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Download Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD)
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Jervia in a Hern voice. Poor father's tn priMm! Jerris coldly : " you must go to Mr. A[uther dared not coioe lu you. I hope you are not angry! You are an inlelligent liulc girl, and perfectly capable of chousing fur yourself.

And to leave litem! I sImuUI die of the very thought. Thank you for your offer. You're a dvar Hitic giri, and MBce yoa won't stay with me, I must e'en ga with you. The father anil mother who brought up soch a child must be worth bringing fwme. In very great towns, oa he other hand, folks trv too little of one another, and do not care a fttrawfor their near dwellers.

The place wa. S7 W two nsTal capUios: Uie ooe. I default of that dirersioD, to a parly of any sort, — lanco, supper, diiiDcr, rwit, nolhing conie ainiss to liini, although it mutt be oao- feswd that he liked the noisiest best. Oh, dear me! Moreover, 1 doubt if the habits of the middle nulla in England be as sociable nov as tbey then. The manners imntortaliaed by Austoo arc rapidly passing away. There is more of finerr, more of literature, more td accomplishment, and, above all, more of preten- sion, than there used to be.

And then, courteous reader, X too am thirty yean older. J stipreas akd balls. The public omuM-wMilt of thv town wt-re sober enough. Kvm wbrrc edct. Ianch Jy thai steals over the thoughts. DuralV famous briochrs aod narangles.

Duval bad not always Uted in the ooltagc by the Kriary. The pet of H. ISS riUavg family. The coulenied nnd most beloved inhabitant. So the Miss Lanes leained French i and Mrs. Duval ; tiiid on one dreary morning in January, specially, she opposed lirin by main and by might. She had had bad drcanift, tou ; and 31fs. Duval was he least in the world :'uper!

I'Abbc reasoned with her in vain. All Miss Smith's pu Hls are come bact fruu the holidays, nnd lltcy want their lessons, and they have brought the money to pay me, and 1 want ihv money to pay you, and I will bring you a pink rilibon ns bright as your checks, and t. I saw one great, tall, dangerous- looking fellow nl the door this tnoming, vho SiecmnI as if he had been listening ulini Ite talked of bringing money Itome : I should not wonder if he broke Into the house — and my dream, too!

Stay where you are, Louia. I won't hear of your going. Oh, my dream r exclaimed Mrs. I mutt go. Dural, '"Mr dreams always come true. Hcmemltcr ' Iht- pot I dreamt of your findini; in the ruins, ' and whieb, upon digging for, you tiid find. And look! I'crtuipa hh raaeter has ftlleo and hurt himM. I must go, and I wiU. His mother, afliT an instant of vaguv iMnic, rvcovered heraelf enougfa to alann the neighbours, and send nion; dfi- di-nt help than a lad of eleven years old to nuatX in ihv nearch.

With a beating heart the brave and affec- tionate boy followed lite dog, wbn Ird ujih a rapid pace and an occutonal low moan along tile high road to Chardley. How cDiiIdict thou think of running off" alone? What good could a lad like thcv do, frightening his [poor mother? And hark how I lie whines and barks, questing like! And see what a trampling tltere'e been here, and how the.

IM tbe lemves uocut. Her grief found Lia tears the coaifonAblt? Juho Gleve had accu- cminly. During the interval of his absence, — for such wax the power of the buy's intense feeling and evident intelUgenn- that the mngiittrateB did atop for him. Take it from him,"" rejninei] the ufScrr. The poor dog Hew at him instuntly. AVhat do you say to that evidence? You and the little dog are right, my good boy : this is the murderer, sure enough. There can be no doubt about committing him now.

He died confessing the munlcT ; and Bijou and Louis, somewhat sp- pca-vil by luiving brought the criminal to jus- tice, found comfort in Iheir mutual alfectiun, and in a tender rvoollectioii of tlivir dear old friend and master. Hv found, however, a friend in a surgeon of the neigh- bbourbood, a man of singular kindness and I brocvolcnctf, who employed him to carry out mcdicini.

But old Jolin was a evere master, and of his dogs many died, and many ran away. One point of his conduct was peculiarly striking. He constantly accompanied hifi mas- ter to church, nnd lay therv perfectly quiet during ihc whole service.

The cottage accordingly was shut up, and the inha- iHtantK, lirod with labour, went to lied nnd slept soundly; The people at a neighbouring cot. Wbclher I a. They still, it in true, cry " How disagreeable! I rooted old Koglish feeling.

At this very last fair, for inxtancc, we! The point to which ihiit was carried was really ladicnnts. Ben took poucsaion of the lelt.

If the one went a-mitting. Tbe onlj difficulty was the choice of an instru- ment. So Ben found it convenient to put aside that instru- ment, which, in spite of the ostler's producing from it a very rccpectable imitation of " Auld Lang Syne," Ben pronounced to be completely good for nothing.

Ben in want of breath! However, he got out of tbe tcrape, by observing, that it wat only oooimon dvility to bis friend, Mr. Tbomaft, to lay the fault on himself rather than un tbe Sutet which, as Ben sagaciously, nod, I think, truly observed, wa. The lain? SS7 httolcTable soue wbkb tfae enriiptuml laiU' bourioist was pleaaed to call uitisJc. The porchascr had ex- hausted his fuade; everybody was too much out of humour with the noise to think of coiw tribuling money to promote its renewiU, and any oitiei' boy would have ilespaired.

I can prove the fact T roared Ben. Ackland, Em]- awigncd over to Daniel lloldfasl, Gmt. Ml tion, and so forth. Carry us be- tan the Mayor! And tho tamixiurine was brought home in triumph; and we are as much stunned as ever. StrphenV chiirch-ynnJ, fliHiniiig a! One drcumstance which haa probably con- tributed not a little to that want of change in ber ap[ earancG, which makes people who have been away from Belford for twenty years or more declare that everything was altered ex- MRS.

IS, cept Mn. There is a spice of coquetry in this ootlume—at least there would be if adopteil with mtlice fticpcnse, it is fio becoming. There was not abolder talker in all Belfonl than Mrs. Hollis, who saw in the course of the day people of 'all ranks, from my lord in his coronet carriage, Lto the tittle boys who cami?

As a gossip she was iocampar- able. If one told a piece of news out of Mrs. HoIHh's shop, it was almoiit an eren wager that it was sub- riiuitiiilly correct. One wonders bow ahe lives ihniujih tbe exdienient, and how she oontrives lo obtain and exhibit the state of the poll alnoel OS it seems before the candidates them- selwa can know the numbers. It oven pats her Bober-vuited attirv out uf counlenancr.

At these limes Mr. Holhs for there was sudi Bl t. And ra aho did. Never was vice-queen more po- lUr, or more fortunate, both in her subjects ad her territory. Quite shut out the town by the sudden and prrcipitoux of the hill, it opcncxl to a cliarminfr view of Kennct, winding through grwn meadows, 1 UBS. But the real chann of her cuuntenancv was its expression. So deep was her affliction, that Irs. He had wnrkvil! Soone people do catch prcutiarilia of tone.

Hownrd, difpow of the shop wlikfa was htr itwn. Poor Patty was unfortunate enough to be i-ouned by Mr. S5S Ins opponents put together. Woe to the cause which he advocated! And titv wliglc world can't stop him. If he would but rat now! Samuel Vicars continued a Kefuniier. He called every day to dcsctnt on the dear subject, and feed Mrs. Howard, giving him nolicf that in six monlhs she lioiild relin- quish the garden, discharged her new foreman OQ the spot, and ordered Patty to prepam tu marry tlto hairdresier without let or delay.

Poor Patty! Lane '. I shan't Iw crud, I promise you. Tlwugh you might do better in the way of ntuney, I vould rather look to characUT. Aod as to being married to that whipper-snap. And mud consoled by ibeae kind promiHw. Her animosities, which vanished almost as she gave them utterance, had do sympathy with such eternity of hatred. Even her rival and competitor, Mrs. All the county attended them, and our country belles never showed to so much ad- riuiiage as side by nidtr by their rivals the Sowers, giving thenMtdves up with their whole baatts to a delighted admirstton of the loveliest productions uf Nature.

Andrew Graham waa tot. Patty from the first had beni an enthusiastic admirer of the whole plan, and Mrs. Fartlter Mrs. UoUia was too discreet to inquire. She knew that they did not come from Andrew, for iii;i chsTBicteT set suspicion at dvfiviin; ; hut all bis frieodB might not be equally scrupulous. Silence was safest.

Howard, and Wiltiam Rdd. In less than a monlli 11h- youDg couple were married, and the very next day Mr. H pleasant; one Itecnnte fathHuuble because related to a bahioDable poet, whUil aaoltii. But the itMliiTerence of MiM Lisle was so obviously genuine, that the most Miperticiul coxcomb that buzzed around hrr could bArdly suspect its reality. It puailed and piqued them. Richard Lisle, her father, a secood son td'the aBcient family of Lisle of Lisle-End, had been one of those roeo born, as it seems, to for- tune, with whom every undertaking prospers through a busy life.

