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Otherwise the abusive person might use the weapons to hurt you, which will make you trapped in a much more dangerous situation. You can get help from the below domestic violence organizations, after you've run outside or to a safe area at home. You can also contact your local domestic violence shelter. The staff usually have outreach programs and access to free or cheap legal advice so you can figure out how to get your abusive partner out of your life safely and legally.

It's essential to make a detailed domestic safety plan, when you decide to leave your abusive boyfriend or husband. Now follow the below domestic violence safety plan brochure to leave your domestic spouse or family, and end the abusive relationship safely and quickly. A "Take-and-Go" package is a key part in a comprehensive domestic violence safety plan.

Take all of your important documents with you including your children's important documents. Important documents include:. If you want to get protective orders restraining orders as soon as possible, or you want to divorce your spouse, collecting family abusing evidences is extremely necessary. You can install a mini security camera in a rather secret place to record your abuse spouse's terrible behaviors.

With evidence, your intimate partner cannot deny his or her violence. Besides, you can keep a journal to record everything leading up to and during each instance of abuse. One important thing you should know: a woman is 70 times more likely to be murdered in the few weeks after leaving her abusive partner than at any other time in the relationship pretty shocking!!!

Now get some effective domestic violence safety solutions after leaving the abusive relationship. After you leave, you definitely don't want the abuser to know where you are. Only tell your new location to your parents and your close friends and ask them to keep secret, no matter how the abuser is begging your family and friends to acquire your new address.

After you leave your abusive partner or family, change your telephone number at once to avoid phone call harassment. Posting your images about yourself is indeed helpful to let your family and friends know the latest about you. However, it may also a helpful tool for the abuser to track you via the shared location on your social media. With security camerasyou can check whether you are stalking by the crazy and abusive ex or partner.

You can get some tech-savvy advice on dealing with your abusive ex here. Besides, you can see who and what are hanging out near your new house with the security cameras. If you find the abuser near your new home, call the police at once. According to domestic violence laws such as the Violence Against Women Actyou can apply for a personal protection order PPO if you are threatened by your abuser.

It can protect you from being hit, threatened, harassed or stalked by the abuser. The PPO would also stop the abuser from coming into your home or bothering you at work, and it can also stop the abuser from taking your minor children unless required by the court. Your violent abuser may come to your workplace to harass you, so a domestic violence safety plan at your workplace is indispensable.

Statistics show that 10, children are exposed to domestic violence every year. As a parent, the last thing you want to is that your lovely children get battered or insulted. You need to take a domestic violence family safety plan to keep your innocent angels away from abusing. You should tell your kids or teens to stay away from the violence storm and hide in somewhere in the house or just leave, when there is an argument between you and your partner.

You should plan and practice the escaping route with your children together. Domestic violence is extremely severe worldwide. You can take a look at the video below to see the stocking domestic abuse statistics and other details on family violence.

The above domestic violence safety plan can help you escape from the abusive temporarily. However, you need to end this abusive relationship completely, and let the abuser get out of your life. Always remember that you are entitled to protection. Many states have adopted preferred and mandatory arrest policies. The police would not leave the domestic violence scene without making an arrest. The threat of arrest is an effective way to stop domestic violence.

For terminating a lease early, you need to have either a police report documenting the abuse, or a restraining order against your abuser.

The above comprehensive domestic violence safety plan and safety tips can help keep yourself and your family from family violence. If you have any questions about safety planning or want us to help you develop or create a specific domestic violence safety plan for you, leave your thoughts in the comment.

In order to help you dig further into domestic violence, we make a list of domestic violence hottest questions. You are invited to share you unique ideas on domestic violence questions. A 1 : Domestic violence is a kind of abusive behavior in any relationships that is used by one partner to maintain control over another intimate partner, including heterosexual, homosexual, transgender relationships.

Domestic violence typically includes physical and verbal abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, psychological abuse, threats, staking, cyberstalking, etc. If you encounter any one of the above abuse, you would be in a domestic violence situation. A 2 : A domestic violence safety plan is a comprehensive and effective planning that includes solutions to keep you safe during a conflict, planning to leave and after you leave. It also includes taking legal actions and more.

Kids who witness or are the victims of domestic violence may believe that violence is a reasonable way to solve conflicts among people. From now on no white cops will be hired Simpleton Leave Violence promoted. The police force will only exist in so far as it actively promotes Globo Homo, as in the UK. Defund the police! Abolish the police!! It seems that counterfeit money was being laundered through the night club where Floyd worked and Chauvin moonlighted.

