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It is worth talking about, and I have plenty to say about it, and not a few links to share for those who are interested. Here it is, in a nutshell. The school board has placed Perry Schools superintendent Dr.

Doug Williams on paid administrative leave - and their basic intent is to fire him. Their reasoning, according to this article in the Star, is that Williams has engaged in a pattern of uncooperative behavior with respect to the board, that he has abused his power, that he withheld requested financial information pertaining to the township field trip travel receipts, I seem to recalland that he circumvented the board when hiring contractors and approving contracts.

Whether these allegations are valid or not is a bit of a grey area. However, they are all minor issues that have little to do with education in Perry Township. The reasons behind why so much of this debate is taking place in the public square may only truly ever be known to a handful of people - I can think of four off the top of my head.

The citizens of Perry Township, to understate it quite a lot, are not in agreement with the board on any facet of this situation concerning Williams. The school board meetings have become contentious, and the board has squelched every opportunity for Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr) people to address it.

Indeed, citizens have been forcibly removed from some meetings for daring even to disagree out loud with the decisions of the board in this matter.

The by-laws of Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr) Perry Township school board, as noted by board President Susan Adams herself, on Monday night, call for a minute period after formal adjournment of the meeting for the public assembled at the meeting to engage in a question and answer session with the board. It was apparent on Monday night that the number of people who wanted to speak, and the scope of the things they wanted to say, would have resulted in a question and answer session lasting well beyond fifteen minutes.

Adams allowed one man to speak - a man who presented to the board the grievances that many of the citizens of Perry Township wish to have aired to and answered by the board. Adams cut him off in mid-tirade, and then she and the other three members of the board who control the majority got up and walked out of the meeting. I mentioned civility earlier, because civility is what has been asked of people who support Williams, in a post on the blog site called Citizens In Support Of Dr.

Reciprocating the lack of civility displayed by the four members of the board - who, by the way, are President Susan AdamsVice President Nancy WalshSecretary Barbara Thompsonand Member Rubie Alexander - would only serve to bolster their rationalization for continuing to ignore the opposing viewpoints of the vast majority of citizens, and I would guess virtually all of the educators, in Perry Township. And please believe me when I say that, after having witnessed the embarrassing display exhibited on the auditorium stage at Southport High School on Monday night, I would sooner step in front of a bus driven by Sandra Bullock than be brought down to any level that would place me on equal moral footing with Susan Adams.

The four previously mentioned members of the Perry Township school board are acting - primarily under the leadership and direction of Susan Adams - unilaterally to achieve an objective, the firing of Doug Williams, that they have not demonstrated will lead to a better system of education in Perry Township; they are undertaking this action without listening to the input of citizens and educators across a broad swath of Perry Township, and without considering the input of the three members of the board who sit in the minority on this issue; and they are doing it loudly and publicly in order to make a spectacle out of a situation that is not - based on its merits - remotely spectacular.

The needs of the students and educators of Perry Township are not being met by the actions of the four members of this school board - and by failing to meet the needs of students and educators in the township, the school board is failing, utterly, in the job its members have been elected to do. If Wiliams is to be removed for such minor issues as have been offered as evidence by this board - what then is the remedy for the actions of the board itself?

There is no remedy - except the remedy of election. But if you were at the meeting Monday night, you did not get the idea that Susan Adams is concerned with re-election. She and the other three members of her majority will not be re-elected - and they know it. They are not removing Doug Williams because it is the right thing to do. They are removing him because they want to - they are removing him because they can - and for reasons the rest of are likely never to know.

For more information, and to find out how you can help, go to: Take Back Perry Schools. Labels: Local Politics. The long and the short of it is that if you think my posts on the Colts are, um I noted in my post that I thought Manning had not had a particularly good game, and that the Colts, for most of the first half, looked the way they always look in the playoffs - like kids who are about to have their lunch money stolen on the playground.

However, I would like to make it clear that I was not thrashing Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr) in particular when I said that Dallas Clark deserved the game ball. Manning, of course, is the bedrock foundation of the offense - he says let there be catches, and there are catches. And he sees that it is good. And so on. As goes Manning, so goes the Colts offense.

