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Whats your emergency? JK: Pretty surprising scene upon arrival. And that bulldozer was tearing down that building. Pretty much eating way on the side of the building, to our left here. We might need SWAT team. JK: The owner of the concrete plant came in one of those front end loaders that we saw, and he started striking the side of this bulldozer. CD: Uh, you gotta protect your building, you know. I spun him around a little bit with the loader.

But I had my bucket up in the area, because they told me, hit him high, so I rocked him. We have shots fired. CD: When I came out of it, about 30 seconds later, they said, he was shooting at the loader, and I was laying over the steering wheel, so I just backed out, and one deputy, he slapped me around a little bit, and he said, are you ok?

I tried getting up on the dozer, on the back end of it. He had it all greased up with, uh, white grease, or vaseline. It was all greased up. I kept sliding off of it. CD: There was deputies, and the state patrol, and the forest service, and the park service guy, everybody down here with rifles and guns. He was down here for 45 minutes. JK: When he finally left, there was a police car in his way, and, uh, he literally drove over the top of that police car.

And, uh, started towards the town of Granby. ID: My bakery overlooked main street Granby. And I had beautiful girls selling my pastries and I normally would be in back, in the kitchen. And I had a young lady working for me named Sheila Rigby. The phone rings, and Sheila answered the phone. And it was her ma on the phone. You need to get those kids out of that bakery. And you could hear in her voice, she was not kidding.

Now my lovely daughters and my lovely wife, at the time, had gone to Denver that day. So my family was safe. So I took my employees to the basement of my house, which was right behind the bakery. Took an old pickup truck I had, and parked in the middle of the street.

Like T-boned the street, so, whoever was coming up was either gonna have to slow down or go around my truck. Grabbed my. And about 2 minutes went by, and I see this police officer running down the street. Then I see a cop car hauling rear down the street.

Am I allowed to swear? Hauling ass down the street. I was like, what is going on. And all of a sudden the wood on my woodpile started to shake. And this thing that came into my scopes view.

It was a work of art. There was no place you could put a bullet. You know what it looks like? A locomotive. PB: A layer of steel, 4 to 6 inches of concrete, and another layer of steel. PB: He put in a special cooling system to keep the engine cool. Because he knew it would be running hot. I mean, he did a lot of intense stuff. ID: I looked at it in my scope.

I left my gun on the woodpile, and I ran down behind my house. He comes up to Marv at the time. He comes up to my white truck, goes around it, Nothing Left (Uplifting Radio Edit), right up on the curb in front of my bakery, goes around my bakery, and heads on down the street. The next building is the Sky High News. Which was our local newspaper. PB: It was a normal workday for me. Suddenly we got a phone call around, uh, I think it was And they told us to evacuate our office.

And I went out and looked down main street, and I saw the Killdozer pull onto Highway 40, Nothing Left (Uplifting Radio Edit) blocks away.

There were police cars on each side of it. I snapped a few photos. It looked kind of like a Darth Vader-ish behemoth from some old science fiction movie, you know. Went back in, and just thought I would watch it trundle by on the highway. Just a few minutes later, it took a sharp turn and smashed into the building.

The whole building collapsed right around us. And we ran out the back. What it did is, it went about 6 feet, and then back out, move over a few feet, then go back in, and just, very methodically, you know, knock down all the outside walls of the building. And my wife was pregnant, and she had, uh, you know, this child there, so I ran over across the railroad tracks, and got a little, sort of, industrial area.

And there was a guy in a truck, and I said, will you give me a ride home, and he said, sure. And at that point, the radio was doing a blow by blow description of it. I know it all started about this afternoon…. PB: And one of the people they had on the radio was, uh, a woman who knew Marv. Did he actually say he was going to take a bulldozer and armor it?

I had no idea that…. JK: Turned over here, and there was a small house. It was occupied by a very elderly lady who had a family member who was on the Granby town board. GT: So we raced home, called ahead and told my mom to get out of the house.

