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Piece Of Peace - Georg Wadenius, Lars Danielsson, Per Lindvall, Jesper Nordenström - Cleo 2 (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Piece Of Peace - Georg Wadenius, Lars Danielsson, Per Lindvall, Jesper Nordenström - Cleo 2 (CD, Album)
Label: G Wadenius P - GWP004 • Format: CD Album • Country: Sweden • Genre: Jazz •

Let us mend our pieces of peace With the fingers of the Potter That the peace we daily preach May remain the beacon of our daily peace. This article was posted on Sunday, November 17th, at am and is filed under Poetry. Truly, peace can never be peaceful If our minds embrace grudges And our minds mind no other minds In sharing and caring Hearts that abhor pardon But only harbour the sword of vengeance Never sleep with all eyes closed Let us mend our pieces of peace With the fingers of the Potter That the peace we daily preach May remain the beacon of our daily peace.

Olatubosun David is a Nigeria writer and poet. Currently works in Achievers University, Owo. Kungsgatan S. Kungsgatan 8, 8, Tel. Butiken har utbildad urmakare. Gallerian Nian, 49 Kom och dansa med oss! Folkdanslaget Rillen har stort utbud av dans- och spelgrupper. Start i september. Mer info och tider: Facebook och www. Upplaga Dagligen serveras 3 dagens, 1 fisk, samt 3 sallader. Efter kl. Gluggen Hemsta Vardagar Skicka ev.

Hosting, utveckling, support, service resp. Priser exklusive moms. Joe Formgren, medutvecklare Precis Reklam. Gestrikekalendern Obs! Arena Jernvallen, kl Boka 14 Massvis med nya och begagnade husvagnar och husbilar i lager.

Marksten, murar, planteringar m. Vi ses! Onsdag 13 september Konsertintroduktion kl Det blev violinen, och efter att han med kort varsel ersatt Maxim Vengerov i Beethovens violinkonsert med Franska Radiofilharmonin var genombrottet ett faktum. Musikens helande kraft! Ett hejdundrande party! Den har liksom allt. Och till middag? Och till det. I started playing drums in elementary school, and I went to a Catholic school, and played with the Junior Corps, and with a band that was Seventh-Day Adventists.

My drum teacher had been teaching many great drummers, Billy Cobham among others. I was coming up the ranks as a drummer. People would come to our house in Queens to rehearse. It had a large foyer, and the instruments would be left there when we took a break. I was in many bands as a drummer. In one band I used to pick up the guitarist guitar I understood I had a sound.

Played his guitar at a rehearsal one night and got kicked out the band by his father. I was way ahead of him and them It's funny now but then it wasn't nice. I really started playing guitar at about 14, or possibly slightly younger than that, and went into it hardcore at around My grandma gave me a guitar, and I still have it, Lars Danielsson.

I was in many bands, got kicked out of one, and met Hendrix in those years. The second someone turned me onto him I said that I was going to meet this guy. What I fell for about the guitar was the pitch and the tone, listening to guitars combined with singers.

There is a great connection between the human voice and the guitar. What matures an instrumentalist is personal development, the development of character. I have been through the melting-pot of consciousness of freeing my son from being wrongfully accused.

He went through "2 trials on a 9 count inditement". Looking at 28yrs to life. We would have won it all in the 1st trial if it were not for one witness who was a police aficionado. I did not want him chosen. That set of lawyers didn't listen to me. PS: Donovan had 6 lawyers and 5 judges Evil to the end the system. I did the time on the outside with him and countless visits to that hell hole called Rikers Island from all over the world.

I experienced so much during that time. It almost killed me also. There were comments on social media as well, and people were scared for me. A lot of it turned out to be ending points. I was done living in the house that had been my home for 56yrs. The balance was gone for me. At times I felt as if everything was coming out, at other times everything was locked. That kind of experience consumes you.

There is not a lot of space for other things. I kept journals through this period, and I have started making songs again. It will be heard on the new Spyz album, which will probably be out in September. Music is just a sonic expression of me — of us — who are playing it.

I usually play in Jesper Nordenström - Cleo 2 (CD group, and then music is a sonic expression of us in the group. I have heard that generation express this the same way: Music is an expression of what we see. And even with modern technology actually being somewhere physically is going to be a lot different to having international contacts on your phone. I had no choice there — I have my roots there. It has had a huge influence on my life. I have traveled a lot, and it was something that I always wanted to do.

