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Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD)
Label: Hypnotic Records, Inc. - SG3318 • Format: CD • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno, Acid, Trance

The only thing that's drastically changed with me is that now I wash my hands like 98 times a day. What elements where essential to you to bring in to it to reflect the spirit of house and its Chicago roots? So ATFC is a good friend of mine. I was in London when I recorded the vocals for that. We were in the studio over there and he let me hear this real raw version, and it immediately hit my brain.

I was like, "Oh, this was great. This is going to be old school but new school. But with a new-school production, new-school synergy. It still captured the sound of today but the sound of yesterday as well, with Chicago.

And as soon as I heard the piano chords he came up with, I knew exactly what to do. All his rhythms, and the rhythms of old Chicago and the original Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) house, I would say.

And it just clicked, everything just kind of worked. And the song did really well us. Back inyou launched Farris Wheel Recordings in Chicago. What was your original intention with the label and in what ways do you feel it's grown beyond that? Oh, wow. That's a great question. I was a young, silly little boy and my whole original plan with Ferris Wheel was to have a label that my friends and I could put anything out on.

For my close circle of friends at the time, it was five of us. I was just beginning to get a little bit of popularity at the time. And I was like, "I want to start a label for all these tracks that these labels keep turning down. I know they're good. How she's grown into her own little beast. She's outgrown that little dream; we've had probably artists on the label over the years. Now, maybe more than that. We've had hundreds of releases, I'd say And I've had the opportunity to work with some of my heroes; Green Velvet's done a record on the label.

So many people over the years, even the newer guys. And DJ Sneak 's done stuff on the label. We've had almost everybody from Chicago there, Derrick Carter 's done remixes on thereMark Farina 's done a record on there. Everyone from Chicago in the '90s, the golden era, has been on the label at one point in time. It's totally awesome. Now we get probably—nowhere near as many demos as Dirtybird I'm sure—but we get roughly 15, 20 demos a week.

From Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) smallest artists all the way up to the biggest. I'm proud of her. She's my girl. That's another awesome question. Most of the people I work with, outside of Curtis a. Green Velvet and Barclay a. Claude VonStroke, are much younger than me. It's only a few of us from my generation who've found a way to stay relevant, stay current and stay inspired.

It's not many of us left from my generation who've managed to keep going. With the younger generation that I work with, it's not that I'm just giving all this knowledge, like I'm Yoda on their back giving them all these notes. It is more of a give and take thing. As I try to teach some of my younger friends, they don't listen to me.

They're smart, they know not to listen to a word I say. I'm also learning from them about what's going on today, how to stay current and what's popular at the moment.

It's not all just a one-sided thing of me just dumping wisdom on my little brothers, Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD). It's just more sitting down and having talks with a lot of my younger friends and younger producers and stuff. We've put stuff up on the label, and we just kind of bounce ideas off each other, it keeps me current. If you get to an older age, you just don't go out as much.

If you don't go out and don't have any younger friends, you only have the people who Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) up in your era, you're losing a lot. I think it's going to be very difficult to stay current, to stay relevant under those circumstances unless you're a nerd and constantly on Beatport and things like that. Even then, you won't get the essence of the energy of the current music scene.

I have a lot of younger friends, thank goodness. I have a wide range of friends of all ages, creeds, colors, gay, straight, all of it. I still get to know what's going on with the scene and everything today. I still go out, my wife's only 28 years old.

I think my biggest advice for anyone in my age group is to get a young friend. Hang out with somebody who you don't think you can learn anything from, party with those guys and kind of see where their headed at with the music and you'll learn some things you can incorporate in the music that you're making. And on the flip side of that, the young guys who want to learn some stuff from us, I say just be open; a lot of us are older and a little bit outdated, but give us time.

Some of these older guys are definitely willing to work with some of the young generations. Well, the real question is, do you have a TikTok account? I do not have a TikTok account because I thought it was lame. It's crazy, essentially how you chart on Billboard now is if you have a popular song on TikTok.

Maybe I should do that with "Nursery. Put that on TikTok, that probably will Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) viral. When you were first starting out, who were your biggest influences? And was there someone you saw that made you feel like you had a place in making dance music? My biggest influence, I had only one the person I looked up to, fanboyed, when I was in my teens was Lil' Louis. He was my hero. He was my biggest influence for sure.

Seeing him play was the first time I ever saw anyone DJ in front of a people, which was a lot back then. He blew my mind and I was like, "I got to figure out a way to be like that. Somebody else who had a massive influence on my life is one of my best friends, Curtis, Green Velvet. I even work with him a lot still today and we still talk regularly. And before I even got to meet him, he was already a hero of mine.