I think that Clark gets the game ball because he was the one who finally stepped up and started making the plays that Manning was putting out there. Prior to that, the Patriot secondary was making the plays - and they were just sick.

There's no other word. The New England secondary is so good that they should have to play with some sort of handicap, just to even the score. My suggestion would be gravity boots. Anyway, Clark was the one, I think, who really got the Colts fired up on offense - in part because of his catches, and in part because of his infectious spirit. I don't think there is another receiver in the league who is as excited when he catches a ball as Dallas Clark is - and the team feeds off of that.

They needed not only the important completions, but also the spark, the fire, that Clark brings. Up until their second field goal drive at the end of the first half, however, there was no spark - and that's why it's hard for me to call this a great game for the Colts.

A great WIN, yes - but maybe not a great game. The Colts did regroup nicely, as they always do. And yet, I see this as something of a negative - a result of the flawed Tony Dungy game plan. Said game plan, as I see it, is: 1. Win the toss. Score quickly and intimidate other team into going vertical before they wanted to, thereby letting the Colts Cover 2 defense do its stuff.

Things get more complicated when the Colts do not win the toss - and they of course have no control over the coin. This means that the Dungy game plan comes down, in large part, to luck. There are only so many days in a week, and so many dollars underneath the salary cap. Paying for the offense and perfecting the Cover 2 use up much of that resource base, which leaves the run defense high and dry - especially when you have a good linebacker fire sale every off-season.

What is most frustrating about it is that the run defense still has good personnel and can play well. They just don't always - and the breakdown between what they CAN do and what they DO do is a huge vulnerability. It isn't just Manning who gets rattled when the offense isn't firing or when he throws a pick - that affects the confidence of the run defense, too, becuase it shifts to them a burden they haven't trained themselves to carry. I suspect that the guys in the run defense feel slighted by the coaches and management, too, with all of the attention paid in practice and during the off-season to the offense and the guys who make up the Cover 2.

It would be one thing if this were the Detroit Lions or the Arizona Cardinals. The Colts are a good team - in fact, they are a great team. They are loaded with talent at every position, and have some of the best guys in the league at quarterback, runningback, wide receiver, center, defensive end, free safety, punter, kicker, and return specialist.

They have the best offensive coordinator in football, and one of the best head coaches. Apart from the fact that the run defense does not play well consistently, this is a team with few flaws. The mark of a great team is not just that it plays well when it is supposed to, under ideal circumstances - it is also that the team plays well under adverse conditions, in hostile territory, and sometimes without key personnel due to injuries.

Labels: Sports. For the first time in NFL history, a team came back from an point deficit to win a conference championship game. Speaking of firsts Earlier today, Lovie Smith became the first black man in the history of the National Football League to take his team to the Super Bowl after the Bears pounded the Saints and ended what had been a great Cinderella story.

In the playoffs, none of the three teams the Colts have faced have rushed for yards against the Colts rush defense. For much of this game, the Colts looked cooked. The Patriots went for it on 4th and 6 and converted, then followed that with a 7-yard Corey Dillon run for a touchdown, with no Colt even close; Dillon walked in. Manning could not connect with any of his receivers deep downfield - a testament to how incredibly well the Patriots played the Colts in coverage and how ridiculously good their defensive backs are even if they do make a lot of un-called contact.

I thought Ed Reed was a disruptive defensive back - the New England secondary was all over every play, until late in the second quarter, when Manning finally started looking underneath to Dallas Clark who had 6 balls for yards, by the way. By contrast, the Colts looked horrendous in coverage, leaving wide stretces of the field open, and Tom Brady put passes there every time.

The Colts were unable to get any penetration on Brady, who had what felt like years to look downfield for receivers - seemingly a waste of time, since all he really needed to do was look underneath. The Patriots, on the other hand, got to Manning a lot - and Manning even got to himself once. With left in the first half, Manning dropped back and swung around to his right. With no options at receiver, he slid to end the play, not quite making it back to the line of scrimmage. By rule, that goes as a sack, which was credited to Eric Alexander.

