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Finger Smith. Space Shuttle Recordings. TR 15 May 20 Techno. Enter The Dragon. LST 23 Mar 20 Techno. OTR 27 Dec 17 Techno. Meeting Coldcycle. Joy EP. Society Music Recordings. SMR 16 Mar 18 Techno. Air Raid. FWR 20 Feb 18 Techno. Parallelism remixes. SUB 03 Jun 14 Techno.

SUB 22 Nov 14 Techno. Lust For Life. FWR 01 Jan 18 Techno. Reign Of The Dragon. FWR 18 Jan 20 Techno. Love Is Like Dynamite. FWR 01 Jan 20 Techno. Though majestic, it is also dense, and not as compulsively readable as the better-known novels.

He is at last defeated in the War of Wrath, but then Sauron begins his own consolidation of evil and rise to power. Lord of the Rings 27 T. This led him down trails bordering on the occult, and evangelical readers, by and large, would not be comfortable reading his novels.

Others will find him difficult and obscure, particularly in his later novels, such as Descent into Hell. Nothing is as it seems in a Williams novel. The spiritual world, which Williams portrays by drawing not only from Christian teachings but also from Greek mythology, freely intermingles with the observable world.

This can seem baffling to the uninitiated reader, but once he or she understands what Williams is up to, the novels become a rare delight. A good novel to start with is The Place of the Lion. Out of print. Lester Furnival, who has died, finds herself in a peculiar London where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously.

Is she in Heaven? Another character, Simon LeClerc, uses sorcery to manipulate spiritual life and also regresses, but to evil effect. Descent into Hell. Hell on Earth is a world so obsessed with self that love for others is no longer possible.

The Greater Trumps. The Greater Trumps is the story of widower Lothair Coningsby, who is willed a deck of ancient Tarot cards that he is supposed to turn over to the British Museum. Many Dimensions. An upright man, Lord Arglay, and an amoral or perhaps Satanic figure, Sir Giles, seek out its miraculous powers, which, even when divided, are still retained. But the stone is hard to control. For instance, one man tries to go back in time. But he can only return to one particular time and must live out his life exactly as he did before.

The Place of the Lion. Damaris Tighe, a young philosopher, is trying to write about ancient Greek archetypes.

The vaguely occultist group of intellectuals to which she belongs imagines these archetypes into the real world, and with horrid effects.

Anthony Durrant, the other major character, is at last able to put the world right by becoming a sort of Adam, naming the beasts and describing their correct roles. Shadows of Ecstasy. After much 3 28 Chapter 3—Christian Classics anthropological work in Africa, Considine has learned how to draw upon the great, dark forces of ecstasy—for instance, he has lived for years. Roger is swept up by the power and inescapable logic of Considine, who mounts a small invasion with his African forces on England.

As his power spreads across Europe, it becomes clear that Considine is the Antichrist, but a most curious one: tolerant of Christianity as interesting but inferior to his own philosophy, and the bearer of dark tidings that may be inevitable. War in Heaven. Williams sets a search for the Holy Grail in contemporary pre-War England, pitting various personalities—Archdeacon Davenant, a Father Brown sort of figure who unravels the true nature of the Grail, and the evil though sometimes agreeable anthropologist Sir Giles of Many Dimensions—in competition and at odds.

Poe, of course, wrote short stories and is variously tagged as the father of the short story, the macabre short story, and the detective story. Hawthorne wrote the first great American novel, The Scarlet Letter, inand it is also the first American Christian novel of any consequence.

Hester does not regard herself as a fallen woman, and eventually the scarlet letter she wears becomes a badge of honor. She becomes, in contemporary terms, a feminist heroine, even a kind of Madonna. Dimmesdale, however, is crushed beneath the weight of his sins, and falls to ruin.

The novel is a classic slave narrative—the story of the faithful, cruelly used Tom— juxtaposed with a freedom narrative, the story of Eliza and Harry, slaves who escape from Kentucky and make their way through the Quaker-run Underground Railroad to Canada, where they plan to found a new nation in Africa.

And Uncle Tom, who has survived in popular American Classics 29 consciousness mainly as a stereotype of the browbeaten Negro, is not that at all. Later, he seeks revenge and eventually becomes a Christian. The novel breaks the ground for the much better biblical novels to appear later, such as Lloyd C. Its influence was social Ghost Walker (Original Mix) - Various - Essential Guide: Techno Vol. 03 (File) religious, rather than literary.

The liberation theologians of their day, social gospel advocates held that the terrible waste of human beings found in rapidly industrializing English and American cities could be addressed if only business were to be conducted according to Christian principles. These theologians were activists among the poor: The Salvation Army, founded in England inis a real-world expression of social gospel.

Sheldon was the pastor of Central Congregational Church in Topeka, where one day he preached a sermon about a young printer, in desperate straits, who comes to a town very much like Topeka and appeals for help to a busy minister. With regret, the minister turns him away. From this simple message a mighty revival sweeps across the country. Even today, the novel has more than one publisher. In the process, he puts things right in other respects as well, dispensing his Christ-like wisdom in 3 30 Chapter 3—Christian Classics moralistic speeches and selfless good deeds.

