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Joe Grind - Tanya Stephens - Ruff Rider (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Joe Grind - Tanya Stephens - Ruff Rider (Vinyl, LP)
Label: VP Records - VPRL-1521 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Reggae • Style: Dancehall

Jahliluyah - Jah Vinci Siren - Jah Lil Wadadda - Jesse Royal Majestic Love - Gyptian Feat. Stay With Me - Romain Virgo Ugly Girl - Ikaya Gravity - Maxi Priest Ride De Riddim - Shuga16…. Vixen Radio Mix - Gyptian Feat. Easy To Love - Maxi Priest Love You - Jamelody Forgive Me - Morgan Heritage You Will Know - Dalton Harris Bruk It Down - Mr. Some Bwoy - Tommy Lee Sparta La La Land - Aidonia Psycho - Tommy Lee Sparta No Long Talking - Bounty Killer Hot Stepper - Ini….

Fired Up Inside - Romain Virgo By My Side - Chino That Girl - Jah Cure Africa - Freddie McgregorDisc 2 1. God Is Standing By…. Swaggin Wtf!! Dancehall Duppy - Tony Matterhorn Cigarette Murder - Twin Of Twins Cutty Ranks. Body Bang. This spells trouble in best body-bumping way possible. Versions galore, we kick off with the digidub dancehall swagger of the original before a crack squad of players all sign up to the bang gang Finally we body bang all the way to New York state for a springy sci-fi skanker from Liondub and Jah Boogs.

JC 06 Sep Reggae Roast feat. Never B4. Babylon Raid. They here team up with both Eva Lazarus and the legendary Max Romeo on their home imprint of Scotch Bonnet for a wicked future dub-style creeper.

As a recording 'Babylon Raid' is the perfect fusion of classic roots audio and modern experimental reggae flavours, dipping between a smokey introduction and a more digitized breakdown, perfect for lighting up the dance! Dirty Dubster Digital. Could this be loved? Yes siree. DDD 11 Jan DJ Maars. RR 33 12 Jun Lutan Fyah. Shine Eye Gal. RW 22 May Maximum Sound Bwoy Killers. AJ Tracey. AJ Tracey Deluxe. Psych Out! Selecta J-Man. With plenty more, including a tightly coiled stepper twist from Marcus Visionary, it's another one click headshot from the Born On Road crew.

BORN 08 Oct With Blackout and UK legend Daddy Freddy going verse for verse in the ragga-tipped original, this 'tune about life' is described by Blackout himself as something uplifting for dreadful times. DDD 14 May Ragga Jungle Anthems Vol 1. The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems Only show releases from this period.

Back Catalogue. Coming soon. DJ charts. Genre Home Page. Juno Recommends. Releases Last 2 LP). Releases Last 4 Weeks. Releases Last 8 Weeks. Releases Since I Last Came. Releases This Week. Releases Today. Sample Packs. See all Downloads. See all Artist. See all Label. See all Featured. But right now, sex is the driving force behind hip hop.

Copyrighted material This ex-video chick has been used, abused, and exploited. She was 21, newly arrived in L. The girls were livid. The men. She was the New Girl, the one everyone in the industry was asking about. Living the high life, starring inside her own dream. And unlike most of the other video girls, she dated many of the rap artists she worked with.

Then the New Girl became one of the same old girls, as all New Girls must. Still, Karrine had a pretty good run-a year and a half before leaving the game. She lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with her 6-year-old son, Naiim. When you look at Karrine, you see what men see: the high, round breasts, the almond skin, the Betty Boop body, petite and curvy.

Her face is the last thing you notice. Her house is clean. She bakes cakes from scratch with cream cheese frosting, picks up her son from school. Karrine keeps her distance from the rap industry, an industry, she says, that almost killed her. She hopes someone will read her mem- oir and take it to heart. You know what? Because I almost died. And everyone knew it. Like these tough rap- pers are getting into fetal positions and whimpering.

The crying, the whimpering, break- ing things, grown men grabbing their ankles and putting their legs high into the air like a woman would.

I would get high off of it. And people talk. Karrine says she could go to the Oscars and perhaps have slept with three men there and no one would know but her and them.

We broke that room apart. For a while, Karrine thrived on the attention. She has her own brand of machismo, after all. Her own way ofbragging: I made him cry. Not once do I hear him just talk on his own, without bidding.