Of an anient nnd en- terprising temper, ai onoe imfictuous and ob- stinate, be had mortally oBended his fatlier and elder brother by refusing to lake orders aod to accept in due season the family Itvings, which lime out of mind had been he pruTUioQ of the second sons of their illutitriotis house. Both, of course, were to blame ; equally of course, each laid the bUtnc on thel other.

Perhaps the governor's intentionn migtit be the kindest. The negotiation failed completely. This might be partly ascribed to their uoivertal love for the young stiuire Hetiry, vhoK influence among the pour fairly balanced that of Conittance among the rich; but tlie doef causa was certainly to be found in the character of the governor himself.

Only read that letter," resumed Sir Henry ; and his unde, tnirbing with some difficulty hik natural impaticncf, opened and md tJie paper. S8T my sulrr Mrs. She would like, she said, a pltaure-vefisd on that pretty lake. Now I may not wll, or let, or alienate — but surely 1 may lend.

Will you tdl her thin? I vi-rily bdievet Constance, that you meiui tu die un old maid. Are you ill? And so, my dear father, as you told uie the otlivr day that now that I am of age I ought to make my will, I have just beni following your ndvice.

NWII, kin- Maiice! But wliom have you made jour heir? Vour maid, Nannctlc? I have left Biv property where it will n-rtainly be useful, and I think well used — to my cousin Henry ctf Lii-le-End. P F echoed Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD) father, Hmiling, and then M-nding forth it short loud whullc, eloquent of pleasure and ailtonixhiiiL-iit. Ix't sec — there musi be a six month:.

It was the dt. It is the natural habitation of the opeeiea. S99 if any body clmt in the county could lurpwK tbem. But the school of schools in Belford. It; lumM-If, or hj hii brother Cftpuin foun. Pcopte arc rer; kind to tne in every way, and in nnthlng tdader than in lupplying my little garden with flowcra: ana fciad riaud Mods m met, another datilia!

SOS the school. The guests who hod a general invita- lioii to hia table would almost have Riled it. So most undoubtedly did his fine countenance. It roust have been k real punisliment to have diiturbed the wrcniljr of those fude plftdd features, or the Mweetness of tlint benevolent smile.

Benevolence wa. If lie were beloved by his piijiils, his sweet sod cittx'ltent wife wax uIiiipxI idii! So knh the friendship's lovvly knot. It is. The fuundatioi waa subject to a triennial visitation of the Headsof someof the Houses at Oxford. So, from MS. Everything conduced to the success of the perimeDt.

It to happened that the old. If it bad been larger, the it- lusion whidi gave the appearance of men and women to the young performers would have been destroyed, and the effect of the groufung much diminifthed by the comparative unim- portance which!

No one that enu-red the house could doubt her sincerity of wek-oine. However crowded tlic npartments might be, the gentle hostess had heart-room fur all.

Perhapa the training of tbi- female characters Tou I. Fancy he vain attempt, by cold cream and chickco- skin gloves to remove the stain f f the sum. Fancy the rebellion of thi- lad, and hiN hatred of slays, and his horror of paint, and ihe houtand droll incidents that, partly from accident and partly from design, were sure to happen at each re- hearsal, the rchrarsal of an English tragedy at a real theatre is comictd enough.

Heaven kttows! The masterpieces of the Greek rtage wvn prrformod not only with a critical accuracy in the delivery uf tlie text, but with an animation and ft-rvnur which utarknl all the itfaades of feeling, as if the young actors had been accuatumed to think and Ig feel in Greek.

The effect produced upon the audi- ence was commensurate with the excellence of the performance. The principal scenes were fell as truly a. These were always written by old pupils of tht: school, and I cannot rcMri the fmat Mr.

And be proAue of wcaltli and lift — in tprcoh. Yet, if with ihem some classic pact abide. Unnit limi, Fttti Simi. Stephen Lane became pwbh-offlcer of Sunhnm. Our good butcher was fairly posed, and, what was worse, his adx-ersary knew it. On t ic broad question, the principle uf tlie thing pro o90 1, our good ex-b itdier was pretty sure to be victorious ; but io the detail, the clauses of the difTcrcnt measures, Mr.

There was no putting dovn Jacob Jones. To him her accent wan iovariably vharp, and aotir, and peevish, and contradictory. She lectured him whpi ai bome, and rated him for going abroad. Never luid luidrr of a party a more devoted wUiiTent ; and abating his one fault of weakneu, a fault which brought its own punishment, he was a partisan who would liave dune honour to any cause, — honest, open, true, and generous, — and one who would THE POULTEREH.

He even, vrhen unuitttidly eh-viited with punch, his favourite liquor, would declare that be did not mind her at all ; what harm cuuld a woman's scolding do?

Lane's removal was a terrible stroke lo Pcfer. Lane's kind and prensing invitations to come and tee them at Sunbam. His sister's abtioiioe or presence had ceased to make any lifTcrence in him; his spirits were altogether gone, and his very bear! He was quits unaccompanipd, imlnft, indeed, bis pet do. Our good friend Ste- phen was neither. Who can describe or remember thi; visions of half an hour, the rvoulhTCtioiiN of ludfu mile?

A wonderful line animal! They sat down on a bank of turf, and inoaa, aoti tliyiue. Marry, and turn her out of doors! Sally ClemeniA! But does Sally like you? We'll get her and her grandmother to my house to-mor- row, and my wife will we to the fioery. Off with you, man '. I Buioes Mrji. Thert was no love lost between them.

S7 tub, and whtnt doircd to ki? SingletoD rccotumeDded so strongly to hin no- tice and protection. And as time wore away, this ] crsua! Send him into the world, lliat's the place for him. Put him into the army, and I'll answer for his success. Pray, if you arc not a beggar. Sooth to say. Beudes this, be had always had ad innate passion for the water. Singleton expected such miracles.

I'iint he would be a sailor was Tom's fimi resolution. Uis only doubt was whether to accomplidi the object in the rcgidor manner by appriiting Mrs. Martin and Mr. Martin, vHo tiapjicned to be in the ebop talking to Mr. I will go lo sea; and if jou won't let me, I'll run away," Mr. Singleton, remembering, perhaps, lie prediction of the good Doctor, yielded.

A niidshiptnan, however, he was. NoiM mha had bMB hlBd la hia vm tar. The head ititeir was full of manlincM and expression. No Bclford beauty vu, bowrvcT, dostincd to csptivnlc thr brave Mllor. Po you innko any stay at Portsmouth. I don't think her so; or, rather, I prefer the heiress.

I have the honour to be their griardinn, and if eilhtY should hit your fancy, you have my free leave to win her and wear her. Lacy was a lady-like elderly wntnan, a 48 TBB sailor's wbddino.

Snail enjoyment had Mn. The aatlors, who, like iofft aitd children and women, and all other croUares who have not spoilt their fine natural TQL.

BO THE sailor's wedding. Tbey took all poinble can? They actually preferred her pretty face to the figurcv-hcad of tbe Laodamia. And Captain Lyrxlham, himself an cnthuuai. You would like Saiw bury Manor. You mutt not take an avmion lo Sanbury. Hut nevertliehwi I am heartily glad tliat you are not the lieiresa of Sanbury, tx-catue I have been so fortunate with THK bailor's wedding. Lacy and Honor, at the old manor- hotisr, which had for su many years bven the fair bride's only home.

And your home too, [own dear hii. So much for t! Their feet had been to used to the paTemenl, that ibcy had loaf all rditli for thm-i daMk turf of the jjTvcnuward.

Water- parlies were reserved for the fainilics of the neighbourhood. And perhaps the ladies of Belford were the wiser of the two. Far be it ttom mc to do- prectate the water! Gf : land to antwGT. Or even if the weather be favour- ablv, and the people well-assorted, which by the bye seldom happen? And even if these sort of mislups could be guarded Kgainst which ther cannotboating U essentially a youthful amusement. Acoordiiiglyt they stuck firmly to terra Jirma. One would have thought that the fair garriMn of Bi.

There was, however, always considerable lieni- tation, doubt, and delay in fixing on tlic favour- ed ncene of their traiu uil amitKcintirit. Colby herself, and the beaux of the Mrs. Colby was one of those pcrvoiie wliuse indomitable self-will does contrive to carry all before it. Ucavcn be praised, I kttow nothing of poetry! Bui they were siinplc inquisitora, bunglcrv id the great art of meddling with uther people's coBcems, aod Mra. Colby baffled their curiosity in the best of ttU ways — by seeming perfectly udcoo- tcJODs of having excited such a fi-cling.

Colby," Ituin from any direct ooniBiunication even to those with whom iihe was most intimate. It was only hj ilight indications that Mrs. Colby's designs became siiiipccted : — for in- itanee, her neighbour, Mr. Then she tumcd her attention towards Mr. Singleton, who, dear man, soon let her know, with his nceustomed simplicity, that he could not [MMudbly inarry till he got a living. Diaappoiuted in love, she devoted herself, aa the fashion is i amongst liulies of her class, to an exclusive and by no means uoprofitablc friendship.

