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Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette)
Label: Ebus Music - EM051 • Format: Cassette Mini-Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: New Wave, Goth Rock

The volume is named for the Lovecraft short story " Beyond the Wall of Sleep ". The stories for this volume were selected by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei. The dust jacket art was a collage of photographs of sculptures by Clark Ashton Smith.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep contains these texts. Items, and are essays; and are poems; while are stories. Although the story and poetry selections have appeared in other Lovecraft collections, Beyond the Wall of Sleep has never been reprinted in its original form.

New York Times reviewer William Poster noted that this second Lovecraft collection comprised mostly the author's "lesser writings," faulting in particular his poems and prose poems, which "tend to reveal his weaknesses rather than reveal his stature. Without the Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette) excitement of narrative suspense and climax his language seems thin and obvious, getting most of its effects by the hypnotic repetition or judicious timing of adjectives like 'slimy,' 'nameless,' or 'loathsome.

Bleiler described Beyond as "really an afterthought volume", commenting that "The fiction is almost all minor, although The Case of Charles Dexter Warddespite its being strangely tired and routine, has interesting concepts and good moments".

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. That's the story as it was written by Lovecraft. For my money, this is a first for Lovecraft films, say what you want about the painful acting and uneven writing. No one can dispute it. Now, where they change the story is to take it from a heady sci-fi story about another world being revealed and turn it into a monster movie. But, what the hell are you gonna do? Monster movies make money and people watch Lovecraft films to see some blood and Gothic horror.

Plus, the story is completely vague enough as to inspire that type of take on it. I'm giving the film a higher rating than I probably should - only because I'm angered by the claims that it's not what it says that it is. If you want to make a valid criticism - read the story first. Otherwise, your just some goth poseur who's probably not even read much Lovecraft and claims to be an expert only because they read half of "Mountains of Madness" once but couldn't get through it because they couldn't find their freakin' dictionary.

Believe me, there's plenty to get angry about in this film - just not the quality of the adaptation. Hell, just make fun of the bad wig!!!! That's enough material to base a negative review on right there! If this is what the makers of this film take from Lovecraft, I pity them. Lovecraft gives you the skeleton of something horrible and lets your imagination flesh in the rest. That's what makes him so fun to read. This movie leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

In fact it takes particular delight in showing you every gory detail. This should have "Fangoria" on the top of the box not "H. If you are a fan of Lovecraft and want to see a good tale about Elder gods, don't rent this one.

I know it's hard not to grab anything with "Lovecraft" at the top but don't fall for it. The makers of this film stuck his name on their product to get more viewers.

You will waste your time and fall for their ploy if you rent this because you like Lovecraft. Don't say I didn't warn you. Well, I rented before I read the comments here so I wont add much more that hasn't already been said. My DVD box has a different monster on the front not like the one shown here. Satan from Zombie's movie he should sue 'em and that worst part is--no creature even like that appears in the movie! Complete waste of time and money.

Burn in Hell Lionsgate! Completely trashes Lovecraft's story. The only thing that made up for this diaper stain of a movie was the nice rack on one of the "mental patients". Check that out. She should have been that star of the movie. Warn all your friends to avoid this trash at all costs! I started to write a lengthy summery of the film, but realized someone probably would be doing that or has done that before me. Basically, my thoughts are as follows: Being a low budget movie maker myself I understand there are always complications and issues that arise with the making and finishing of a movie.

This looks low budget and in my opinion, good on ya, for getting it done. How do I know that they had complications? That leads me to my next train of thought: I have never listened to a commentary track that was so honest and so to the point. When I watched it I meant to watch just a few minutes to see what these guys sounded like and ended up hearing the whole thing because they said anything, or so it seemed, that came to their minds.

It sounded a lot like mine I made on an indie I did that is still waiting to get picked up. Nice job Filmmakers! Before I go let me say that my worst and best thoughts on the movie. Worst is that there should have been more close ups on the inbreeder and they should have done more with Edward going to the woods. It seemed disjointed.

Best comment is the shots of Edward and the brain girl. Great chemistry and it had such a classic movie making style. It really was terrific. I felt like I was watching one of the classics. That's all. If you would like to be on my mailing list for my own film which I'm Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette) end of July please send me a message through IMDb.

I have my own stereotypical ideas of how insane people might act. I also have my own ideas of how people who are possessed by demons or other beings might act.

Many of the lines are delivered as if being read for the first time with the actors following parenthetical guidelines and sideline instructions from their coach or stage mother. The actors portraying insane characters could pretty much get away with anything, but the so-called sane characters are not in the least believable. Sanderson is okay in his muttering portrayal of an inbred degenerate, but by far most of the other actors were simply horrible, over-emoting and stretching their facial expressions to comedic proportions.

Horrible acting does not make a good horror show. I noticed when I clicked on Yount's name that, at the time of this writing, there were no other filmography credits for Yount. Hopefully there never will be. I would not recommend this movie to anyone as an example of what H.