But if you saw the game, you saw what happened - Manning sacked himself. The next play was a real sack - Roosevelt Colvin, who was born and raised in Indianapolis and went to college at Purdue, dropped Manning for a loss of 11 yards. On the next play, Manning failed to get the play off before the play clock ran down, and was called for a delay penalty.

And yet in spite of all that, the Colts managed to win the game - in spite of what was not a great game from Manning and would have been downright atrocious, not to mention a loss, if Dallas Clark had not been there to finally make Manning look like Manning againin spite of a running game that was only so-so until Addai ran those three perfect little yards for the touchdown that gave the Colts their first lead.

It was appropriate that Addai be the one to get that touchdown - the one that gave the Colts their first lead and wound up providing the margin that won the Colts the right to play in the Super Bowl. It was a play that Edgerrin James could never have made - the kind of play that cost the Colts the game the last time New England came to Indianapolis.

Despite some poor play-calling, a slew of dropped balls, and an yard Ellis Hobbs kick return that set up a Jabar Gaffney touchdown that Dungy challenged. The play stood, which was the correct call - it was one of the best end zone catches I have ever seen. Gaffney got one foot inbounds, barely, and also managed not to step out of bounds at any point while roaming the back of the end zone before the ball was thrown to him. There were some nice Colts plays - they were just few and far between, and were virtually nonexistent until the last drive for the Colts before halftime.

The second half featured the tackle-eligible play in which Manning connected for his only touchdown pass, the Manning quarterback sneak for a touchdown, and the Jeff Saturday fumble recovery for a touchdown.

And now another first - this was the first time in NFL history that two offensive linemen scored touchdowns in one game. And not quite a first, but something unusual - Manning had a total of zero rushing touchdowns in the combined, and seasons. In the season, he has had five rushing touchdowns. The Patriots also played pretty clean football, which is unusual for them, at least when they play the Colts - the only fake injury was near the beginning of the game when Richard Seymour pretended to be hurt, but he actually ended up sitting out a lot of the game, so he may actually have been hurt.

But he might just as well have been faking, too. If it were any other team but the Patriots, that would not have occurred to me, but playing dirty is one of the things that has helped New England win three of the last five Super Bowls. You take advantage of the rules when you can - Manning likes to catch the opposite team with twelve men on the field and call a quick snap, which results in a penalty. They also have one of the most poised quarterbacks I have ever seen play the game.

Tom Brady has no fear - and will literally stand there in the pocket until he finds an open receiver. The Colts had just enough to win. It feels pretty good right now, even though the game was so ugly. But for a guy who has had to endure so much criticism in the face of such great play for so many years, I really hope that Manning has the kind of game in Miami that he has had so many times here in the Hoosier Dome - yards, 4 touchdowns, maybe a naked bootleg for a rushing touchdown.

That would be a great end to what has been an odd season - sometimes frustrating, sometimes inspiring, and now, the best season the Indianapolis Colts have ever had. Sunday, January 21, One Billion Dollars. I never thought that going to work would make me this rich. Was I ever wrong. Wrong as wrong could be, boy howdy. There I was, just minding my own business, milling about the lobby, when I happened to notice a piece of paper lying on one of the racks that hold our FLM magazines.

I ambled over. Glory be - and I say this in almost all honesty - there it was, a billion dollar bill. Some yo-yo had left a billion dollars just lying around for me to find.

Oh Hosanna, oh don't you cry for me. It was almost the same size as real money, and bore colors similar to those found on the new twenty dollar note. But, oh was this one worth so much more than twenty little dollars. Have you ever lied?

Stolen anything? Used God's name in vain? Unless one or more of those, including the last one, was a foul tip, I'm out of there. Good thing there are web sites for future brimstone fodder such as me. One of them, pimping a radio and, apparently, TV program called The Way Of The Master which actually sounds kind of cool, until you remember that Bruce Lee is deadis just sort of run-of-the-mill evangelical propaganda, including many examples of "actual" telephone conversations in which people who had been having doubts about their faith were firmly informed that anything less than full frontal faith in Jay-zus would mean death by wood-chipper and a lifeimte of burning in hell.

