say we don't live on the edge anymore. Actually, I'm living on the edge and learning how to ride it instead of being dragged down by it. RIP: I see what you're saying, but that doesn't answer my question about you. AXL: Okay, first off, I'm on very specific, high-tuned vitamins. My body needs these vitamins.

I'm also involved in extensive emotional work to reach certain heights with myself that doing hard drugs would interfere with. I'm doing several detoxing programs to release trapped toxins that are there because of trauma. Doing a lot of coke would get in the way of my work. Doing dope would definitely get in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish.

Some pot doesn't really get in the way too much. It gets in the way of the work for, like, the next day, but sometimes it's a grounding thing. If I'm flipping out in the middle of Idaho, then a little bit of pot helps me be sedate.

Also, coming off stage, going from such high energy into a very sedate world, is heavy - I don't care how many strippers you have. It's like going off a cliff in a car, and that's when I can use some smoke. RIP: You don't even smoke that much anymore. AXL: I know. About a year ago, while we were recording the records, I smoked a lot of pot. I was in a lot of pain, and that was the only way I could keep myself together enough to work.

It was the the only thing that could take my mind off my problems, so I could stay focused and record. It helped keep me together. Now it would interfere with things, No I.D. - Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl). AXL: There was no heat in that room. It was a cold, lonely place, but it was the only place I could stay to keep myself in the work.

It was cool-looking, but it was dark, cold and weird! It got to the point that certain people could tell just by the way I was talking, the tone of my voice, that I wasn't right. A friend brought by some Christmas presents. Another flew out unannounced and stayed with me Christmas Day, because they were very worried that I wasn't going to make it through. I couldn't leave the studio, but I couldn't go back to my condo because of my neighbor. That was a nightmare. It was also wild, because these people didn't know anything about the Christmas before, when I was driving to your house, trying to find someone with dope on the way because I wanted to OD.

I could always relate to the Hanoi Rocks song "Dead by Christmas. AXL: No. RIP: That's a drag. AXL: Yeah, it's a shame. RIP: That would've been a great photo. That, and the time you threw your piano out the sliding-glass windows of your house.

AXL: Those were two major things that didn't get on film that should've. John Lennon wasn't nearly as selfconscious as I am. He could keep a camera rolling at all times.

People were seriously tense. Half of the concern in the job itself, but the other half is concern for you. It's not a case of, "Oh my god, my check's going out the window," it's, "Is Axl alright? That's hard for me to deal with. If we didn't have an album out right now, I wouldn't be on tour, I wouldn't have chosen to take on that particular responsibility at this time. But I didn't really have a choice, especially if I want to keep my career going.

I would've liked to be more together emotionally and mentally before this tour. Part of the job of being in Guns N' Roses is coming onstage and being superhuman.

We've supposed to rise above the energy in the crowd, rise above whatever bad may have happened that day, rise above whatever is in your head, while at the same time trying to rise above the damage in your own life. When I say GN'R are striving to rise above, I mean we're doing our best to survive, not like, "Hey look at us, we're better than you.

We're just trying to rise above and be healthy and secure with ourselves, and trying to spread some of that around. That's what I'm working on. RIP: Everyone seems to be harping on your tardiness to gigs. Maybe I couldn't move any faster than I was because it was a bitch. I don't mean to inconvenience the crowd by beeing late. Maybe by reading this interview they can understand a little of what I go through regularly. Sometime it's really hard getting onstage, because I feel like I just can't rise above and win.

I don't want to get onstage unless I know I can win and give the people their money's worth. I'm fighting for my own mental health, survival and peace. I'm doing a lot of self-help work and, fortunately, I can afford the people I work with.

People say that I'm just spoiled. Yeah, I am. I've learned that when certain traumas happen to you, your brain releases chemicals that get trapped in the muscles where the trauma occured. They stay there for your whole life. Then, when you're 50 years old, you've got bad legs or a bent back. When you're old, it's too hard to carry the weight of the world that you've kept trapped inside your body.

I've been working on releasing this stuff, but as soon as we release one thing and that damage is gone, some new muscle hurts.

That's not a new injury, it's very old injury that, in order to survive, I've buried. When I get a massage, it's not a relaxing thing; it's like a football player getting worked on. I've had work done on me - muscle therapy, kinesiology, acupuncture - almost every day that we've been on the road. RIP: It always seems like a crapshoot as to which Axl is going to show up at the gig. Why is that? It's not an act. Even if I'm doing the same jump during the same part of a particular song, it's not an act.

That's the best way for me to express myself at that point. I get there, and I let it out. Certain ways I move, like during "Brownstone," is the way to get the best out of myself. It's like, how can I give the most at that without giving up my life? We don't go onstage like Guns N' Roses used to, or like a punk band - and I'm not knocking punk bands - thinking that if we don't make it to tomorrow, that's okay. Now there's a lot of things depending on tomorrow and GN'R.

It's like, how can we give the most and turn around tomorrow and give that much again? It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort and a lot of maintenance. I used their music to inspire me. I took their attitude and got up in jeans and a T-shirt - I never do that.

I got out there and told Slash that I didn't know what was going to happen. I thought I was going to go out there and quit.

If I go out there and can't do it because I have no energy, the I have to walk away. When I got out there, the crowd was very giving with their energy towards us, and it actually fueled me. There's energy in the crowd that, unless you've seen and felt it, there's no way to describe.