The novel remains popular because of its continued celebration in a Branson theme park and has been filmed several times, most enduringly in In the years before Janette Oke made her mark, Christian romance readers lamented that there was nothing to read but Grace Livingston Hill, and they were nearly right.

There were Pearl Buck and Beth Streeter Aldrich perhaps, whose works were uplifting and about women, but only Hill combined love stories with an overtly Christian message. Early in her long career—from the turn of the twentieth century through much of —she drew from family stories and on occasion used men as her protagonists as in her spy novel, The Best Man, published in But she is best known as a writer of Horatio Alger, Jr.

The plot does not take long to reveal itself. Luckily, handsome, rich Jeffrey Wainwright is passing in his fancy automobile and carries away poor Camilla to the bedside of her dying mother, to whom Camilla was carrying medicine.

She crawls home, where, exactly as in the New Testament parable, her family receives her with joy. Then her husband died of appendicitis, leaving Hill with two young girls to raise, and the necessity to make a living.

A hard-working, courageous woman, Hill literally wrote herself out of poverty. Almost 20 years later, when she was a financial success and deeply involved both in her writing and church work, she married again. The marriage was a quick failure, resulting in a lifelong separation because Hill did not believe in divorce.

Ironically, the woman who held out the Holy Grail of marriage for so many young women herself had no luck with it, and effectively became a spinster Karr If only for her quaintness, she is still worth reading, though in small and infrequent doses. Barbour Publications, which directs its publications to an audience of older, conservative women, issues Hill romances periodically.

Otherwise, they are out of print. The novel caused an uproar, and other major novelists put forth their own versions; for example, Erskine Caldwell with Journeyman Dostoevsky, Fyodor.

The Brothers Karamazov. But long before the murder of old Karamazov, a figure of almost pure lust who clearly deserves murdering, we meet the brothers.

The Idiot. Myshkin marries neither; he is not of the flesh. In fact, he is too good for the world. His suffering and humility, his goodness of heart, prove inadequate weapons before evil, and he descends into a divine idiocy. Sienkiewicz, Henryk.

Quo Vadis. But the principal story is of Lygia, a Christian, and Marcus Vinicius, a soldier. Lygia loves Vinicius but loves Christ more, whereas Vinicius, a young, impetuous noble, is gentled by Lygia and her faith. The novel has been filmed many times; the best-known version was released in and stars Robert Tayler as Marcus Vinicius, Deborah Kerr as Lygia, and Peter Ustinov as the unctuous, dangerous Nero.

The director was Mervyn LeRoy. The Red and the Black. But in the post-Napoleonic France of the s, men rise to power in the State the Black through the accident of their birth or through the Church the Red.

Thus, Julien becomes a priest and seemingly a smart, devout one. Actually, he is a hypocrite, using the Church to meet wellborn women, with whom he sleeps, in hopes of advancing in society. Perhaps because writers are working with the essence of their faith, they write closest to the heart, and are less inclined to lean on formulas. Even so, biblical fiction is now a clear subgenre of Christian fiction, and its sales are dwarfed by Christian romances, which dominate the field. At the least, biblical fiction is an entertaining way to better acquaint oneself with the Bible because writers of biblical fiction are generally careful with their scholarship.

The Lord Is My Strength. Beacon Hill, paper. The Lord Is My Song. Hezekiah faces crises of the state and in his household in the third entry of Chronicles of the Kings. His wife, confronting infertility, embarks on ungodly measures, and gets everyone in trouble. Among the Gods. In the last volume of Chronicles of the Kings, Joshua makes a home for himself in Egypt, leading his exiled people, the Levites.

King Manasseh descends further into corruption, until finally the Kingdom of Judah is overwhelmed from without, and Manasseh is imprisoned. Son of Laughter. An exquisite stylist, Buechner evokes the earthy, semi-nomadic, nearly pagan lifestyle of the Israelites in this poetic rendering of Jacob, son of Isaac whose name means laughter. Although Buechner follows the biblical account, he brings it to life with sensory imagery so vivid that his setting seems like another planet. Deseret Shadow Mountain.

In an afterword, Ghost Walker (Original Mix) - Various - Essential Guide: Techno Vol. 03 (File), Card discusses some of the liberties he took with the tantalizing but often puzzling Genesis account, and why. He also gives one of his sources as the Mormon scripture, The Pearl of Great Price, which may distress some evangelical readers. The second novel in the series will be about Rebecca, wife of Isaac. From biblical, Jewish, and archeological accounts, Cardwell admirably fashions life in ancient Jericho a little before the walls come tumbling down.

For the most part, she tells the story of Rahab, not a prostitute in this rendering but a feminist heroine, striving to maintain her independence and dignity as a weaver and dye maker in a bazaar dominated by a guild of males. A rebel about to be turned into an outcast by the political machinations of the guild, Rahab aids the enemy she loves. The Fifth Mountain. When Queen Jezebel declares that all Israelites must worship Baal and that every prophet of the One God must be killed, the young prophet Elijah concludes that his days are numbered.

But an angel appears to him and sends him on a long journey into the Phoenician homeland of Jezebel, where, on the fifth mountain, Baal supposedly dwells. The Red Tent. She flees to Egypt, where eventually she establishes herself as a midwife. It is often used in book discussion groups. Tamar, the heroine of Unveiled, was the Canaanite woman given in marriage to the house of Judah whose heart slowly turned to the God of the Hebrews.