But when Karrine asks him a question, he looks down or away, a beatific yet secretive smile spreading on his face. Karrine says he felt bad for her, a young woman alone with a baby.

Ice set her up in a hotel and began to school her. I mean, Ice is very much a survivalist, especially when it comes to women. So I knew there was gonna be the ballplayers and the actors. He would tell me which places to go, which hotels were cool. Hype Williams was directing, and he told her he wanted her to appear in a Jay-Z video he was shoot- ing in two weeks.

Naiim is the child of a much revered but no longer successful MC. The life span of a hip hop artist, even a great one, is only slightly longer than that of a New Girl. She moved in with him, kept house with him, and was regularly beaten up by him. They were high rollers at first-a limo with a chauffeur sat idling in their driveway 24 hours a day in case they ever needed to go any- where.

Then the money was gone. Karrine remembers a night when there was one can of tuna and one box of macaroni and cheese in the house. She put them together in a pot. She herself hardly ate because of the never-ending stress of liv- ing with a violent man. She was pounds when she met him in December By February, LP), she weighed 94 pounds. One night he punched her so hard in the kidneys that her entire body shut down.

She remembers stepping into the shower the morning after she returned from the hospital, unable to move her arms to wash herself. She cried. Daddy washed her. Apologetic, tender, fora couple of days. Karrine began to pray for a baby, a boy baby. She knew she needed another reason to get out of that house. And she did leave Daddy, not right away, but when her son was 1.

She snuck out of the house at 2 a. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, into a house filled with women-her mother, grandmother, her aunts, and female cousins. They had a fling. She got pregnant. Her mother was 18; her father, He left for the States without her. For the next eight years, her mother chased this man.

Karrine remem- bers the apartment they rented one summer in Queens. Smelled like piss, she says, rats everywhere, a fat man across the way who would drink orange juice at the window buck-naked. Her mother made her pay for this her whole life, Karrine says. Beat her, told her she was ugly. Worse, she seemed to look right through her.

Mother only had eyes for men. Karrine watched her mother do the same thing with two other men, both of them married. An affair, a pregnancy, and the ever burn- ing hope that this man would take care of her and his child. I look at these two dif- ferent lives. Which one is better off? She says she is exactly like him. I love that.

She ended up living in a house that belonged to a professional football player and working at a strip club. She would later meet the famous, faded rapper who would become the father of her child. I see them all as being very, very, very pathetic. My friends are 25 and older, all very unhappy. If I hate my job, the very next day, I do something else. When we return home, he knows to run ahead and open the door for his mother.

Karrine wants to raise a winner. I just want an A-plus kid. Not a peep out of him for the next couple of hours. We sit in front of a big-screen TV she says Shaq gave her.

It is always on. She likes Lavemeand Shirley. When she was little, she was often home alone with the TV in those dreadful apartments in Queens. Karrine eats a piece of the Joe Grind - Tanya Stephens - Ruff Rider (Vinyl that she baked herself. The icing is pink. A warm breeze blows in from the balcony. Her laugh is open and sweet.

Fast and furi- ous years out of which you count survival as your greatest triumph. Afterward, you can never forget how truly hard life is, how it could all fall apart in an instance, and you could end up. Near the end of her video-girl days, Karrine lost all her money. Her three cars were repossessed; she was evicted.

For nine months she and her son were homeless. She returned briefly to the lifestyle to stay afloat. Sometimes they slept in her rental car. Then one night while she was dining at Mr. He was in an expansive mood, talking about his plans for the coming year. Records he would cut, international tours, fam- ily vacations.

When she returned to L. Inside were backstage passes, photos, airline tickets, souvenirs from her year and a half of the high life. Just a flight somewhere. There are things in life that help you stay the same, and there are LP) in life that help you change. None of these people had made me better.

None of these people were my friends, or cared. Nobody but her son and God. And keeping her eye out for a completely average man who will become her husband. Karrine has a plan. Finally, a plan. A full-time nanny who lives in, cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids. And a couple dogs, probably pit bulls. And two cars, a truck, two jet skis, a white picket fence.

Regular stuff. Read on as raqiyah mays documents a dozen dirty facts to help you get familiar with Di2. But as the cameras focused on Eminem, the individ- ual identities of Bizarre, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva, and Proof seemed to blur together. For him, is all about self-love. I went to the doctor, and he said I was fine, but I got a heart mur- mur so I have to take care of myself. Eminem and Kon Artis once shared an apartment and a car. He said I asked to use the car to go to 7- Eleven.