He was a capita mimic, and had the faculty, pecu- liar lo that order of wits, of count erf riling not merely tone and Toice, and accent and expression, hut even the sense or nonsense of the person imitated ; spoke as if the same mind were acting upon the same organs, and poured forth not only? Si the smibrctti? The immediate olum of olFeact wnt, it must be confessed, provoking enough.

Colby herself. Colby's secret hopes. Since his arrival, loo, the gentlemen had been aui- duoas in their viMts and attentions: they had dined at Miss Blackall's, it company with Mr.

Colby hail blutthed and cried " Fie! Colby ulcing Mr. Duval and poor Louu. The vulgar appetite far the horrible, in all its ghastly and disgusting drtail. Won't your coddling make him more delicate? Oojy send him to me. As to the poor '. Duval, tauHag. H h t awn wtjt tar! Aod, ndining bnidc faim on tfar saar itnav, sat bis rqually faithftil oompaniao, IaoBKtuiwa reading one of the good Abba's books whicb, uncUinMd br any rdatioD.

Duval; Bonietiines pursuing, with irregular but succeuful ardour, the studies marked out lor him by his wnrrablc instructor : ami often ikctching designs for a monument, which it was the object of his affectionate day-dn. Gradually, however, his designs extended to other objects. A new lodger offered liitnwif nl the Friary Cot- tage, and of ull the lodgere that could have I been devised, one the most congenial to his dis- position, and the most calculated to foHtvr and mcouragc his predominant pursuit, Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD).

The stranger brought lo it talent, pnctioc, taste. The young sculptor was that rare thing, a man of genius, and of genius reflm-d and heightencti by cultivation. He died, leaving his beloved son to stniggle with the pcDury. On his return to Enfrland, Henry fotmd himwlf alone in tho world. Doubtless many a one butt felt, m. Moore, in one uf tbe finest songs that eren he ever wrote, iias depicted a glittering vessel, laden with fairy treasures, tailing lightly over a summer sea, followed by a little boat, rowed by one single mariner, dosely chasing yet never overtaking the phan- tom bark.

I'he sun rises and tlie nun sets, and still sees the magic ship floating onward, nnd the solitary boatman labouring after at one unvaried distance, ever near but never nearer — wearing away life and strength for nn illtision tlint mtx'kx whiUt it allures. At the Friary Cottage be found unexpected comfort. The griefs that were festering at the core, never appeared upon the surface. The lender cliarm of hU unite and the. HiH conversation waa gentle and unpretend- iugt and occasionally, when betrayed into speak- ing on hia own art, fcrrcnt ami enthusiastic.

His f! But all your female figures are more or Icia like that HelcD- She b your goddess of beauty. Strew about! And all ihe prida or cliivalry. Iinf tha auiborais- She hns thought it right to mentioti this to prertDt thr pDSiibility of ihcir being itlectcd for 'i aa biMnir by any other comparer.

BIcH thte 1 yet do curt qnilc forget : Oh, mmelinieii, lucneliaiei pity me t My tun of life n miy aei — Bui, Helen, I die bleuing thcc. KeaU had died young, am with liin talent uuueknow.

Id strenuous application to the ProccasioA, and lonely twilight walks, the sununer and part of tlx- autumn passed away. Lane I he won't Iteor itt it. But the expense! Duval, " bat's impofl.

You could no nMire gel bim to take aKHin than to send for a doctor. Illaa be waa, and capricious as is a sick man's appe- tite, our invalid, who, like everybody that had ever seen her, loved Margaret Lam- could not reject the viattds which came so recocniuvadMi. Dang it! But, my dejir Mr. Laup, what will yuu do with it? Lane, half affront in. And now icil me the price, for have it I will! The only work of bin now remaining at Bd- ford is a inonumeDt to the memory of ttie poor Abbo, executed from one of liouifc mou Ample designs.

Note 1. Was hwng a ntm buglv. Bow while l! MHmtmir ui slinrly levels, taoiaj fine. HI ttory with ihe delightful warmth with which geoermis people speak of generosity; — and I have now before me a lelttT from one of thu parties cunci-nii-d, which xtates the mnticr bd- In- still.

CoofierV face wtion he gave the order- he has a "ght to thu luxury of such a recol- lectinn. Carpenter I believe that I am right in the name gave Mr.

Cocijier a com- QtinJon for a piece, which was exhibited in liay at the SufTolk Street Gallery; and from that moment orders poured in, and the artist's fortune is made. It is right n add, that Mr. Cooper was generouhly eager to have this story made known, and Mr. Cribb as generously avente from its publication.

But surely tl ought to be recorded, for the example's sake, and for their fnntunl honour. At a word, he was an active, stirring, bunt ling personnjifr, whcMC life of mind and thorough unafieclednesn roode him univertally acceptable to rich ai d poor.

If Mr. Leslie erred on the side of unpretend- ingncM, his wife look good care not to follow his example : she bad pretcnsiuns enough of all torts to have set up twenty fine ladien out uf bcr mere superfluity. The niece of an Irish baron and he sister of a Scotch counteM, she fairly wearied all her acquaintance with the titles of her relatives. Except in the grand matters of jiedigren and matcb-tnaktng, my good frieiKl Mrs. A family likeness rdgncd througltout these productions.

She hiui a. Leslie's manccuvres, the rise, dcclino, and fidi of her tcvcrnl schemes, I soon peroeivvd that Ker hopes and plans were in full activity on the pmvnl occanion. He asked Mary Morland one day " whether she knew what her brother and Sir Arthur were about?

So that the end of Mrs. It IB above fiftwn hundred a-yrsr, with a Urgfi houw, a fine garden, and a park-like gUbc, Ia]tof[ether a residence 6t for any lady ; and it oomna at a moment in which such a piece of preferment is doubly welcome, lance tite first part of my petition relates to him.

Letlic, with an arch nod. The gjfl was in her. Not only has Molit-re boateii, at was. Ford had hinted, wmild doubtless not be so blind to his own inlereiit as to neg- lect to take her mock Stilton, with so small an incumbrance an a wjur.

Things, however, bad gone too far. So Simon marmd. Jooes, was a Umb. She complained of the smell. DuTiag ihe y:m. Fjnd it where he would, much need had poor Mr. Totukins of comfort. Before hia marriage, he had Wea n spruce dappvr liUle iimn, with blue eye! His dearest friends did not know him. The whule man was changed — ahruiik, Snivelled, withered, dwindled into nothinfr.

I wonder wlui Mm. The tftml of his youth waa drparted. The roan was evidently in an atrophy. He lingered through the first twelve mouths after their mar- riage, anl early in tJie second he died, leaving hit widow- in cxvellcnt circumstances, he pm.

Pierre I. People said but wlmt will not people say? Tomkins's diop, reaaon enough lo keep her uDt of ii to the end of time.

Not a fault could Mrs. Picrrr Lebtanc downward. There was no foresee. What put that in your head, 1 wonder? El oe lui douDenn jainaas que du tounncni. Je cnii. Main, ma tnbro. I9e ms. Si oe baa moameu-ik n'j dugna conipntii I comma. Adieu, ma bru ; jn oe Taui plot rien dire. VOL n. So early as threv or four o'clock ia the momiag. SuurdaT M Dom U indeed the very time to sw Betftvd, which id geoetml has the fault, not uncDauiDoa in prorincial tuwtu, of wuiting bttrtle- Tbe old maricet-place, ilwajn pictu- mque from its shape an unequal triangleita sixe.

We arc persons of great regularity io our Muudl aflairs of every class, from the petty dealings of housekeeping to the larger com- merce of acquaiotaoceship.

They are, aa it happens, dvil, honett, and re- spectable, the first people in their line in the fioftd town of Belford ; but, were they oiber- wtse, the drcumsianee tr-nild hnrdly aJfcct our htvincible constaney- The world is divided between tho two great empires of habit and novelty ; tlie young foUowin;; Pfvlty generally in the train of tite new-faitgled sovereign, whiUt we of ftB elder generation adherr with tdmiUr fidelity to the emcitu rigimt.

No- thing could Ik more beautiful than the scene. On every side, steep, shelving banks, clothed with magnificent oaks and bL-echu, the growth of cenlurios, dnooKlcd gradually, like some vast ampiiitltvatre, to a clear, deep piece of water, lying like a mirror in the midst of the dark woods, and letting liglu and nunshiiip into the picture.

A goodly faggot-pik. As I approached. Perhaps tlie popularity of the vender bad something to do with the rapid sate of her poullry.

The aAernoon, although bright and pleasant for the season, was one of those in which the sun sometimes amuses himself Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD) playing at bopeep.

But itw bet is. S15 " And a fine fcrmer'a wife 'GuBta Brookn will make! Laok at tkca dnty fate cf pifHV cried Mkttbew. Tdce the 1D01W7, man. KinUy't ftccUent house in Quvcn-ittreet, remained on- rung nttn terra to tenn. And, per- baps, niany of the striking rliscrepancies thiil existed betwocn them in charaercr and situii- tion tended to fetter their miitujd affection rather than to check its growth.

