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Barry Soetoro - I Want Your Guns (Floppy Disk, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Barry Soetoro - I Want Your Guns (Floppy Disk, MP3)
Label: SP - SPTOtfSP026p • Format: Floppy Disk MP3, Single 40 kbps • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Chiptune, Experimental

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Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Interesting deeper facts about Obama's mother and what she really did for a living.

Might be interesting to find out. The last thing that I saw Dr. I subscribe to a retired military magazine and this month on the front cover is a photo of Rep Tim Waltz MNthe highest ranking retiree to ever serve in Congress. He did say there was nothing in the new health care reform bills House or Senate that will affect VA or Tricare. Retirees or Active Duty. That may be a better way to go and I can keep things locally. I recall Marty only posting around four or five posts, ever. Come to think of it coming from Chicago, people were warned away from there due to the neighborhood was so dangerous, wide open drug market, drive by shootings constantly-highest murder rate in the nation.

Is this what Marty is referencing? But I am sure. Very telling. People can set up an account at Carbonite and quickly start saving documents and files, etc. I have seen new computers have hard drives that stop working very fast — within days… All computers eventually have hard drives that fail. Thanks for the info, Starla. I have files I never want to be deleted, many since the time I first got a computer The price is right, too!

On our local news tonight-involves TSA, Hawaii again phony documents for illegal aliens fraudulently manufactured in California. A point I agree well taken. The question on the newscast was who is training the TSA people? Caught by an undercover news journalist in CA the phony doc shop.

Reporter must come from the Hannah and James school of Journalism. That way it will NOT be able to be lost, corrupted, or scrubbed! Starla pm The Obots in CYA mode must be in a panic thinking about what has been saved and when will it appear. People have been on to the scrubbing game almost from the beginning. Must be lots of information saved. Now a couple of questions. Can someone check that.

Also do you guys realize that he admitted that he was not that great at school Yet he got Honors? How did he manage to get accepted and graduate from one of the hardest schools to get accepted at and graduate from??

Jacqlyn Smith thanks for the reply…. Hold on to your hat and fasten your seatbelt the rocket is expected to blast off soon. She seemed to have enough to make her case which is what played out. Making an issue out of what happened helps with exposing this to the public.

There are also bigger things to worry about is what needs to surface too. This is a multi-faceted puzzle with each piece being very significant and protected beyond your wildest dreams. There are a few wild cards that will make life really exciting too. I feel Orly is a Great American Hero and packs a mean punch so look out.

We all need to let her know that she has our support. Certainly she will be happier when more surfaces and things start coming together!

Obama Barry Soetoro - I Want Your Guns (Floppy Disk linked in many ways to an International Drug system. There is a lot more but only for Dr. Orly Taitz. Everything you say makes sense, just hope its not another way to divertcreate choas and cause false hopes. Even John Kass sp?

JS…did he ever meet with Orly? Yes I believe he did but I am not certain…. I think he said so at this blog…. I hope Marty will check in again soon. Is there any way you can pull up the comments Mr. Didier made here since your blog opened…. We are really in bad shape…we are getting hit from all sides…it is a full blown attack by the Neo -Commies on the Constitution and America as it used to be.

JS, I was intrigued by MD also. It is easy to see why Soetoro wants to control the internet. Every day it gets stronger,and is a very reliable source of information. You need only to remember that Chavez himself said that he discovered early on that ALL communication entities needed to either be shut down or put under the control of the respective government.

Very little has been done to keep the City up. You can see decay everywhere. Great job Fidel! BerlinBerlin, thanks for moving my post. Someone appears to want to block me. Please be advised that my efforts have been blocked ongoing for years. As mentioned in my post, this is going to link in many other things.

Marty Didier: By searching, it appears you have been writing your cryptic messages all over the internet for years, MP3). Even your divorce decree settlement information is available to view.

What is your real story. What about your family. Have you given your story to John Kass at the Tribune? He has done lots of investigating of the Combine in Illinois. Talking to people on a message board is not the most productive way to expose. Hopefully that will be acceptable. There is a lot going on around Chicago with dealing with those who are considered threats against the Combine.

Personal safety has been a major focus and the rest of this subject will have to wait for another time. Again, I stand behind what I write as it is entirely true. It is unfortunately a descriptive outline of a much larger story that is for many out of reach to be believable.

It was for me as when told over the years about these criminal acts unbeleiveable as well. Most everything went against my trust openly givn to those in service and in the political area.

Everything I had learned to trust starting as a young boy was challenged. Be prepared though as from what I see, what this is happens to be moving faster each day. Dider—I guess what I would want to know is this……Are any of these unbelievable happenings going to take Obama down too or is he going to continue to get away with murder???? What say you??? For some reason there are two copies of this article with different titles.

I have my post on both. First off, I have a mechanical engineering backgroud and had been able to write multiple computer languages. This covers more than 30 years. There were family conflicts early on with dealing with these people that over time settled down to be acceptance. However, what was most scary was how this group goes about doing their business. Everyone in the family who dealt directly with these people were and may still be paranoid and this includes my ex-wife.

They often played the game of practicing drinking while with family members at a gathering. The was to teach them to make sure they watched their drinks. The best is to drink a bottled drink and hole it in front of you until MP3) bottle is empty.

Another example is that during and after the divorce I was poisoned many times. This was in spite of being careful and what helped was having the insight from the family over the years. Our lives tend to trust too much and when we live in an invironment that is not secure, anything affecting our worldly needs can be compromized. Safe Cars was always the order of the day. As they put it, there is a War using Cars and you have to have something to protect you.