Lovecraft's writing can conjure in a fertile mind. For me, one of the biggest failings in all the Lovecraft inspired movies I have seen is the portrayal of the creatures. Usually the creatures are poorly made-up, poorly animated, and just overall not living up to the feelings of terror inspired by Lovecraft's writing.

Beyond The Wall Of Sleep has believable horrific creatures, but the portrayal of humans is not to be believed. A good-portion of the original short is present here, with some of the usual liberties taken.

The bulk of the story is here: Joe Slater, a Catskills inbred is found in his home screaming indescribable-utterances, and begins attacking his neighbors who have come to see what the commotion is all-about.

With super-human strength, he attacks one of his neighbors, It appears he has a growth on his back that resembles a face, and two-hands Things get-stranger from there. At times, the inbred seems to be inhabited by a superior-intelligence, babbling strange-utterances of no-known language. In the film, Joe played with skill by the great William Sanderson who is now seen as the Mayor in the Deadwood series flees and is eventually caught by a sheriff's posse changed to State police, led by Tom Savinifollowed by a party of local inbreds.

Things get-darker at this point. This is all fine-and-well, so I don't want to seem like some Lovecraft-fanatic splitting-hairs. Some alterations work, some don't.

The face on the back is still there in the film, and while you might believe it is an undeveloped-aspect, Lovecraft didn't do much with it either. One major-change works well: changing the narrator. In Lovecraft's tale, it is the intern who tells the story after it has happened--with the characteristic lack-of-context of how-much later it's happening, or even the name of the narrator himself.

Nobody who knows Lovecraft well would say his writing was always good, but there were things that the filmmakers left-out that I found confusing. Namely, the nature of the being inhabiting Joe Slater. In the original-short, the being is not necessarily evil or malefic, though sometimes destructive and unpredictable. It's as though it struggles to merely exist in Slater's body, seemingly trapped in him. Maybe, though not on a cosmic-scale, that seems evident in Lovecraft's original short-story.

Quite the contrary, the being is attempting to destroy another being known as "the adversary" out of revenge. It struck me that the adversary is Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette) to be like the devil, or some truly malefic-being, while the being inhabiting Joe Slater is of a lower-order in the cosmos.

The original short has the being leave Slater's body, becoming a star that attempts to eclipse and destroy the adversary-star in another realm of the cosmos. The tale ends with the "good" being losing, the event being viewed by astronomers as a nova, then dying. Ironically, I believe this could have been done more-economically than the Cthuloid-being that was created with CGI.

The tales becomes one of a summoning, when the original is really about the escape of an entity that has been trapped in the body of an imbecile. This, then, is probably my main-problem with the film, but the theme of dreams being more-real than our own reality is still present and well-expressed in the editing and imagery.

The images of the children are very-interesting, because it reflects H. Lovecraft's cosmic-horror so well. The children are subdeities toying-with humanity, much like the Archons of the Gnostic-cosmology. It should also be noted that early-Christianity held that all people had a star for themselves in the cosmos--it was what we became after death. The ancient Gnostics felt that a select-few people in the world were part of a "starry race", or "knowers" of the divine. They were supposed to hold a "divine-spark" within-themselves, and Gnostics especially Sethians believed they were not of this world, but of this race.

How Lovecraft embedded similar-concepts in his shorts is a mystery, since most all Gnostic-texts have only come-to-light since eight-years after his death. I also have to wonder how Crowley had-access to these Gnostic and Hermetic-concepts, it is puzzling as many of the Gnostic-ones simply weren't considered even to exist.

It's a shame, but this wonderful mystical-aspect is almost absent in the adaptation, and it bothers me. However, the film is still very good for Lovecraftian cinema.

It accurately reflects how brutal turn-of-the-century America was, too. I especially enjoyed the opening-prologue with the time-date slate, showing us when the recounting of the tale happens American Mental Institutions were notorious years-ago, so the context of the tale is solid.

Maybe some of the production-design could have been better, but this is micro-budget cinema and the film is a great achievement, nonetheless. The subplot with the trepanned-girl lifted from "Hannibal"? We should remember that the short is a little over four-pages, so its addition is understandable and sets-the-stage for the intern's and Joe Slater's fusion with an electronic-apparatus. The super-fast editing was also very good, and there are some truly unforgettable-images in this film.

But remember: this is low-budget cinema, it was probably made for a couple-million dollars, possibly less. But it works, it's respectable horror. Lovecraft is about imagination, unfortunately the makers of this movie forgot that this is the key to his horror.

What makes Lovecraft stories interesting to me is the great sense of foreboding and mystery they manage to build. It's difficult with this offering to get beyond the abysmal acting, over-the-top editing and extraneous atmospherics that feel anything but something out of a Lovecraft story.

