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Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix)

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Add Videos View All. Chris Comish's Blog. About the COS Founder. Chris Comish on Empower Radio [Click Here to Listen] Right click the link above then "save target as or save link as" to download the source mp3 Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix). View All. RSS View All. Add a Discussion View All. Blog Posts. Spiritual Healing Circle Live! International Tele-Activation! The Light in which They move safeguards Them, and Their Own innate and inherent radiance repels evil.

But They "move alongside the evil to which all lesser forms are prone"; They are part of a great observing Group which "moves forward in time and space"; its members watch the great war and conflict proceed on Earth between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil.

They have let loose upon Earth the Forces of Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherent in substance itself—of which all the many forms of life are constructed. At this time, the work of the Great Council at Shamballaworking until now through the Hierarchy, is with the life within the form; They have to proceed with the utmost caution as They thus work, because these Lights know that the danger of premature direct contact with humanity, and of consequent over-stimulation, are great.

One of the causes of the present cataclysm is the fact that humanity was deemed capable of taking and receiving a "touch from Shamballa," without stepping it down via the Hierarchy, as has hitherto been the custom. The determination to apply this touch which is in the nature of a great experiment was made inwhen the Great Council had its usual centennial meeting. The results you know; they are working out before your eyes.

The industrial movement began to take shape one hundred years ago and received a great impetus from this touch. The evil in nations aggression, greed, intolerance and hate was aroused as never before, and two world wars occurred, one of which is still raging. Paralleling this was an uprising of good, again in response to the divine "touch," resulting in the growth of understanding, the spread of idealism, the purification of our educational systems and the inauguration of reforms in every department of human life.

All has been speeded up and little such growth was seen on a worldwide scale prior to The knowledge of the Hierarchy is also spreading over the earth; the facts anent discipleship and initiation are becoming common property; humanity has consequently moved onward into a greater measure of light.

Good and evil stand out in clearer focus; light and dark are in a more brilliant juxtaposition; issues of right and wrong are appearing with cleared definition, and humanity as a whole sees the great problems of righteousness and love, of sin and separateness upon a worldwide scale. Group Use and Understanding. Two keywords to the use of the Shamballa energy: group use and understanding.

Esoteric Astrology, p. Group Initiation. The initiate has ever been. The divine Son of God has ever known himself for what he is. An initiate is not the result of the evolutionary process.

He is the cause of the evolutionary process. The work now being done by Shamballa and the Hierarchy on behalf of humanity will tend also to develop group consciousness and the formation of many groups which will be living organisms and not organizations; it will make group initiation possible, and will enable certain aspects of the will to flower forth correctly and with safety.

Group initiation means that the bulk of the members are correctly oriented; that they are proposing to accept the discipline which will prepare them for the next great expansion of consciousness, and that none of them can possibly be deviated from their purpose note that word with its first ray or Shamballic implicationsno matter what is happening in their environment or their personal life.

You need to reflect on this if you desire to make the needed progress. Approaching this subject from another angle, the mental polarization of the disciple seeking entry into the hierarchical sphere of work is producing a unification of initiatory effort which is new in the spiritual history of the planet and which is the first step being taken at this time upon inner and subtle planes to bring about certain great "Crises of Initiation," involving simultaneously all the three major planetary centers—a thing hitherto unknown.

Up toinitiation was a sequential process as well as largely an individual process. This is slowly being changed; groups are being admitted to initiation because of a recognized and sensed relationship which is not that of disciple and Master as heretoforebut which is based on initiate-relationship in group form, and which is present between Humanitythe Hierarchy and Shamballa. It is this spiritual and subtly sensed Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix) which is today finding physical plane expression in the worldwide effort to establish right human relations.