I wanted to travel from the beginning, but I had no resources then. I got into music professionally inand in I was able to travel the way I wanted to. My travels were not about doing gigs in these places. We are not trying to recreate music from the past or from other places.

That is not what it is about ever. We are trying to express our culture today and our problems today, but we have a tradition and a history doing that. People tend to hear things from the past a lot. They want to hear what they are familiar with. This has always been true, and I was told about this early on in my career: - If you want to be creative you will be underground.

On my path I have played with top big bands. For that you have to read music well, blend well, and play different instruments. Then they ask you if you want the job or not, and you want the job. I learnt a lot working with big bands, and with Thad Jones especially.

Murray is a very strong individual with strong opinions, and I learnt confidence from him. I worked a lot with computer software, but there are many ways of using computers, and even though computers are present everywhere in music now, nobody is doing the same thing as me yet. I programmed software to improvise. It was a form of AI you could say. I learnt a lot from George Lewis in this area. I am about to embark on a tour of Europe with a new version of my band, including alto, trumpet and an MC — who is not your normal MC.

We do not play hip hop, even though the media sometimes says so. We recently did a recording at the Village Vanguard, which will be released next year, as the second volume in a series of recording from the Village Vanguard. The first one, recorded last year, is about to be released in Steve Coleman is a saxophonist, band leader and composer, who is also known for his musical software work.

He and his band Five Elements have an extensive catalogue to their names. Music to me is a combination of sound, rhythm, melody and harmony — and I guess we have to add technology too now — organized by a human. People are programming AI to compose and arrange music in the future. It meant everything to me to grow up in an artistic family. My mother was a painter and an artist, my father a wonderful musician, my sister is a pianist and harpist, and then there was of course my brother.

We had a family band, and we grew up with music, art and creative thinking before we even knew it was the case. Now my wife Ada is a saxophonist, and both my daughters are singers and instrumentalists. I was exposed to a lot of great musicians in Philadelphia.

I had it all at my fingertips there. When I started out as a professional I was so young, and I just wanted to play. I did a sixteen week tour of Asia inand spent time in Europe that same year, where I met a lot of artistic people.

We were all in our early 20s. The legacy of the Brecker Brothers is heart-warming and embarrassing at the same time. I usually remember the projects the best where we had to fish something out quickly, out of all the projects I have been involved in. We had to come up with something, and in the end Steve Van Zandt saved the day and gave us some lines.

We miss Jaco. He Lars Danielsson a tragically fated man, but he could play any instrument and anything he touched turned into music. He was our Mozart. It takes a number of things to be a good instrumentalist.

It takes God given talent. But the bulk of what it takes is spending time in the practice room. It takes the dedication to spend the tens of thousands of hours in there that it requires. You need to learn your instrument and your language. And you can tell who has put in the time. Composing is also an element in shaping an instrumentalist.

If someone has the perseverance the talent will come through and something is bound to happen. This year I am doing a lot of projects. We started our Virtual Artist Assistant last year and we are happy to say that we have been able to help a large number of artists with their social media since.

Check out or social media services for artists! The Virtual Artist Assistant. For three years now we have given out the Music Journalist of the Year-Award.

And we intended to do so this year as well. This award is given to a journalist for work done in the previous year. And during the previous years the nominations for the award have been up to par with the expectations for quality that you need to be able to find in a music journalist receiving this award. However, this year, after putting the artist jury together, we find that the nominations this time around are a bit too weak. We don't give this award out for the sake of it, or whatever.

It is intended to highlight quality journalism about music, and should we start giving it out no matter what that would decrease the value of the award, of having received it and receiving it in the future. We would like to thank you so very much for your nominations.

The journalists you nominated gave YOU something as you read them. That certainly is an achievement in of itself. Find out more about the award and the recipients in the previous years here.

The Music Journalist of the Year Award. The auditon took place at Studio WIS Rehearsing and performing in what along with Sam Rivers Studio Rivbea was the first and the last of the 'Jazz Loft scene in NY from the 60s to the 90s.

As for. Sun Ra then began to speak of what it meant to be a member of the Arkestra. Kenny, a Grover Washinton disciple asequaly undaunted and was eager to join Henry was working at the Apollo Theatre with Ray Chews Band and was not interested in such noble pursuits.