The eventual monster looks like it was hatched from a Playstation. All in all there is nothing good to say about this movie. Even the stab at tongue in cheek drowns in overall poor movie making, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette), fake blood and gore. Obviously this is a low budget movie, and obviously the director intended to play for some of the over-the-top acting, editing and production, but when the result merely feels cheap, humorless and tedious, I don't think merely having a low budget is enough of a defense.

Again, great cover art but I've been fooled by that before. The thing that really amazed me, is that it had two directors. You would think that at least one of them would pull the other aside and say "Dude, this film is gonna suck This is simply terrible, and whom ever paid actual money to distribute this should be ashamed of themselves. The acting is some of the worse ever, there really is no story and production value does not exist.

Good job on the artwork, now go away Creeping-Death 18 July It bares very little resemblance to the H. Lovecraft story of the same name, other than the name of the patient, Joe Slaader, and the location. Of course that means it follows the story as well as most other "Based on H. Lovecraft's" movies, but that isn't saying much. The sound is weird and echos throughout the movie. The acting was horrible, it would be difficult to find a movie where everybody overacted that much.

The special effects are of 80's quality or worse. One guy even thinks he is all-powerful because he is the head honcho of a mental institution. If you're looking for a good "Based on H. Lovecraft's" movie, try "Dagon", it is much better than this movie, even though it's not exactly high-quality. Interestingly, when you look at the breakdown for how different demographics voted on the Intenet Movie Database, you will notice that the women voted this film about twice as good as men did in all age groups.

I have no idea why this would be, but something to keep in mind, I suppose. This is an H. Lovecraft film from someone besides Stuart Gordon although I consider him the master of Lovecraft and an admirable attempt.

An intern in an insane asylum does brain experiments and stumbles across a being from another world "beyond the wall of sleep"who in Lovecraft fashion has tentacles on his chin. Let me mention the negative qualities of this film. First, the acting was awful. Almost all the characters were exaggerated and over-acted in Broadway style.

This does not bother me, though it does make it more difficult to get into a film and let yourself escape Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Dust (Cassette).

Second, the director is not familiar with the adage that "less is more" because after using some quick scene cuts I don't know the technical term where we see about twenty different things in a minute, he uses this same technique about fifty more times in the film. Luckily I am not prone to epileptic seizures.

And third, along with these quick flashes, the director also seems to think repetition of lines is helpful.

If they had said "Mama had a baby and its head popped off" or "ring around the Rosie" one more time, I would have shot the television Elvis-style. But it was not all bad. The imagery itself was excellent, setting the tone for an old asylum from very well.

The use of arcane artwork was excellent, and the monster from beyond was well-crafted. Oh, and then there was Tom Savini Sadly, his part was rather small. I suppose if you are interested in an asylum film, this is better than many you could choose though not nearly as good as "In The Mouth of Madness".

And if you like Lovecraft, this film is fine.


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  1. Jun 06,  · Directed by Barrett J. Leigh, Thom Maurer. With George Peroulas, Fountain Yount, Gregory Fawcett, William Sanderson. A man is held in an asylum for murdering his family. A young intern at the asylum suspects an even darker force connected to the man/10(1K).
  2. First Edition. BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP, Arkham House, , first edition, some foxing to the t.p.e.'s, else a tight, bright vg+ or better copy in like dust-wrapper save for some slight wear and tear and some dust-soil to the rear dust-wrapper panel. Still a very nice copy! 1/1, copies. Seller Inventory # .
  3. Beyond the Wall of Sleep is the second solo album by guitarist Christian Muenzner. The album was released as a digital download and CD on May 26, Christian Muenzner started writing the songs for this album between October and May In early , Muenzner started a campaign to fund his album and by April, the goal was reached the.
  4. "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" is a short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft written in and first published in the amateur publication Pine Cones in October It would eventually be rereleases in Weird Tales in March of Lovecraft said the story was inspired by an April 27, article in the New York Tribune. Reporting on the New York state police, the article cited a family.
  5. --Edgar Allan Poe Beyond the Wall of Sleep isn't going to be some timeless-classic, but it's a very solid piece of Lovecraftian cinema. A good-portion of the original short is present here, with some of the usual liberties taken. The bulk of the story is here: Joe Slater, a Catskills inbred is found in his home screaming indescribable.
  6. Descargar Beyond the wall of sleep Música MP3. Enhorabuena a continuación usted ya puede descargar Beyond the wall of sleep MP3 en YUMP ¡Descarga y escucha el MP3 de las canciones que deseas donde gustes, es gratis para siempre!
  7. Beyond the Wall of Sleep is a collection of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories, poems and essays by American author H. P. neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo was released in and was the second collection of Lovecraft's work published by Arkham House. 1, copies were neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfo volume is named for the Lovecraft short story "Beyond the Wall of Sleep".
  8. Aug 29,  · Beyond The Wall Of Sleep ‎ / Psychic Burnout Beyond Release Cassette Germany Goth Rock.

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