I mean this was the guy who made " Percolator " for God's sake. He's also had a massive influence on me and played a pivotal part of my life. I would say, those two guys as well as DJ Rushhe's a Chicago guy. I would say those three are people that inspired me to want to do this, to try to be a world-renowned producer and DJ.

I think it's great. I have dreamed my whole life about house music being a global thing that is as big as hip-hop. That everybody knows about it and knows the songs. My dream is that it's as massive as Lady Gaga or anything else. We're getting there for sure. But you still want it to have an underground feeling. I was just talking to DJ Pierre about this. He's like the godfather, he's one of the people who started this.

We Undown Your Down - Space Girl - Alone (CD) talking about how massive it is, but how it still has the basic element that was started in Chicago. The basic elements of a dark room, low lighting, massive strobes hitting every now and then, massive sound. And not so much lighting on the DJ; all those elements of the dark room, big sound and the low lighting started in Chicago.

The whole structure of the party itself, the underground, the warehouse, the feeling, all of that started here. Those elements are still the key elements to any festival, any party, any club you go to in the world with electronic music.

If you go to a hip-hop show, it's a bit different. The stage is much more lit, really focused on the artists. Rock concerts are lit up like a Christmas tree. EDM even, the big commercial stuff, it's just kind of lit up, cannon balls are going off and it's just a completely different thing than what we do. We kept the essence of the raw warehouse, underground feeling.

I see my boy aarongette and I think sleepyboo Good times! Do you feel that there's something that needs to happen with house to ensure it honors the people who created it and where it came from? In a sense, it's definitely important for the youth to know and the world to know that the music started in Chicago. That is absolutely important. But it's also very important for us as Chicago artists to stay current so people know who we are.

They can have interviews and talk to people like you and inform them on what it was and what things are. They have the opportunity to keep the torch going.

It's not the world's opportunity to bow down to Chicago, it's definitely the world's opportunity to know where it's from and that we did start house music and electronic music for the most part. I believe we have to earn our stripes. I don't think anyone should sit on their oats of what they've done 20, 30, even 40, 50 years ago. There are some like Frankie Knuckles obviously, R.

I think everybody else needs to try to stay as current as possible so you can keep the torch going on as long as you can, if you're still on active duty.

It's a balance of honoring the past, but then also being, "Yo, we're still dope. And here's why. We are still dope. And we have a lot of really dope people from Chicago right now here.

I think J. Phlip's is from Chicago too. We're lurking in the bushes, we're doing some things. With all the craziness in the world right now, what is one thing that gives you the most hope?

The thing that gives me the most hope right now is the music. I hate to sound corny but out of all of this, the one thing that hasn't stopped is the output of new music.

Also, the return of the bedroom DJ, I'm loving that right now too. Everybody's back DJing, they got live streams going on and everybody's still in love with the music.

And the people who aren't doing that are the fans who are tuning in still. I think that is making me very hopeful that once the ban is lifted, that the parties are going to be berserk, they're going to be off the chain.

On JuneElectric Blockaloo will bring the rave to Minecraft, with dozens of artist curated stages and interactive spaces modeled after Red Rocks Amphitheater, "The Office," Dirtybird Campout and more. More artists will be released in the phase two announcement.

Sign up here to stay in the loop. According to a press release, attendees will have to get on an artist's guest list with a signup link they share to gain access to the Rave Family club within Minecraft. Once in the club, guests can pay either the GA or VIP ticket fee to get access to the fest, as well as their Discord channels, and exclusive streams and releases.

Artists will share the proceeds with the organizers based on the tickets they help sell. Verse 1 My bags are packed and I'm about to go you said you needed time to be alone but just incase you have a change of mind heres my number where I'll be tonight You know its was hard for me to understand but I'm gonnna try and be a an understanding man I'm hoping you will have a change of heart Cuz without you I'm gon' fall apart.

Check Out. You gotta check out. That's just not your blood. Q to pick up notes. E to toggle flashlight. F to open doors some doors do not open You have to press F once to unlock the door and then again to open it.

BookmarkStudios is a one-man studio operating out of Georgia and is focused on bringing you the best indie gaming expirence possible. If you're having trouble. Hi I tried this game out and did enjoy but I want to see more! Can I do the Mac version? I would like to contribute to this game in a certain way and i think this a good one! This looks amazing. I can't wait until it releases, I will play it on my youtube channel.

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