That's where they get those videos of fireplaces that you can play on your TV so it makes it look like you have a fireplace. Those are sinners burning in hell - Heathens Gone Wild! Anyway, a second web site pimped on the billion dollar bill was for Living Watersan online portal full of evangelism resources although, oddly, it makes no mention of where they stockpile all the hot air - and this one actually had something that made me laugh out loud.

Really hard. I was half afraid I was going to wake Amy up. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? There's a board game you can get.

Swear to I mean it. There's a board game you can get - apparently people around the world have been clamoring - clamoringI tell you - for this kind of game, and now, AT LAST, it's available.

It's called Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution, and here's the tag line, which I promise, Dave Barry style, that I am not making up: "At last, a board game that reveals the insanity of perhaps the greatest hoax of our times - the unscientific 'theory of evolution.

So much for that, I guess. I suppose it is safe to say that the people behind this board game will not be working with the people I wrote about yesterday, the ones who are going to work on global warming with the scientists. There are literally tens of millions of people in this country who buy into this kind of nonsense - depending on where you glean your information, the number is between forty and one hundred million people.

But hey, before this gets too dark and scary, let's go back to the first web site I mentioned, The Way Of The Masterand end on a light note. One of the little menus on their web page leads you to a News page which you can get to by clicking on the above linkwhere they tell you what they're up to, what's new and exciting in their corner of the Internet. The News page contains not one, but two, jokes about people with only one tooth, and it also talks about the upcoming new design of their web site.

They say that it's going to be a "spanky" new design. Not "brand spanking new," which was probably what they meant. No, a "spanky" new design. Again, I have to reiterate that I am not making any of this up. I swear to Labels: Religion. The first part is George's - the swipe at the drug companies is mine. Apparently this means showing the world that the two nearly diametrically opposed groups of hominids can, in fact, agree on at least one thing.

I started to write some pretty cynical commentary on this story - such as the timing of the announcement of the plan and the somewhat empty nature of the rhetoric in the press release. Politicians and Christians are oh-so-good at talking without actually saying anything - and that makes this somewhat hard to swallow. The science of global warming is nigh on overwhelming, but there are still far too many Appalachian-Americans and their ilk - the Appalachians not, obviously, being transcontinental down the long axis of the country whose only experience with books is with The Good Book.

And for every Al Gore who goes on tour with the truth, there is a Michael Crichton who is only trying to sell books. Okay, that got a little bit cynical. But it could have been worse. Of course, I was positive about the sequel to Jurassic Park when I heard about that project. Ah well Labels: Progress. Hey, how about this Yesterday it was Scott, to liven up your sports world, and today it is Hillary, to liven up your baked goods world.

Backen Backen Backen promises to delight the reader with well-told treatises on the art of baking, as well as with candid descriptions of the foibles sometimes encountered while practicing said art. She makes a mean Snickers-stuffed peanut butter cookie. Perhaps one day she will open her own bakery, so that all the townsfolk may partake of these delightful cookies. This would be splendid.

Labels: People. Thursday, January 18, Yards! Just a quick little shout-out tonight, to make it known that my buddy Scott has entered the Blog-O-Verse. Scoot's Random Thoughts has just lately gone live - and if you thought I blogged incessantly sometimes about sports, just wait until you head over to Scott J's blog.

He'll hit you with way more sports than I will, and he will have better information on it than I will. The Colts are pretty much the only team I follow with any consistency - although I do like college basketball and will probably do a bit o' blogging about the NCAA tournament when that rolls around in March, especially since it looks like my Indiana Hoosiers might have a chance to win a game or two in the tournament this year.

For a wee bit of background, Scott is my best friend, and we have been best friends since high school, back in the day at Warren Central before the football team was any good. They actually used to lose football games - some quite spectacularly. We went to college together for a year at Indiana, too - and Scott said hi to Bill Raftery once as we were leaving a basketball game at Assembly Hall. That's neither here nor there, you understand - but it is the kind of goofy stuff we used to do back in college.

