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All My Heads Meet - Jen Olive - Warm Robot (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download All My Heads Meet - Jen Olive - Warm Robot (CD, Album)
Label: Ape House - APECD028 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Pop •

Disappeared on us a few times, once for a chick I'd heardonce to tune up disofever 's bike so I was told. This is the third time I'd seen you in person, yet you are as real to me as my own hands. You were lucky I didn't scam that sweater. C-Dawg Clearly the quietest one who arrived second to latest on that awful train ride. I hope you got to see some sights with Jurph and Jason, that you had something good to bring home.

You left behind a baseball hat and yes, you are welcome for my hospitality. I hope it brought you safely and quickly home. You have the cutest scrunched-nose face when you laugh, all open in the mouth and weetle cheeks.

You and some others framed the circumference of the round little rug that Byzantine had lent me, drawing us in with your smile and your poofy stuffed elephant with the dirty paws. You were the one that asked jaubertmonikerwhen he pulled a JayBonci on us and called, a question your team was stumbling over in Trivial Pursuit where the teams were basically two halves of a full room of people on the floor.

You brought me a monitor and have enabled me to write from home again. You brought me a magnet from mkb. You brought me more than you know. I hope you like those glasses amd that you managed to keep them after you left. Always the willing butt of jokes, Album), always laughing unless you were sleeping.

You convinced me to steal that Lambic glass from DBA, you bastard. Hope you enjoy that too and that we see you again. How many times did we say you could, um, you know? I think it was 3. And what cool corduroy. You were quiet a lot, as I am usually, and I wondered what it was you thought of the whole mess. Since you stayed with discofeverI didn't have to worry over you, and I'm sure you were glad, because you seem to take care of yourself just fine.

Dataknife Quiet, and not able to stay at my place after all because of all the smoke at my place. Tall dude. Told me how he has to dangle his legs outside the tub when he takes a bath. Made a mix CD, a copy of which got left at my place. Instigated the umbilical connections of laptops on the floor, swapping photos from the weekend.

I hope it was worth the trip, all this silliness. Indra When you first arrived, I worried that you would have a good time, because you were quiet and we didn't know each other really at all.

I was so glad to have a space in time to talk to you one on one, because I got to see what you were like and how you saw things. You brought me a cute cow magnet from Iowa and we talked about hating our jobs. I am also glad that we all went to DBA and found space in the back to see each other.

You did mind erasers and a shot of flaming Vodka. Jesse Jackson once called you darlin' and you got see Rocky Horror at the Club. I do hope you get to visit again.

Jurph I was so looking forward to meeting you. The magnets of Ocean City and Bethany Beach made me so happy, you have no idea. And you simply must know what a hottie you are. Some of us girls were giggling about you. To talk about home with someone is such a gift. You made your visit here totally your own, and bless you for bringing me duck from NOLA.

It will be a long time before I see Delaware plates again. Your friendship was refreshing to hear about, the closeness and unity of it, make me smile. While I'm sure we didn't make you feel left out, you fit yourself right in, like you were always there. Since neither of you had been here, I am glad to know it was such an awesome first time. I remember you saying something like, "there's all the drinking and drugs and shit and then, there's college. I remember passing you two in your L-shape fortress by the window and how peacefully you slept.

You brought a pair of horns you bought at a ren fest. You fell asleep waiting for some things, and I tickled your node once, but you likely didn't know it was me. At first I worried that you would miss out on things because you slept all that day, and most of that night. When I returned the next morning, you were in the kitchen dormer, your head facing the window. You said you could see Orion in the sky. You and that mane and steely eyes. With the pinstriped vest, you looked like such a skewed gangsta, when we photographed you with the cash wad from the brunch tab.

Knowing you like to walk barefoot, see some road rash from your bike, all of this made sense on you. I hope next time I can actually talk to you more, or that you and Carson can talk shop, or whatever it is you boys do. I remember you leaned against your boyfriend in the living room because you were tired and there was nowhere else to sit. Again I wished I could have talked with you more. Maybe you can come visit again and take part in the longest distance double-date in the history of noder-dom, or something like that.

I wondered what you thought of all this madness erupting, and hoped you had a good time. What on earth did you do while you were here? You disappeared so many times. You were the lucky one who got to read the cards for your team in the Trivial Pursuit game.

Your preowned police car got C! You were the one who got the other geeks to doing something with Linux with cuss words. That was too funny. Like Medieval, you were not around much, but I hope you enjoyed what time got spent here. Mitzi First thing you did, silly bird, was step in an ashtray and then on the carpet with your big feet.