She thought I was joking with her. I said, just get in the car, and just get out of town. LT: He hit the back of the house, then he went around the front of the street and came in to do the front side. JK: Heemeyer ran right through the house and completely destroyed it. Nothing left to the house at all. LT: Nothing you can do. You know, you got to stay away.

You might get shot and killed. So, you know, what to do you do? Are you across the street? JK: By this time, we had called the road bridge department to see if they had any big equipment we could use. To combat this dozer. JK: The earthmover came down and contested the dozer, right on this hill. PB: Just pushed it out of the way, and continued back up into town. CF: I sent my employees home, and I grabbed my work truck, and Rhonda said, where are we going, and—.

RF: I wanted our family together. And she said, yeah, I know. And she said, do we have insurance? And I said yeah.

RF: I said, did you pay— did you pay the insurance. CF: Did you pay the insurance. I said yeah, the insurance is paid.

CF: By then, Channel 4 had gotten up their with their helicopter, you know, airing it live. RF: You could see the bulldozer heading into our building.

RF: The front of our store was gone, and everybody could see just right through the store. It was unbelievable. Casey about went to the ground. It was— bad. JK: The dozer got hung up— high centered, if you would. JK: It was never considered by law enforcement to all of sudden treat this as as benign situation. You kinda wonder what Act II is gonna look like.

We were definitely set up and, uh, prepared for a fight. After a period of time, one of the law enforcement officers, uh, said he thought he heard, uh, some, some type of loud noise from the machine itself. And then they wanted to know, you know, a little more— they wanted to know what happened to him.

Is he in there? Is he, are they gonna come and shoot him, are they gonna— what are they gonna do? And they started doing the blasting to try to blow the door off of it. And, it kept going and doing it. That was just— I mean. It was just ridiculous, I guess, in some respects. That they would still continue to— on that route.

I mean. We all knew he shot himself in there anyhow. But that was a pretty somber, sad moment up there. Standing up on top of the hill, looking down. SS: Smart man, he wasted. You know. I was the one that helped spread his ashes. That was terrible.

That was my hardest day in my life recently. I mean, that was my best friend, man. MR: We all met at, uh, Elk Creek campground. And, uh, went on this ride. There— I mean, there must have been 30 or 40 people on this ride.

There was plenty of people in this town that loved Marv, and knew that— what Marv was. Help you do anything. But we took him up on Gravel Mountain, and had a big fire. And spread his ashes up there where he liked to ride. MR: I forget who spoke. Somebody— maybe it was his brother.

SS: His brother showed up, and it was the spitting image of Marv. And I just lost it. MR: And we all took our handfuls of ashes and walked over to this other cliff, and, uh, had something to say, nad threw it off the edge of the mountain up there.

It was real different. Under your fingernails and stuff. It is something else. To him? When you spread the ashes? For me, because still a lot of my best friends are from our group. So, pretty cool dude, for sure. It was a while ago. Yeah, he was a pretty good guy. PB: Two and a half hours. Trees, lampposts. So he caused a lot of damage. RF: I knew that something bad had happened, but— I was in shock.

And the lives of our children. The thing of it is, is everybody else that got bulldozed were able to get up, and keep running.

And we were just had. I mean, it was gone. We kept running numbers, running numbers. RF: Was it the next day that they took the bulldozer out of the building? CF: The whole town had come out to see the removal of this bulldozer. The, the tank felt evil. It— it emitted— to me, an energy. And, uh, I wanted to touch it to see if it was even real. PB: A lot Nothing Left (Uplifting Radio Edit) people know about this event. All Nothing Left (Uplifting Radio Edit) major networks, all the major newspapers were calling up.

It was front-page news for 2 days, exactly. He asked the nation to find within itself—. The government is the car. PB: People, all they knew, that this wild guy went crazy in a bulldozer.