Maybe what we need is a separate black ethno state, where the poor black people will be safe from the dozen or so cases a year of dubious interactions between police and blacks that constitute genocidal white supremacy.

They could call it Wakanda if they want. I feel devastated to have read such drivel in Off Guardian. It is basically fodder for racist far right wing conspiracy theorists. With the usual silly data in the background about the police in the US killing more whites than blacks in a country where only 1 out of 7 citizen is black what do you expect?

A black man was slowly put to death for more than 8 minutes on film and you say the fact that his murder got viral is a conspiracy from MSM, Soros and the likes, I am disgusted by this : I was on the phone with someone from the French official news agency AFP who had not done any research but was telling me that doubting the official narrative on Covid 19 meant pandering to the far right.

I scoffed at that, but the active racism denying lot posting here make me doubt or rather very wary of the stance being put forward here. The idea that the police are being violent because there is a conspiracy is preposterous : police have been handed the streets because of lockdown for weeks on end : did you expect that was not going to have some effect on their policing?

The only thing I agree with is the hypocrisy of those on the left who advocated using masks and are now urging protesters to throng about albeit with masks thus contradicting their former exhortations to caution. This could not be a more obvious attempt to discredit. First you infer a bunch of racist arguments and beliefs that are NOT present in the article and then you try in the most childishly transparent way to connect this to our COVID19 coverage to discredit that too.

Just like a certain Austrian corporal would have us believe. You can clearly see he has most of his weight on his other knee, you can clearly see the victim move his head how can he be suffocating if hes moving his head?

If anything the cop with his full weight on the victims back is the one guilty of manslaughter hes not been charged or arrested. But the private postmortem by the family is also very suspect, they claim the evidence of neck compression was unidentifiable because there was no pressure after the cop took his knee off.

Well then theres no evidence that he died of asphyxiation due to the cops knee pressing on his neck killing him. I also watched the netflix Epstein series the other day. If you do something willingly you are not a victim. Apparently she had no memory or knowledge of this until the psychologist told her she had! We must go back to fact based truth rather belief based facts.

The best place to start is dismantling the MSM, its a insidious disease that is sucking the civility out of society. There are a lot of people who have to be dealt with very harshly and forcefully. Police officers have to deal with such people on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day.

You cannot deal with these people the same way as normal, decent people. Their brains are wired differently, even on the few occasions they are sober and not off their heads on drugs.

Walk around the centre of any town at night over a weekend and you will see plenty of them. The alternative, which we are seeing now, is to let these people take over and do as they please. As in London, where the cemeteries are filling up with young blacks killed by other young blacks. As in the US, where ubiquitous firearms are the joker in the pack. Just people who walk around wearing silly hats.

Police will be instructed not to arrest, stop or challenge blacks unless absolutely unavoidable. Officers will be pilloried as racist thugs and murderers over a protracted period, whether justified or not. They will be aware that they will not be supported in any confrontation that occurs, and automatically held to be at fault, whatever the circumstances. Most just want a quiet life. People get the police force they deserve and the police force they want. Some of what you say is true, the police have no option to use force when confronted by violent people.

There is no evidence this man was violent, if there is let it be seen. There is no suggestion he did anything to justify lethal force.

They could easily have arrested him or just walked past him. The police like anyone else must be held to account for their conduct, lying, conspiring to pervert justice, assault, manslaughter etc. In my youth i once gave very strong consideration to joining the police! But as ive matured I see the system for what it is, corrupt beyond repair. That said i am truly worried by what i see over the last few months this is more than activiism this is a neo-liberal coup the police may well become irrelevant.

Read up on Fentanyl which is what the examiner said he had during the arrest. He also had other drugs in his system. It could very well have been Fentanyl overdose as its very hard to judge the amount. It does very often cause death. Videos show George stumbling around. Because it is so concentrated people can misjudge the dose for themselves to dangerous degree. Or did the examiner say fentanyl because he knew it would obfuscate the claim he was suffocated by cop? For what its worth i think the un-accused cop was to blame not the knee jerk!

The victim did look unsteady on his feet before he was knelt on by TWO cops, if anyone killed him it was the cop with all his weight on the victims back out of camera shot Would people have been so outraged at seeing a cop holding him down by putting his weight on his back?.

No conspiracy just fact. Look up the video evidence. You know no damage was done to the throat or neck in the autopsy? Also when the paramedics arrived they checked his pulse while the cop had his knee in the same position then turned around to get the stretcher? You are clearly not sorry.