You have such a big smile. The thing is that for gatherings, people seldom want to have heart-to-heart conversations. If you were able to get any out any of the gang, you were lucky. I remember you telling me about your friend who is paralyzed gosh I hope I got the right chick and how it happened, how sad and fortunate life it when it teaches you something. You fretted about money and almost losing your wallet, but we got you drunk anyway.

I had no clue you were coming from California until you got here. You taught me about infared film and what it does to pictures. You're also the reason, I think, that I have an entire cheescake in my fridge. I was glad to got to go touring with Jurph and Jason. You got an antique map of your home state.

You have hair down to your butt and a goofy smile. Someone once told you, that with your beard, you looked like Brad Pitt from Snatch. You are a sweet geek. NightShadow Despite your tummy, the fact that Suzy never did get around to shaving your head, and the fact that Carson almost killed you twice getting in and out of his car, I hope you had a good time. I hope you are right, on both counts. You were 8th in the shower line once and likely got mostly cold water.

I loved hearing you talk, your accent. You were so cute when you were sleeping. You brought me an armadillo magnet from Texas and gave me your butterfly ring, which I now lovingly wear. You need to come back here, soon. Like bozon, you worried that I was worrying too much. You brought me a Florida magnet you'd been holding on to for a few years. You bought all these postcards and then left them here, silly.

I hope I got a picture of you smiling, cause you gots a purdy one. I am seeking to learn more about you. You are a trip, dude. I did roll my eyes at your from time to time, but you were a bona fide hoot, all the way to your flamey dragon shirt. We talked about growing up on the beach; you read the letter to the editor I sent in. You made the dirtiest martini that I could barely stand it.

You told me about your family, your children. You said you lost your soul on Bourbon Street. Well, I still think you got some soul, brother. Pyrogenic You have the most intriguing eyes, though they are hard to see under your brow.

You wore my redneck clothes too. You stretched out over the girls for a photo shoot at DBA. I loved the green shirt you wore to brunch. Now that I've met you, I'm reading all your nodes. I read your last daylog, and I don't get it. Every guy not with a girl is always the one I would have gone for, but it will never be me. You brought over video games and stayed just to be around all the noders coming and going in my apartment. You learned what we already knew: noders rock!.

Since you're local and all, I am sure we will see one another again. You have a cute smile. Like me, you feel old at too young an age. You brought me a bottle of wine as a thank you. WonkoDSane At the last gathering, I guess I got the wrong impression you were evil and awful and scary, but whether that is accurate or not, you were a teddy bear while you were, helping me not worry about the noise level at 3am.

Still, you did coerce Jurph into stealing that pitcher from that bar on Bourbon, you smoking jacket wearing minx. I hope I belched enough this time to make your trip worthwhile. You, I believe, were the one that brought me a magnet made of a small framed picture of a street sign with my username, Templeton.

I probably have them both, but if you stumble on them Yes, I think you were the one who bought the battle robots. And Lego kits, one of which had a wee Chewbacca. I remember being lucky enough to be awake for the creation of Our Lady of Nocturnal Emissions as a patron saint for God knows what.

And yay for flamey shoes! Note: If I didn't mention you, tell me, dammit! We had 32 people total. I'd like to see you not leave anyone out. Also, I only wanted to put a snippet in about each person. You want me to plug you more, you gots to come visit like, 2 or 3 at a time or something. This started with an attempt to reconstruct the past few days while driving home from Nawlins. Thanks to all who participated in the timeline discussion to put this all together.

And please Lack of sleep. Time zones. Lack of sleep, 4. Daylight Savings Time, and 5. Lack of sleep Also, keep in mind, someone else can tell you an entirely different tale than this Drive through Rhode Island and Connecticut. Make a stop at the Wawa for h20, hit the road. Waiting for next Exit 15, come to find out, next exit is 30 miles down the road. Use cellular communication device to call brassmule to find out 16 is indeed our exit of choice.

He advises us to turn around. Note: k-rails dividing the turnpike make this impossible. Shortly after the phone call is placed, a state police barracks is noticed off the highway Follow a UPS truck outside an automatic gate and out the back. At this point, pyrogenic and myself are thrilled as we see an overpass over the turnpike and similar ramp with gate on the opposite side of the highway.