Judah, in particular, is well drawn as the weak patriarch plagued with guilt over the fate of his brother, Joseph. When Jericho fell, she went to live among the enemy.

The beautiful, simple story of Ruth, faithful to God and duty despite privation, is told in Unshaken. In the final entry of her Lineage of Grace series, Rivers takes on the most revered of biblical women: Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Rivers is trying hard here, however, to create a memorable portrait. Does she succeed? The Song of Ruth. Jerusalem—The City of God. Harvest House, paper. Jerusalem is a massive historical treatment of Jerusalem from prehistoric geology through the struggles of refugees in contemporary Israel. Harvest, paper. Not much is known about the priest and king of ancient Salem, precursor to Jerusalem. He poetically captures the courtship of a small-town couple named Mary and Joseph, the birth of their son, and the rise, political repression, and crucifixion of a Messiah.

David of Jerusalem. De Wohl emphasizes the overwhelming power of David: not quite brutal but not to be denied. His Bathsheba is young, innocent, and compliant rather than complicit. Kregel, paper. Hawkins portrays the court of David when he was about 50 years old, and when Bathsheba was around 20, but their famous affair is merely the backdrop for the story of his Gibborim, or those soldiers closest to him, almost bodyguards. Ailea is a young Aramean woman, the tomboy daughter of a general who becomes the captive bride of Jonathan, one of the Gibborim.

The Desires of the Heart. The Heart of a Lion. Stone Tables. While serving as a missionary in Brazil, science fiction writer Card wrote a play based on the Egyptian flight from Egypt. Many years later, he wrote this novel telling the same story. He draws out the military side of Moses, emphasizing that he was an Egyptian general as well as the leader of his persecuted people.

Some of his Mormon theology may put off evangelicals, but he makes flesh and blood of Moses. His minor characters, such as Zeporah, his devout betrothed; Aaron, his ambitious brother; and the shrewd Hapshepsut, his adopted mother, are also ably drawn. Bethany, paper. In the sequel to Dreamers, set about 22 years later, Joseph has become the powerful and prosperous leader of his people.

He turns the tables on the brothers who sold him into slavery when, stricken by famine, they come to him. Romance arises when Joseph confines the brash Simeon to teach him some manners; his restless spirit appeals to Mandisa, a widow assigned to serve him.

Landorf follows the familiar story of Joseph, but her manner of telling is unusually engaging. She takes the points of view of women who loved Joseph: his mother, Rachel; his stepmother, Leah; his sister-in-law, Sherah; his wife, Asenath; and the jealous Khnumet, wife of an eminent Egyptian official who attempts to seduce Joseph and who brings him grief when he refuses her. Karmichael, paper. Moses: The Lost Book of the Bible. New Millennium.

The Magdalene Gospel. Together, they evoke the New Testament 39 desperate sadness of the Crucifixion and the subsequent triumph of the Resurrection.

Though never pedantic, Ashcroft intersperses scriptural references to show the basis of her careful but passionate scenes. I, Judas. Caldwell tells the life story of Judas in his own words in this diverting exercise, imagining his life before he knew Jesus, departing somewhat from Gospel accounts afterward.

Judas follows Jesus because he was a Zealot opposing the rule of Rome; he is never sure if Jesus is the Messiah but begins to wonder. He is not quite the villain of popular myth, but neither is he a pleasant man: He is arrogant, impetuous, lascivious, and corruptible.

The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple. Jesus does not survive his day trial in the wilderness in this gospel variant, nor is he necessarily the Messiah. He is beset with various temptations, devilish enough, but altogether terrestrial. At last, he sinks into a final madness born of his hunger, though Crace, perhaps overly impressed that no human being could Ghost Walker (Original Mix) - Various - Essential Guide: Techno Vol.

03 (File) 40 days of fasting in combination with physical trial, does not quite dismiss the possibility of resurrection. The Thomas Jesus. Fortney, an American Buddhist, was much under the influence of the Jesus Seminar in this first novel.

Even so, doubting Thomas does not doubt that Jesus is divine. King Jesus. Farrar, paper. Nonfiction inspirational writer Holmes wrote this bestselling trilogy reverentially, but with the intention of revealing the ordinary, human side of Jesus and those close to him.

In the sequel to Two from Galilee, Holmes imagines the boyhood and young manhood of Jesus, which goes all but unmentioned in the Gospels and has rarely been treated in fiction. The Messiah. But although she adheres closely to Gospel accounts, she tells her story from the point of view of Jesus, once again using her uniquely intimate approach. The Gospel of Yeshua. Relying on scholarship to sort out the contradictions between John and the Synoptic Gospels, and making some educated guesses to fill gaps, Johnson tells in simple but affecting prose the straightforward story of Jesus the great teacher.

The Last Temptation of Christ. He marries Mary Magdalene instead, and leads a pleasant pastoral life. Sometimes, in overcoming temptation, he had to succumb. Nonetheless, particularly because of the love scenes between Jesus and Mary, some evangelicals were outraged and mounted a national campaign to ban or boycott the film. I Came to Love You Late. The Man Ghost Walker (Original Mix) - Various - Essential Guide: Techno Vol. 03 (File) Died. Lund also treats the Roman authority in depth, and Jesus himself.