The privileged are using their power to make others more miserable, Simpleton Leave Violence, and this situation is ccelerating. The un-privileged is made poorer by wealth re-distribution planning. The health of the un-privileged is under Simpleton Leave Violence. One can live without no much stuff but the loss of dignity is what hurts the most and dignity of the un-privileged is being systematically assaulted by the privileged. A bit like blowing a balloon up and then releasing it.

Would it be too fanciful to think that the astonishing recent events were programmed in a similar way and Simpleton Leave Violence the lockdown was a kind of deliberate pressure cooker? Build up the anxiety and then let go? Padone moi for the lenght, and I have cut it short, hehe, I have, some issues takes much more space but I will give you an link, to C. Ownens, a spokes person for sanity and clarity of the issue we all face, regardeless of race.

Nothing of this have anything to do with racism, the problem is the same, Nike is hypocratic when they suddenly suports the rioters, while they have outsourced the jobbs to where they work in slave pantations, and now, suports this, huh, and while your state is investing trillions in the MICs medical and military ind.

Again, this issues are the main problem, for blacks and whites as well, go to Africa and the problem remians the same, an oligarcy, whom controls everything and throwns scrapps upon us when we get hungry and angry, and yet, the system remains the same, I have no problems despite I dont like it, with the refugees economical refugees witch are the majority, because theyrun from an systemic unballance witch is created by an elite.

The same elite is diverting the root cause of the issue to be something about racism, white supremacys, AntiFags etc, etc, yeah, like the Corona issue they will divert the problem to drag the focus away from the main issue and the reasons behind why people are protesting against, social injustice, etc, lack of progress, and above all, lack of an future, specially for our children, and the Gov whom is using their porovos have the same agenda, to make shure your protest is crushed, due to the riots, nobody benefis from that other than the ones whom wants the system to reamin, aka status quo.

I have read and watched Black people talking abuot this in an way that I can stand behind all the way to kingdom comes, because they to know, even better than what I do, that this leads to nowhere, and achives nothing, since the MSM is using their power to divert the agenda to be something witch by all means are side tracks, highlighting marginals, like Antifags to the never ending hate propaganda against white people whom at least died an mass in the fight for blacks liberty and justice, witch was for us all and now everything is become polarised and the entire protest is now an blame game instead of debating the truth, this is an class war and right now we all are loosing, because of well pissers and people whom benefits since they have their own agendas as BLM and those that uses the race card every god dammed time.

May the lord have mercy upon you all, let not your mind be clouded, the path is right there, peace, prosperity and justice for us all. I suport this protest with all my hart and soul, this is an fight for light against the dark, for the good of humanity, and for our childrens future. Never give up and never give in. Be the light. Coming soon to a city near you. These protests are just part of the conditioning programme of the NWO.

If Trump does bring in the army then he is always was? I think Shoebat has is it and Obama gave away the plan today. This has nothing to do with and is all to do with The plan is for Trump to win and then spend all efforts in getting a government more amenable to the regime in place for Obama gave away the plan by revealing that the plan is to win local councils and governments. Which will of course based on previous efforts move the world to the situation where a person can serve jail time for using their own axe to chop down a tree in their own backyard to put a deck on their own house.

That is the real goal complete domination of the individual. Injured Humanity: Here is a glimpse into the treatment of Black Americans in Same as it ever was. Amazing detailed insight given by this historical document. The level and severity of such casual cruelty is shocking to the core. Humanity has a lot to answer for. Since this happed over two hundred years ago, it would not be right to blame anyone for it today. It is not so much a matter of blame, it provides a background explaining the situation in the USA today.

These were the conditions of African Americans only eight generations ago. Slavery in the USA ended in The scars are still there among both blacks and whites, the pain remains raw in African Americans, especially in view of the manner in which African Americans have been systematically treated since then.

I can think of no country in which slaves were as horrendously mistreated as were the African slaves in the USA. The Bolsheviks who constructed this coup murdered 6O million Russians in the most horrific ways making the treatment of black slaves in America look pale in comparison.

The treatment and killing of mostly women during the Reformation for witchcraft was another despicable period of history which renowned for its depravity. I could go on, but since you are obviously illiterate, why bother? The Republicans were the party of Abraham Lincoln and the North in the Civil War — they had trouble winning votes in the South for a long time because of this. The Democrats were for a long time an odd mix of urban ethnic minority interests, Jewish, Italian etc.

In the latter part of the 20th century things changed. The Dixiecrats basically became Republicans while African-Americans increasingly voted Democrat in the past, when they could vote at all, it was often Republican.