We proceed to Album) gate to find out it is locked. After realizing there were no roads traveling parallel to the highway to let us back on, we backtrack to the barracks and meet a genuine nice officer of the Pennsylvania State Police. Explaining our situation to him, instead of taking my plate number and chewing us out and threatening to charge us with trespassing as most staties would do, he is kind enough to lead us to the gate and open it for us.

Back on PA turnpike to Exit Drive a distance of about 14 miles in just over an hour. After pumping gas, find out there is a rather large hole in the muffler of the Blazer see figure DSCN Comment on the noise, ignore it, hit the road. Brassmule inserts one Mountain Dew bottle into the spoiler of the Blazer and an extensive comparison was made of the nutritional value of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup vs a random brand of Peanut Butter Cup.

Boggle about the rebate offer for play money. Park outside his apartment, pick up cell phone. Place a call to Chad. We casually explain to him, we are still driving. At this point, we remain 3 hours behind schedule.

The van departing Ohio was scheduled to leave at PM EDT, but zot-fot-piq had to work late and had yet to pick up the van, so our 3 hours behind schedule was no big deal, since Album) watching some Naked Gun, unloading the Blazer to the Van, discovering the Mountain Dew Bottle still in the spoiler see figure DSCN Van 1 consists of passenger 1 and driver ccunningpassenger 2 pyrogenicpassenger 3 me. Car 1 contains passenger 1 and driver zot-fot-piq and passenger 2 brassmule.

Stopped for Chicken Rings at White Castlegas multiple times, and I did some sleeping here… next think I realize, we Jurph and Jason are sleeping on the couch in the living room. Purchase Star Wars Legosone homophobic pachyderm elephant pillowbatteries for walkie talkiesone game of Battleshipvarious pairs of stripey and furry glovesand one barrel of monkies.

E-2 was a popular target During game play, a stop was made for gas and food. He directs us to the nearest Target via the ghetto back roads of Memphis. Purchased more Legos and Battle Botsthen defaced a Lego promotional display and shoplifted the letter E. Aphexious directed us to a local deli where massive burgers and lots of greasy food was consumed.

A group of people MitziWonkoDSaneccunningApatrixzot-fot-piqpyrogenicbrassmulepanamausLee, Medievalprobably more than I can remember were then led to Bourbon Street by Aphexious. BAR the doorman checked Ids. We drank, some dancedsome had experiences with the local barter systembut we all had a blast as exhausted as we were. Some beer was spiltand most had retired around AM CDT, soon after Laura bid us adieu for more suitable sleeping arrangements, and advised all the boys and girls to play nice while she was gone.

They depart for a bar and let the rest of us sleep a bit longer Some Voodoo Music Festival participants also left around noon for the show. Drinks at Remoulade, purchases at the Cigar Factory. Scoping out the Funky Butt for possible Jazz later. Most ended up playing Trivial Pursuit, and the uberjoint was rolled. Jaubertmoniker pulled a JayBonci and called us. Mind erasers, car bombs and pimps, oh mydegree photo, pinball, stealing a glad for Chad, and eventually back home.

Insert marathon stoner session here. Wake and bake. Laura brings us much needed TP. From this point, my memory completely fails me. Stopped at a Wal-Mart, it was dark. We reached Memphis and dropped off Apatrixit was dark. Switched Drivers. The sun was up at this point. More battle ship was played via walkie talkies. Car 1 Lost Van 1 in a most unfortunate wrong turn and after being cut off from walkie talkie range Album) skillfully reunited again.

Hit the Road. Sometime that night we hit an insane traffic jam in western Pennsylvania. Spent 4 hours backed up in traffic, then re-routed through crazy hick backroads. Pyrogenic drove, I got to sleep for about two hours. Then I took over, drove back to Philadelphia, missed the turn to take us to the city cause neither was paying attention to the roads at this point, just driving and talking.

Watched the sun rise over the skyline from 20 stories up. Drive through NJ. Hit morning traffic, alter course. A Debt of Gratitude. Noders ROCK. And I'm not talking "Oh, you're pretty cool," or "That's a nice writeup you did about so-and-so. I have travelled by car and by plane to various far-flung places in my home country now just to meet with some of you for a few days at a time, and every experience I've had has been so amazing and magical and wonderful and memorable that I can hardly express it in words.

There are not enough words. It all started for me with that flight to Boston. Huddled in the back seat of Adam 's car between Will and Tedd as we rocketed through the night towards the Denny's in Nashua; sitting in the back yard with Ellen as wharfinger played guitar he wouldn't want me to mention his real name, I'm sure ; hanging out in Harvard Square with Narbey and Miller after my flight home had been cancelled.