Sequels will cover the ministry of Jesus and the adventures of the apostles. Fishers of Men. Come Unto Me. The Gospel According to the Son. Synthesizing historical accounts and the gospel according to John, he strives mightily to rectify errors and embellishments in accounts of Jesus, offering a Jesus sitting on the right hand of God, humble and loving, grieving over the monstrous evil that dominated the 2, years following his death, but hopeful that good may still triumph. The Gospel of Joseph.

Behold the Man. MoJo Press, paper. The Greatest Story Ever Told. Image Books, paper. The Gospel of Corax. I, the Christ. Hampton Roads, paper. But his intention to reveal to the masses the immediacy and universality of God alienates him from established Judaism, and he becomes a doomed prophet.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. Jesus is a sweet, naive young man, who embarks on the puzzling path toward wisdom, and yet his destiny is not in his own hands; he is a lamb bound for slaughter. He is also a normal young man curious about women, and in scenes of great sensuality but also of innocence and beauty, finds love in the arms of Mary Magdalene. He is profoundly changed, perhaps even redeemed. Saramago, winner of the Nobel Prize inhas written a dark masterpiece that seems to have escaped the wrath of book banners in the United States, perhaps because his style is so difficult, hardly designed to inflame masses.

Slaughter uses the lowly servant of a Pharisee, Jonas, as a point-of-view character. Contriving for him to appear in the vicinity of every major setting—including both the Nativity and the Crucifixion—can prove awkward. But this is a quibble, for on balance Slaughter is slavishly attentive to New Testament accounts.

If a reader seeks a completely orthodox fictionalization of the Gospels, this is the one. Live from Golgotha. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. The Miracle Maker. Watts novelizes the animated film of the same title, telling the story of Jesus from the point of view of a young girl, Tamar. Instead, moved by the Crucifixion, he forgives his enemy. Bold Galilean. Blythe tells the story of Christ from his final weeks through his Resurrection from the points of view of two Romans: the centurion Gaius, who respects the traditions of Jewish law, but respects the might of the sword even more; and his rich friend Marcus, who feels anything can be bought with money, even, or perhaps especially, love.

Both are proven wrong through the preaching and example of Jesus, and become Christians. Blythe constructs some provocative subplots: Judas makes his famous bargain with Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest, and Marcus falls in love with Mary Magdalene. New Directions, paper. Somewhat in the spirit of D. Judas the Gentile. Hampton Roads. Lliteras portrays with almost unbearable intimacy the agony of Judas, who must at last confront the lies he has told himself. He believed that Jesus should have been a political revolutionary, actively fighting against Roman tyranny.

In the end, his turmoil is all the worse because he at last understands that he has aided in slaying the Son of God. Lliteras is a subtle stylist, writing in compact sentences and with punchy, realistic dialogue reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway. It is so honest and elemental that it seems like the truth. The Thieves of Golgotha. Lliteras uses plain, deceptively simple prose and frank dialogue to flesh out the anguished stories of the two thieves who died with Christ on Golgotha.

Despite their depravity, the reader is drawn to the two men, hoping for their redemption from the cruel Roman prison and the meanest of deaths. A tough, vivid, extraordinary novel.

The Christ Commission. Later, in a hotel bar, a customer slugs him for his irreverence, and he passes out. Divine Invasion. John the Baptizer is also drawn fully, as a fire-breathing revolutionary, and Herod and his wife come across as a real married couple, playful and flippantly lascivious.

A Jewish shopkeeper witnesses the events leading up to the Crucifixion. Barabbas Like Simon of Cyrene discussed laterlittle is known of Barabbas, who may have been a robber, a murderer, an insurrectionist, or all of these.

Following a Passover custom allowing for release of one prisoner, Pontius Pilate must free Barabbas instead of the blameless, but politicized, Jesus. But it reads as well today as ever, and some readers may prefer it. The Rebel. Tyndale, paper. Gospel figures such as John the Disciple and Martha make an appearance in events leading up to the Crucifixion. Barabbas is a fierce young man whom Martha loves, and Barabbas, when belief in Jesus mellows him, returns her love.

Random Vintage Internationalpaper. The story of the murderer pardoned instead of Jesus is made a subtle inquiry into the nature of salvation by the Swedish Nobel Laureate Lagerkvist. Despite his crimes, Barabbas is more sinned against than sinning, and lives out a doomed, tragic life in puzzlement over the significance of Christ, until at last he, too, believes. Simon of Cyrene Though he makes for a marvelous story, little is actually known of Simon or Simeon of Cyrene, the traveler impressed by Roman executioners to carry the cross of Jesus up to Golgotha.

Verses referring to him, Mark and Romanssuggest that he later became a Christian and that he may have been a black man.

The Weeping Chamber. Word, paper. His Simeon is a complex study, however. A rich merchant who has come to Jerusalem to do business with an old friend, Simeon is a sorrowful man, estranged from his wife and family. The Miracle of the Sacred Scroll.