Thousands of American law enforcement officers frequently travel for training to one of the few countries where policing and militarism are even more deeply intertwined than they are here: israel. The military was deployed about 6 weeks ago across the country. Plans were made to evacuate the Congress and. Executive Departments out Washington to another location. If it happens or not— beware of the media role in everything.

La Lotta Continua. Most obvious was the numberplate that was prominently featured. Wonder why? This is normal in Minneapolis. Having plowed through your long link I can find no evidence of your assertion. If true, Simpleton Leave Violence you please highlight where it states that this is normal in Minneapolis or anywhere else?

Saw the opening image you referred to But such number-plates are generally used for parades and the like, not for normal police cars. Issues are being confused, wittingly or not. Historical memory confounds the present. But times have changed. The protests miss their mark by reducing the issue down to one of only racially motivated violence.

Johnson New Politics. And the protests manipulated to benefit the criminals that manufactured it. Unfortunately, since then another stupid white man George Soros donated 30 million dollars to BLM, and now the whole organization has been classified as the black equivalent to Antifa. That means BLM has been disgraced. This is why I have issues with the violence being promoted in the protests since people of color are being blamed for it. To be clear, the original purpose of Black Lives Matter was good.

BUT now we have a bad influence controlling it. They need to be able to take control of their lives without foreign interference from people like Soros. I cleared the cookies and cache and rentired details on my iPhone — yet still not able to post from it! Sigh…yes, we are secretly blocking your phone. Bond is the secret agent of a deep state mostly working undercover and with a license to kill and immune from censure.

How about that Ursula Andress character? I bet did for her after using her — she knew too much. That however only halpened becausthe audiences had fallen in love with the cartoon evil character and he was ressurected!

Off-G will have to reckon with me if they try to. It was foisted on us by the software developers, and we have had a lot of work to fix the glitches. What iPhone model do you have? That is a very good impression of Inspector Renault and an age old soldiers shrug of snafu! Never fearI am here, all will be well and logically sorted with helpful suggestions of the loyal readership who value free speech and sacred facts etc.

The site editors are they still a plural? No warning or user guide? I suppose the lock down has produced plenty of time for idle hands to get devilish with home improvements. Just who the heck are these developers??

Name them. Why are they allowed to change the Off-G site without consultation or permission or notice? Who put them in charge? What cookies are put on users devices? Why are they NOT identified as Off-guardian? What are they named? I look forward to answers and will keep an eye open for further glitches that will help us get on top of this outbreak of ITitus that has tragically and unexpectedly landed on Off-G. Dungroanin: I complained fairly vociferously although I tried to be politewhen I noticed Monday 1st June that the interface had changed — not in itself necessarily a bad thing, but at the same time, typing into the reply box had become very difficult — this on a PC, not a phone.

It was taking ages for the words to appear after typing, and correcting errors was almost impossible. It seems better this morning Tuesday 2ndand this article at the moment has around comments. But its bugger all to do with covid, its everything to do with class struggle always has always will be. Third word TOSSER him not you its people like this that plant the seed of victimhood in other peoples minds, a politicized weapon of defenseless victims for neo-liberals to exploit to suit their agenda.

Things get stickier and stickier until my browser crashes. Not complaining. Just passing on the info. I am experiencing similar issues in Safari.

Try a different browser if you can. Offg is looking into it. Keep us updated if you experience continuing problems. What utter cnuts.

You can see the dude with the umbrella breaking windows is white when he turns around his face is visible above the gas mask. Hi admin, my comment just hurtled half way down the list. Should we leave off for while, pending a fix? Got redirected here via zero hedge oh the place is becoming a racist pit of inhuman trolls again I wonder off topic. It seemed to me the article is desperate, trying to conflate this with the panic-demic.

And frankly the only people likely to push back are the under priviliged impoverished masses who have nothing more to loose. As with everything i have no doubt there is tremendous political opportunism on both sides, we know the MSM are strongly aligned to woke liberal leftist ideology which is in symbiosis with neo-liberal globalism.

The REAL story here is neo-liberal authoritarianism believes its OK to dehumanize people that break their laws no matter how minor the infringement.

Its been a slow burning wick until the final explosion! One things for sure there will never be a violent revolution in the land of serfs UK. The thing i always find most alarming in the reactions to these events is the greater value put on property than human lives. BTW nice comments section upgrade.