They deal with the unfoldment of group consciousness, because it is only in group formation that, as yet, the Shamballa force of the will can be tapped. Only the group, under the proposed new made of working and group initiation, is capable of invoking Shamballa. The Group Will. It is these changes in the "moving, shifting realities" of the soul consciousness and spiritual awareness of the Members of the Hierarchy which are responsible for the new trends in the life of the Spirit and the new methods in training disciples—in such an experiment, for instance, as externalizing the Ashrams of the Masters.

It is this new approach to life conditions, as a result of the inflow of new energies, which is producing the universal trend towards group awareness, and its highest result in the human family is the taking the first steps towards group initiation. Such a thing as group initiation was never heard of prior to the present time, except in connection with the higher initiations emanating from the Shamballa centre.

Group initiation is based upon a uniform and united group will, consecrated towards the service of humanity and based upon loyalty, cooperation and interdependence. The group recognizes and works under the pervasive influence of the purpose; the individual initiate works with the plan.

The group expression, as far as in it lies at any given moment in time and space, is in line with the will of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being, the Life of all that is. The group can be, and frequently is, responsive to the "bright centre," Shamballa, where the initiate by himself and in his own essential identity cannot so respond.

The individual must be protected by the group from the terrific potencies Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix) emanate from Shamballa.

These must be stepped down for him by the process of distribution, so that their impact is not focused in any one or all of his centers but is shared by all the group members. Here is the clue to the significance of group work. One of its major functions, esoterically speaking, is to absorb, share, circulate, and then distribute energy.

A group of disciples must be distinguished, as I already told you, by pure reason which will steadily supersede motive, merging eventually into the will aspect of the Monad, its major aspect.

It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with Humanity. What, therefore, is the group will in any ashram or Master's group?

Is it present in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite all into a band of brothers—moving forward into the light? Is the spiritual will of the individual personalities of such strength that it negates the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritual relation? It is only in consideration of these fundamental effects of standing as a group in the "head's clear light" that it is permissible for a disciple to bring into the picture personal sensitivities of thought, and this only because of a group temporary limitation.

The Monad relates the initiate to the Will of Godto the Council at Shamballa, to forces active on the planet Pluto, and on another planet which must remain nameless, and also to the Central Spiritual Sun. The Soul relates the initiate to the Love of Godto the consciousness aspect of Deity, to the Hierarchy as a whole, entering it through the Ashram of the Master Who has aided him to take initiation, to the planets Venus and Mercury, to the Sun Sirius, and to the Heart of the Sun.

The Personality relates the initiate to the Mind of Godto the intelligence principle of the planetary Life, to humanity as a whole, to Saturn and Mars, and to the physical Sun through its pranic aspect.

The Life aspect of the planet, or that great ocean of forces in which all these three aspects live and move and have their being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through the Hierarchy and through Humanity, thus forming part of the great sum-total of manifestation.

As the individual disciple builds the rainbow bridge, the antahkaranaand as a group of disciples build the group antahkarana, they make possible the "Triadal perception". When the disciple has flung one strand of living light through the power of magnetic love across the space separating the Triad and the personality, he discovers that he is a part of a group.

This group recognition—faulty and unintelligently expressed at first—is the factor which enables him to pass, along the anchored thread, into the Ashram of a Master. From the angle of the old teaching, the Ashram of the Master and the focus of the Hierarchy were on the higher levels of the mental plane.

Today, that is not so. They are on the plane of spiritual love, of the intuition and of buddhi. The Hierarchy is both retreating towards the higher centre of Shamballa, and at the same time advancing towards the lower centre, Humanity.

Both these activities have been made possible by man himself; the growing intuitive perception of humanity, in its higher brackets, enables him to function upon the Path of Discipleship and on higher levels than ever before. This the Hierarchy recognizes. The growing aspiration of the masses is also drawing the Masters closer to humanity than ever before. This is an instance of the ability of the initiate consciousness to function on initiate levels and also in the three worlds simultaneously.