He saves a child from fire but is disfigured and loses his confidence as a trader. He falls into poverty and, to break his cycle of bad luck, journeys to Jerusalem to participate in a great race. Then at last Simon receives his earthly reward: custodianship of the Divine Covenant. According to Mary Magdalene. The Galileans. Joseph remains her friend, but only Jesus can save her tortured soul.

The Roman Trilogy made him the first Yiddish writer to enjoy international success. Though his emphasis was on the Jewish heritage of the founders of Christianity, he respected Christianity and he respected Jesus as a great Jewish prophet.

Thus, he addressed the gap between Christianity and Judaism. The Nazarene was greeted with extraordinary praise in the English-language press, but not so in the Yiddish, where Asch was at best a controversial figure. The Nazarene. The narrative is dramatic, but Asch emphasizes the actual preaching of Jesus and is more concerned with early Christian thought than with the contrivances of plot.

The Apostle. The almost immediate sequel to The Nazarene finds Saul of Tarsus dealing incredulously with the story of the Resurrection, but then he is converted and fights the good fight of his evangelizing all the way to Rome. To the Ends of the Earth. The versatile Bunn is at his best in this atypical historical set in A. A North African merchant sends his son, Travis, to Constantinople to negotiate new terms for his estate because the plundering of his ships by pirates and high taxes have brought him nearly to ruin.

Young Travis learns leadership on his journey and turns to Christianity in part because of his love for a Christian woman, Lydia. The Silver Chalice. Then he must find the cup the Holy Grail. It was directed by Victor Saville in A God Strolling in the Cool of the Evening.

Louisiana State. Lucius Valerius Quintius is magistrate of what will one day be Portugal in the second century A. Lucius is a just and moral man surrounded by corruption and ruling a populace who would rather go to the games and watch the persecution of a rapidly growing cult, the Christians, than attend to the growing threat of Moor invasion.

Matters grow still more complicated when Lucius finds himself falling in love with Iunia Cantaber, an aristocrat who has converted to Christianity. She runs afoul of Roman law and places Lucius in the terrible dilemma of judging her. Winner of the Pegasus Prize for Readers of The Robe discussed later will also enjoy The Spear, which focuses heavily on political squabbling among the Jews and Roman administrators but features Cassius Longinus, the soldier who impales Jesus to ensure absolutely his death.

The Glorious Folly. Cassius Longinus, now a fervent Christian, intermittently appears in this loose sequel to The Spear, but the novel is really about Paul and the quick spread of Christianity.

The Robe. Douglas held his melodramatic tendencies in check for this deeply moving tale of Marcellus Gallio, the son of a Roman senator who has been banished to the backwater garrison in Judea. He and his Greek slave Demetrius, a man both subtle and fierce and nearly as compelling as Marcellus, make the best of things until Marcellus must put to death a crucified Jewish rebel named Jesus.

The robe and the enormity of what he has done drive Marcellus insane. When at last his senses return to him, he, like Demetrius, pursues the new faith that has already spread to Rome.

The Big Fisherman. Douglas also conjures the tale of a young misfit named Fara, the daughter of Herod and a Jewish woman. Peter and Fara dislike each other instantly but become close friends in their service of the new religion.

The film starred Howard Keel and was directed by Frank Borzage. ISBN: This opener to the projected series, Apocalypse Diaries, features John in his latter days, wrestling with the authority of Rome, barbarous acts against Christians, and most important, his divine revelations.

Hagee is the author of several nonfiction treatises on apocalyptic themes. Multnomah, paper. Woman of Means. Misfortunes strike. Widowed, destitute, and with children, Lydia makes her way to Philippi in A. Mother of Faith. She joins a dancing troupe and becomes a performer herself, in her travels meeting the apostle John.

Blood of the Martyrs. Though not with the same subtlety or grand sense of history, the Scottish Mitchison covers much the same ground as Quo Vadis: the wise Seneca makes an appearance, plotting against Nero; mad Nero persecutes Christians, and blames his big fire on them; and there is a full portrait of Paul.

Somewhat in contrast to Sienkiewicz, Mitchison portrays the rise of Christianity among slaves in two Roman households, that of Flavius Crispus, who wishes slavery could be abolished, and that of Aelius Balbus, who sees it as inevitable. Beric, the adopted son of Crispus, bridges the Roman and slave worlds by himself becoming a Christian. A Voice in the Wind.

At the least, A Voice in the Wind is the most arresting biblical novel to appear in the s. Echo in the Darkness. The loose sequel to A Voice in the Wind and Echo in the Darkness tells the story of an enemy of Rome, the German gladiator Atretes briefly encountered in the first novel. The Sins of Herod. The declining fortunes of Herod Antipas—who ordered the beheading of John the Baptist and presided, at least remotely, over the Crucifixion—and the rise in status of Herod Agrippa are chronicled from the point of view of Prochorus, a Roman citizen of Judea.

Though in the service of both Herods, Prochorus becomes a Christian and secretly aids them. Upon this Rock. Pharos Books, paper. Snyder offers a minimally fictionalized account of Rome and Ghost Walker (Original Mix) - Various - Essential Guide: Techno Vol.

03 (File) rise of Christianity after the Crucifixion, or from A. Ancient Rage. Ancient Rage is a feminist meditation on loss, motherhood, and the harsh patriarchy of the Bible that constructs a grieving dialogue between the mothers of two martyrs: Mary, mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. The two share their losses through a long night, and John, in particular, comes to life.