Which organisations, or people, including groups of people, are responsible for the polarisation? My view is that anyone who identifies themselves primarily by the colour of their skin are part of the problem. The gloves are off. There is a huge awakening as the modus operandi of the state becomes clear as day. I grew up in dissonance.

It made me irrelevant for a long time. My cohort found sanctuary in the BBC and the establishment press, and the paneled corridors of bureaucracy and law, which ensured they never had to confront that dissonance. I grew up the child of foreign service, similar in many ways to a hero of mine called John Mellor only 10 years before, in countries where I grasped fairly quickly that what I lived and what was represented in the press were two very different things: in South America of the s, the Caribbean of the s and Africa of the s.

I grew to realize that context, history and depth of perspective are the anchors of sanity. For some it is also religious faith. Those putting their trust in ideology shall find these coming years a very trying time indeed.

Struggling forward without precise knowledge of the enemy will be a challenge. You shall not pin them down. A working hypothesis is the best you can hope for. Corporations exist above and outside the state yet they control the apparatus through the intelligence organs. That is your enemy. Family that allies itself with those dark forces is also the enemy.

My parents had loyalties that put them in a different camp from me and led one of them to coldly and explicitly disown me. After 50 years I grew up. I blame no one but myself for my retarded development. Trust is as precious as gold. Mental health is as important as physical and more important than loyalty, familial or institutional. We shall lose the sanity of many of those we know and we shall struggle to hold on to our own.

The cognitive dissonance unleashed by Event Covid must not be underestimated nor should we take the challenge for granted. Psychopaths have an advantage in these rough seas, in which emotional anchors and hierarchies tear loose. It is for psychopaths the best of times; for the rest of us the worst.

Those who a year ago were demanding the downfall of patriarchy soon will be clamoring for a semblance of order. Those who celebrated nebulous fluidity in every aspect of their lives will struggle to stay afloat. Move forward, grasp and examine; observe and never stop learning, for that is the only way of sanity. I feel a loss of momentum.

It takes a lifetime to discover the true meaning of simple words like honesty and for me it was the loss of all security, the handing over of what wealth and security I had accrued, that finally put me face to face with the barren earth.

To lower my forehead and touch the ground. That has given me more strength and power than a million dollars in the bank. In the cataclysmic events so clearly defined by Graham Hancock it was only those closest to the earth that survived. I believe every pinnacle of culture we owe to the most primitive of people as we would describe them for it was they who transferred the memory of ancient civilizations to a surviving generation.

Let us be like them. Let us give voice to eternal truths in humility and commit ourselves to pass on the only thing that matters: the conviction that we gain our rights at birth, that we enrich each other with our labor regardless of what we produce and that the highest act of a human is to care.

No transaction that extracts wealth in excess of the duty of care produces anything of value. Rentiers and owners are a negative burden on society because net-net they extract value from society, except in the unlikely event that they offset that negative. Not only must they compensate society for this negative, they must support the creation of jobs that yield care in the same way as a ticket collector reunites lost children with his parents, lost possessions with the owners, helps travelers reach their destination, assists the less able and the elderly, cheers those in despair and, ultimately, is the last to leave the platform in an emergency thank you David Graeber.

Let us as Mario Savio instructed, lay our bodies upon the gears. Few have, in the course of history, have ever expressed in one speech such humanity, intellect and passion. We are human beings! We may right now be only virtually present on the Internet but each of us will have his or her opportunity.

Be open to it and embrace it. When the time comes, seize it. To admin: Huge glitch when coming back from video to comments, strange graphics,eventually deposited me at Home page instead of back to comments about article. Thanks — we are aware of issues and trying to fix or roll back.


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  5. In the end I decided on A Simple Act of Violence for no other reason than someone gave me a copy and I’m glad I’ve finally been introduced to this interesting writer. The book is set in Washington DC, where a serial killer is torturing his victims before R J Ellory is a writer who has been hovering on the edge of my consciousness for a while/5().
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  7. Jul 22,  · The findings are designed for simpleton conspiracy theorists. Such as 1. Trump was receptive to a Campaign national security adviser’s (George Papadopoulos) pursuit of .
  8. Umbrella Man: A frequently played video clip on Fox News shows a man carrying an umbrella and clad in an all-black outfit using a sledgehammer to break a store window during the violence that erupted in downtown Minneapolis after George Floyd’s murder by police.
  9. Leave for employees supporting a person experiencing domestic and family violence Employees supporting a person experiencing domestic and family violence may take Personal Leave or any other form of accrued leave to accompany them to court, to hospital, or to assist with childcare, accommodation or other matters.

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