Or harmonizing such as it was with Andy and Bart and Chad and so many others underneath that overpass on the Appalachian Trail late one summer evening; sitting on the lawn with JP as the dew fell lightly on our shoulders. Or playing laser tag with Rosie and Kendall and Carla on a rainy Saturday night in Grand Rapids; shopping at Meijer and cooking all afternoon in that wonderful kitchen with Jared ; pissing off Tom at 4AM as we tried to save the last of the fondue.

Or lying on Scott 's bed with Dann chatting in the channel on his laptop, goofing at the web cam with Kurt ; riding in Conrad 's police-issue Crown Vic to the Walgreen's for rubbing alcohol and tennis balls at midnight. Or standing on the balcony of Bourbon with Suzie and Mike and Joshsoaking it all in that we were all together in this place, and that was really, reallyreally the only thing that mattered; browsing through the map store with Michael and Clarenceor sitting in Laura 's living room Album) Ashleyengrossed in conversation, while Brian lit another bowl and we all just hung on to the passing moments like they were the precious fleeting quintessence of our lives.

They were. I could go down the list of attendees, mentioning all of you individually, but our watchful protecting denmother took care of that already. Some of you bozonIndraoenoneetc.

For those of you who I have neglected to mention by name, trust me when I say that the time I was able to spend with you was most treasured, whether it was our first meeting or our nth. You know who you are. I do feel that a certain amount of individual thanks is in order, however. CarsonSuzyBryanKen : Thank you for hosting us in your homes and in your fair city, showing us around, and making the whole experience so comfortable.

Since I've been there many times, I know that The Big Easy can be a strange and dangerous place, yet you made us all feel like we were welcome and safe. We all owe you a great debt of thanks for your hospitality and trouble.

I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say we love you very much. And especially to Laura : Thank you so much for planning and organizing the gathering.

All of the above applies to you ten-fold. It was so wonderful to finally meet you, to hug you and see you and be in your presence. I know we didn't get the chance to talk about Adambut he was in my thoughts as I know he was in yours. And I feel that the day will come when we will both sit down over coffee and cry together as we share the common bond we have with him.

Thanks for putting up with Lee. And thanks for being so special. I love you most of all. A Minor Footnote. That was pretty cool. But to tell you to truth, I would much rather have spent that time at D. Because I can go see a concert any old time, but my time spent with other folks from E2 is rare and special, and I shouldn't have squandered it.

Every moment counts. And this is something that I knew already. I won't make that mistake again. Laura, honey I know you thought that the Voodoo Festival would be a good draw to get folks to come down to Nawlins for the gathering, and that was a good idea. But in my humble analysis, we don't need any other reason to come to a gathering. We gather together so that we can all be together. That's all that really matters. I had worked the night before and I was bushed.

I don't recall all of the trip because I drifted in and out of sleep the entire way. BirminghamHuntsville and a few other places jumped out at me, a few pit stop s for gas along the way I've slept since then. I know we were making damn good time.

I'm from California originally, not recently I haven't lived in Cali since I was 7 years old - Cali's lasting legacy on me is that cold weather hurts in ways I cannot endure. If it gets below sixty degrees my toes turn blue.

I spent most of the trip down to New Orleans tucked away under my trench coat and not caring if a Mack truck ran us off the road or not as long as it was a warm truck. We learned quickly that to drive in New Orleans is to invite death. Inside of 20 minutes we managed to avoid 3 auto accidents.

Our first impression of N. I think the words " New Orleans " " drivers " " shot " " roads " "should be turned into a parking lot" and " Oh, shit! If I didn't actually say them, I was definitely thinking them We finally found our way to aphexious and BAR 's charming loft apartment hardwood floors, one-bedroom, cable modemlove seat - that about covers it. I've known both of them for a good while now and I have to say that they've done well for themselves, considering their circumstances.

I'm right proud of all they've accomplished in such a short period of time- both independently and together, as a couple. I consider them to be damn fine friends and couldn't think of better hosts. I wondered how the logistics of me sleeping with them would work out. It seemed that toastido and I were the first to arrive.

BAR greeted us, aphexious was still at work. The rest were due to arrive later. Charles Street in search of consumables. Little did I know at the time, but this was to be the beginning of my misery in New Orleans: I ate cheese fries and paid dearly for it for 2 days straight. Damn my stomach. I wish I had a new one. Can you order replacement organs through the mail? Funny how people become so engrossed in an artist's life that they forget the art.