When the night is done, the women part, their faith reaffirmed. Dear and Glorious Physician. In what amounts to a prequel to the Gospel According to Luke, Caldwell draws from Catholic traditions and her own imagination to portray the brash, adventurous, but chaste young manhood of the young Greek Lucanus, or Luke.

He is the only non-Jewish disciple, and he never meets Christ. After becoming a physician, he wanders in Rome and Syria and at last meets Mary, the mother of Jesus, and it is mostly through her tutelage that he becomes a Christian.

The Road to Bithynia. Bithynia is heaven on Earth—the peace one finds through Jesus. The Greek physician Luke follows the road thoughtfully, meeting Peter and then Paul, whom he accompanies on his evangelical campaigns. Slaughter also develops a love story between Luke and Thecia, a follower of Paul. Great Lion of God. In her most scholarly and dignified biblical novel, Caldwell portrays Paul from his childhood as a Hellenistic, privileged Jew, a principled but ruthless opponent of what he regards as the blasphemy of Christianity.

Then, on the road to Damascus, he does break down, and understands the truth at last. The Silas Diary. Stephen the Martyr. Servant, paper. Otherwise, he is presented through the accounts of Barnabas, Timothy, Prisca, Luke, James the brother of Christ, and several others. The Road to Masada. Moody, paper. He converts and eventually finds himself leading the last stand, and mass martyrdom, when the Jews rebel against Rome at Masada.

The Memoirs of Pontius Pilate. Baker, paper. In retirement—or exile—30 years after the death of Jesus, Pontius Pilate reflects on the most controversial decision of his career: ordering the Crucifixion.

In the end, his decision having caused him untold turmoil, and he extends his grudging admiration for the stubborn new religion and its most famous prophet. A nebulous, nostalgic period between the turn of the twentieth century and the s, thought to be a golden period when families were strong and patriotism was universal, is also popular.

Stackpole - Talion Revenant. Dick is Dead, Alas. Calligaro - Almost Murder. Calligaro - Alone. Calligaro - BioComputer. Calligaro - Diamond In the Roughage. Calligaro - Diamonds Are For Never. Calligaro - Emotion. Calligaro - FTL. Calligaro - Homeostasis Criminal. Calligaro - Homeostasis Man. Calligaro - Kamikaze. Calligaro - Last Man. Calligaro - Outside. Calligaro - Power of the People. Calligaro - Standard G. Calligaro - The Daily Dose. Double Your Productivity Overnight!.

Williamson - The Humans Call it Duty. Williamson - Better to Beg Forgiveness. Williamson - Freehold 01 - Freehold. Williamson - Freehold 02 - The Weapon. Sagara - Birthright. Sagara - Cast 03 - Cast in Secret.

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Bob McElwain - Blackmail. Camille Anthony - The Cygnets. Christine Feehan - Drake Sisters Dean Koontz - Relentless. Dean R Koontz - Hardshell. Denis Johnson - Already Dead. Ember Case - Flawed. Jerry Oltion - Anywhere but Here. John Gardner - 28 SeaFire. John Gardner - Bottled Spider. John Gardner - Grendel. John Gardner - Licence Renewed. John Gardner - The Return of Moriarty. John Gardner - Win Lose or Die. John Gardner - [ 32] - Goldeneye John Gardner - [James Bond ] - Seafire.

Williamson - The Hero. Julia Quinn - What Happens in London. Keith Douglass - [Seal Team Se. Bertram Chandler, Bertram A. Perry - Guerrilla Marking for Job Hunters 2. Lawrence - Silent Screams C. Chalker - The sea is full of stars Jack L. Chalker - The watchers at the well Jack L. Vassanji - The Assassin's Song M.

Lucas; Michael W. Green - Hell to Pay Simon R. Green - Hex and the City Simon R. Green - Nightingale's lament Simon R. Green - Paths not taken Simon R. Green - Something from the Nightside Simon R. Naipaul - House for Mister Biswas V. Naipaul - Magic Seeds W. Griffin - Retreat, Hell!

Griffin - The Hostage W. Griffin - Special Ops W. Griffin - The Double Agents W. Griffin - The Fighting Agents W. Griffin - The Saboteurs W. Griffin - The Secret Warriors W. Griffin, William E. Clarke - Childhood's End Arthur C. Lewis - Last Battle C. Lewis - Prince Caspian C. Lewis - The horse and his boy C. Lewis - The magician's nephew C. Pelecanos - Drama city: a novel George P. Pelecanos - Shame the devil: a novel George P.

Auel - The shelters of stone Jean M. Anderson - Hidden Empire Kevin J. Anderson - Horizon Storms Kevin J. Anderson - Metal Swarm Kevin J.

Anderson - Scattered Suns Kevin J. Wang, Herbert J. Walberg - School choice or best systems: what improves education? Dick - A maze of death Philip K. Dick - Flow my tears, the policeman said Philip K. Dick - Paycheck Philip K. Salvatore - The Chaos Curse R. Wingfield - A Killing Frost R. Wingfield - A Touch of Frost R. Wingfield - Frost At Christmas R. Wingfield - Hard Frost R. Heinlein - Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein, Robert A.