Of this the dual activity of the mind is a symbol, acting as it does as the common sense and so dealing with all matters in the three worlds, and as the spiritual mind at the same time, dealing with all matters connected with the soul, with light and illumination. The second demand, that the sense of synthesis should be the goal of the training given to applicants in the New Age, is a direct evidence of the new Shamballa contact, because synthesis is an attribute of the divine will and the outstanding quality of Deity.

It was inevitable that intelligence and love should be evolutionary objectives on the planet and the first two divine aspects to be developed, for they are qualities of the will; they make the manifestation of the divine will possible; they guarantee its intelligent application and its magnetic power to draw to itself all that is needed for the expression or the manifestation of the divine envisaged purpose, visualized synthetically, and motivated, implemented, engineered and made possible by the dynamic aspect of the same will.

It is interesting to note that there is every evidence in the world today that the Shamballa energy is directly impinging upon the human consciousness and directly producing results.

The destroyer aspect of the first Ray of Will or Power is producing worldwide destruction through the use of the first kingdom in nature, the mineral kingdom. That which is made of metals and chemicals is bringing catastrophe and destruction on earth, primarily in the human kingdom.

At the same time the second attribute of the will, synthesis, is evoking an equally widespread response. This sense of synthesis has a mass effect earlier than it has an individual effect, and this is a thing of interest and importance to note at this time. Later, the dynamism inherent in the will, wielded by the New Group of World Servers and by the disciples and initiates of the world, will turn that instinctive mass response into factual experience and produce the "appearance" on earth of the new, developed "quality" which "life" seeks in the New Age to demonstrate.

In the first volume of this Treatise, I called attention to the three divine aspects: Life, Quality and Appearance. They are now in process of making their appearance in final form for this particular cycle. Mankind has evolved so well that today the goals and theories, the aims and determinations now expressed in human thinking and writing showed that the will aspect of divinity, in its first embryonic manifestation, was beginning to make its presence felt.

Have you followed this hint? Have you realized that the uprisings of the masses and their determination to overcome handicaps and all hindrances to a better world state are indicative of this? Do you grasp the fact that the revolutions of the past two hundred years are signs of the striving of the spirit aspect?

That spirit is life and will; the world today is showing signs of new life. Think this out in its modern and immediate implications and see the way that the world is going under the inspiration of the spiritual Will.

Group Training. What are some of these newer truths for which I am responsible as transmitting agent to the world of occult students? Let me briefly state them in the order of their relative importance:. The Teaching on Shamballa. Little has ever been given on this subject. Only the name was known. This teaching includes:. Information as to the nature of the will aspect. Indications as to the underlying purposes of Sanat Kumara. Directions as to the building of the antahkarana, which is the first step towards achieving monadic consciousness, and thus the first step towards the Way of the Higher Evolution.

The Teaching on the New Discipleship. This has been revolutionary where the older schools of occultism are concerned. The Teaching on the Seven Rays. The Teaching on the new Astrology. Information about the New Group of World Servers and their work. The attempt to form an exoteric branch of the inner Ashrams.

This is evidenced in the work I have done with a special group of aspirants and accepted disciples whose instructions, emanating from my Ashram, have been embodied in the book Discipleship in the New Age. Teaching upon the new world religion, with its emphasis upon the three major Full Moon periods Aries, Taurus, Gemini, falling usually in April, May and June respectively and the nine occasionally ten minor Full Moons each year.

It is hard for esoteric students to realize that the emphasis of the coming Schools of Enlightenment will be upon the life aspect, and not upon contact with the soul. The goal will be transference and not union. Aspirants and disciples today are largely the result of the old order of teaching and are the flower of the processes to which humanity has been subjected. This is a vital transition period; disciples and aspirants in the world at this time are, figuratively speaking, at the same stage as the group which we are considering—the stage of the transference of the life from the outer form into the inner being.

Hence the difficulty with which you are all faced, and the arduous task it is to comprehend realistically that which I am attempting to convey.

The problem of soul contact is something which you can and do grasp, at least theoretically. The problem of life transference from the highest point of present attainment into some vague and mystical spiritual focus is not so easy to understand.