To Nat, little ftccustonwc! There was a spice of romance in the affair too, — a horse that had run away, or had been like to run away, and had been stop- ped by the oouragt!

She soon, however, forgot this evil in the bustle and ex. He took a pasture-farm about holf-n-milc off, stocked it with cattle, built a fancy dairy, and bought a fiuck. These were his graver extravagances, his business way of spcuding money. She did noteeeue lo love him; perhaps she would have suffered less if she had. Kinlay hod permitted her to adopt. One or two of his old Cranley friends remembered, too, a vogue story concerning a pretty country girl in that tidghbuurhood.

Sbe had died — and some bad said that kIu- had died in childbed, about four years before ; and her luuitc hod bcvn Hetty.

Kinlay, there was ibnut her a touch of thought fulness and of me- lancholy, a mild and gentle pentivencss, not a hitle striking in so young a gir. His oun relations had forgiven him : — why should not his wife's? He played higher than ever, biiiight hnxMJ-mares and merino flocks, took shares in canals and joint-stock eouipaniea; and having jn his prosperous days had the ill fortune to pick [np at a country broker's a dirty, dingy land- 33i HBSTSa. Only a month be- fon.

A wretched home wits thdrs;— smnll without comfort, noisy without checrfuIneM, wanting even the charm of ctean- Unesi or the m. Nat, always quick, adroit, and ncnt-handcd, hud lM:eu in his youth a skilful engroHter ; and Mr. Bui this was a solace that became more aud more rare; the attacks of disease prcsKd on him with increasing frequency and addcnl severity, and Mrs.

Kinlay and Hoittcr were the chief bread-winners of the family. Influenced by theoe sutpicdous, Mrs. Colby, who felt at once dcfrAuded and aiTront- ed by not being able to answer the natural questions rv4]H-cting her opposite nvighbottr, and out even knowing whether she had an oppoute neighbour or not, took an opportunity one fine nwrning, when both the young and the old woniun were at the door, the one at her usual itcrubhery, the other taking in some butcher'.

Tbe man was evi' denlly that plant of English growth coIUkI an oildity. Colby been able to extract from tlto poetman. He oould not even tell her wtiat the jiapcrs were; mnd cbefdt that it would somtwrhat Imve iniligated tbc fever of curiosity to know whether Mr. Now he was worse than the Veiled Prophet — the most provoking puzzle in ex- Intcijcc! This feeling was shared in no small degree by our friend King Hnrwood ; for if curitwity ever were a female munogtoly, which, by the by, I have not the slightest intention of Hclniit- ting, that time has long since paxsed away, and this identical pcisonage, Mr.

Colby to storm Mr. What paMcd bdwecn llwtD, we have no buaioew to know. Carltoii did not ; ertn Mrs. Carlton was a brute t Upon which encourage- ment, Mrs. Carlton, nod compelled by hia manner to plunge at once into the affair!

Colby futmd it convenient lo take tip her paper. H and march off, as her luckless predecessor had done before her. From this time Mr. This WHS undoubtetlly htx chief reason; although! Tall of her age — slender and graceful, though rather with a bending willowy gnioc — tlian the erect deportment of the dancing-school — with a profusion of curling.

And her mind was as charming as her jK-rson. Wholly unaccomplished, since fur accotnpliah'- nienls iiic hjtd liiul no time, iihe had yet ii.

Neither she nor Mrs. Kinlay had made any inquiry respecting titeir opjiositv neighbour, the occupier of the houte where thry had lived for so many years. Boyd— who had lived with Mrs. Kinlay being both in the room, sair him issue from his own door followed by the beautiful Italian greyhound, and exclaimed at its resem- blance to her own regretted pet, her faithful Juliet: "Never was ouch a likeneas!

Pmy look '. Bo;d; and bv tbc iBBe aba amred, Mn. Again and again vias. Kinlay or of Mrs. Boyd ; but respect in t ie one instance and deli- cacy in llic other — and, above all, tin- curly aiul salutary habit of self-restraint — withheld her fixun touching on tlie subject.

P ing him in bcr anas, s ic took refuge witli tier frighieiiod clurgc in a ri-fjiectable shop. There she sat down wiih him in ber Tap, and soothed and caressed tiim until liisfi. Romeo naiched for Hester, and Heetcr watched for Roturo.

Carlton knew of their meetings,' never appeared. I tts exqiMMK pafune for its ttVmdk. To my mind, Miw Hester favours Sally — only ahe'd ntore delicate, like. VOU II. The sunshine, the flowers, the hum of inscctx, the song of birds, the delicious hri-ath of spring, and, mure than nil, that fi.

Kinlay read Shak- speore, or recite some of the stirring lyrica of bis contemporaries, had been the chief solace of hor moootnnous labours. Kinlny, and was the uninten- tioiul auditressofa conversation which cleared at once the mystery tliat had hitherto hung over Mr. The first nentence that she heard rooted 'Hcitpr to the spot. Klicabeth, those tears luiil sobs seem to rettpoud to my feelingH. Come with me, m the cuonfiut mad kAmcc ot ny old age, and find bealib and hap- piness io the abode of your youth!

What would bo her fate? Her mother has lung been dead. Poor I am — grievously [toor ; — but In giving up your afTection, 1 re- sign mope than riches. But say, Good Vye! Bid Ood bleu me! Do not leave to me beron- yoa. On the Friday of llic ensuing week, a low and timid knock was heard jiut befotv nutiMt at the bouse of Mr. Slw "till wore mourning for Mr. CaHton beard in at-'. Bui 1 fould not move ; 1 was as if spell-bound lo the plaee. Bui that which I roolly was, 1 never sujipected, — far less that I had been the means uf separating my benefactress fnnii Hiich a kinsman — such a friend!

Her husband —oh, bow kind iher have been I — ber good generous i b nesTBR. Couiiiis in some needlework. Wlutt a thing to part from such a friend for ever as if we were to meet to-morrow! Rtlded Mr. I must give you Komco, HcMer ; for he iwa given you the beat part of him, that loving heart of his, long ago.

Tu think of her hariDg taught VOL. All spoke of affluence, of taste, of innocent enjoyment. To breathe that fragrant air, to gaze on thai lovely landscape, wax to Hester unminglcd hnppincsE. One chaunt of the season particularly haunt- ed her. And then again the straiit! Oti, what a sweet place it is. Kiolay, and dear Mr. Oh, how happy I am! Thw DAy-hmme, now! Carlton and Mra.

Kinlay in the back-ground, delighted witnesses of the joyful meeting. He claspttl her in his arms, and kiracd her as he would have ki-'ised the daughtei- wliom he fancied shfe resembled ; and then, scixed with a Mudden recollection of the difference of station, be beg- ged pardon, and let her go.

And R miii! I'oor, pretty Romeo! Btit Mr. With the dcdine of the artificial curacdy, these two grand divi-dons amongiit women. I Kb to the acted drama. The " words of fear" in question were " satirical " and " wn- limvnlal. Pratt's cxijiiitite pncm of Sympathy," — KIi.

It hod, however, certain recomnu-nda- tionn which more than atoned fur these defecUui in the eyes of iu romantic mistresa. One of her chief service! The lime fixed for this important visit, it being now the merry month of May, was three o'clock in the day.

He had requested to find her alone; and accordingly by one, P. M, she had dismioM'd her fnitlifulcnnficlantc, promising to write to her the moment Mr. It was hardly wo o'clock, full an hour Wfure his time, when a double knock was beard at the door; Mr. My mders must iisagiae the complimrnu and the bluthes, the fine speeebc? Tunm again! Show him in. The fair Selina decamped in a week. IIow the coincidence can have occurred I have no raennK of divin- ing: — unless, indeed, our wicked friend Mr.

XO- III. They rode to. Modern lindw caiuiol compa. He might as well try to lift tliu Durham ox. Tot the next week, nothing could be heard of but the Arclicry Meeting ; bows and arrutvn were your only subjcet, and Linn;Ju green your only wear.

It It henct, I -i. Jitlol ; nid of honour. Now Mr. But unluckily the Mr. Suckling of the nrjgh- bourhood prevailed.

The glory that is Amiga Technologies was fully revealed in our in-depth feature on their new MD, offices, distribution policy, logo, machine spec 1 and possible price. Ah yes, the price. Very few expected what actually arrived Our main feature was based on those stalwart software publishers still committed to the Amiga market.

All the big names were there; there After the euphoria of the previous issue, we fell into a vacuum of nothing appearing to happen. We printed details of what we'd like to see in a future Amiga to fill it. Graham was so enamoured with the lOmega Zip drive that he quickly attached a Gold to its small, but perfectly formed case, then deftly flung another at Scala MM, while our Coverdisks had fully usable demos of Info Nexus 2, Data Nexus and the rather cute TimeKeepers.

