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Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD)
Label: Caroline Records - CAROL 1462-2 • Format: CD Maxi-Single • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, New Beat

Sign In. Added to Watchlist. Louis Gossett Jr. Melody Anderson. Will Sampson. Sonny Landham. John Rhys-Davies. Ian Abercrombie. Richard Lee-Sung. John Hazelwood. Juan Jaramillo. Director: J. Lee Thompson. But for Firewalker, he went more for the comedic action-adventure style and I think he succeeded in doing that very well. There are still some slivers of nostalgic fun to be had here, so if you must delve into the past, why not.

Don't take it too seriously and you'll do just fine! You can't give it a ten. But for just down right fun, for an afternoon with nothing better to do you can't beat it. For those that are looking for a Chuck Norris movie, or expecting Chuck Norris, you might want to stay away. I don't know what people think comedy is, and this doesn't fit in that category. It is light hearted with some good-natured banter, if you are looking for slapstick don't bother. Go get Dumb and Dumber.

Take it for what it is, two bumbling sidekicks who get in way over their head, but some how manage to muddle through. So suspend your disbelief, sit back and just have fun, believe me, there are plenty of adventure movies that are much worse. Tom R.

I thought this movie was an excellent buddy - comedy - adventure film. It may not have been a big budget movie but that does not stop you from enjoying it. Chuck Norris is excellent and hilarious he gives one of his best performances as the tough guy and loyal friend who knows how to fight as shown in the bar scene where he defeats an entire bar full of men single handedly but can't shoot straight.

People may say that it is a copy cat spoof of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone but I disagree I think it stands alone and is just as good. I personally think that it is better than those two movies and I thought it was funnier and a lot more enjoyable. This is a pretty good exploitation flick, made by the Masters of the Genre over at Cannon.

Get the joke? Cannon made Masters of the Universe. It has a now middle-aged Chuck Norris cranking out another of his action films that he loved doing in the eighties. He departs from his other films by cutting back on the kicks and increasing the yucks. It invokes the occasional laugh, but mostly just makes me chuckle sometimes unintentionally. On the whole I like this movie and hope to one day see it on DVD.

The cast were all believable in their roles. Lou Gossett Jr. My rating two of four stars. God Bless! In addition to being for the entire family, Firewalker is a roller coaster ride that will leave you wanting more. Hold on to your seats, folks, because this movie's actions sequences will leave you breathless.

It has it's highs and lows -- it's ups and downs. And at the end, you may not be able to say that you can walk through fire, but at least you'll be able to say that you've seen the firewalker. And don't take my word for it! This is probably one of the best Chuck Norris movies there is. He is actually funny in this movie, and it has some very interesting themes in it. The fight seen in the bar is very good.

This is probably one of Chuck's last really good movies. Besides the average TopDog. Louis Gosset Jr. He adds to it in many ways. Without him it probably wouldn't be funny at all. My favorite seen would have to be the very first one when they are tied up in the desert Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD) ol' chuck uses the glass bottle to cut them free.

Mean while louis gosset jr. People say this was a ripoff of Indiana Jones Plus they may be right! It does have John Rhyes-DAvis in it. I've always been a fan of Chuck Norris and this is my favorite of his films. Someone once said he is the only truly sucessful terrible actor since Audie Murphy, but they need to see this film. He delivers a wonderful comedic performance and he and Louis Gossett Jr.

The camradarie between them is awesome and its a shame they never made another film together. This film is the best treasure hunt film since Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart.

Melody Anderson is delightful as the mystery woman and she and Norris have several hilarious exchanges. Of course, there are several karate fight scenes excellently staged.

It sort of reminds you of Raiders of The Lost Ark because it throws Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD) at you so fast you don't know when to duck and you enjoy every second of it. One of my favorites and I hope future generations realize what a great film it truly is like they did with Citizen Kane. Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett, Jr. Look out fellas because blonde cutie Melody Anderson has a treasure map and is looking for partners.

Cannon's entry into the adventure film boom of the '80s. But this is no Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone, no matter how hard it tries to be both. Gossett fares slightly better than Norris at the comedy but not by much. Both are embarrassing. Looking pretty is all Anderson brings to the table, though she certainly brings a lot of that. Cheap production values it was Cannon so you knew that would be the caselame dialogue, and derivative plot.

Still, time has granted it a charm of sorts that many '80s films have. Nostalgia I guess. Love the cave painting that appears to have been done in crayons.