The individual disciple, seeking initiation, is with deliberation and with his full and free consent merged into the group; he achieves this fusion by his own individual effort and is throughout the entire process an absolutely free agent, moving forward and becoming mentally inclusive, as rapidly or as slowly as he chooses.

He determines the time and the event himself without interference or obstruction from any outside force. This is the relatively new spiritual technique, and it is a technique accepted by initiates and disciples of all degrees in all three divine centers. The stage of recognizing the revelation which is accorded to the initiate of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases.

These might be described as three in number though much is dependent upon the initiation to be taken and the ray of the prepared disciple. These are:. The Stage of Penetration. This refers to the piercing through the world glamour and thereby effecting two objectives:.

The Light of the Spiritual Triad streams into the consciousness of the initiate, via the antahkarana, so that the Plan for humanity and the divine Purpose in relation to the planet become increasingly clear.

This initiates relation to Shamballa. Part of the world glamour is thus dissipated and thus a clarifying of the astral plane takes place and humanity is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of the initiate-revelation releases light and dissipates a part of the glamour which blinds the mass of men. The sixth ray disciple takes far longer over this stage of penetration than do disciples on the other rays but only in this world cycle.

The Stage of Polarization. This is the stage wherein the initiate, having let in the light and penetrated through the dense fogs and mists of the world of glamour, suddenly realizes just what he has done and takes a firm stand, correctly oriented towards the vision or to word it otherwise towards Shamballa.

One of the things which must be grasped is that as the initiate is a point of hierarchical life either on the periphery of the Hierarchy, or within the circle or at the centre he is a definite part of the hierarchical effort. That effort is directed towards an orientation to the greater centre of life—Shamballa.

Students are apt to believe that the orientation of the Hierarchy is towards humanity. That is not so. They respond to human need when the demand is effective, and are custodians of the Plan; but the orientation of the entire hierarchical group is towards the first aspect, as it expresses the Will of the Logos and manifests through Shamballa, Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix).

Just as the disciple has to do two things: polarize his position by establishing right human relations and at the same time become a conscious, practicing member of the Kingdom of Godthe Hierarchy, so the initiate upon a higher turn of the spiral has to establish right relations with the Hierarchy and become simultaneously conscious of Shamballa.

All I can impart here is the desired point of attainment but the phraseology is relatively meaningless, except to those who are experienced in the processes of initiation to a greater or less degree, according to the initiations already taken. This polarization, this point of focused effort and this attained orientation is the basic idea lying behind the phrase "the Mountain of Initiation.

The Stage of Precipitation. Having thus identified himself through penetration and polarization with the Plan and with the Will of God which is the key to Shamballahe then proceeds—as a result of this triple recognition—to do his share in materializing the Plan and in bringing through into outer manifestation and expression as much of that Plan as he can. He thus becomes first of all an outpost of the Hierarchy which of necessity means sensitivity to the Shamballa energyand then increasingly an Agent of Light—the Light universal, or the Light of the Monad.

I have no more to say today an end initiation. Ponder upon that which I have given and grasp as far as you imaginatively can the magnificence of the initiatory process—so vastly more inclusive than has been indicated by any of the teaching given hitherto. After the war is over and the new world, with its coming civilization and culture begins to take shape, an increasing emphasis will be laid upon the purpose of the Controlling Deity or basic Life or Energy as it is working out through humanity.

This will be done by those who are trained esotericists. Much that is now being said by world leaders and serving workers in every nation is an indication of an unconscious response to the Shamballa energy.

Towards the end of the century and during the first few decades of the twenty-first century, teaching anent Shamballa will be given forth. The effort of the abstract mind of man will be towards the comprehension of this, just as the goal of hierarchical contact marks the present effort of the disciple.

