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Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD)
Label: MMC (2) - MMC 011/CD • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz • Style: Contemporary Jazz

The lack of chart-measurable "success" only adds to its lore; the most valuable accounts of its impact will be those of the people who were in the streets, the clubs and festival grounds during its reign. We often speak of the voice as its own kind of instrument, but in the case of Young Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD), it's several. It squawks and squeaks and yelps and trills, and sometimes, it's just a voice, slightly higher in pitch, adrift in a sea of other melodic vessels.

Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD) music that Thugger was releasing right when he was beginning to break out — songs like " Extacy Pill ," " Stoner ," " Danny Glover ," " Treasure " or basically anytime he was near Peewee Longway — features him at his most unmoored. But Barter 6 marks a pivotal moment in his career, finally on the other side of label troublesas he was trying to figure out how exactly to wield his not-so-secret weapon.

There's something that sounds radical about the way Thugger plays with the sonics of rapping — even when he's more measured. Where many Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD) his peers seem to be trying for intimidation or indifference, he leans into emoting with an intrinsic understanding that drama exists in the higher registers.

The contrast he achieves on songs like "Check" or "Never Had It" lends them a defined vitality; on "Can't Tell," one the album's standouts, his frenzied warbles make even Boosie's voice sound restrained by comparison.

None of this comes at the sacrifice of technique, though. His animated cadences and sneakily shrewd lyricism see: "Halftime" exist in service to an intriguing total package. In the spirit of idols like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane, Thugger has begun cultivating his own generation of acolytes.

Lil Keed Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD) Gunna and by extension Lil Baby are in his immediate sphere of influence and signed to his YSL imprint, but there are also those like Lil Gotit and SahBabiiboth of whom sound like some version of his handmade future.

Young Thug has quickly become the center of his own creative galaxy, and Barter 6 is its Polaris. His elasticity is rap pushed to its outer limits for the better — a perfect synthesis of craft and imagination.

On the album commentary for Dirty Sprite 2 aka DS2Future explained his reasoning behind the title: "Me being at a position in my life where the momentum is so great, I feel like my momentum is a high right now," he said.

Back inFuture dropped his sophomore major label project, Honestwhich compared to its predecessor Pluto was a step backwards. Everything changed over the course of the next year thanks to the release of three largely featureless album-quality mixtapes — MonsterBeast Mode and 56 Nights — between October and March Not since the mixtape Weezy days had there been a Southern rap artist who could boast releasing free music that was as good as or better than any of their major releases.

If the mixtapes before it were any indication, DS2 Future was finding his voice and owning the lane for trap stars making questionable lifestyle choices while being honest about the fact they have no intention of being role models. Along for the ride were then up-and-coming Atlanta producers — Metro Boomin', Mafia, Sonny Digital — who helped Future craft his sound.

All the while, the artist at the center of the album's universe never strayed too far out of orbit. DS2 was Future doing things his way, and neither he nor the genre have looked back since.

Kevin Gates never settles. On his major label debut album, Islahthe Arabic word for "improvement" or "reform," he turns the struggle to better oneself into a sprawling personal odyssey. Fueled by an intense drive, he drills into himself and excavates all the thoughts, insights and regrets he believes might bring him closer to clarity.

Whereas most rappers would use their debut as a proving ground, Gates hops from trap anthems to emo ballads to bluesy come-ons in service of self-examination. Islah does not introduce Kevin Gates; it provides a sliver of on-ramp into his world and dares listeners to brake. Kevin Gates is both an unapologetic maximalist and a lover of form and grace. He'll cram words into thick, intricate arrangements in one moment, then pull back to make space for a catchy, singalong hook the next.

That attention to arrangement furthers the album's candid themes of self-exploration, as Gates oscillates between menace and sweetness, threats and apologies, kisses and curses. There's no central narrative to his journey, no fixed destination, and that's the point. His vision of rap is entirely self-guided and independent, unconcerned with proving himself to anyone but himself.

Southern rappers have long extolled independence in the form of artistic autonomy and financial self-reliance, but through Gates it took on a spiritual dimension. Really, really. Growing up around East Atlanta, 21 Savage has Gucci Mane to thank for showing him how to transition from shootouts to street hits. But unlike Migos and Young Thug, who inherited Gucci's sense of play, 21 landed on an anti-hero stance — sly one moment and sinister the next.