The Amiga finally returned to the shelves of UK retailers, with trade distributor SDL claiming over of its accounts had placed orders. There was a little disappointment at the distinct lack of marketing being used to back it up, but early indications suggested the Amiga would have a respectable, if unspectacular compared to previous years, Christmas. Within weeks, however, the clear waters of certainty were muddied by Amiga distributor SDL working under Administration, prompting supply problems for UK dealers.

Steve Bradley slapped a Gold on Gloom A The Amiga Magic bundle and price was announced, to - it must be said - a less than rapturous response from the trade, now orgasmic at the launch of some console or other. The nights started drawing in and AF readers were given a very special package to fill their time. Real 3D took pride of place on both our cover and Coverdisk. Amazing, eh? Accompanying it was a delightful five-level demo of Tiny Troops.

Inside, 3D was everywhere it was in our page special feature anywayand Stuart Campbell carried on where Steve McGill left off with his article on games design, or lack thereof. Thankfully, SDL were bought out of administration by an outside company within a matter of weeks, causing only minimum disruption to Amiga supplies. It was confirmed that the machine would get a High Street boost with Escom joining Tandy in stocking it, in addition to the hundreds of independent retailers still sticking by it It was announced that PlayStation I've said It sales had reached 50, in the UK - a success story causing the trade to begin counting the days until the launch of the Nintendo Ultra We produced an in-depth report on Amiga Technologies first few months in charge, ending with a statement of account which concluded their efforts had been "reasonably positive".

No damning with feint praise here Features within the mag included how to start your own diskmag and a three-page special from speed-freak McGill focusing on accelerators, expansions and upgrades. He then dusted down his chopper Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD) review Coala, the curiously-titled helicopter sim from Empire.

Something else with plenty of fizz in it was - finally - Alien Breed 3D. Well, a few whiskers anyway. The trade pricked up its ears at the announcement of new Amigas for next year, and Power Amigas the year after, but continued its PlayStation worship for the most part.

Having said that the fact that PlayStation software sales by value were more than double Saturn. Just the thing to help you remember - and keep - your new year's resolutions. Until the end of February, at least. Meanwhile on the games disk, the mighty Worms marched their way into your drives and hearts probably. We packed Anna Grenstam off to France, under the pretext of "looking over the new Amiga factory", but sadly she came back.

Still, at least she managed to bring plenty of piccies of happy-looking French people, sticking Amigas into boxes. Not to mention an interview with Amiga Technologies' John Smith in which, when asked if the bundling of Scala was a mistake, he replied "No. It was deliberate? Talking of insects. Citadel missed out on a Gold by an aphid's genitalia.

Nice one. This issue also marked the passing of the Format Forum. The columnist took his A Mi 1 revenge by revealing to the Amiga community Editor Ve itch 1 s weak spot - an alarming tendency to burst into one of Smokie's greatest hits during times of stress. Veitch was not too worried, reasoning that not everybody read the Forum. So the columnist thought of a more insidious way of exposing him At the time of writing this, Christmas hasn't actually happened, so it remains to be seen how the Amiga has performed this year.

However, whether or not the 60, units the UK was allocated have all found new homes is not really of prime concern. It would be great if they have, of course, but the most important thing is that the Amiga b back. Perhaps not with as big a bang as some of us would have liked, but with a fairly loud noise at least. Also, despite what some would have you believe otherwise. It does have a future. Naturally, we all await with bated breath more details on the next generation machines and look forward to being considerably less 'tumultuous' than the previous two years.

With die release of Network CI 2. For onh 9. Willi the Amiga having been out of the marketplace for a year, it's almost inevitable that the light is going to fall on other machines at the pro end of the creative market. This hasn't helped matters as far as Amiga musicians are concerned, since that's one area where the Amiga has been sadly overlooked for far too long.

This state of affairs prompted David Pleasance to team up with musicians Richard Knox and Ed Fermor to form Tangent Music Design - a partnership intent on demonstrating the fact that the Amiga can produce results just as good as any other music computer. So we decided that we would set out to prove that we can produce world-class quality music using the Amiga and give the five and a half million Amiga owners worldwide something to be proud of.

The title is a pun on the name 'Amiga' - the Spanish word for girlfriend - but there is another side to the name, as David explains: "To be frank, songs about computers would be boring after the first chorus.

We decided that if we based it loosely around the girlfriend theme it wouldn't be boring, but it would still be linked to the Amiga in terms of inspiration. We wanted to put a stamp of quality on the kind of product that Tangent could come up with, so we decided to make the album as diverse as possible.

It links even further. The one thing we decided not to put on the album was any dance or techno music," Richard points out "Not because we've got anything against that type of music, but because we think it's been catered for more than enough in terms of computers in general. We're so used to hearing drums that is impossible to play unless you've got four arms or something, that we deliberatelv set out to make it so that it's possible for a drummer to play.

It's a band thing - we can support anything from the album live. We can do everything in a live situation and use the Amiga as support" PASSION Richard and Ed's live ambitions playing under the name Passion are a handy by-product of the album project, and David is keen to push dieir careers as musicians to the full extent, but it's Everybody's Girlfriend that's taking all their time.

At the moment Ed and Richard are working on a mix per day for 14 days to get things finished - a feat unheard of in studios. The reason for the tight deadline is the usual chain of frustrating events. David and Ed had the basic studio equipment set up in the house they shared when the property was sold by their landlord. The equipment was put into storage until they were luckv enough to find an unused, purpose- built studio in September.

Some new equipment was duly bought and the project resumed progress. Such has been the interest with other musicians, that they haven't had time to work with everyone who wants to be involved. Obviously there'll be more time to do volume two. Ed and Richard work on rhythmic patterns and sequence ideas with their images, transplanting them alongside ideas played live. The duo then bounce ideas off each other in the studio, beginning to program the tracks into the studio's Amiga.

I'm not sure we could get that kind of feel on anything else. It seems to come out exactly how I wanted it. It tends to leave everything as it's recorded. We find that the tools we do use, we use time and time again - things like quantize and Doctor of Velocity.

That's about it. In fact. Bars and Pipes was featured on the Coverdisk of AF71, so get hold of a back issue to put yourself in line with the pros. Ed explains how the Amiga is used to create the CD template: "We'll spit everything down into a Sunrize card on the Amiga, cut and splice it how we want, spit it back out on to a gold disc and send that off to be glass mastered the actual disc used to press up the CDs that will go on sale.

We haven't got to that stage yet, so we don't know what the pitfalls are going to be. I'm sure whatever they are, we'll get round them. The problem could have been solved with lime and patience, gelling Blue Ribbon in the US to turn back to the Amiga and sort things out.

Again that's something that worked very well in Bars and Piffes. I've spoken to most of them and said. I known you're already out- sourcing music, so why not out-source it to somebody you already know w ho WW m needs the money? Richard and Ed are working hard enough to get their career off the ground and David has enough vision lo attack various entertainment markets. I think it's very important. At the moment Tangent are working on a mix per day.

The fastest-growing area in studio technology is hard disk recording. The Tangent boys are pretty excited about a new product about to be unleashed on the pro music market that could revolutionise the use of digital recording systems And it runs on the Amiga. A pretty pokey Amiga, but an Amiga nonetheless. Put together by Silicon Studios, ifs an extremely powerful, recording, sequencing and editing tool to rival the all-powerful Mac system.

Pro Tools. It takes over the whole of the Amiga and turns it into a hard disk recording system with however many tracks you want, rt will cater for virtual dynamics as well, so all your gates, compressors and limiters will be on board. One such idea to be implemented is the ability to trigger high-quality samples directly from the Amiga, enabling the system to act like a combined rack sampler and hard disk recorder - something unavailable on Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD) other system.

It's also probable that It will be cheaper than anything else around at the moment. Who says the Amiga can't be a serious music tool?

The Fourth Level software includes the advanced tools lor removable media which have until now. D s lop of the range 1. S7 OktagonCard add i Get protected now with AFS. This is a video you must not miss. The Christmas present for every Amiga fan — Play safe. Dealers can supply AFS as standard. AFS protects your hard drive from invalidation. Get safety and vastly improved performance. Whoever develops a standard that can record and play back full motion video at acceptable quality and only taking up a reasonable amount of storage space will own the future of broadcast media.

While it may not have all the answers, it is a proven technology which is here now, not one still in the conception stage. It has a number of real world uses, not simply entertainment and, thanks to Hi- Soft's new Squirrel MPEG device, it is a tool which Amiga owners can use cheaply and effectively. How can you move about 25Mb of data a second? Remember that the speed of a single-speed CIVR M drive is only 1 50K a second, although the standard is now double-speed which is K a second.

How could you possibly store a thirty minute soap-opera which could take up to 50Gb of storage The answer is.

At the moment computers powerful enough to store and manipulate data like this are not available. At the area of high contrast there is a noticeable "blockiness". This can be reduced by intelligent compression, but will always be present to a slight extent. Why not compress the images and deal with them in this form? Again, there are problems. Traditional compression algorithms are best when it comes to squashing data which contains a lot of similar values. The timing information Is also stripped out and used to keep to the two streams In sync The video and audio components can then be de- compressed and output.