Requiem Robert K. Wilcox - Target Robert L. Denney - In the words of Ronald Reagan: the wit, wisdom, and eternal optimism of America's 40th president S. Green - Deathstalker destiny: being the fifth and last part of the life and times of Owen Deathstalker Simon R. Green - Deathstalker Legacy Simon R. Frey - Shadow Account Stephen W. Frey - The chairman: a novel Stephen W. Anderson - The Loser Thomas H.

Bayley - Annihilation Factor. Bayley - Don't Leave Me. Bayley - Farewell, Dear Brother. Bayley - Sinners. Bayley - The Cabinet of Oliver Naylor. Bayley - The Grand Wheel. Bayley - The Star Virus. Longyear - Dark Corners. Longyear - Enemy Mine. Longyear - Homecoming. Longyear - Murder in Parliment Street. Longyear - Savage Planet. Longyear - The Advocate.

Longyear - The Hangingstone Rat. Longyear - The Last Enemy. Longyear - The Monopoly Man. Longyear - The Purloined Labradoodle. Malzberg - A Galaxy Called Rome. Malzberg - Beyond Apollo. Malzberg - Closing the Deal. Malzberg - Gehenna. Malzberg - Herovit's World.

Malzberg - In The Stone House. Malzberg - Jobs Partner. Malzberg - Le Croix. Malzberg - Major League Triceratops. Malzberg - Phase IV. Malzberg - Ready When You Are. Malzberg - Shiva. Malzberg - Standards - Practices. Malzberg - Still - Life. Malzberg - Terminus Est. Malzberg - The Market In Aliens. Malzberg - The Present Eternal. Malzberg - The Third Part. Malzberg - Those Wonderful Years. Malzberg - Transfer. Malzberg - Uncoupling. Malzberg - Understanding Entropy. Malzberg-Jobs Partner.

Clough - How Like A God. Clough - May Be Sometime. Anderson - Dune 07 - House Atreides. Anderson - Dune 08 - House Harkonnen. Anderson - Dune 09 - House Corrino. Anderson - Dune 10 - The Butlerian. Anderson - Dune 11 - The Machine Crusade. Anderson - Dune 12 - The Battle at. Anderson - Hunters of Dune.

Anderson - Paul of Dune. Anderson - Sandworms Of Dune. Anderson - The Road To Dune. Clarke - Dinoshift. Clarke - The Last Walk. Aldiss - A Rude Awakening. Aldiss - A Whiter Mars. Aldiss - Appearance of Life. Aldiss - Barefoot In The Head. Aldiss - Becoming The Full Butterfly. Aldiss - Brothers of the Head. Aldiss - Confluence. Aldiss - Danger, Religion!. Aldiss - Greybeard. Aldiss - Helliconia Spring.

Aldiss - Helliconia Summer. Aldiss - Helliconia Winter. Aldiss - Hothouse. Aldiss - Intangibles, Inc. Aldiss - Man In His Time. Aldiss - Man On Bridge. Aldiss - Neanderthal Planet.

Aldiss - Outside. Aldiss - Perilous Planets. Aldiss - Starship. Aldiss - Steppenpferd. Aldiss - Sunlight. Aldiss - Swastika. Aldiss - The Canopy of Time. Aldiss - The Dark Light Years.

Aldiss - The Interpreter. Aldiss - The Moment of Eclipse. Aldiss - The Saliva Tree. Aldiss - There Is A Tide. Aldiss - Total Environment. Ursula K. LeGuin - A Woman's Liberation. LeGuin - Bones of the Earth. LeGuin - Buffalo Girls. LeGuin - Coming of Age in Karhide. LeGuin - Earthsea 04 - Tehanu. LeGuin - Gifts. LeGuin - Hainish 01 - Planet of Exile. LeGuin - Hainish 02 - Rocannon's World. LeGuin - Hainish 03 - City of Illusions. Leguin - Olders. LeGuin - Orsinian Tales.

LeGuin - Solitude. LeGuin - The Barrow. LeGuin - The Dispossessed. LeGuin - The Island of the Immortals. LeGuin - The New Atlantis. LeGuin - The Seasons of the Ansarac. LeGuin - The Telling. LeGuin - The Visionary. LeGuin - Unlocking The Air. LeGuin - Wild Girls. McIntyre - Dreamsnake. McIntyre - Elfleda. McIntyre - Fireflood. McIntyre - Little Faces.

McIntyre - Metaphase. McIntyre - Only At Night. McIntyre - Screwtop. McIntyre - Spectra. McIntyre - Starfarers. McIntyre - Steelcollar Worker. McIntyre - The End's Beginning. McIntyre - The Entropy Effect. McIntyre - The Exile Waiting. McIntyre - The Genius Freaks. McIntyre - The Moon and the Sun. McIntyre - Wings. Harbinson - Projekt Saucer Book 1 - Inception. Harbinson - Projekt Saucer Book 2 - Phoenix.

Harbinson - Projekt Saucer Book 3 - Genesis. Michael Gear - Forbidden Borders 3 - Countermeasures. Quick - Dreams of Gods and Men. Quick - Singularities. Quick - Whatever gets you through the night. Miller - A Canticle For Leibowitz.