There was once an incident at Taco Bell - the story appears in a fictionalized, embellished version in the novel I am writing provided, of course, that said novel ever actually appears. Ah, the good old days! Welcome to the full-on blog-fest, my friend. Good times, noodle salad Over the years, he has worked with Tommy Shaw, whose zenith with Styx occurred at roughly the same time as, or perhaps a bit before, that of Blades, on a collaboration album and in an earlys band called Damn Yankees.

Blades and Shaw are set to release, in February, their second collaboration album, called Influencea record of songs by other bands that Blades and Shaw have recorded, apparently to let the world know about some of the music they came up on. Upon hearing that this song had been recorded by Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades, I decided that the time had finally come to kill myself.

Which is sort of odd But then, that kind of music has always provoked strong feelings in me. Sometimes I hear songs done by bands other than the one who recorded the song, and I just want to And then there are times when the new version is even better than the original version, although I think this happens less often than the new version sucks ass.

I heard this song a couple of years ago when Jason and I were still working for Another Major Competitor in the movie theatre business. It was 39 years ago when the album John Wesley Harding was released.

I was not alive 39 years ago. My parents had not yet married 39 years ago. Oddly, though, there was a dumb Texan in the Oval Office 39 years ago - one who escalated, against popular opinion, an unwinnable ground war in Asia.

Dylan wrote the song, but the best known version is the one done by Jimi Hendrix - and this is the best example of a song that was done better by the person who covered it. But it would, again, depend on how you phrased the question. If you asked who wrote the song, and asked it of people my age or older, the more musically informed of them would say Jackson Browne, which is correct.

He wrote the song, and recorded it, but did not have a hit with it. Sometimes the results are mixed. Hell, bands sometimes even cover themselves. The song almost never became a hit. The version they recorded originally was all acoustic, but it never played well. For the album version, an electric guitar track was substituted for the original acoustic track. Is it the iconic nature of a song that makes it uncoverable? Hell, the world may never know. I apologize to anyone who set themselves to reading this post with the hope that eventually I would get around to the point.

I am afraid that I have failed to include one here. What I fear that I have done is to loosely collect random observations with the hope that something central would emerge. That seems not to have happened. Sometimes what I do here is try to spur discussion. It does not always work as well I hope it will. Somerset Maugham. This is part of the One Book, One City program that Indianapolis got on board with a few years back - a program wherein people submit to the library their ideas for books that they would like to have everyone in the city read at roughly the same time.

The library then whittles the list down to a number of finalists, and the winner is selected, if I recall correctly, by a panel of library folks, the mayor, and probably some others. I half expect one of them to be chosen probably the formerbut would be impressed and surprised if the choice were something a bit less under the radar - such as Palm Sundaya non-fiction book of essays, speeches, and other bits that he has written over the years, Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr), and one that sings something of a song about Indianapolis, where he was born and raised.

Labels: Books. It is no secret that I have been hard on the Colts this season, even when they were doing well. I was quick to praise them early in the season when things were going well, and I even hung in there and wrote about what happened when things were not going well. As the Colts went in their last seven games, I gradually stopped referring to them as the best team in the league - because, clearly, they no longer were.

The Chargers had stepped up to take that mantle away from the Colts, behind the incredible play of LaDanian Tomlinson and the emergence of starting quarterback Philip Rivers. I did not put that post into the Blog-O-Rama, though, because I decided that it was not fair to thrash the Colts after they had done so well in their first playoff game. But I still did not believe that they were going to go to the Super Bowl, much less win it.

I have gotten my hopes up way too much over the last couple of years, only to see those hopes dashed up against the cliffs of reality, to get that excited about the Colts WITHOUT some proof that they had the game to back it up.

Now they have gone and beaten the Ravens, though - and they did it on the road, against a Ravens team that was much better in almost every respect than the Chiefs team that the Colts dismantled last week. The Colts, who gave up rushing yards per game in the regular season have given up a TOTAL of rushing yards in the playoffs, against two different yard backs. And last night I wrote a blog post about how the Colts were going to beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game in the Hoosier Dome next weekend, even though, at the time I wrote the blog, the Patriots had not yet beaten the Chargers to earn the right to play the Colts nex weekend for a spot in the Super Bowl.