It's f!? Darby Crash [lead singer of the L. That's how he rose above it, but it finally killed him. RIP: That's so weird you brought him up. Yesterday we were talking about how great the Germs record is. I really liked this guy, and I felt bad. AXL: Well, that used to be. A lot of those were ways of dealing with pain. It was a survival mechanism. When I see someone famous saying, "The road to success was not the drugs, blah, blah, blah," I'm like, "Hey, they kept you alive during that time, didn't they?

If you didn't have those things, you might not have made it. There is a lot of pain built up over the years. You're taught to believe that it's normal No I.D. - Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl (Vinyl) get smacked in the head if you don't eat your food.

By the time you're in your teens, you're like, "Gimme a beer. Life's a bitch. I would like to show people that you can get past these things and not need the anymore. I'm not about escaping through drugs and sex anymore, because I've reached a point where I can't escape.

There is no escape. I have to deal with and face my life. I was one of many people that didn't think I was gonna live to see next week, let alone I felt that the world was so f!? That was rising above a couple of things, like financial things, but then you had to learn how to handle the money, or you could get buried by it all over again and be even more depressed.

RIP: I know what you mean. AXL: If you're operating out of fear that you're not going to live past a certain point anyway, then the attitude is, "F?! There's a lot of people involved in rock 'n' roll who were running from something. They got involved with drugs and alcohol to help ease their pain. A large portion - probably the majority - of rockers and metal fans are damaged people who are trying to find some way to express themselves.

They can relate to the anger, the pain, the frustration of the band that's performing Can I call you back in, like, half an hour? What's up? AXL: I just want to get something to eat. Axl Rose's name popping up. Rock 'n' roll's favorite enigma, he conjures many images - everything from Damien Thorn [you know, the antichrist kid from the Omen] in a kilt to a mixed-up misogynist come to mind. He has certain qualities women love to mother, but if you rub him the wrong way, he can be a real motherf?!

If there's one thing I'd like the world to know about Axl, it's that he truly cares about his people. What few understand, however, is that we are all his people. That's why he shares his pain in his songs; that's why he performs when he feels like shit. On the days regular folks call in sick, he has to entertain 20, fans. If he didn't care about them, he'd shine them.

When the riots were going down in L. He was in constant communication with us throughout the crisis, when he could just as easily have kept himself locked in or split the scene entirely - but that's not his style. Even though his manners seem unorthodox at times, he does care. Maybe that's one of the reasons he's such an easy target for detractors. Cynics can't deal with sincerity. This issue we pick up where we left off last time, Axl has just phoned me back after a short break.

So it's kind of cute. I went and played those songs with Guns about a year ago [five full shows in April ] in South America [filling in for bassist Tommy Stinson, who was touring with his other band, the Replacements]. I'm guessing I forgot [how good the songs were] because it wasn't my thing anymore. What I'm trying to say is I didn't sit with chocolate and tissues in an attic listening to the songs over and over again, I just moved on.

But goddamnit, when I got the set list and I went into my pre-practice before rehearsal, and was getting into "My Michelle," what a great fucking song! It was like, "Jesus Christ, we were fucking great, we wrote some amazing songs," and it just came back to me how we wrote the little connector parts. Any band I'm in, there's always a favorite song that night.

Brownstone" is always a fun song to play because it's got that beat and you see people bouncing. That's a personal opinion. You know, I look what that guy's done with those guys, I got respect for that guy [Axl]. He's been out there working, and that shit ain't easy. It might look easy or look like, "Oh, I'll grab this player and this guy and the other guy. I have moved on so far away from that, so to be brought back to that now would be a little silly.

No, because I moved to L. But the first time they played in L. The whole band came into my house. It was a Seattle thing. And Pearl Jam, when they came down the first time they played the Cathouse, and I played drums on I think we did [the Dead Boys'] "Sonic Reducer" at the end. Well, yeah. Whenever Boston comes on I play air guitar. Who doesn't? I put all of mine at the entrance to my house so you know who I am right when you enter the house. Don't you know who I am? Follow Esquire on Instagram.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your new book is called How to Be a Man. If you were to write a book called How to Be a Musician, what would that advice consist of?

What was Guns N' Roses' base? What is your very first musical memory as a child? You were 20 when you first moved to L. What was the very first stage you were ever on in L. You say you weren't a bassist, but you'd been in like five bands—10 Minute Warning, the Fastbacks, the Vains. Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland, and before that, Neurotic Outsiders—you're a prolific supergroup guy.

And now you also have Kings of Chaos, another supergroup [with Slash]? That's a commercial venture. You don't need the money, I'm guessing.


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  6. Apr 16,  · The rest from the original lineup seemed like they would have been content putting out ten more "Appetite For Destruction" albums, while Axl was always thinking of progressing. I recall a few members publicly expressing disdain for the grandiose piano ballads Axl was fond of, as if they had no place in rock-n-roll.
  7. Vinyl LP pressing. release. Since scoring a worldwide smash with her debut album Eye To The Telescope in , which went on to sell over 5 million copies, KT Tunstall has remained at the forefront of UK singer-songwriter talent. Over the next decade, three further critically acclaimed albums followed; Drastic Fantastic, Tiger Suit and.
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