Miller - The Best of Walter M. Miller - The Lost Masters - Volume Dietz - By Force of Arms. Dietz - Deathday. Dietz - For More Than Glory. Dietz - Halo 1 - The Flood. Dietz - McCade on the Run. Dietz - Prison Planet. Shunn - Celestial.

Shunn - Kevin Nolan - Logans Run Trilogie. Wu - The Hungry Ghost of Panamint. Wu - Wong's Lost and Found Emporium. Keith Jr - Decision at Thunder Rift. Keith Jr. Hartmann - Mars Underground. Forstchen - Article Forstchen - Crystal Warriors 1 - Crystal Warriors. Forstchen - Into the Sea of Stars. Forstchen - Lost Regiment 01 - Rally Cry.

Forstchen - Wing Commander 3 - Fleet Action. Forstchen - Wing Commander 4 - Heart of the Tiger. Forstchen - Wing Commander 6 - Action Stations. Johnstone - Ashes 01 - Out of the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 02 - Fire In the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 03 - Anarchy in the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 04 - Blood in the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 05 - Alone in the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 06 - Wind in the Ashes. Johnstone - Ashes 07 - Smoke from the Ashes.

Johnstone - Ashes 11 - Death in the Ashes. White - The Once and Future King. White - The Troll. White - The Book of Merlyn. Hunter - Heroes Die Young. Scott Fitzgerald. Harper - Cataract. Harper - Lightwing. Harper - Wolfwalker 1 - Wolfwalker. Harper - Wolfwalker 2 - Shadow Leader. Harper - Wolfwalker 3 - Storm Runner.

Harper - Wolfwalker 4 - Wolf's Bane. Harper - Wolfwalker 6 - Grayheart. Harper - Wolfwalker 7 - Wolf in Night. Easton - Down on the Truck Farm. Easton - Gedanken. Easton - Let There Be Light. Easton - Life is in the Stars. Easton - Movers and Shakers. Easton - Organic Future 01 -Sparrowhawk. Easton - Organic Future 02 - Greenhouse. Easton - Organic Future 03 - Woodsman. Easton - Organic Future 04 - Tower of the Gods.

Easton - Organic Future 05 - Seeds of Destiny. Easton - Robots - Rams from Cams. Easton - Silicon Karma. Easton - Stones of Memory. Easton - The Biopump Solution. Easton - Unto the Last Generation. Easton - When life hands you a Lemming. Sniegoski - The Fallen. Sniegoski - Aerie. Sniegoski - Leviathan. Sniegoski - Reckoning. Sniegoski - Sleeper 1 - Sleeper Code. Sniegoski - Sleeper 2 - Sleeper Agenda. Monteleone - Borderlands 1. Monteleone - Breath's a ware that will not keep.

Monteleone - Camera Obscura. Monteleone - Tales of Terror and Madness. Monteleone - The Secret Sea. Disch - After Pottsville. Disch - Camp Concentration. Disch - Casablanca.

Disch - Come to Venus Melancholy. Disch - Descending. Disch - In Xanadu. Disch - Minnesota Gothic. Disch - On Wings Of Song. Disch - Ringtime. Disch - The Businessman. Disch - The Genocides. Disch - The M. Disch - The Pressure of Time. Disch - The Priest. Disch - The Roaches. Disch - The Shadow. Disch - Understanding Human Behavior. Taylor - One Day on Mars. Taylor - The Quantum Connection.

Taylor - Warp Speed. Neil Smith. Lafferty - Among The Hairy Earthmen. Lafferty - Continued on the Next Rock. Lafferty - Entire and Perfect Chrysolite. Lafferty - Melchisedek 01 - Tales of Chicago. Lafferty - Melchisedek 02 - Tales of Midnight. Lafferty - Melchisedek 03 - Argo.


Battement Serre & Battu (fast 4/4) - Roni Mahler - A Master Class (Ballet Technique) (Vinyl, LP), La Cumparsita - Various - History Of Tango (CD), Oasis, Ikes Mood - Isaac Hayes - Soul Legends (CD), Virginia Plain - Various - 100 Hits Rock Classics (CD), Be Bop A Lula - Die Kettels - Die Kettels (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pinkgreen - The Higher Intelligence Agency - Freefloater (CD, Album), Looly, Looly - Archie Fisher - Will Ye Gang, Love (CD, Album), Bitch - The Rolling Stones - Philadelphia (Dress Reheasal) Special 1 (CD)


  1. 23 hours ago · It is arguable that if Juan Atkins had not produced this early techno track, DJ Mag might not have that much to write about. LL49 9NA Tel zip • Agony Riddim x Uso de cookies. Biz Markie - The Vapors () The maximum filesize for a single file is MB.
  2. Christian Fiction: A Guide to the Genre John Mort Libraries Unlimited Christian Fiction Genreflecting Advisory Se 14, 8, 2MB Pages Page size x pts Year
  3. 23 hours ago · Lokka – Torn Apart (Stranger Things Mix) No expense is spared on the DJ lineup, which is heavy on chart-topping DJs like the Chainsmokers, Kygo, and Marshmello. Located between the pools and draped with sheer curtains is Rumbar, where you'll get the best of both worlds. Follow Djsesion. Maxriven – The Riddle (Original Mix)
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