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Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl)

The Bazeman - Bazeman Juggernaut - XTC Motherf Michael Whiteline ft. Armageddon - Cocaine Hardcore Club Mix RMB - Redemption Hardsequencer - Brain Crash Reyes - Rock With Me Miro - Blue Sun Space Seed - Devistation Pinhead - Slammin Beatz Asylum - Mescalum Inferno Bros. Brainblower - Cerebro Killer Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch Undercover Anarchist - Ass Off Remix Zekt - External Reyes - The Endzone Sigma - Blow Your Mind Comababy - Machines on E They Livelong - Something Big Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence Psycho Kinetic - Your Life Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic DJ Edge - People DJ Maxx ft.

DJ Giangy ft. Technohead - The Passion 3 Hardliners - Pikke Poeli Mellow Nosferatu - No God To Us! Predator vs. Wedlock - Get On Down Knightvision - Humanoid Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa Wedlock vs. Comababy - Void Sector Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny Phil Omanski - Young Birds Ilsa Gold - Elastico Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria Bio-Forge - No 1 S-capes Us T-Scanner - Trip To Heaven Leviathan - Yes, No Wedlock - Acid Rain Reyes - Soy Innocente Critical Mass - Severe Trauma DJ Sim - Cartoons in Progress Fuck Zenith - Streets Of Avalon SP 23 - Network 23 Neophyte - Mikey Leviathan - Wrong Decision Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies Ectomorph - No Law Tony Salmonelli - Hey!

Sarin Assault - Genvadaar DJ Lacinhouse vs. Innerchild - Who're You Fucking With Technohead - The Number One Contender Lenny Dee - The Dreamer Fucking Hostile - Fucking Hostile Remix Beyonder - Dark Shadow Cyclopede - Prison System The Prophet - God Hell Mix Tellurian - Hardcore Junkies Bodylotion - Fuck Martina Stravaganza - Gunfight Tellurian - Get Raw Neophyte - Execute Tellurian - Guyver Occultic - Sound Bender Bodylotion - Make You Dance Ace One - Razors Through Flesh The Prophet - Domination Remix Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka French Connection - French Connection Knightvision - My Salvation Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem Braindead - Braindead DJ Chaser - Oblivion The Masters - The Execution Reverend Jackson - Die Motherfuckers E-De-Cologne - Zimboculture Leathernecks - At War Rmx Moby - Thousand Drvg Culture.

Radio Bekalo. As capital of the Podlaskie region, the city is more widely known for its forest and placid landscapes than for its electronic music scene.

That is until in two weeks time when, for the seventh year running, Up To Date festival descends upon the city. Run by a team of passionate volunteers, Up To Date is still very much a DIY venture, albeit in the most positive possible interpretation of the term. Ahead of the festival, we are more than delighted to welcome Umwelt for an absolute belter of a pre-festival mix. The French artist, who is soon to release an album on one of our favorite Berlin imprints Killekill, delivers an hour of menacing electro, stomping acid and frenetic techno and serves as the perfect introduction to what we hope will soon be a staple of the European festival circuit.

Somatic Responses. Kenny Campbell. Such a special night for me, not had that much fun DJing in a long time! T Kode - Subconscio pt1 - Love Blast 6. Clouds - Complete Control - Soma Monsieur Nobody - Homonculus Original mix - Unreleased Bleim01 - 73 - Raven Sigh Makornik - Vicious Error - Unreleased Paramod - Wreck this place - Unreleased Process - Latest Rave in the Bunker - Unreleased Kenny Campbell - Nintyfiveinsixteen - Raven Sigh Kenny Campbell - Cocaine - Raven Sigh Falhaber - Palpitations - Grounded.

EeOo : Poe - Vanta B1: The 29Nov Compilation His techno education began attending after accidentally wandering into the wrong tent at a mega-rave. Since then, techno has taken main stage in his quest to bring an industrial techno onslaught to the masses.

Both had very similar tastes and resentment for bland, boring techno so embarked on a dual mission to create industrial mayhem, a mayhem which is vigorously rattled out by artists including 14anger, Dep Affect and Mark EG. Geoff Da Chef. Ultrasonic - Arpeggio 2. Hocus Pocus - Bow Chi Bow 4. Analogue - Stronghold 6. Kevin Energy - Anticlockwize 8. Tripswitch - Ram Raider 9. Steve Johnson - Tune In DJ Fury - Lemonade Raygun Cortex - Eurosis Rob Vanden - Gates Of Oblivion Shanty - Innocents Lost Quest - Rainmaker OMG - Different Outlook Quest - Spiritual Dawn Metropolis feat.