I wrote that blog because I really believed that the Patriots were going to beat the Chargers, and because I really believed that the Colts would then beat the Patriots - behind four Manning touchdown passes, all of which could come in the first half. They have played football that has made me feel good and has been fun to listen to and to watch. But they need to do something equivalent in every game, because this is a team that is capable of dominating most teams in this league. The Colts have played football that is worthy of respect and admiration and extraordinarily verbose blog postings.

They have played the kind of football of which they have been capable all year, and they are going into an AFC title game - on their home field - with a full head of steam, to take on a team they have already beaten once this year. I told Amy a couple of weeks ago that three things needed to happen in order for the Colts to win the Super Bowl. The first was that they had to beat Kansas City; the second was that they had to beat Baltimore; and the third was that San Diego had to lose before the Colts got to them.

All three of those things have happened. Getting to the championship game of any sports league that has a legitimate playoff system OF COURSE means you belong there, because it means you have won Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr) games in the regular season to make the playoffs, and then won the games you were asked to play in the playoffs. You have survived the postseason system.

The person making the comments mentioned the Falcons, Giants, and Raiders, teams that have, in recent years, not performed well in Super Bowls. The Raiders played Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl - that would be the year Jon Gruden was hired to replace the fired Tony Dungy, who was fired because he could not manage to get his lauded Tampa Bay team to the big game. Gruden did it in one year, largely by bringing fire to the locker room and inspiring the same players Dungy had to play better football.

The Broncos in and were, quite simply, a team of destiny. John Elway was in the last years of his career, Rod Smith was in the prime of his career at wideout, and Terrell Davis - who won the MVP award for the year in which the Broncos beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl - was an unstoppable force at runningback. No team from the NFC was going to beat the Broncos that year. In all three cases although somewhat less so for the Raidersthe losing team was up against a team that was much, much better.

But all of those losing teams deserved to be there, because they won playoff games. The regular season is there so that deserving teams can demonstrate that they deserve to be in the playoffs. It has to do with how you play when you get there. How you play when you get there proves whether or not you deserve to WIN the Super Bowl, not play in it. Labels: NFL. Who are these guys and what have they done with the Colts? Who would have thought that the Colts could win not just one, but two and one of those on the roadplayoff games despite five Manning picks against a scant one touchdown?

Who would have thought the rush defense could hold the opposing running game to an average of This was a Colts team, you may recall, which gave up well over yards per game, on average, to the opposing tailbacks during the regular season. Clearly we have slipped into some Bizarro world where everything is topsy-turvy and nothing makes sense. Next thing you know, the Colts will be hosting the AFC title game I haven't fired up a Colts blog since they blew the Texans game a while back, though not because I have completely lost interest in doing so.

I'm a little bit superstitious when it comes to sports - and have therefore, of course, decided there must be a correlation between the Blog-O-Rama's silence with respect to the Colts and the fact that the Colts have not lost since my last blog about them. Over the course of the four versions, Cochran expanded his and his co-writers' concept of the song, seeking a wider audience.

Cochran would later go on to Miamiwhere he found moderate success playing nightclubs, with his band, CC Ryders. Jackie Gleason had Cochran on his television show several times. Cochran went into the ministryin later years; he doesn't talk about his rock and roll years anymore.

A long-running rumor held the song was based on an auto accident that killed year-old Jeanette Clark, who was on a date with J. Hancock, also 16, in Barnesville, Georgiaon December 22, It was the Saturday before Christmas; the pair were with a group of friends, riding in a Chevrolet, driven by Hancock, in traffic.

While traveling on U. Routetheir car hit a tractor trailer carrying a load of logs in rural Barnesville, Georgia; Clark, Hancock and Wayne Cooper were killed. Two other teens in the car were seriously injured, but survived. However, this tragedy could not be the source of the song, as it had been recorded in the summer ofmore than a year earlier. He re-recorded "Last Kiss", for release on King Records, indedicating it to Clark, a fact which probably explains association of the song with the tragic crash.