But he used to always leave his car in the driveway. Other people were in the house, and they used to get his keys in the morning and move his car. I think one of them motherfuckers backed out and hit the front of his car.

I used to steal cars. I know how to drive! Swift, on the other hand, has three children. Eminem raises a niece along with his world-famous daughter, Hailie. So that was a good thing. At 25, Bizarre is the youngest member of D Married for two years, his wife is several years older than he.

And older women want more things in life. When traveling, Eminem has a bus to himself. One guy will be talking on the phone, while other people will be in the back gambling. He likes being around the noise, but he also likes to have the option to be away from it.

No flat shoes, like Air Force Ones. It was nice. You only had five minutes to make a call. Everybody was in an army barracks. But we refused to sleep in the bunks, so we all just slept in a big TV room. When we got ready to leave, people found out who we were and chased us to the plane.

So when we finally landed in Queens, Proof kissed the ground in the middle of the street. And we went to the store, got like 20 bottles of liquor, got drunk, and rode home to Detroit listening tojodeci songs.

Proof likes to go to the club. We know at the end of the day, D12 is the nucleus. By Justin Monroe 1. Tender moments bring this good father of four to tears.

For more evidence, his name can be found in the pudding. This neat freak will probably stay on tour until his toddler son and baby girl are both potty trained.

Keep it clean is his motto. Apetjs u! Damn, so many, so many. But I have that personality. I like to have fun. That would be interesting! But not as wild as the exotic-dancing documentary you directed, The Strip Came. What reception did you get for doing that? What did you uncover with the documentary? Other girls have families, live with their parents— mom and pops still together-but they just have a genuine love for dancing. After that film, you inked a deal to do a sitcom with Redman. It was my idea at first, but then they switched it around so much.

What was your original idea? We were supposed to move into this big-ass house in a gated commu- nity. One of our mothers was going to move in and fuck up our plans in having this big-ass bachelor pad.

That was the thing that was going to turn everything on its ear. So what did Fox add to change that idea? The family stuff, like when my son has little projects to do for school. You should see some of the shit they got the first and second graders doing. You got to be a real scientist in order to do some of these projects. Are they teaching rocket science in elementary school these days? My daugh- ter cried, as a matter of fact, watching that Alicia Keys video. I wanna do drama. You always hear people say that shit, but I really mean it.

Are you still the reluctant sex symbol? I hated hustling, having to go to the block every day and fight with 15 motherfuckers for one sale. I only got arrested one time for possession the whole two years I was out there.

I was giving some- body change for a five-dollar bill. When I got arrested, the cops cheated. I think people would want to I hear that shit. And magazines and DJs are trying to count you out too early. Bye, bye. They should be happy for me. VI BE. See if you can guess which real-life record execs and hip hop artists inspired her characters. DJ Billie, a rail-thin Japanese girl with long multicolored pseudodreads, was spinning. Sometimes, usually very late in the evening, an intoxicated girl would climb up on a table and gyrate clumsily.

Tonight, aging supermodel Vanessa de la Cruz was that girl. With each off-balance shimmy, the straps of her silky camisole slipped further down her sweaty shoulders. Lamont had asked him to stop by after his session at a nearby recording studio so they could have a meeting about his still untided fourth album.

Grimy felt more comfortable LP) his Bronx neighborhood than in the midst of this A-list madness. He was anxious to get back to his regular habitat-which was sitting in his Escalade with his posse, the Dirty Dozen, lost in a fog of chocolate thai. A minimalist compared to his hip hop colleagues. Grimy wore no diamonds, eschewed flashy labels, and kept his hair buzzed tight.

Always dressed entirely in black as he was tonight— jeans, logoless hoodie, and work boots-he appeared to be in a perpetual state of mourning. In a way, he was. I never knew my father, my mother killed herself, my brother got killed a few years later.

My reality is gritty enough. I got a second chance. If you want to buy my shit, cool. Thought we was gonna get a titty flash. His sister-in-law was a wild thang, and her attention-seeking stunts never stopped.

Right now he had a story to tell. Lamont was known to be an ardent fan of the blow job. Blow jobs were a way to immediately satisfy his carnal cravings with only a quick spot check of the mouth area to rule out any visible sores. Since his sexual predilection was well known on the party circuit, women who enjoyed giving such pleasure often approached him out of nowhere. Who knew there were so many? His ruggedly handsome face usually took on one of three expressions: rage, disinterest, or a tem- porary weed-induced calm.