Martina - Liquid Nights Trixxy - See The Stars Sharkey - Hard Life GSI - Twister Digital Manouvers - Don't Stall Marc Smith - The Procrastinator DSU - Interference DSU - The Dawn Scooter - Awakening. Special feat. Chiara Castello is a fast paced underground synth pop stomper with a forward driving energy that will catch you from the first note. Of course we felt this little gem could not go without a strong set of remixes and of course it deserved a treatment from some of our absolute faves: David Garcet that drone thing!

Check out our amazing release videos: youtu. Uncompromising Analog Terror. Wagner - Get You Some More. Analog Density. Tapage Nocturne. Sol Los - Athem Sacred - Unreleased 4. Unconscious - Funfzig Flaminia rmx - Ways to Die 6. Bleim01 - Industriale 5 - Self Released 9. Taro Division - Brixton Techno - Unreleased Rvffian - Perdition wave - Unreleased Pranava - Teuthida - Raven Sigh Storb - shxs - Emetic Folker Zwart. DJ Droid1. All Borders Gone Unseen Vision Cosmos Purity Paradoxon Samgitaya www.

Doom Hk. Anna Bolena. Miro Pajic. Synthetix Sundays. Danger Dave - World's Apart 2. Garth Knight - Belmont's Burden 3. SuperScience - She's our Friend 4. Hello Meteor - the Bluff Trail 5.

Europaweite Aussichten - Chroma 6. Agust - Meteor Shower 7. Haven - Highway 8. Roosevelt - Moving on 9. NightStop - Dangerous Desires Run Vaylor - Amon Fazzio - Future City Void Breaker - the Old Gods Kowski - Knife LeveL -1 - Motor X Overnout - Drone Sternrekorder - Another Session Beckett - Air Games '86 Block 35 - Funky Cola Cruzh - Before I Walk Alone Nightwave - Simulated Dreams Endeavor - Bedtime feat. Clementine Tesla Coils - Parasite Sobeck - Gimme Your Love Papillon Rising - Things are Looking Up Pengus - Through the Wall ft.

Linnea Auto Reverse - Midnight Workout She-Said - Synchronize She-Said - Infiltrated Host Morgan Willis - Arcade Fire Terminator-Rex - Ride of Heaven Osciallian - New Shoes Rad Pitt - Material Girl Frank Redux - La Feliz Beach Sub Morphine - Transmission Wolf and Raven - Entering Tlalocan Retro Thunder - Castaway Jowie Schulner - So Fresh Vestron Vulture - Photoshoot Arcade Summer - Ocean Break Arcade Summer - Hole in One Hotter than December - Gravitron Autovampir - Hot Wheels James Club FourFox - Aquila Paul Lock - Aftershock Overdrive - Lifeline Fuzgati - Neon Noir Menthe - Lazer Heart ft.

Zplit MichaMech - Crushed Can Felikitty - Let the Sunlight in De Lorra - Falling Alexander Warnolf - Victorious Album of the week - NightStop - Streetwalker nightstop. Make your own hardcore top Marshall Masters - I like It Loud - not once there was a moment I didn't wild the fuck out to this 2.

Gabber tracks with all emphasis on what I call "bass play". Most of these tracks have pretty minimalistic approach to melody: forget the "music" just mess around with beats'n'kicks. Could not have asked for a better one. Omar's best mix imho. All 3 mixed cds by RON D. I know that's a lot of artists here but in reality they all played the same "style". The track that Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) often designed as the first Hardcore tune.

Still oving it and still shaking my head while I hear this. Another Marc Acardipane one. THE definition of a classic tune. Everybody knows and have danced to this one.

Sometimes several times a night. Definitely one of my favourite artist, probably more than Acardipane himself. Where as with The Winch the sky was the limit, we could put on live music,live art,cinema, theatre, exhibitions anything communal, pretty much any type of event and with the late licence we could also push.