However, a detailed image - such as Irame of video - contains a great deal of data and it will squash down very badly indeed. The eliort involved means that traditional compression routines are useless.

Video contains too much information and the poor old Amiga can't cope with the files as thev are still large. G is a standard for storing images. It analyses images mathematically to actually discard details which will probably not be missed.

As a result, detailed images compress yen well with JPEG. Why not use a system based on JPEG? As you will have seen when you have used a program which uses JPEG. The green and blue images have a resolution half that of the brightness image.

However, if'vou build a special chip which is dedicated to JPEG compression you can manage to grab and squash a Metaphor 4 Metaphor - Eigh8t The Chosen One - The Dwit Killer: Unfinished Business (Blood Red Edition) (CD) frame in real-lime. It is also possible to build a chip which can de-comprcss and display the original image in real-lime too. These "Minion 1'E. By grabbing chunks of video, compressing it and storing it on disk actually make it possible to edit video in a non-linear fashion; vou can cut and paste segments of video as easily as text in a word processor.

There is still a fatal Haw, even with MJPEG systems - each frame remains too large and it takes too much time to shunt all the files backward and forwards to make it a viable means of distributing video. CD-ROMs are a lot cheaper to manufacture and considerably more reliable limn bulky tape.

CD-ROMs can be pressed in seconds and they never stretch, break, or disgorge their contents into your expensive video cassette recorder. Each CD would cost pence to make and hold up to 74 minutes of video. As a plus, a video sequence stored on CD would also be non-linear, in that any frame could be reached instantly well, near enough instantly anyway without having to rewind or fast forward. The advantages are plain, but how can it he achieved?

In order to work at the relatively slow data rates imposed by CD-ROM, it was necessary to make several sacrifices. To start off with, the full screen PAL video image was simply too big to deal with and so it was decided to quarter the resolution to pixels across by lines vertically. It mav sound s w drastic, but this still gives a qualiu which is very close to that of domestic VI IS video tape. The next big compromise was with colour.

Experiments have shown that the human eye is more concerned with brightness detail, rather than colour detail. MPEG capitalises on this shortcoming by separating the image into brightness and colour information.

The colour information is then stored with half the resolution of the brightness information. Three "chunks" of data arc required for each image - the brightness luminance information, the blue colour component and the green colour component.

As the colour components Each of these images is then compressed by running the data through a special DCT filter which compresses areas of the image depending on the amount of contrast present. The playback process re-combines the three compressed images to produce the final picture. And what about red? If the brightness is known, the two other components can be used to extrapolate die red information in time for the display to be constructed.

Compressing a frame is done as follows: First of all, each component of the video frame there are diree, remember. Y, Cb and Cr is divided into eight by eight blocks. Each block is then processed by a DCT or "Discrete Cosine Transform" which is a mathematical function which converts the image into domain frequency, effectively storing the contrast between pixels rather than the pixel Values themselves - this is the same basic technique used by the JPEG image format Since most video images don't contain areas of extreme contrast black next to white, for example this technique works very well.

Again, playing on the way in which die human eye works, higher frequencies larger changes in contrast can be converted more coarsely than lower frequencies smaller changes in contrast. The resulting values are then arranged in a zig-zag pattern, which means they can be packed using traditional "Run Length Encoding" to save even more space. Sounds complicated? That's because it is, and it takes a lot of processing power. There are plenty of other tricks too - MPEG allows different blocks of 16 by 16 pixels lo be compressed at different rales.

For example, a person's face needs a loi of detail, whereas the background is probably slightly out of focus and can be coded with less detail. On top of all that. MPEG deals with three different types of video pictures: the I. P and B. A stream of video will consist of each type and the decision when to use each one will have been made by the encoder. The different picture types are used to attain maximum compression.

Type I pictures "Intra" pictures are constructed using data onlv from the original image. Type I must therefore be used at least several times a second, so that when moving backward and forward in the sequence, a true and accurate image can always be obtained. A type P picture is "Predicted" from the nearest 1 or P type frame.

P pictures use special motion compression techniques, which means that they will take up less space than true I frames. The third type. Type B or "Bidirectional" gives the most compression and are therefore used most often in the video sequence.

They are constructed from both previous and forthcoming frames using averaging and special motion compression. B frames do require a lot of memory, though, since several frames need to be held and processed at once.

Because of the average used. B frames also happen to keep noise levels down. The MPEG file must also include the digitised soundtrack which can be bit stereo and special timing information to make sure no frames happen too quickly or too slow and get out of sync Willi the sound.

As a result. MPEG encoding is still an extremely expensive process; the hardware to do it still costs at least ten times as much as the hardware to decode and display the MPEG images.

To play back MPEG images requires the following of an algorithm, or list of instructions. The idea, if not the practicalities, are simple. The unit can act remotely loo, so there is no real need to have ii attached to a computer at all.

Cunningly, the device can seek out compatible CD-devices attached to it. The remote control handles visual search, pause, stop, play and. The MPEG unit can act independently, because the decoding chip it is based around is very sophisticated and also because il has its own on-board processor.

But plaving back video CDs is only a f raction of what you could potentially do with this unit. If you are connected to a reasonably fast network alas, a modem-based one is not nearly fast enoughyou could play back data played out from somewhere else.

In fact, it is possible to squeeze the entire decoding algorithm on to a single chip, which will accept incoming data and provide a readv-to- use video signal. Although we are only now seeing them appear on the Amiga, in a few years it is obvious thai they or their successors at any rale will soon be integrated into the graphic components of all computers.

Unfortunately, bring software, they are all wry slow and are incapable of being used to watch anything other than short demonstration animations.

Even with an Amiga running a very fast processor and a graphics card, it is not possible to achieve more than about twelve frames a second.

The forthcoming MPEG-2 standard goes back to the full-sized screen display and requires a data rate of up to SMb a second. MPEG-2 may well become the r next true video standard, as it provides a quality suitable lor HDTV High Definition TV systems, as well as WideScreen format and multiple video channels in one data stream - ideal for satellite or cable systems.

You might think dial the chances of home-users being connected lo a super- fast network is pretty remote, but I'll wager that a significant percentage of people reading this are connected up for cable TV. The cable network is more than capable of delivering the data at a high enough rale for MPEG transmission.

Video on demand is not a myth, it is possible with today's technology. The quality of the genlock easily surpasses that of the budget range of genlocks available and could quite conceivably be used for FMV games, should anyone be that interested in developing them.

Obviously, Amiga Format will have ,i lull and exhaustive review when the unit is finished. But how does it perform in practice? By pressing one of these buttons, any MPEG video clip can instantly be selected and played.

A network such as CCIN would also be perfect for recruitment purposes in an employment agency or similar Policemen who wish to view videos in private can request a tape to be made for them from the video unit.

I s noi all thai often thai Tve visited a police station and I've certainly never visited one voluntarily. Yet, for the purpose of this feature, I found myself not only in die middle of a police station, but slap bang in i lie heart of Police Headquarters for the whole of die Cleveland, Teeside area. The reason? A network that's sei to revolutionise the working practice and procedure of Cleveland Police Force and, eventually, the whole of the UK Police Force, The name CCIN belies the innovation and power of the up and running network.

For it is, without prejudice, one of the most powerful and practical working set-ups to harness and showcase the potential of an Amiga network operating in conjunction with the practicality and convenience of MPEG video, h is none other than a fully functioning prototypal pointer toward the future of television and interactive entertainment. A heady statement indeed, and one that needs to be qualified to appear credible. Here goes. The efficient and cost-effective running of a police force depends on the free How and accessibility of information at all levels of police operations.

This applies to orders coming down to the ground from high command, to die ability of the beat bobbie to fully understand police procedure and the law. Individual CCIN terminals resembles an overly large, blue swing bin with a monitor screen where the flap would normally be. The monitor is a modified touch-screen CM There are 30 of these terminals dotted throughout the police stations of Cleveland and each one is a slave to the master A residing in the video unit of Police Headquarters.

They are connected through leased BT Megastream lines which, despite sounding fast, are merelv standard dedicated copper lines, which aren't routed through an exchange; in other words, they're secure. In effect, the master terminal can be thought of as a transmitter and the slave terminals as the receivers. I'd watch the video even time.

We can tailor-make training packages here in the video unit and send them down to our terminals for immediate use. All the officer is required lo do is press buttons on screen and select his own path. The MPEG clips are arranged in small, self contained blocks that, unlike standard video tape, can be accessed in any order. This way, police officers learn things at their own pace and absorb more hard information due to the following of natural curiosity.

To help ihe video unit further optimise the training package aspect using MPEG video, each access is logged and stored on the terminals hard drive. Tom Keegan, the designer of CCIN, is keen lo emphasise, without any prompting, that diis isn't "Big Brother watching you", but rather a mechanism that lets him further enhance the packages and analyse which are the most and least popular.