On Savage Modehe calcified that image to chilling effect. In general, 21 seems uninterested in the lyrical or storytelling flourishes that would otherwise impress fans. That's especially true of the double-platinum "X," featuring Future and gleaming images of Rollies.

Throughout, his voice, though lowered, audibly creaks like old floorboards. Miasmas of reverbs and cold suspense, fully produced by Metro Boomin, surround that voice like a fog.

Listening feels like hearing 21's innermost thoughts as he navigates a part of Atlanta where gang affiliations are loose but the violence reverberates regardless. By now, though, he should understand that half the reason people laughed was because of the indelible impression Savage Mode made first.

When we ask what the South has to say, we should ask Mississippi, the sonic and substantive basis of all hip-hop, first. The Black folks in that state over generations developed what the late geographer Clyde Woods called a "blues epistemology.

Dear Silas' debut album is a speculative Mississippi remembrance, archive and longing in the blues tradition, one at home with fellow Jackson native Kiese Laymon's first novel, Long Divisionand Meridian's Big K. Explicitly linking the past and future, the album traverses a Mississippi childhood that is playful, full and free, quite distinct from but in places eerily reminiscent of civil rights activist Anne Moody's.

The album's most popular song, "Gullah Gullah Island," though widely known, still requires another recital of its importance. Gullah Gullah Island, bih! Still, there is a tremendous lineage of Mississippi dreaming and imagination on this album that can take us to a new blues future far beyond what we can currently imagine.

Playboi Carti is more host than rapper. His verses and flows, rapped in spurts and dotted with ad-libs, melt into instrumentals like butter into bread. South Carolina producer Pi'erre Bourne, the leader of a vanguard of producers making trap music more supple and psychedelic, is the perfect partner for Carti's spare style.

As Bourne's beat strobes, flickers and shimmers, Carti embraces the warmth, his voice bobbing and floating like the innards of a lava lamp. Compared to the brashness of crunk, the bounce of snap music or the bombast of trap, "Magnolia" emphasizes vibe. It's a club hit sublimated into soothing vapor. The single arrived in the middle of internecine arguments over whether newer strains of rap — disparaged as mumble rap — were rap at all, but felt worlds away from that debate.

It's absolutely rap, and the song even obliquely nods to the rap royalty of New Orleans' famed Magnolia projects. That said, it's also reminiscent of a magnolia tree: pretty, poised, indifferent. You don't have to be the focus of the party when you're its pulse.

In "Big Amount," his idea of courtship is, "Walk in the zoo and said, 'Pick a fur'"; on "It's a Vibe," his almost-groaners still come off like dad jokes "Gas in a Ziploc, now that's loud and clear". Being this consistently delightful is how he found bigger success as a solo artist after being part of Playaz Circle see "Duffle Bag Boy". But with this album, he pulls off an even bigger feat: turning that attention to detail toward the sort of introspection that defined its follow-up.

He grounds his random spurts of humor in flashbacks to life before Playaz Circle, as a dealer for clients like Lil Wayne when drug trafficker Big Meech still roamed free.

Throughout, 2 Chainz is trying to square his gritty past life with the glittering present, and the album's production underscores the stark contrast between these before-and-after images — from "Trap Check"'s almost-vintage samples of Jeezy's "Get Ya Mind Right" and T.

Even before Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" video lifted its pink trap house iconography, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music became the past decade's most thorough explanation of the cultural tension spelled out in the title — trap music's hard realities as aspiration to the masses.

At the top of the s, as social media became woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, youth in various corners of the world started to gain more autonomy with respect to the ability to broadcast their realities without being filtered through the mainstream machine. It was a far cry from the perpetually bedazzled, Viacom-reality-show-filtered existence of youth culture in the '90s and s. Instead of teen artists like Lil Bow Wow, whose music mostly centered around schoolyard love stories and jewelry fashioned after Disney characters, we got Chief Keef: a kid whose music reflected what he engaged with on a daily basis on the South Side of Chicago.