In this case, Mindy proves that she is more of a force than ever to be All My Heads Meet - Jen Olive - Warm Robot (CD with. McCready's vocals have never sounded better. Starting All Over Again features nice, smooth, hummable pop that is strangely familiar. The first thing that caught our attention about the album is the fact that Adam Marsland and Todd Herfindal are among those listed backing McCulley.

This pure pop album has a slick sound and yet never comes across seeming overtly slick or overproduced She began singing at a very young age As an adult, McPhillips went on to join the jazz group Solar Plexus which is probably where she really honed in on her singing skills. My Shining Hour is an album that Lin recorded as a dedication to some of her friends who have passed away.

But instead of sounding sad or mournful, these songs sound nice and bright. Lin has a great understated voice that flows seamlessly in and out of these compositions that feature no less than nine backing musicians. Midas Fall - Eleven.

True to the claim of the press release, the folks in Midas Fall write and record music that sounds something like PortisheadBat For Lashesand Radiohead we would also throw in Bjork and Curved Air for good measure.

Return and Revert features complex musical arrangements that remind us of many British progressive bands from the s Nice subdued heady stuff The reason? The opening line of the press release that accompanied this CD immediately caught our attention when it claimed " the goal was to make independent music loud again. Some interesting folks lend a helping hand here No easy predictable pop on this disc.

These tracks are driven by creativity and have a nice aggressive edge. True to the claim of the press release that accompanied this disc, the guys in Sweden's Oholics make music that bears a strong resemblance to early Rolling StonesPink FloydPrimal ScreamOasisand The Strokes. This super slick album was recorded in but is only now seeing a release. Disgraceland features eleven songs all of which are originals with the exception of one cover Syd Barrett 's "Lucy Leave".

Oholics tunes are driven by strong vocal melodies and semi-psychedelic arrangements. After spinning this one about a dozen times or more we've yet to find a track that doesn't stick. Note that the band is offering the entire album as a free download on their web site link above. Well done. The pair first started communicating with one another in via the internet.

Interesting that Jen cites Karen Carpenter as a major influence as we could immediately hear similarities in her vocals. Warm Robot is a surprisingly accessible album that could probably be appreciated by most music listeners. Vocal melodies are at the center of Olive's songs Shitty fucking Olympics. Shitty fucking goddamn retarded Olympics. Your parents don't know Anything. They are a total and complete Blank.

At a point in time when virtually everyone wants to be categorized and pigeonholed, Petit seems to delight in challenging his listeners by releasing albums that sound unlike one another. Considering the fact that this fellow creates such odd and obtuse music The press release that accompanied this disc describes the music as "post-avant jazz" Petit and his friends create sound collage abstractions in which spontaneity plays a key role.

Odd, peculiar, moody We love it when music is the driving force Plenty of mind-expanding stuff that's sure to please even the most jaded music fans. Wonderfully creative But even without hearing this, based on what we've heard in the past we'd be willing to bet that Lay of Pilgrim Park is one kickass album.

Beautiful packaging In perusing the promotional materials that accompanied this CD we were surprised to see the repeated comparison to The Beatles.

Not that the songs on Peacock Swagger don't bear similarities to the band It's probably just a coincidence as we don't get the impression that these folks are in any way trying to be a copycat band. Swagger offers twelve nice solid jolts of modern melodic pop Nice slick sound Although far more normal than such a comparison might suggest, some of Bill's tunes Not only are the songs on this album smooth and reflective Be proud of your fat.

Be proud of your ass. Be proud of your Big fat Ass. We were very impressed with this band's two previous releases New Arms and Microwave. Now after taking two years to record, the band presents Doldrums The album features a wonderful mix of acoustic instruments and cool electronics This lengthy album clocking in at over 56 minutes features a wealth of smart and inventive compositions including "Doldrums," "Paper Man," "Snow On Mars," and "Break Out of Their Reach.

Only a few hundred physical copies are available via the label web site link above. Well worth the bucks! Retarded has always been A great word but now it's An even better Word. But color matters not Carry Me Home features plenty of sassy modern funk with some totally killer bass lines. Lead vocalist Stefanie Berecz has a cool soulful voice that is the perfect focal point for this band.

If you love real soul music from the past This is an instantly pleasing album full of music that compels movement. The songs are very subtle and sparse These folks are fond of offering initial quantities of their releases in really cool limited editions Not to worry, however Another peculiar release from a duo who absolutely refuses to compromise.