I can tell you about a murder using a setup car accident and also about many other attempts to harm or muder using the same.

There were three main players involved in the family, my two brother-in-laws and their father. At family gatherings that happened often, a lot surfaced with what that family was involved in. All of our questions were answered as best as they could during this time. This was further explained to include three sites that were being reviewed with one being New York. It sounded too unbelievable. The other side was that while married I learned not to challenge or immediately question them.

It was best to listen and not say anything. More was discussed with how other activities were to follow along with the collapse of our economy and the opening of the Detention Camps and more. For those who enjoy research, there are part of this already out on the Interent. As Clyde and I were chatting in my family room, my older brother-in-law came in and joined us.

Clyde was a pilot in the service and now discharged if I remember. He flew distribution flights and that caught the attention of my brother-in-law. This was the nickname given to the people the family worked with. Obama came into the picture when my brother-in-law was prepared to startup their new company now located in Florida. What my brother-in-law said explained that Obama assisted them with setting up the business. There is a lot more about Obama that the family talked about as it explains how the Combine felt about him.

If you read through the Rezko Trial, knowing some of how the combine viewed Obama surfaces right away. This money greases the palms of many. This sadly is entirely true. I have a very strong background in this area and can tell you that this criminal group jumps easily through hoops to make sure they watch you all the time. The seem to come into the desktop through an unused older Net card.

I also have a hand held HP computer that dates back to the early time. It only has a One USB port yet they come in all the time. When they are in, the battery drains really fast. There is a lot more that can be discussed about this but again this should be for anothe time. The main problem is with their micro-snooping, it supports other criminal functions with setting you up for other things even if they want to take you out and make it look like an accident.

Jacqlyn Smith: I was just finishing and caught your reply. However if you knew what this was, it would be simple to look at the news reports over the years and dertermine that something is going on.

The enormity of this is more than astonding, you alll are guaranteed to be shocked out of your minds. Obama while I was married was considered by those in the Combine per family as being their golden boy, they looked for big successes from him in Politics. The stronger the argument, the greater the success of breaking through the legal blocks.

This again is another difficult topic to discuss and believe. You should believe that there are positive changes taking shape in many areas and this make me happy and you as well. Marty: What if you only use a library computer, excuse my naive question but are there ways around this intrusion?

I think of leaving the country and working from the outside-in…where is safe, anywhere? I just want your opinion?? Now that he is in power here…. Do you agree??? Are you using an alias?

I fear for your young son. I think this person might have some mental problems. Windows as well as most other software have backdoors purposely built in for intrusion. As an example, computers and other electronic devices without Internet connections can be easily intruded upon without you knowing it as if they were connected to the internet. There are a few valued points to look for with a computer that will hint with what is happening but you have to know what they are and a few things involved with them to understand.

As an example, cell phones are portable and require batteries to make them come alive. Cell phones though can be turned on without showing you they are on hence they become wireless microphones to let others ease drop on you.

Take note that the pickups on most wireless especially snooping devices are thought to pick up whispers at 50 feet. Regarding computers no matter how old MP3) are, all of them can be intruded upon. Of course the older they are limits the selected function to use for intrusion. Sorry again. I will tell you that when you are being intruded upon, you may suspect things are amiss. Those who intrude who are good at intruding will wait till you save your copy again. However they still can be installed.

Remember changing characters or words within a document takes less than a second. Methods of intrusion on computers is a lengthily subject and best for another time. I could write a series of books so that should let you know how much information is to be learned on this.

The intrusion is coming from built in technology buried within devices used commonly in networks and TV cable systems. The other possibility is to bury your self somewhere in a building maybe use the basement as your secret office.

The steel and concrete can help isolate you from the signal. Power means control. How much power means how much control and the big power groups want MP3) now.

The more information and also good information is what is required. There is a point where there is too much information so instead, having the best information and most often updated information is a primary focus. Knowing the deepest micro secrets of someone or something means you have control over them.

Only a few know about it and only a few may have been able to be exposed to it as I have. But it does exist right now. And I do understand your frustration. Also the family early on wanted me to join with them to build sophisticated electronic devices which I declined to do. This allowed me to run tests and that exposed even more. Our biggest problem is our inability to understand and they know it.

They are using our ignorance along with trust against us. This may sound strange but if you consider that these basic fundamental behavior traits exist in every relationship.

Many types of betrayal thrive on using trust and our own ignorance as tools against us. Realize that we have relationships with all of these power groups as they have with other power groups. Jacqlyn Smith: Mr. I will say that there is always common sense and if you know enough, common sense will help explain more. What I do know is that Obama has a lot to worry about. If we are to maintain any creditability with integrity, we need to demonstrate that we live up to what our country should be all about.

Barry Soetoro - I Want Your Guns (Floppy Disk not, why not? The scope of this is beyond words. My life has been a living nightmare and to this day, the criminal content in my life has ruined everything. I made a major wording mistake in last comment. ADIOS everybody! Thanks for the replies as I do feel as many of you do about where our Country is today.

The reason is it is beyond our shores and it really huge and has been around for a very long time. Usually something that is a flash in the pan exists just as fast. The breakdown will start out slow and build over time. The reason why it builds is because there are key functions within the Government that need to be fixed or else forward movement will be forever blocked.

Once they are out of the way and forward motion is re established again, the pace of progress is expected to speed up over time till an end goal is achieved.


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  8. An illustration of a " floppy disk. Software. An illustration of two photographs. Images. An illustration of a heart shape Donate. An illustration of text ellipses. More. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Obama Wants Ban on This - Ad About Obama Record on Guns Ammo. Movies PreviewMissing: Barry Soetoro.

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