She pushed me back in, locked the door. She just pulled my shit out. Never said a word. Try new things! Lamont smirked.

Not unless they was on vacation! Lamont gaped at him, pretending to take offense, and slipped back into urban sophisticate mode. Of course I got some.

Seriously, kid, you need to educate your palate in more ways than one. Educate his what? Play the game. But if I really did love her and wanted to marry her, you think she would? They all want rich men, but a rich white guy is their first choice. Or a story just to keep to mcimeivt'. Now he remembered where he knew her from!

Gustav spotted Lamont and waved. Beauty Note: Caress Sensational Smooth Body Wash contains gentle polishing pearls that exfoliate and moisturizers that soften, and it leaves skin with a hint of fragrance. Copyrighted material Opposite page Sleeveless shirt by Issey Miyake; link necklace, round cross with ruby stone, and skeleton silver ring, all by King Baby Studio; silver wings ornament necklace by Garrard; platinum chains, diamond music-note pendant, large circular cross pendant, diamond cross pendant, and small diamond cross pendant, all by Jacob the Jeweler; stud cuff by Gregg Wolf; silver ring with diamonds, black onyx and diamond ring, and silver and gold diamond ring, all by David Yurman; reptile ring by Shana Lee.

Service fees apply, Visit gm. OnStar is a registered service mark of OnStar Corporation. Tahoe Is a registered trademark of the GM Corp. Within G Unit Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and 50 Centit's Banks and Buck who represent the team leader's contrasting sides: Banks echoes 50's slick-talking playa persona, while Buck embodies 50's quietly charismatic thug allure.

Banks lacks range and storytelling ability. Blessed with a raw authenticity and rousing presence, Buck is one of the more adaptable MCs to date. Taking nothing for granted, he rhymes as if every line could be his last. But their impressive solo debuts poke holes in their indivisible front. While Banks distinguishes himself as a notorious East Coast-bred MC, able to deliver cerebral similes with a sometimes irksome- ly monotonous flow, Buck possesses a magnetic Southern aggression that could rouse a nation of thugs.

As a unit, their styles are complementa- ry-heady and heartfelt. And as soloists, they give new meaning to the term divide and conquer. Stream music, videos, and more! His sophomore salvo, Kiss of Death, places him as a contender for the title of King of New York, unwilling to go down without a fight. As soon as it comes on, it catches you.

It separated the men from the boys. I can't listen to it just once. But unchar- acteristically, Stone Love lacks the depth of emotion that usu- ally distinguishes her from the neophytes of her genre. But while we hear her loud and clear on this journey, feeling her is easier said than done. Taisba Rucker Your car can see the light of day and still be protected from it.

And so, in a splenetic spoken-word introduction, she invites all to study her new record. Most dancehall producers, however, wanted her to stick with the time-tested punanny-power formula. After numerous creative battles, she made a song telling him how she felt. In "Little White Lie," Stephens shares the pain of a woman who tricks a responsible man into raising her children. Being female seems to be stigmatized these days.

I refuse to wear that stigma. But overall. The trade association stepped up its lawsuits against individuals and file- sharing music pirates, and may soon be backed by new federal laws creating penalties for sharing digital files of copyrighted materials. There are even sexy pics of celebs. Easy to download and install, it has an intuitive user interface.

Though the network is prone LP) viral attacks, for everything it makes available, eMule kicks ass. Three sirens are ringing out tonight, equally loud, each with a distinctive, body- moving tune. Elliott steps out from her impressively choreographed stage circus to connect with the crowd. Chords cry out as the curtain lifts, and after a few crowd- pleasing dance sequences, Alicia Keys sits at the piano to do what she does best.

Keys crawls on top of the piano and, lying there, tickles the ivories upside down. Finally, the thunder roars. Beyonce is carried through the center aisle on a chariot while tossing rose petals at her devoted subjects.

Myself and I. His debut album establishes him as the go-to producer for the East Coast street sound. Lest one think his sound is too N. It's getting hot in herre! Louis's finest, Nelly, is back on the scene touting his fourth and fifth albums-two separate discs to be released on the same day. The highly anticipated summer set features the St. Lunatics and the return of Mase.

As things heat up in Nellyville, Lil Jon is working on quenching your thirst with his next studio album, Crunk Juice. Ludacris, R. Kelly, Usher, T. Mean- while, on the east side, Nas is steady at work on his double album, Streets Disciple. And rumor has it Bow Wow is taking a break from movies to head back into the studio to reunite with his original mentor, Jermaine Dupri.