His vision Is to cut through the inevitable inertia and miscommunication faced in a rigid command structured organisation like the police force. Given that there's no room in the police force, or the world of commercial television, for sentimentality regarding the platform used by systems like CCIN, the big question remaining to be asked is, "Why the Amiga? Thankfully, it looks as if we don't need to use that option now.

Need to know where to get them? Don't try it out here. You'll get nicked. Particularly imporlani information can be made to play in a closed loop when no one's actually using the system. Keegan oilers an explanation: "Officers absorb the video information given out by die terminals subliminally.

It can trigger ihcir memory at any time". The second phase of the Cleveland network is the placement of terminals in public buildings, such as libraries and sports centres. Keegan continues: "Crimestoppers on television is highly successful. Its main drawback is thai it's only on at a certain time of the day. If the public had access to one of our terminals, the chances of more useful leads coming in would be substantially increased".

Forces which don't have access to a system like CCIN. Cleveland Police hope to recoup ihe cost through the sale of similar systems to forces throughout the I k. Amiga Format wish them well in their endeavours. Cheques parable to LCL. Free catalogue. Trade enquiries welcome. Are you having problems with some games? Pro I emery and Lotto Lunacy, supplied on three disks. WoftJ Proctrar. As CCIN so elegantly illustrates, the Amiga offers the perfect solution to calm the fears of cable investors.

Imagine the potential of a coalition of Hi-Soft with their MPEG unit; Power Computing with their processor and memory expansions; Amiga Technologies with the Amiga hardware and CD-ROM drive, the games software industry with the numerous link games available; and the cable companies: Video on demand that could be paid for as and when if s watched.

Swapping and transmission of viewers' own video clips - look at the success of BBC2's Video Nation series. Marry the above to the potential of networked games - a fantasy-based Sensible Soccer league would be perfect to kick off with - and you're looking at a force that could simultaneously take on the might of BT and win the imagination of the public in one fell swoop.

The technology's there, creating the demand is going to be up to those in charge of the companies we've listed above. In Association with Karting Established A fast frenetic, seat of the pants 3D virtual racing game, tor those who want to fly without wings!

W is the fastest, smoothest most detailed full-screen texture mapped game the Amiga has ever seen Combining ail the fun and action of karting into a totally realistic and mind numbingty fast drying experience. VK is fast! Staffordshire B79 7JN. Whatever you think of the SNES and console-based cartridge software, it still can't be denied that the aforementioned title is one of the best multi-player race games available on the video game market.

Extreme Racing on the Amiga looks set to challenge and usurp that accolade. Catering for up to four players at a time on one Amiga, that number can be doubled when combined with top left: Players can combine in any numbers using the link.

Top - can't do this with a SNES - stuff. Unlike Virtual Karting, the construction of the courses is such that the player is always competing with one or other of the cars on the track; be they computer controlled or human. To add to the playabrlity and excitement, weapons and power pick-ups are also made available throughout the race.

Can't wait for the finished version. The preview was a bundle of laughs to play. Above: Four players on one screen all at the same time. Furthermore, there are a multitude of camera angles to be played around with which let players adjust the view to their own personal preference. In all, Extreme Racing has all the hallmarks of a classic in the mode of Super Skidmarks.

While it's not going to be quite as pretty as Super Mario Kart, it looks as if it's going to push the little plumber off his gameplaying perch in the payability stakes. We're realty looking forward to the complete game. A linked up challenge with sister magazine Amiga Power has already been arranged.

All we need now is a pre-emptive box of Kleenex for their inevitable losers' tears. Check out why Steve McGill '' m constantly sneaking off to the back room for a quick game when Nick isn't looking don't tell him.

The one off-putting aspect of Breathless is that its unexpected arrival has somewhat eclipsed Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice. Zeewolf, due to its intuitive mouse control system is one of my favourite games, yet the control system isn't readily accepted by most players due to its original trickiness to master.

I would have loved to have seen an improved joystick option to open the accessibility of the game's undoubted superior gameplay to more people. It's still great, though. Pinball Prelude is a pinball game and a half. The pleasant chaps at Effigy have played around with the physics and concept of pinball and come up with an amazingly entertaining game to play.

Truly, they capture the spirit of independence that burns so bright among Amiga users and developers. Hope you agree with me about Breathless. I'd be pleased to hear your comments. We try to ensure we keep you as up-to-date as possible and we'll stop at nothing to bring you the best, definitive, no-nonsense reviews of the games that matter. Only the very best most playable and original games are awarded an AF Gold - the most highly prized rating there is.

Games in this category tend to be flawed. It played like a fast, frenetic dream or nightmare, depending on how you looked at the game and consequently was a resounding success with Amiga owners throughout the world. These screenshots have been taken using the VI pixel mode. We're sure you'l agree that It makes the game look better.

It not, we'll hang your puppies. You're put in charge of 30 metres worth of virgin beach and promenade. You have a million quid with which to turn it into a raging commercial success The means to do this are entirely up to you. Nol as visually resplendent as Theme Park, Hillsea Lido exhibits its own charm.

The basic strategy revolves around attracting people to your part of the beach, making them stay there, keeping them happy and luring them into spending money on the beach attractions as well as in the promenade shops. When the money starts to roll Hi M you're bored or stupid enough, you can even watch the Sunday Show. The more attractions you have on the beach, the more people you attract. To help things along - almost like a Sunday night bonus - the beach owner can put on a show on a Sunday night which, if it's been properly advertised, can bring in wads of dosh.

If things go to plan, it will appear in this very magazine next month. The Nazis never got over losing the Second World War. As is obvious from this charming picture, the option to switch between meaty and messy modes has been kept in for the Deluxe version. Throughout the running of the simulation various little dramatic events occur, such as shops running out of stock, litter building up, money collectors being robbed, health inspectors visiting As the player progresses, there are more variables and items demanding the player's attention.

Meanwhile, the little computer people residing in this micro-world seem oblivious to all of the hard work being put in by the player in the background. Charming and compulsive, Hillsea Lido will receive a full review in next month's issue. O Land, shops and beach attractions are up for grabs from hore. When collecting money from shops, your collector can even be robbed.

Sport Platformers and Shoot -em -ups. Y0I2 7EY. Shop prices moy vary. Cheques or Postal Orders payable to: Wizard Games. Those wacky lads from Wakefield, Team 17, have finally made it to the number one slot with Format office- favourite, Worms.

Well done, lads. Pcrwul Paint V6 4. Call for pricing. S" Floppy Drive. IC V ID wfef tur. V lllm. Detkjet colour HP. Detkjet double mono HP. Emplant can be used with any accelerated Zorro based Amiga. With Macintosh and PC emulation modules.

Emplant Is the Amiga s only alMn-one emulation solution. Support for up to 16 colours norvAGA. SyQuest, Pnnters. Modems etc. Effects modules to apply effects directly into the antmation Text. Scale, Rotate. Extended Memory, and more! PhuloGemcs VI 2 To Enhance your choices, we have a variety ot excellent bundles, offering fantastic value!

As the Standard pack but with PhotoGenics 2. OS3 1 is more efficient, offers more features and is becoming necessary lor many high end applications. Musk: Ships. MK8 OER. Steve McGill can't recommend it enough.

Wow, despite being an assertion verging on understatement, it seems ironically appropriate to proclaim that Breathless is going to be as significant and as important to the Amiga of the Nineties as the Juggler was to the Amiga of the Eighties. If you're new to the Amiga or don't know what I'm referring to, here's a brief explanation; The Duggler was a raytraced animation of a rotund figure juggling some light-sourced balls which reflected the surrounding environment.

Nothing like it had ever been seen before on a home computer. The 3uggler single-handedly, so to speak, turned on thousands of adventurously curious types and tuned them in to the arcane lore and heady world of the Amiga. Consequently, the machine sold in droves and went on to become the resounding success that it is today. More realistic than real, that's what It is.

But rather than selling Amigas - which it will as a matter of course - Breathless is more likely to sell accelerator cards by the bucket load.

For it is a walking, talking, singing and dancing tribute to the potential and power that lies within the heart of an accelerated, AGA chipset Amiga. In effect, if s probably the most opportune and timely advert for the potential of our underrated vanilla chum ever seen.

At a stroke it casts aside the imagined inferiority complex the Amiga's been suffering from for the past year or so concerning the higher profile PC and Mac platforms. What Doom does on the PC using brute processing power. Breathless does on the Amiga using optimised elegance. Except, Breathless does it better. Elegance is the keyword here. Elegance and design and Amiga friendliness. But, if you've got an accelerator installed, the difference between the 2"2 and 1 " 1 mode resembles the difference between squinting myopia and pin sharp focus.

Making the switch has a profound effect. It's like taking the jump from a cartoon world into temporal, in yer face, reality. And, if you like recreationally tinkering with your perception, you'll be mightily impressed verging on 'Breathless' by the difference the change makes.