Sunny began playing something outer-worldly and nodded to me. Mike mouthed the word PLAY!!!!! And I played my first solo with Sun Ra on our second meeting Sun Ra believed that the way to get to the public was with vocals and would sight the popularity of Louis Armstrong as an example. You've got to reach people I remember him saying. Singing has added a more intimate aspect to my presentation and expression.

The inclusion of vocalese and spoken word in my performances has enabled me to continue Sun Ra's clarion call for the continuance of Jazz Tradition They tried to fool you I'm here to school you It don't mean a thing My plans for include the completion of KSQ's debut Album Music to me is the embodiment of Gods Love Music is my testament to the beings of other worlds that there is more to this planet than death and destruction.

An article with Lonnie Liston Smith. Music is life. Music helps people feel better, and music can heal people. From Day 1 my life was all music. It was the whole thing, and there was never any doubt about what I would do in life.

My father was a famous gospel performer and there were always famous musicians coming to our house. For me that was natural, something I took for granted. Working with the greats taught me that they were serious about what they did. I then moved to New York hoping to work with as many of the greats as possible. Art would never show up for the rehearsals. When we were done he would just sit down and play. Miles was the icing on the cake. He was a genius on and off stage. If you played with Miles Davis you went to the Miles Davis University, and you were ready to form your own band after that.

These artists made me stronger, more secure in my own self. Especially Art did. And Miles was about something that is hard to find today: You had to create something new every time you played with him. By the time of our second album, ExpansionsI was writing lyrics. I had done a lot of studies and expanded my mind. We all came from a jazz background. I had never played a Fender Rhodes piano before, but there was one in the room.

I sat down and played and this cut just came from the Gods. I call it the 21st century blues. We discovered new talent along the way. I first heard Marcus Miller play when he was years old for example. You listen for their inner being, their soul. If you think of singers their song in many cases really come from inside. It should be the same with an instrumentalist.

Sometimes just a lot of craziness comes out of course. People sampling my music is actually great. Now kids discover music through samples, and go back and find out about the artists. At the time I just wanted to create something beautiful with that song, with all the chaos that was going on in the world.

Young artists of course need to learn their craft — they need to learn their instruments. And they need to listen to a lot of music, and to go back and listen. I think that the young artists now are more on the business side than we were. We got to the business side of music the hard way. After working with a number of luminaries in music he formed his band The Cosmic Echoes in They released many successful records on several labels.

Rodney Aleshire tells his story. My biggest gig was opening for Blackfoot at a bar in West Virginia in mid 90's. Got very close to recognition in Nashville with 2. Played in a band up until a month before the accident. I was hospitalized for 6 days. I knew right away though that my shredding days of learning Dimebag, Hammet, and Wylde were gone. Depressed for about the next 11 months, I played piano and surprised myself with being able to sound decent in a quick amount of time.

I kept writing songs. Today it has been 14 months and I'm starting to get comfortable with my limitations. I have no strength in my squeeze so my thumb rarely touches the neck, my fingers "float". I hate buttons, zippers, and shoe strings the most. But honestly, I never stopped. I've played a few shows in New Mexico with a very good response. I didn't even notice they were gone! I never thought I would hear someone say that, and it's only been 14 months since the accident.

Find a little more HERE. This annual award, which was presented for the first time in for work done inis now open for nominations! Usually when you read about music in the media what you read was written by a journalist. On this site artists write and speak about music with minimal journalistic involvement. Usually it is journalists who express opinions about music and musicians in the media.

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Links to work by the 2nd nominee. Additional message optional. Music Journalist of the Year-award. An article with jazz master Randy Weston. Music is life itself. Without music our planet would be dead. Music is our 1st language. The original Music comes from the Universe. Mother Nature is the original orchestra: sounds of the birds, the thunder, babies being born : their 1st cry is music. Mother Nature is always improvising. I do not know about computer music. My History about James Reese Europe in the late is that I went to a night club in Harlem named Lucky's, and I met the owner there: the great pianist and composer Luckey Roberts, I was young amateur pianist.

His was the first black orchestra to play Carnegie hall with his Symphony of Negro Music with 10 pianists. Randy Weston's new release Sounds. Find out more about that HERE. An article with Kat Dyson. Music has the same color as the air.