On September 18,Billboard Music Week printed a review of the song "Last Kiss" [6] and gave it three stars but said nothing about the song itself in the review. None of the records charted, failing even to reach the "Bubbling Under" level, although the record was a local hit in Georgia, before it disappeared. The reviewer said, "Blues, chanted in relaxed style, with a funky guitar backing. Derivative but a good job. Roush brought the song to a group that he booked around West Texas, the Cavaliers of San Angelo, with the proviso that singer J.

Frank Wilson was still with the band. Wilson joined the Cavaliers after his discharge from Goodfellow Air Force Base San Angelo, Texas inbut had left for a while, unsure of the future. Credit should be given also to Sid Holmes of San Angelo for founding the original Cavaliers band in c. He later discovered J.

Frank Wilson in the early s and invited him to join the band and did sign him. Holmes, a fine rockabilly guitarist, also taught future Cavalier Lewis Elliott to play bass guitar, and also brought Jim Wynne into the band to play piano. Sonley Roush would subsequently split the group to place lead singer Wilson with another musician or two. By this time Holmes had already left the group. Be that as it may, J.

The band worked all afternoon on the song, recording it over and over, with few pauses, for three straight hours, until Roush was satisfied with take number The record was first released locally, on Le Cam Recordsthen on Tamara Recordsbecoming a local hit. Eventually released on Josie Recordsa subsidiary of semi-major label Jubilee Recordsthe record became a national hit in the fall of Released on September 5,Josie spent 15 weeks on the charts, reaching number 2 on November 7, held out of the top spot by " Baby Love ", the second number 1 hit for The Supremeswhich spent four weeks in the top spot.

The Le Cam A disc running time is noted as 2m 14s, while both the Tamara Records release and the Josie Records platter have a time of 2m 25s, an second difference.

Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers had their first and only commercial success with "Last Kiss". Their cover version reached the top 10 in October, staying for eight weeks. It eventually reached number two on the Billboard Hot charts, [8] and also earned the band a gold record. Roush took a reconstituted version of the band, J.

The car drifted across the centerline and rammed head-on into a trailer truck. Wilson went on with the tour, though, taking only a week off. People still remember him coming out on the stage on crutches to sing "Last Kiss" and "Hey, Little One". The accident had a curious effect on record sales, nevertheless, pushing the song to number 2 it had previously stalled at number 3 on the national charts.

The Last Kiss album cover shows Wilson kneeling over the young woman portraying the dying girl. Supposedly, first printings of the cover showed blood trickling down the girl's face, but it was air-brushed out by the record company for fear that alienating parents would limit sales of the album. Wilson, with or without the Cavaliers, continued to record until He died on October 4,due to alcoholism caused by business stresses and pain caused from his injuries in the car wreck.

He was 49 years old. In"Last Kiss" was covered by the Canadian group Wednesday. Their version reached number two in Canada, number 1 on the Canadian Billboard charts and number 34 in the United States.

It is ranked as the 27th biggest Canadian hit of As a result of the popularity of Wednesday's rendition, the Cavaliers' version was re-released Virgo at the end of It reached number 92 in Januaryspending a total of five weeks on the Billboard Hot The original hit version re-charted five weeks after the version by Wednesday entered the charts. It Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam - The Ten Code: Radio Segments (CDr) reached number one in Iceland for six weeks and peaked at number two in the United States and Canada, making it the band's highest-charting single in either country.

The band eventually recorded the song at a soundcheck at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland in September of that year and released it as a fan club Christmas single. In the following year the cover of "Last Kiss" began to be played by radio stations and was ultimately put into heavy rotation across the US. By popular demand the cover was released to the public as a single on June 8,with the proceeds going to the aid of refugees of the Kosovo War.

This remains Pearl Jam's highest-peaking song on the Billboard Hot It peaked at number four on the Top 40 Mainstream chart. It later charted on the RPM Rock Report, where it reached number four and stayed there for two weeks.