Breathless tunes into, tickles, thrills, titillates and teases your brain's inbuilt reality construct; a construct that's been created, shaped and solidified since you first learned to grasp an object in front of you. Such is the power of the game to affect you on a subliminal and direct level.

Iff also why the game's so compulsive. Despite following a formulaic game plot of finding keys to open doors, wasting nasties who get in your way, and picking up health, energy and shield icons, the environment and creatures change enough to keep you permanently interested and curious to see what's up ahead.

Furthering the sense that you're treading in a parallel world consisting of its own laws of physics reality and danger is the clever use of lighting: Flickering lights on some levels add to the spooky unsettling effect of seeing a behemoth shambling toward you; gun fire lights up the immediate surroundings; light floods into dark rooms when you open doors. Terrific stuff. Executed in increments, Its use is essential to survival.

Scary, though not as scary as some of the creatures themselves. The creatures found within the confines of the Breathless Arenas are assigned varying artificial intelligence levels. Some will stay within a certain zone. Others attack you on sight. Yet others try to shoot you while dodging your return fire At first it makes some of them look a bit stupid, all they seem to do is run left and right.

But when you think about what you're doing - dodging left and right to avoid incoming fire - it makes perfect sense for them to do likewise.

It makes it harder for them to be hit and killed. As for their look They look the biz. Some are guaranteed to give kids nightmares. Especially the shambling T- Health and energy kite are placed in optimum positions, lust as you're close to dying, they appoar like visions of holiness from on high simian monstrosity and the Aliens.

They frightened me as they drained my shields and health at an alarming rate. It made it all the more gratifying when I put them out of their evil misery. Even the structure of the game makes sense There are four worlds consisting of five arenas to each world. You take on an arena at a time Each arena increases m size and, unlike Breed 3D, there's an auto- mappmg display to hand for navigation purposes; if you get lost, the tedium of travelling over old ground kept to a minimum.

The map even highlights the various terminals dotted around the arena. Hard to run away from. Difficult to spot and harder to kill, you need some serious weaponry to take these guys on- A slow but persistent rambler, this armoured Alien Is a real boss of a monster. He just doesn't give up. You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland before you. When killed, this bodyiess head falls into i pile of mush.

If only we had smell-o-vision. If you look closely this chap's head is the same as thi head on the left. Efficient use of graphics. Exquisitely beautiful.

You should see it move. Sound 9 out of 10 Perfect for the style of game. Even the in- game music enhances the excitement.

Addiction 9 out of 10 Monsters to see. Places to see. Exits to find. I don't want to leave this world. Playability 9 out of 10 Impeccable difficulty curve. Makes you work hard without ever feeling it's impossible. Overall verdict Breathless has boldly taken the Amiga where no Amiga has gone before. Look at ths lighting in thii room. When you're playing and everything's moving, it's great. They're where you spend your hard-earned credits. There are new weapons on sale along with upgrades, keys, energy, health and shields.

Judicious use of the terminals can increase the chance of survival. Save your credits and spend them wisely. We've almost made it to the exit in one piece. If you haven't sussed by now that Breathless has impressed me more than any Amiga game I've ever played, let me spell it out. Breathless is the most impressive Amiga game I've ever played on the Amiga. Throw a book of superlatives at it and you'd still run out of praise for the game. It plays sublimely.

It demands discipline and skillful procedure from the player to make headway. It looks fantastic. It's exciting. It's scary. It's fun. It's a work of interactive art. It's brilliant. At last the Amiga has broken through the 3D Doom engine barrier and proved itself capable of matching and beating machines costing multiples of its price.

Things can only improve from here on in. Its arrival couldn't have been more timely. Imagine you were trapped in a box canyon surrounded This is Breathless running on a with a Blizzard card installed. Truly Breathless is one in the eye to Doom clones on other platforms. Install, H still doesn't look as good. You'd just fired your last bullet and the Indians were coming to get you. Just as you were about to throw the gun at the first Indian to appear you heard the bugle of the Seventh cavalry in the distance and the Indians scattered like the wind.

Breathless is that bugle call. There have been so many detractors of the Amiga around. If enough people buy Breathless and make the necessary upgrade to drive it at anything like its peak performance, other developers are going to want a piece of the action and make the Indians go away. So go on. Do yourself a favour. Do your Amiga a favour. Do us a favour. Do the Amiga market a favour. Buy Breathless. If the Amiga was compared to King Arthur, Breathless would be Galahad - the worthiest and most able champion in the land.

It can't be recommended enough. Just Compare our Performance! NICS irn. Fcir all Zurro-3 Aniigu. Twifiir M. Older Viftw aa-! Motofub cannot meet the dertund. We ate assured hi ft en? I ask. Should I kM tempted to buy on ' Instead? Well when the Blizzard 'OuOs can In. Doesn't do much, but I like it and you sometimes get frogs In there. The Present table's footie feature is curious. A game of one ball, no halves and a Mashy scoreboard.

Prelude'is the exact opposite in that it plays. Conclusive proof that when hey weren't palming their caves at all. New team of coders. Effigy, get right back to basics with this addictive pinball escapade. Payability is king at Effigy's towers and looks, as I often remind Nick Veitch, aren't everything. In fact, if this is what the future is really like, I'm staying put.

Let's take a look at each of those tables, shall we? Table One The Past is ages ago. Not yesterday or the last century, but back in some prehistoric time riddled with dinosaurs and, strangely, rabbits and rats. Allegedly, you can complete this table by transporting things to the correct time zone.

I couldn't although Veitch claims to have had some success while he was idling away a few hours, but I had immense fun trying and, ahem, got two scores on the all-time top five for my troubles.

This is the best of the three tables. It's all very straightforward; there are a few neat, yet simple touches, like the side lane waterfall, but it's difficult. Take, for example, the bonus multiplier which involves slinging the ball into the dinosaur jaws on the right of the table.

The best way to do this is as a backhand off the right flipper. The shot is a tricky little blighter, but once mastered, completing it is almost as satisfying as scoring at the far post with a diving header at Sensi.

Actually, I can only presume this to be the case because, despite devoting a fair part of my adult life to executing such a goal, I have yet to achieve it. Whacking the ball into the jaws on the Past table involves a bit ol backhand trickery with the right Hipper. Richard Jones thinks it might be The Present is a good place to be. Perhaps not as pleasing as the Past, but much better than the Future.

The whole thing is fast, yet simple, and extremely addictive, Table Two The Present is the most complicated of the tables with loads of ramps, shoots and flashy things, including a mini football game, a curious car parking facility and a rather fetching Smitey ball feature. Like the Past, it's fairly easy keeping the ball in play, but hitting the scoring shots takes some application and involves the full repertoire of backhands, switching the ball across the flippers and, of course, luck.

The shot up the ramp to the big circular thing in the middle that gets you your multiball and the Smiley ball is particularly tricky.

Took me ages to get it right and, naturally, I couldn't'do it again when the time came to do the grabs. The mini football bit is excellent in a bizarre and pleasingly pointless kind of way. Table Three The Future is the table that lets the whole show down. Stop Press: Due to Effigy operating through mail order, they released it in an unfinished state with the promise of an upgrade as and when it was finished.

We'll get Rich to look at it again next month. The End Bit Hurrah for Effigy. If it wasn't for the dreadful Future table, Prelude would have got a Format Gold. But let's concentrate on the good things. After a glut of games that tried to emulate pinball tables, we now have one that involves a bit of lateral thinking. It takes the basic premise of hitting a ball with flippers to create a game that requires skill and reactions and has a fairly steep learning curve.

It doesn't matter whether it's a pinball game, a footie game a beat-'em-up, or a flight sim, but any game that has those qualities is going to be addictive and, let's face it people, it's good to get hooked. So, do it! Mail order only.

Sound 8 out of 10 Cartoon-like sounds conducive to the action. Addiction 10 out of 10 Top-quality hook factor, You'll be gagging for more flipper action. Payability 9 out of 10 Plays like a dream. Simple but alarmingly effective. Overall verdic The third table is awful, but Past and Present are two of the best pinball adventures on the Amiga.

It's only that third table that prevents Prelude from striking Gold. Let's hope the new upgrade has picked up on this. Srorrbirw; thruudh Ihr mirrnrt mtra. Mm ami Vip. Nujat Virw. IXM trid. Ml i4 ttkltwarr trlaird to WajtMprrt fui windows. XI Paint v3. OQn CoMln I -ii. Sef 2 rnn? SS J 2VD. Admire the intricate prose off our shatteringly accurate review, then play the coverdisk demo. And if that doesn't appeal to you, you re a cretin. T i Zeewolf 2, as you might already have guessed, is the sequel to the first Zeewolf.

Is it moving forwards or backwards? Zeewolf was a mission- based, arcade wargame that not only improved on, but bettered David Braben's seminal classic, Virus. Zeewolf put you in charge of a deadly blue attack chopper and offered a choice of three weapon systems with which to hand out justice to its enemies.

We loved it at Amiga Format and awarded it a Format Gold in issue Zeewolf 2, though, is a sequel.


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