Being a young Southern girl I of course had to learn to play the piano. The boys got guitars and drums and it seemed much more fun. They were out on the porch playing,having a ball. I wanted one! My mother got me a guitar, and not long after she passed away from an aneurism And I will play guitar until I leave this world. The boys were learning and listening to records and radio.

The guitar just seemed far more accessible. After high school,I went to university and formally studied classical voice and guitar and music education. The professional female musicians I've worked with share a similar feeling as I did growing up playing music-that they had to be twice as prepared,driven and focused to be taken serious in the music industry. We are focused yet enjoy playing. Our hearts and ears are open and open for suggestions as well, Per Lindvall.

A lot of organizations will hire a woman for the optics. If she looks good the- wow-wow!! You have to look good in the industry, but you need to know how to play too, although some organizations may not care about their skill set. At one point. I was backstage with Colin and an incredible group of artists at the end of a festival, and among them was B.

He shook my hand and my hand disappeared in his gigantic hand. He let my touch Lucille. He seemed to have telephone wires on that guitar. You had to manhandle that thing. He was so down to earth and so gentlemanly. He was talking to me like a daughter I was introduced to Bernie Worrell by Felicia Collins. Jesper Nordenström - Cleo 2 (CD recording session with him Album) like a big party, but he was cool and serious.

I am selective about answering Prince questions. Usually I can sense if they come from a good place or not. When I first met him,he asked me who I listen to. He trusted my voice What he did on stage depended on his musical vision for each tour and changed constantly. He rotated instruments,as he mastered many. Every band had a different make up and purpose. At one point he asked me what I thought he should add to the set we were working on. He laughed and responded that that would be so boring, but a while later.

He was influenced as an artist at a time when iconic artists entertained and big productions dominated live concerts. Over the years I think he started to get the message that people simply wanted to hear his music,any way he wanted to present it It honors women of color in rock and alternative music.

This year we will honor the great Nona Hendryx, whom I can't wait to work with again. In April,I take part in the Prince celebrations in Minneapolis. Kat DysonColin JamesB. Music to me is life. Music is spirituality. Music is me telling a story. I believe in a creator and in carrying a message. I believe in reaching out to people with an open heart and mind.


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  1. Apr 03,  · Howard The Motivational Poet Simon (2/21/ PM) Death is the great equalizer. The rabid, rugged reality is that both winners and losers die. Yet winners continue to live because others learn to win by studying their legacy. Never face life with fatalism simply because we all shall die. Live like the winner that you are today and every.
  2. Oct 11,  · About Daniel Danielsson (svenska) Första nybyggare i Grundträsk, Arvidsjaur och anfader till Bergmansläkten. Hänvisar till boken Oknytt nr årg Johan Nordlander - sällskapets tidskrift, sam Nybyggarsöner från Arvidsjaur, Norrbotten av Christer Öberg som kan hittas på Internet.
  3. Dec 10,  · Piece in Peace Elisabeth Engdahl church organ Thomas Gustafsson soprano saxophone NCM neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo
  4. Lars had 2 siblings: Bengt Danielsson Danielsen and one other sibling. Lars married first name Danielsen. They had one child. Lars passed away on month day , at age 76 at death place. Lars Christopher Danielson, - Lars Christopher Danielson Illinois.
  5. The Swedish cellist and bassist Lars Danielsson (born ) has an inimitable sound, which comes both from his background and from his classical education. Danielsson is one of the most in-demand bass players in the world and has played with a virtually endless phalanx of international stars like Michael and Randy Brecker, John Scofield and.
  6. Per Danielsson () Per. Danielsson. Born [location unknown] Son. of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] [sibling(s) unknown] Husband of Catharina Svensdotter — married in Skirö, Jönköping län, Sweden. Descendants.
  7. Peace is rape in various forms Peace is hostility and violence Peace is destruction and death! Truly, peace can never be peaceful If our minds embrace grudges And our minds mind no other minds In sharing and caring Hearts that abhor pardon But only harbour the sword of vengeance Never sleep with all eyes closed. Let us mend our pieces of peace.
  8. Gestrike Magasinet är Gävleborgs största gratistidning med exemplar. Delas ut till alla hushåll i Gävle kommun och alla kontor i hela Gästrikland samt Norduppland. För mer.
  9. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Dream Dancing - Per Danielsson on AllMusic -

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