Can you believe that this film was made by J. What's worse is the way that good actors like Lou Gossett Jr and John Rhys-Davies are dragged down to standards way below what is expected of them. Patricia has a treasure map to an Aztec fortune and wants Max and Leo to help her get there. However, there are others who want the treasure too Norris mugs away embarrassingly as the inept hero, giving the kind of performance that scores points for sheer unintentional hilarity.

Gossett mugs too, which is disappointing considering that he had not long since gained an Oscar for An Officer And A Gentleman. Anderson - the third point of this wacky trio - has nothing to do but look cute, which she does with all the inexpressive woodenness of a kiddies' doll. There are continuity errors galore for those who enjoy spotting such things for example, one eye-patch-wearing villain can't seem to decide for sure which eye he's blind in! Usually films of this type at least have stirring music or adequate bursts of action, but "Firewalker" can't even manage those - Gary Chang's score is utterly bland, and the action is either farcical or boringly predictable.

Cannon Group already produced a low budget version of Indiana Jones a year before with "King Solomon's Mines" starring Richard Chamberlain as the intrepid adventurer Allan Quatermain and "damsel-in-distress" Jesse Huston played by Sharon Stone in an early appearance on-screen, it was based on the classic novel by Henry Rider Haggard and was filmed back-to-back with its way inferior sequel, "Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold".

Critics aside, "Firewalker" is a great escapist adventure film, even with the usual boundaries of a Cannon produced movie with limited budget, the movie looks visually good and moves at a nicely pace, Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD), it's full of well achieved sequences and the humour incorporated to it, absolutely, works.

Norris and Gossett Jr. Chuck Norris, playing very much Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD) type, and Lou Gossett, appear to be having a ball in this semi-Romancing the Stone ripoff.

Directed by J. Lee Thompson of various Charles Bronson movies, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes, the movie does not take itself at all seriously, and Norris and Gossett look relaxed and energetic as they tear into the ridiculous script. It's got Martial Arts, it's got gun play, it's got a psychotic Chinese general in a golf cart, it's got Rhys-Davies singing I mean really, what more could you want. This is one of those movies that gets reamed for being bad, when all it's trying to be is a fun diversion with scenery-chewing aplenty.

Go on, watch it. I won't tell A legit upbeat, euphoric couchlock mind fuck is the best way I can describe it. Such an incredible high. I went on a journey listening to Firewalker (EQ Mix) - A Split - Second - Firewalker (CD) by pink floyd.

Would highly recommend. Similar to a senzu bean if you watched dragonball z! Definitely something for the morning. Gets you focused. This is among the best sativas I've ever had. No raciness, absolutely no anxiety or paranoia. An uplifting euphoria with no small amount of aphrodisiacal properties. Similar strains. Lee Roy. LA OG. Dragon OG. White Fire Alien OG. Whitewalker OG. Hell's OG.


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  1. Firewalker is a level 61 - 62 Elite NPC that can be found in Molten Core. The location of this NPC is unknown. In the NPCs category. Always up to date.
  2. Welcome to FireWalker. FireWalker is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the St. Louis metropolitan area for over 20 years. Our good work and integrity has earned us a reputation with local Fire Marshall's and inspectors as a company that you can trust to get the job done right.
  3. A old friend of mine bought this Cd when it first came out. He wanted the wax Lp, but they didn't have it on wax. So, he bought and I make a cassette copy of it. At the time CD recorders where really just for computers. I'm glad I now own a great copy. Some good and classic dance mixes.
  4. He felt A Split Second was due to make changes in style in order to keep growing. 8 Firewalker CD Tracklisting 1 Backlash 2 Crimewave 3 Cold War in the Brainbox 12" / MCD Antler Records: CD Single 1 Firewalker 2 Backlash Remixes club mix 12" mix EQ mix: Lay back and join CD Antler Records: 1 Firewalker (unreleased video edit.
  5. Feb 04,  · Firewalker is a Rare-rarity Outfit in Battle Royale, which can be obtained from the Item Shop for 1, neifullsubsvesetzbubudoomlifillscotlink.coinfolker was first released in Season Cosmetic Review. Based on a Chinese Dragon in Chinese myths, Firewalker features bold colors with the teal skin tone and the bright red jacket with gold flames representing their flaming persona.
  6. Oct 19,  · Firewalker (Extended Mix) · The Noble Six Firewalker ℗ Armada Music B.V. Released on: A R T I S T: The Noble Six Auto-generated by YouTube.
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Firewalker on Discogs.4/5(7).
  8. "Firewalker - Beatless mix" is the first of two non-beat things on the album. It reminds me a little of something by the COCTEAU TWINS crossed with TANGERINE DREAM & JEAN MICHEL JARRE. It may not have beat, but it has an ephemeral .

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