Glamour is disappearing; illusions are being dissipated; the stage of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase of effort and of attainment is rapidly being promulgated. This is being done in spite of all the horror and agony and will be one of the first results of respite from war. The war itself is shattering illusions, revealing the need for change and producing a demand for a future new world and a coming beauty in living which will be revolutionary and a material response to an intensive initiation process in which all disciples can share and for which advanced aspirants can prepare themselves.

The secret of the higher initiations lies in the trained use of the higher will. It does not lie in purification or in self-discipline or in any of the expedients which have acted in the past as interceptors of the truth.

This whole problem of the Shamballic will is in process of revelation, and will eventually alter the entire approach of the disciple in the New Age to initiation. The theme of "the Way into Shamballa" requires reflective study and esoteric understanding. In this concept of the new and future section if I may so call it of the Way or Path with which the modern disciple is faced lies the secret of the coming revelation and of the spiritual dispensation which will emerge as humanity constructs the new world civilization and begins to formulate the new culture.

The burning, purifying, destructive effects of the monadic will upon its distorted reflection, the individual will, deeply deserves consideration. Will governs the Way into Shamballa and is the foundation for all approach to, appreciation of and identification with, Being.

There are three doors into Shamballaspeaking figuratively:. There is the door of the reason, of pure perception of truth. He then becomes a factual part of the hierarchical membership. Of that Truth, we know as aspirants relatively very little. Truth—as we understand it during the early treading of the Path of Discipleship—is concerned with great verities which are from the insight of the Enlightened Ones only the a b c of life. These truths are:.

The manifestation of divinity on the physical plane. The doctrine of Avatars. Shiva will present a steed to Kalki avatar. It is prophesied that Shiva will present an extraordinary steed to the Kalki Avatar. He will ride a horse and carry a sword. Moreover, we also learn from the history of the Prophet that he himself took part in battles, most of which were fought in self-defence, and on many such occasions, he rode a horse and carried a sword in his hand.

He will subdue the wicked It is mentioned that Kalki Avatar will subdue the wicked. It was prophet Muhammad pbuh who purified transformed bandits and miscreants and established them on the path of truth. People indulged in various types of vices. Prophet Muhammad pbuh brought them from darkness to light. He will overpower the Devil with four companions It is prophesied that Kalki Avatar, with four of his companions, will disarm Kali i.

Prophet Muhammad pbuhwith his four most trusted companions, fought against the mischief and the evil of the devil. These four companions later became the first four Khalifas and spread the religion of Islam. He will be assisted by angels. The Kalki Avatar will be assisted by angels in the battlefield. In the battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad pbuh was assisted by angels who descended from the heavens.

And all praises are for the One and Only God and Creator Allah, who alone is worthy of devotion, complete submission and worship. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings.

Skip to main content. Photo credit: Naughty Dog-Uncharted The legend of Shambhala is said to date back thousands of years, and reference to the mythical land can be found in various ancient texts. Ancient Places. Read More. Login or Register in order to comment.

Abhik wrote on 28 December, - Permalink. Kristina wrote on 21 July, - Permalink. Batanee wrote on 17 December, - Permalink. Teacher of the World. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. The Cintamani Stone, or Chintamani, long sought by treasure hunters, has captured the imagination of man through the ages as tales of this wish-fulfilling jewel have spread around the world.

Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet. There are many rumors Top New Stories. Searching for the Lost Footsteps of the Scorpion Kings.

While the character depicted in the movie bears little resemblance to the real pharaohs, their history is even more thrilling. Many myths have cropped up in the centuries since Columbus landed upon the shores of Hispaniola. While some of these myths have come to be seen for what they are, many more persist in the zeitgeist as fact. The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research. The Myth Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (PF Project Remix) Sisyphus: Lessons in Absurdity.

Human Origins. The Kets are an indigenous people who live in Siberia and are regarded to be one of the smallest ethnic groups in that region. Their appearance, language and traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle has scientists bewildered by their origins, with some proposing links to the native tribes of North America.


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