The whole landscape has changed since you opened, in both the way people consume entertainment and alcohol to the economic climate, how has this affected your business over the years and can you remember some of the key changes?

One of the key changes was the. When I was young you would be out by eight pm on a friday or saturday night and back home Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) by two or three am. Also the Winch started up at the same time as the global economic recession kicked in and that was really challenging times. At the same time it was exciting because it felt new. The old rulebook had been torn up and it felt like we were in new and unpredictable territory, almost making it up as we went along and the ethos of The Winch seemed to suit these new times.

Do you feel these changes Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) made it harder or easier to survive as an independent venue? The changes both. Like any changing landscape, you had to adapt to survive. I almost feel that it is harder as an independent venue to survive now in such a corporate and commercial social and business culture we are living in today. There is economically less opportunity for independent business today, it has all been soaked up by the big guys, big money, big entertainment.

Every high street all over the country looks the same, big chains, lowest common denominator Like you say people have changed the way they consume alcohol and entertainment.

Despite losing the physical space, I hear The Winchester is far from dead, tell us about the council petition. Louise Keeley. It is not really a petition in the sense that we cannot change what is happening, that is all big business and contracts have already been signed. What we wanted to do is show to the powers that be, is that there is a need and demand for what we do in Bournemouth.

We wanted to give a voice to our community of creative and independent souls. This is a moment in time and we wanted to record it, to have something to show that we existed and what we have been doing here for the last nine years mattered and meant something.

There is a video attached to the petition which you really should watch. Timo the guy who made it, recorded it at the last Freeway Poets and it says so eloquently everything we are What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to start? I probably to make money in this world, in this market economy at the expense of everything else. You need that blind faith, raw energy and desire at the What he says and what we are saying is art and community are essential to us all in these beginning, there is no logic or wisdom in it, that definitely comes later.

One thing I would challenging times and indeed always will be vital to our happiness and well being. Also say is you need a great team to accomplish anything special and I have been blessed with we want to continue what we are doing and an amazing team at The Winch all these years. I have really enjoyed the collaborative working experience, it has been rewarding and incredibly challenging at times but I feel it has shaped what we have done here.

This has been a community space. For the people, by the people and I am grateful to everyone who has put on or tried to put on events here. The best promoters are the ones who love what they do and combine that with a sound business sense and a willingness to work hard. People,communication and networking skills are vital to a promoter but you also need to have original ideas and be doing something that people want to get involved with. Louise, myself and all the Winchester staff and family still feel there is a purpose in what we do and we very much want to continue it.

We are not done yet, I think we are even more passionate about it now than when we started and I think we know more about stagecraft and events and how to make things happen now, we have learnt the hard way, Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl).

I think we may struggle to find a space as beautiful and perfect as 39 Poole Hill has been but we are determined to try. For me the greatest sadness is that we as a creative community are losing this space for it is the perfect space for all that we do and strive to do.

It is grand and theatrical yet it is. I think it is the best room in Bournemouth for live music, poetry and plays and it works so well as a nightclub and dance space. I have seen and experienced so much magic and beauty over the years in this room and before when it was Bar Tonka, as Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) space for people to come together and be social and creative, it will be missed.

Where I would like it to end, in an ideal world we will find another space and carry on the good work, I feel hungrier than ever and ready for a challenge. Also over the years we have built a great team here, capable of anything and we all love what we do so we want to continue, to take it to the next level.

The Winchester will rise again. I always love the live music here, we take great pride in delivering the perfect sound to the band on stage and to the crowd and the room has always an electric atmosphere with the live music crowd. I love when we go late night at The Winch and become a nightclub, for me being at the heart of the underground dance scene has been a definite highlight of what we have achieved here.

Pub and fringe theater, live art, experimental noise nights, african drumming circles, hip hop, drum and bass, deep house, techno, jazz, breakbeat, I have loved everything we have done here.

Working with the art students from AUB has been a definite Lastly, is it possible for you to choose highlight, over the years they have contributed some of your personal highlights from so much to this place, so many ideas, so across the years? Tough question.

As I energy and enthusiasm, AUB has been have said, this is a special space and so many much a massive part of The Winchester story.

I also great events have worked here so amazingly want to thank all the promoters who have well over the years. I cannot choose the worked with me over the years to deliver top best because I have loved so many of them. The event aims to support and showcase unsigned artists and entertainers from across the UK but with a strong emphasis on local talent.