It also reached number one in Iceland, staying at the summit for six weeks. Christopher John Farley of Time said, "It's a spare, morose song with Vedder's voice warbling lovelorn over a straight-ahead drum beat.

Going back to basics has put Pearl Jam back on top. The rarities album's title Lost Dogs may refer to the subject of Winner's song "Der Deitcher's Dog", a dog that cannot be found, despite its description.

The song has a long tradition in Latin American popular music. Mexican singer-songwriter Gloria Trevi released her version of the song inpeaking at number 36 in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. During the late s, "Last Kiss" was covered by the Asparagus Valley Cultural Society and was also sometimes performed as the encore to their show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Last Kiss disambiguation.

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Stand By You - Pride Of Lions - Live In Belgium (CD, Album), Comboio - Various - Folclore De Angola Rebita 75 (Cassette), The Great Escape - Atlanta Rhythm Section - Champagne Jam (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - Emilie M Gmackrr* & Andrea-Jane Cornell - Avant-Plans Et Bruits De Fond (CDr), Shakin Me Up - Maxine Nightingale - Its A Beautiful Thing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Asphalt Queen - Vibravoid - Scores (DVDr), Roving Reporter - Keith Mansfield / Alan Hawkshaw - The Big Beat (Vinyl, LP), Squeeze Me - Fargo (3) - F (Vinyl, LP, Album), Minden Fasz Menni Amerika - Ganxsta Zolee És A Kartel - Hatalmat A Népnek! (CD)


  1. May 30,  · UMG, Pearl Jam (on behalf of Monkeywrench Records); UMPI, LatinAutor, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor - UMPG, CMRRA, Sony ATV Publishing, LatinAutor - SonyATV, Global Music Rights LLC, and 8 Music.
  2. r/PearlJamBootlegs: This is a place for all Pearl Jam fans to request, post, and share their favorite PJ Bootlegs. NO STUDIO CONTENT PERMITTED!!! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. log in sign up.
  3. The set contains two CDs, four LPs, a DVD of Pearl Jam's previously unreleased "MTV Unplugged" performance, a cassette of demos, replicas of mementos from the collections of singer Eddie Vedder and bassist Jeff Ament, a vellum envelope with more ephemera and a .
  4. An "aftershow" known as "Radio Fritz" or "Checkpoint Charlie," similar to the Atlanta 94 radio show, broadcast only in Germany, featured Ed playing music and chatting with fans about life. This is being distributed by neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo in tandem with neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
  5. Oct 18,  · But in the band’s early days, Pearl Jam released singles for songs like “Alive” and “Jeremy” in foreign markets without a corresponding American release. Thus, if a fan wished to own a CD containing “Yellow Ledbetter” or “Footsteps,” he or she had to seek out the import of the “Jeremy” single. Imports weren’t cheap.
  6. Absolute Radio (originally Virgin Radio) is one of the UK's three Independent National Radio stations. New!!: R.E.M. and Absolute Radio · See more» Accelerate (R.E.M. album) Accelerate is the 14th studio album by American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on March 31, in Europe, and on April 1 in North America. New!!.
  7. "Last Kiss" is a song released by Wayne Cochran in on the Gala label. It failed to do well on the charts. Cochran subsequently re-recorded his song for the King label in It was later revived by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers, Pearl Jam and several international artists, including the Canadian group Wednesday, with varying degrees of success. The song was one of several teen tragedy songs .
  8. Mar 12,  · That’s one of my favorite ways to listen to Pearl Jam. You can do that on the All Pearl-Jam station on AOL Radio and here’s a setlist for a frigid Friday. 1 – I’ve Got a Feeling. 2 – Setting Forth (Eddie Vedder) 3 – Dirty Frank. 4 – Dissident. 5 – Down. 6 – Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (East Troy ).
  9. Start up 3. Soul Intro/Chicken 4. unknown 5. Radio Speaker 6. unknown 7. New Reggae 8. America 9. Fannie Mae Radio Speaker Outro Total Time: 56 min 10 CDs for audio burning This project contains 10 CDs worth of live Pearl Jam material. Included in this compilation is a version of every original song they have played live, as well.

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