It was a reality that the majority of his consumers could not relate to, but it intoxicated the public for that very same reason. And because of his success, label execs started to comb through the country for kids of the same ilk — for better and for worse.

A few years later, a year-old from Baton Rouge named NBA YoungBoy showed flashes of becoming the "next" Keef due to the conviction and vivid nature of his music that soundtracked a similar life nearly 1, miles south.

After a few promising projects that circulated on mixtape-hosting sites, Youngboy released AI YoungBoy in the summer of InLarry Appelbaum — a now-retired jazz specialist in the Music Division at the Library of Congress — made quite the discovery while rummaging through old Voice of America tapes. For jazz fans, this discovery was all of their Christmases rolled into one. The Monk-Coltrane quartet, which had been playing together for months, is well practised — that much is obvious — and this presentation perfectly frames 50 minutes of impeccably focused performances from the two jazz greats.

The first of Cash's prison sets that would serve as a renaissance for his career after a lacklustre, drug-addled period, and cement his now-indelible outlaw image, has rightfully gone into the books as his most definitive album. As soon as his introduction is met with odd inmates' rapturous applause, his wry jokes and wild charisma are on full display as, in top-top form, he tells tales of murder and incarceration to galvanic crowd response.

This intimate recording of Nirvana's performance for the MTV Unplugged series, released seven months after the passing of Kurt Cobain, is widely considered one of the best live records of all time. It probably wouldn't have been had they simply followed the accepted format of stripping down hits to bare-bone acoustics, but in playing toned-down renditions of mostly lesser-known material and unexpected covers, they produced an intimate, candid performance that put Cobain's raw talent fully on show, Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD).

It is as alive, vibrant and fluid just listen Life On The Farm - Various - The First Frames (CD) Dark Star It's safe to say Kraftwerk were a little late to the live album party. Minimum-Maximum wasn't released untilmore than three decades after the electronic band first performed live. The Grammy-nominated album was worth the wait, though, with a predictably sublime, classics-rich setlist recorded during several dates on their world tour. With minutes of music across three CDs, or four records, you're getting your money's worth here, folks.

Quantity complements quality, as anyone who attended the date Hammersmith Apollo, London residency in will tell you. Aretha Franklin's third live album is a gleaming advert for her raw vocal talent and prowess as a live performer. Full of life and a sense of occasion, as a live affair should be, it's a wonderful soul display, backed by the tremendous King Curtis' band. Fans of the Scottish post-rock quintet would probably agree that the 14 years wait for a live release was worth it the day Special Moves hit the shelves.

Studiously comprised of one or two tracks from each Mogwai album released at the time, and patchworked from three recorded shows in Brooklyn, it is the format that perhaps best serves the band's brooding, stratospheric ambience. Committing to the purchase? The extended CD package gets you six additional tracks as well as the tour's insightful live performance documentary, Burningon DVD. This Grammy Award winner is an exhilarating example of Daft Punk's engineering artistry — a relentlessly buzzing montage of their most popular tracks executed in a minute set at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy.

It is an all-out audio assault that will lay your system's propensity for attack bare. Not one for snoozy Sunday evening listening session, mind you. Who knows where that will stand in the band's illustrious discography, although attendees of those September shows may have some idea. Spaces is an entrancing collection of Nils Frahm's soaring soundscapes that, as the German composer himself deftly puts it, expresses his love for experimentation.

It was recorded over two years at various locations on multiple mediums, including cassette decks and reel-to-reel recorders. While there's as much attack as there is ambience throughout this varied work, its beauty is in the subtlety and space of the intimate, interweaving piano and synthesizer compositions.

A masterpiece. As triumph for its demonstration of the tight-knit interplay between the band members, as it is the stellar bluesy jazz-infused setlist itself, this yardstick live classic was fittingly performed at the venue so pivotal to their career.

The set is seemingly effortless, free and full of naturally virtuosic musicianship — a highly skilled, exploratory and spirited jam that indeed deserves its preservation in the Library of Congress as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important". Experienced with or without the exceptional concert film it soundtracks, Stop Making Sense perfectly captures one of the world's biggest and best art rock bands at the peak of their powers.


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