Look in a mirror. Stare at your face. Notice your shitty hair and Consider how ugly you are. Like David PeelShankar's brief blip on the commercial radar was made possible courtesy of one or more of The Beatles Shankar is now The folks at Britain's Times Square Records have done an excellent job presenting a brief overview of Ravi's music here. Classic tracks are included as well as some recordings that have never officially been released on CD before now. There's a lot to take in here A heady reminder of this influential man's career.

The band's last album Sea Sick Music struck a positive chord with many folks This short little EP includes four tunes that clock in at about fifteen and a half minutes. The more we hear this band's music A band on the rise The guitars are cool and gritty and the vocals nice and raspy. But it is the songs themselves that make this album such a pleasing spin. This band's songs are virtually impossible to dislike.

We're going to do something completely different this time. Instead of explaining and comparing the music into the ground like we usually do The band is driven by the songwriting skills of Charles Sadler vocals, keyboards and Jonathan Ford rhythm guitar. A Flock of Cowards features underground pop tracks that would not have sounded out of place in the undercurrents of rock music in the s. Some of these tracks remind us slightly of Guided By Voices The band is led by frontman Chris Casso who has more than enough interesting personal life crises stories to fill a press release.

Casso writes from his own personal experiences and, in the process, manages to come up with tunes that hit the center of the target and stick. Nice thick pop that rocks. We've heard copycat bands before we thought to ourselves That was, of course, before we realized the reason for the familiar sound.

Superions is the latest band featuring lead vocals by Fred Schneider who is in The Bs, of course. This EP features seven tracks The music We've never ever heard Mr.

Schneider sounding this gay before? Funny upbeat stuff. The three ladies in this band made their initial splash a couple of years ago when they released an EP titled My Guest List. Thirteen is a nice, slick album featuring guitar-driven pop that would not have sounded out of place in the United States in the mids. With cool atmospheric guitars and vocals that are sometimes slightly reminiscent of Bjorkthese girls have come up with an album that is both satisfying and unique.

The press release that accompanied this disc tossed around names like Phil SpectorRandy Newmanand Dennis Wilson Andrew Watt was previously in the band Heavy Blinkers and totally lucked out when he invited the guys in Glory Glory Man United over to practice. The four ended up getting on well and their styles obviously merged. This ten track album will no doubt be getting some heavy duty reviews in the months to come.

Canada's Jenny Whiteley has been a successful artist in her home country ever since she released her debut album way back in More Content! I have a lot of videos on the go as well as a lot of ideas for the future.

The one thing I need for these projects is time. Having Patrons will allow me to dedicate more time to making content.

Something I find very enjoyable and hopefully, you do too. What will backing Robot Head give you? A wonderful feeling knowing that I will be working hard to make you have a laugh every time you watch one of my videos.

Think of it as shouting me a drink to hear a funny story that also points out the absurdity of Hollywood. Thank You! I seriously want to thank every person who watches my videos. The feedback and comments have been wonderful.

I also welcome any suggestions on what content you would like to see here and on my Youtube channel.


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  2. Andy Biddulph from Rock Sound gave the album 8/10, saying "this is the moment Seaway become real contenders, but more than that, it might just be the pop-punk album of the year." [30] The album was listed as #12 in the magazine's Top 50 releases of , given the review- "with ‘Vacation’ [Seaway] forged absolute pop-punk perfection.
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  4. Nov 19,  · All four of the Talking Heads (Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth) and Brian Eno are given writing credit for the song, from the album Remain in Light, their fourth album. The brilliant producer/musician Eno produced the song and is responsible for the way the song fades between different rhythms.
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  6. In My Head is the sixth studio album by American band Black neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo was released in on SST Records, and was their final studio album before their breakup in The CD reissue adds three of the four songs that later appeared on the I Can See You EP, replicating the original cassette release which came out concurrent to the LP.. After building a reputation for .
  7. Apr 07,  · 2 Heads Lyrics: There must be something in the water / And there must be something about your daughter / She said our love ain’t nothing but a monster / Our love ain’t nothing but a monster with 2.
  8. Radioing in from Albuquerque, New Mexico Jen Olive weaves folk, world and pop styles into a beautifully warm record that entices you inside, her voice resonates in the final layer to complete a truly compelling album. Produced by XTC's Andy Partridge, Jen and Andy passed audioscapes across the Atlantic each adding to the layers until Andy delivered the final mixes/5(3).
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