A relatively new band on the scene they have already developed a strong following with debut single Moana racking up 11 thousand plays in a couple of months. Alternative Indie Rock Band, formed while still at school all the way back inthey have played slots up and down the country including at Glastonbury Festival and The O2 Academy Islington.

Leeches pictured below - Dorset Music have seen Leeches a few times now and they are Mellomanais - Public Domain (2) - Rock This Joint (Vinyl) outstanding live act, fusing infectious pop hooks with fuzzy alt-rock. Mellow but yet somehow heavy in parts with lots of psyche influence and even some stoner rock riffs thrown in. Combining a full weekend of excellent live music, DJ arena, FREE kids entertainment, trade village, autojumble section, beer and cider tent and Volkswagens of all shapes and sizes, Dorset Volksfest welcomes all the family for a full weekend of fun and entertainment.

Also new to DVF17, will be a showcase of local Bournemouth Graffiti artists, who will be decorating the inner perimeters of. Playing a folky twist on pop rock expect some big hooks and catchy tunes from these guys. They play Indie, Blues,stoner rock and pop and hopefully will be signing outside til 3am. Three stages backed up with a poetry area, workshops, live art, bars, food and an awesome view of Corfe Castle year 6 is looking to be the best yet.

Independent Lancaster-born Singer-Songwriter, who has earnt a reputation for his tireless work rate and upbeat energetic live show. Over 20 more tours have taken place since, including a tour in late with folk hero Gaz Brookfield, which ended with a date at the sold out capacity Fleece in Bristol. He has also toured and played gigs with many other well respected names such as The Blockheads and Ferocious Dog.

Support from Chloe Glover and Dan Mundy. No strangers in their native land, they have already recorded 2 number 1 albums with their first going platinum having spent 47 weeks in the charts! Making their return to the UK, after a successful co headline with Sumo Cyco, they are now opening for the likes of Airbourne and playing Download Festival!

Although Jazzie B and Soul II Soul will always be connected, both spiritually and substantially, that has never been all Jazzie has been about. For years now, he has built a parallel career away from the collective, one that allows Jazzie to advance his own ideas and character.

Hop Hop Legacy presents one of the greats! When you mention legends in the music industry, you have to mention The Sugarhill Gang. Chaz Jankel, Norman Watt-Roy, John Turnbull and Mick Gallagher still remain from the original band and the current line-up is augmented by John Roberts on drums and a rolling line up of saxophonists. These legendary Brit-Funkers will be playing all the old favourites and some new material spanning their illustrious career!

Dumb Lovers is a new project from the South Coast, a pair of friends with a clear-cut musical vision. Dumb Lovers employ the intelligent arrangements of Cocteau Twins with a juxtaposition that introduces darker guitars that are closer to The Kills.

More celtic influenced that traditional folk, their Pogues on steroids sing-a-long noise always ensures a raucous crowd. On the night they have head honcho and fully certified badman Logan D, this artist lives and breathes DB and being the son of Jungle royalty Micky Finn, you know this aint no hype talk and there will be no half measures! Over the 10 tracks Jinder follows a path covering traditional Blues styles with plenty of expertly played slide guitar, combining with acoustics.

Each tune benefits from his considerable vocals which have an incredible range and give the tunes a real depth and belief. Jinder is indeed a very rare talent who has produced something here that is quite extraordinary and well worth investing in. If you would like to find out more about the gigs and artists mentioned in my blog please go to www.


Ass-phyxiated, An Dealachadh - Various - Un-Herd Volume 21 (CD), A Ballad Of Holy History, I Sold My Heart To The Junkman - Carmen McRae - The Sound Of Silence (Vinyl, LP, Album), Majestad Del Hechizo, Želio Sam Ljubav Pravu - Zaim Imamović - Znaš Li Da Te Duša Sanja (Vinyl), Kickin Hard (Klubbheads Euro Mix) - Various - Deejay Classixxx Collection Vol.1-3 (CD), Sukey Sukey F/Dirty - Ghetto Twiinz - Hot Club Wax (Vinyl)


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  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Public Domain - Rock This Joint at Discogs. Complete your Public Domain collection/5().
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