B: Oh snap. Is he cool with Jigga now? A: Guess Ray J picks up the slack on this one. A: Oh, I get it. B: Wow, Talib goes to clubs?

A: Backpackers have lives, too. B: See. A: Then he makes a song to get paid from the pitiful bastards. Poor saps. B: They can play this record in the gym for the ladies taking the aerobics classes. A: You gotta use words like funky to describe this one. B: Yeah, but where's the JD cameo? Copyrighted material Imagine a worldwide movement working to protect the dignity and rights of all people. And imagine it works. For 40 years, Amnesty International members have saved countless lives - people persecuted, imprisoned, or tortured simply for who they are or what they believe.

Many more need your help. Take action. Log on. Join us. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill-made an album where they cover nothing but classic soul songs? Why is it the Neptunes produce monster hits for everyone except N. And what exactly does Shaein N. Is it just us, or does every vhi show feature the same comedians making the same jokes?

Does every rap song have to have a sped-up soul sample? Does Bad Boy have a marquee artist anymore? Silver at Its Best! Simply enter VIBEi to enjoy your savings!

High School diploma or GEO required. Financial Aid if eligible. Well Sydni, Angel and Cream are from around the way. They all live in Crown Heights, one of the most notorious sections of Brooklyn, but to them it's just a place they call home, Around The Way Girls is a fast paced look at the life of three street smart women, who think they know it all but are about to get the lessons of their lives.

The only problem is this might just end up being the biggest mistake of her life. PAGE Sheer silk cashmere cardigan. New York, N. Periodicals postage paid at New York, N. GST ft R All rights reserved.


Take You Home (Instrumental), Sob Medida - Simone (3) - Simone Ao Vivo (Show Gravado no Canecão em 30-12-79) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dire Straits - Communiqué (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nick Jones (22) - Dance To The Groove (Vinyl), Like An Eagle, Underworld Message - Violent Omen / Zombie Attack (2) - Violent Omen / Zombie Attack (Cassette), Lustig Ist Das Zigeunerleben, The Spaces In Between, Joselu Y Manuel - Se Va A Bañar (Vinyl)


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  2. The Melodians “rivers Of Babylon” On Beverley’s Records. Blp Jamaica. The Melodians. Babylon” Jamaica. The Records. Melodians Blp
  3. Tanya Stephens. See all 10 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Listen Now with Amazon Music: Ruff Rider "Please retry" Amazon Music Unlimited: Price New from Used from MP3 Music, December 11, Joe Grind 3 Handle The Ride 4 Years 5 Draw Fi Mi Finger 6 Man Fi Rule.
  4. 16 Tanya Stephens - It s a pity 17 Capleton - Bun dem every day May 20th - Hrs 1 Biz Markie & Elephant Man - Let me see you bounce - Groove attack - 12" 2 Christina Aguilera feat Tanya Stephens - Can't hold us down - RCA - 12" 3 Kelis feat Beenie Man, Miss Thing & Baby Cham - Shake Remix - White label dj promo - 12".
  5. Review: When it comes to representing the future of dub and dancehall music, we can safely say that Liondub International have been doing a spectacular job. This latest offering sees the deadly duo of Lost City & Ward 21 link up for an electronic dancehall delight entitled 'Sicko'. The lead track is a certified piece of dancefloor dynamite, with emotive vocal sing-alongs and electrifying drum Missing: Joe Grind.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Tanya Stephens - Ruff Rider at Discogs. Complete your Tanya Stephens collection/5(5).
  7. TRISTON PALMA & TOYAN - Nice Time (Jam Rock LP Yvonne Curtis - Just as I Am (Reggae gospel) Yvonne Curtis - Far Away Rockie Campbell with Yvonne Curtis - Call-me Tanya Stephens ‎– Ruff Rider (Reggae, Danceh Martha Velez ‎– Escape From Babylon (with T Marcia Griffiths ‎– Certified (Very good)Missing: Joe Grind.
  8. Frisco Kid and Screechie Joe-Get A Good Man-VLSGully Tanya Stephens-Ruff RiderUNK Tell And The Rakooneers-Rippin Round The World-CDJAH Va-night rider riddim (vinyl bootleg)vod VA-Nuh Pardon Riddim-VLYARD VA-Paid in Full Riddim-CDMGPR.

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