It sounded kind of fun and kind of crazy. Except that bulldozer kills. Two men damned as survivors watch an unmanned bulldozer continue its rampage. PB: It was about, you know, a dozer that got possessed with the spirit of Martians or something, and it killed people. And it just took off. It kind of started to get its own reality was invented online. The narrative got away from us right away. ARCHIVE: The zoning board, and the local politicians were nothing but slobbering corrupt monkeys doing the bidding of selfish and greedy business.

ARCHIVE: He bought a massive bulldozer and spent the next year and a half turning this gigantic piece of construction equipment into the most insanely fucking awesome vehicle ever constructed by human hands. Reclaim the sacred soil that our forefathers conquered, settled, built, died for.

Marvin Heemeyer believed that freedom was a cause still worth fighting for. It was also—] No, it was locals.

This is a guy in Winter Park, uh, he says, uh, I have been following your pieces for the last 4 years and I did not agree with some of it.

But now you are wrong in regards to Marv Heemeyer. I think Marv deserves a medal. You have to change your government. People— think about the people. Bren Lindauer of Winter Park. There were many letters in that vein. MH: People will say, why did he do that? He had such a good life. He had a better life than me, anyway. When you visit evil upon someone, be assured, it will revisit you.

And that is what is happening. It is a good thing. Because I think the community of Granby will be stronger. I think that they will understand, after years, if they ever hear this tape. If they ever hear the truth. PB: The truth, in this case, is boring. They were indifferent to the concerns of Marv Heemeyer. This is a very common narrative in America. You can go online, and there are still people out there telling you that Newtown never happened.

It was a afke. A lot of people believe it. In killing himself, he was able to avoid any sort of public examination of what he had done.

Well, going to court and being tried on his charges would have allowed for a real, honest-to-God, public airing of what had happened. I think Marv won.

Nobody got hurt, except for one officer who stuck his head in the bank, and a brick fell and hit him in the head. You know, I wish more people could do that anymore. Not the way he did it, but the government is not always great to deal with, not always fair to deal with, you know, they expect you to do things on short notice, and they can take your property, your house, and put you in jail, all that kind of stuff.

You just have to go with what they tell you to do, pretty much. We understood why he did it. He was gonna take a stand against it. Donald Trump would have trouble fighting the government. You gotta get that through your head.

But I will say, he went out of his way not to hurt anybody. He went way out of his way not to hurt anybody. He chose not to. He was only focused on the people that did him wrong. It was all for naught. Edit Close. Log In Become a Member. Dashboard Logout. Verduzco on radio: Martinez perhaps took things 'a little too lightly' last August, coach says.

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What we know, what we don't and starting jobs on the line: A Husker football preseason camp primer. Parker Gabriel. Even so, Verduzco said, Martinez did well on playbook tests at every turn.

What's more, Smothers did exceptionally well on playbook tests, Verduzco said. All in all, Verduzco said, he feels really good about his group of quarterbacks. Be the first to know Get local news delivered to your inbox! Sign up! Steven M. Author twitter Author email Follow Steven M. Your notification has been saved. There was a Nothing Left (Uplifting Radio Edit) saving your notification.

Manage followed notifications. Close Followed notifications. Please log in to use this feature Log In. Don't have an account? Sign Up Today. Related to this story. Group of NU athletes want more minority representation in athletic department. Updated 17 min ago. Clemson tops coaches' poll; Nebraska will play five ranked teams. Watch Now: Related Video. Watch: Vedral discusses making his first career start at Nebraska. Frost: "I thought we had a team that was ready to play".

Watch: Frost on win, learning opportunity. Watch: Frost's thoughts on the spring game and end of spring practice.


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  7. Aug 07,  · Song Nothing Left; Artist Kygo feat. Will Heard; Album Cloud Nine; Licensed to YouTube by [Merlin] Ultra Music, SME (on behalf of Ultra Records); UMPI, SOLAR Music Rights Management, LatinAutor, LatinAutor - PeerMusic, LatinAutor - SonyATV, LatinAutor - UMPG, ARESA, CMRRA, ASCAP, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Abramus Digital, Sony ATV .
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